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Smackdown! Live Results (2/14/17) - The Era Of Wyatt

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Bray Wyatt

Happy Valentine's Day!

I don't think there will be any cards or chocolate exchanged tonight though as the brand-new WWE Champion Bray Wyatt (man, that sounds good) defends his title for the very first time against former champion John Cena! Will Randy Orton get involved? Will this finally cement the title match for Wrestlemania?

Join us tonight LIVE at 8pm ET for results as they happen and be sure to join in on the discussion below!

SMACKDOWN! LIVE (02.14.17)
ANAHEIM, CA (Honda Center)
Host: Tom Phillips
Commentators: Mauro Ranallo, John "Bradshaw" Layfield, David Otunga
Written by Brendan Wahl

We get stills from Elimination Chamber to start things off.

The proper introduction for the show though was Bray Wyatt wearing his newly-won WWE Championship around his waist and slowly getting into the ring. Bray was showered with "you deserve it" chants but he ignored them and talked about how Sister Abigail never said that doing this would be easy. Bray said that he knew this day would come and now he could truly say that he has "the whole damn world in his hands." He warned the people that too much power could be dangerous but offered them to walk with him and he will lead them to paradise; stand in his way and they will burn in the fire. Bray welcomed everyone to the Era of Wyatt and that brought about the appearance of the now-former champion, John Cena. He put over Bray Wyatt as the new WWE Champion and introduced him as such but then shifted gears to talk about the "you deserve it" chants directed at him. Cena criticized that by saying that no one deserves anything but rather that they have to fight for everything that they get. He mentioned their title rematch tonight and offered to do this right now. However, this brought out AJ Styles, obviously miffed about not having gotten his title rematch yet. AJ said that there is no way that Cena should have his title shot before him because he STILL hasn't gotten his following his title loss at the Royal Rumble. AJ then demanded HIS title shot right here and now. Daniel Bryan then made his way out to settle things down and come up with a solution - Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena vs. AJ Styles for the WWE Championship tonight!

Dean Ambrose looks all over the backstage area for Baron Corbin after the assault during last night's Elimination Chamber match.

1) Smackdown Tag Team Champions American Alpha defeated the Ascension in a Non-Title match by pinfall in 10:01. The early portions of the match featured Gable frustrating the Ascension with his amateur wrestling skills and the champs cleared their opponents out of the ring to send the match into a commercial break. During the break, the Ascension were able to turn it around by dropping Gable throat-first on the top rope. Gable was able to start his comeback with the hanging armbar on the ropes while nearly reaching the floor and then rolled under Viktor to make the hot tag. Jordan did the house of fire spots as per usual with explosive Alphaplexes but the Ascension hit a huge double-team move and nearly got the win. Grand Amplitude got the victory for the champions. The Usos then interrupted by appearing on the big screen and reminded the champions of how they assaulted them at Elimination Chamber. They threatened them and their music hit but no one came down to the ring.

James Ellsworth asked Carmella to accompany him to dinner since it was Valentine's Day and all. She wanted this to remain professional, however. Dean Ambrose continued his quest for Baron Corbin and ran into the quasi-couple. He gave James some free advice: Carmella is using him. James defended her honour but Dean was not in a nice mood so that ticked him off more than usual. Daniel Bryan stopped by and decided to let Dean take out his rage on James in a match later tonight.

James introduced "his special lady friend," Carmella and told the fans not to boo because he's her "boo." However, the match with Ambrose never started as Baron Corbin appeared with a beaten-down Intercontinental Champion and brawled with him among the staging equipment. Corbin finished it off with a Deep Six on an electrical box but the explosion was cued too early so it looked really awkward.

Daniel Bryan tells Nikki Bella that the stuff between her and Nattie has to stop. Natalya shows up and takes umbrage with that and says that Bryan is playing favourites again. They slug each other and security has to separate the two ladies. Bryan freaks out and makes their blowoff match next week where falls will count anywhere.

Baron Corbin told Dasha Fuentes that he destroyed Dean Ambrose because he pinned him at Elimination Chamber.

Dolph Ziggler told Renee Young that if he has to wipe out an entire generation just to get his point across then that is what he will do. He also said he was about to put someone in their place.

2) Mickie James defeated Becky Lynch by pinfall in 12:31. This was a rematch from Elimination Chamber and much like their original contest, they went after each other's arm for the most part. A double clothesline sent both ladies to the outside as they took a commercial break in the middle of the match. After the break, Mickie had her opponent grounded after she had avoided a big missile dropkick. Becky got a real close pinfall attempt with a rollup but Mickie came back quickly and kipped up ala Shawn Michaels. A snap-Bexploder nearly got the job done as well but again Mickie kicked out. Mickie started favouring her shoulder causing the referee to push Becky away but it was all a ruse. A Mick Kick spelled the end for Becky Lynch.

Naomi came down to the ring to celebrate her new Smackdown Women's Title but then Alexa Bliss interrupted and pointed out Naomi's "fake" injury with her knee brace. Bliss called her a flop and said she could have her own tragic 30 For 30 special. She told Naomi to bring her family to Wrestlemania so they could see the REAL Women's Champion Alexa Bliss. She wanted her rematch and offered to either have it handed over or beat her all around the ring and take it back. Their title match will take place next week.

A Black History Month piece is shown focusing on a quote from Nelson Mandela.

Before the main event could start, Luke Harper appeared outside the ring and attacked his former mentor, Bray Wyatt. He capped it off with a superkick before heading to the back.

3) Bray Wyatt defeated John Cena and AJ Styles to retain the WWE Title by pinfall when he pinned Cena in 13:55. Despite the attack from Harper, Bray was still on his game and scored several near falls early on just like his two opponents. They each kicked out of each other's finishes at one point. After the commercial break, AJ Styles delivered a giant splash and a legdrop to Bray Wyatt on the announce table to break it. Later on, Cena attempted to hit the rolling AAs but Styles countered with the Calf Crusher on the second attempted AA. Cena then reversed THAT into the STF! Later on, Cena hit an AA on Bray Wyatt and got a heart-stopping near fall! A Styles Clash then gave AJ an equally-close near fall on Cena. The end finally came when Cena knocked AJ off the apron and turned right around into Sister Abigail from Wyatt for the victory.

Following the contest, Randy Orton came out to slowly stalk his Wrestlemania opponent. He gets in the ring with a microphone in hand and stands in front of the champion face-to-face, saying that he refuses to face Bray at Wrestlemania since he is the servant and Bray is the master. Bray told him that he now has the keys to the kingdom and they did their trademark pose.


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