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Smackdown! Live Results (2/21/17) - Broken Dreams And Major Opportunities

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Alexa Bliss

It will be a huge night tonight as we will finally find out who Bray Wyatt's challenger will be at Wrestlemania 33 in a 10-man battle royale featuring the likes of John Cena, AJ Styles, The Miz, Luke Harper, IC Champion Dean Ambrose, Baron Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, Apollo Crews, Kalisto & Mojo Rawley. We will also see Nikki Bella face Natalya in a Falls Count Anywhere match to finally settle the score. Will Naomi be ready to defend her title against Alexa Bliss? Join us tonight and find out!

SMACKDOWN! LIVE (02.21.17)
ONTARIO, CA (Citizens Business Bank Arena)
Host: Tom Phillips
Commentators: Mauro Ranallo, John "Bradshaw" Layfield, David Otunga
Written by Brendan Wahl

Very nice video package to start things off detailing the events of last week and hyping tonight's show.

Daniel Bryan opened the show in the ring by welcoming everyone to the show and noted that Wrestlemania is just 40 days away. He mentioned that twists and turns can happen on the way to the big show so on that note he brought out the current Smackdown Women's Champion Naomi and unfortunately due to her injury, he had to make her relinquish the championship. A heartbroken champ thanked Bryan for his kind words and gave up her belt before limping her way to the back. Before Naomi could make it the whole way though,Alexa Bliss walked right by her on her way to the ring and came to the ring to show some faux sincerity and wanted her title opportunity that she deserved. Bryan wasn't going to just hand over the belt though and declared a match between Bliss and Becky for the vacant title right now.

1) Alexa Bliss def. Becky Lynch for the vacant Smackdown Women's Title via pinfall in 9:06. The two rivals obviously knew each other quite well and hit their usual trademark moves only for the other to kick out. Becky, unsurprisingly, went after the arm and hit one of her crushing Bexploders but Bliss rolled to the outside and the show went to a commercial break. As the show returned from the break, Becky got a pair of near falls but Bliss was relentless to attempt to get her title back. Bliss then held onto the ring skirt to distract the ref, allowing her to jab Becky in the throat and roll her up for the win and to become the 2-time champion.

A few quick battle royale promos were shown from Kalisto and The Miz [w /Maryse]

Natalya planned on 'exposing' Nikki Bella tonight.

2) Smackdown Tag Team Champions American Alpha def, Breezango in a non-title match via pinfall in 1:46. Breezango got the drop on the champions from the opening bell but the champs fought back and made short work of their opponents with Gable hitting Fandango with a sky-high bulldog. The Usos then came through the crowd looking for a fight before backing off again and then cutting a promo on the champs.

A Black History Month feature is shown on Jackie Robinson.

More battle royal promos from AJ Styles, Dolph Ziggler, Mojo Rawley and Luke Harper.

Nikki Bella said she would turn Natalya into the "Broken Hart" tonight.

3) Natalya def. Nikki Bella in a Falls Count Anywhere match via pinfall in 14:01. Bella immediately went to the spear and we quickly learned that this was going to be a pretty brutal fight. Nikki also went for a table early on but Nattie cut her off and then slid the table back under the ring. Bella then opted to use a kendo stick instead and after a few relentless shots, she got a near fall. They even fought through the crowd over to where the stairs were and continued to brawl until they came back to ringside. Nattie tried to put Nikki through the announce table with a powerbomb but Nikki escaped it and hit an Alabama Slam on that same table, garnering a two count as the show went to a commercial break. As the show returned, Nikki was trapped in the Sharpshooter and managed to grab the ropes to break it. Later on in the match, Nikki bumped into Maryse much like she did at Elimination Chamber and then almost pinned Nattie by smashing her head into a mirror. However, Maryse would return and attack Nikki with a pipe, allowing Natalya to pick up the victory.

More battle royale promos from Baron Corbin and Apollo Crews.

Bray Wyatt told Randy Orton that he has earned the "keys to the kingdom." Whoever wins the battle royale will just be his sacrifice.

4) AJ Styles and Luke Harper co-won a 10-Man Battle Royal for the #1 Contendership at Wrestlemania 33. No one had been eliminated by the time the first commercial break took place. When the show returned, Baron eliminated Mojo at 7:22 for the first toss-out. After a titanic struggle, Ziggler superkicked Kalisto to the outside at 8:25. However, Crews was able to kick Ziggles out of the ring at 8:50. A distraction from Ziggler allowed Corbin to dispatch of Crews at 9:20. Cena was then able to get rid of the Miz at 11:39 leading into a second commercial break. As Cena was going for the Five Knuckle Shuffle on AJ, Corbin caught him with the End of Days. He charged at Ambrose but got backdropped out of the match at 16:10. Before leaving, Corbin laid out Ambrose on the outside. Miz took advantage of the distraction and ran back into the match to toss Cena out at 16:51. Ambrose, AJ and Harper all went over the top but remained on the apron. Harper managed to superkick Ambrose out at 19:22, leaving it down to Harper and Styles. They also both went over the top and brawled on the apron but they both ended up back in the ring. Harper tried to pull AJ out but they both tumbled at the same time at 22:17. After much confusion, Daniel Bryan ran out to consult the referees and declared that both men were co-winners and that the Wrestlemania challenger will be determined next week. Harper took Styles down with a discus lariat out of frustration.


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