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Smackdown! Live Results (2/7/17) - Wrestlemania Preview?

Cena vs Orton

SMACKDOWN! LIVE (02.07.17)

SEATTLE, WA (Key Arena)
Host: Tom Phillips
Commentators: Mauro Ranallo, John "Bradshaw" Layfield, David Otunga
Written by Brendan Wahl

Daniel Bryan opened the show by coming down and reminding everyone that the last time he was in Washington, he had to retire in the middle of the ring. He mentioned that he's going to be a father very soon and that prompted an interruption by the Miz and Maryse who were out to mock him, of course. Miz said that he had no idea why Bryan is still in a WWE ring because he can't even wrestle anymore. Bryan responded with a crack at Miz not being able to wrestle before he originally stepped into the ring, drawing a "YES!" chant. Miz continued to rant about how Bryan can't wrestle anymore and tried to talk about Elimination Chamber but the crowd kept cutting him off. Baron Corbin was the next superstar to interrupt and told Miz to learn how to shut up. Miz proposed a team-up at Elimination Chamber to take out all the remaining superstars in the match but Corbin offered an alternative: he could take out Miz right now and that way he'd have one less superstar to go through at the PPV. Bryan mockingly asked Corbin not to punch Miz in the face and then immediately after, the Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose made his way out for the interruption and said his piece. AJ Styles was the next superstar to come out and reminded everyone that he has already beaten every single one of the superstars in the ring and he planned on getting his title back this Sunday. Bryan calmed everyone down and booked an Elimination Chamber preview with a fatal four-way match between the superstars in the ring - RIGHT NOW.

1) Baron Corbin defeated Dean Ambrose, AJ Styles and the Miz by pinfall in 12:55 when he pinned Styles. In the early going, Miz attempted a partnership with Corbin but the Lone Wolf wanted no part of that and managed to assert himself fairly well in the early going. In another interesting spot, Miz attempted his Daniel Bryan kicks on AJ and Ambrose but it led to a series of rollups and near falls. The match proceeded through a commercial break and then featured an incredible Tower of Doom spot when the show came back. Corbin also got a near fall off the Deep Six but it was interrupted. We got a lot of near falls and Miz nearly ate the pinfall off the Phenomenal Forearm but Maryse pulled him to the outside. Corbin then nailed AJ with the End of Days for the surprising victory.

Luke Harper cut a promo regarding facing Randy Orton at Elimination Chamber.

Nikki Bella and Natalya had a via-satellite "face-to-face" promo. Nikki abandoned the interview later on after Nattie's comments about how John Cena would likely go for her if she wasn't already married rather than Nikki.

2) Apollo Crews defeated Dolph Ziggler by pinfall in 1:03. Crews started out strong at the beginning of the match but when he ran into the post, Ziggler turned things around with a satellite DDT. Crews then grabbed a rollup and a flash pin in a very quick match. After the match, Dolph assaulted Crews with a steel chair across the back.

A vignette is shown regarding Black History Month and Rosa Parks specifically with comments from Mark Henry, Apollo Crews, Darren Young, Alicia Fox, Rich Swann, Naomi, Jason Jordan and Titus O'Neil.

After Dolph Ziggler's bragging about how he could easily take on Apollo Crews and Kalisto at the same time, Daniel Bryan did just that for Elimination Chamber - Ziggler will face both of them in a handicap match.

Time for the dual contract signing between Alexa Bliss/Naomi and Becky Lynch/Mickie James! Before anything got signed though, Mickie introduced Alexa and herself and kicked Renee to the curb. She told Becky that she has been trying to take credit for all of Mickie's hard work over the years and then signed the contract. Becky responded about respecting Mickie until she came back to cost her the championship. Bliss came back with a retort about Lynch wearing cheap hair dye and then punks out Naomi by pretending to forget all about her. She signs the contract and then Naomi reminded Bliss that she's pinned her twice and that Wrestlemania is in her hometown of Orlando, Florida. Naomi then kicked Bliss in the head while Becky and Mickie brawled all over the place. Naomi performed a dive on both heels and then celebrated with Becky.

3) The Usos, the Ascension and the Vaudevillains defeated Tag Team Champions American Alpha, Beauty & the Man-Beast and Breezango by pinfall in 9:46 when Viktor pinned Rhyno. Plenty of team miscommunication and arguing to hype the Tag Team Turmoil match coming up this Sunday. There were lots of chants for Rhyno, who seemed to be the most over person in the match.

David Otunga will be on Criminal Minds.

4) WWE Champion John Cena defeated Randy Orton by pinfall in 13:34. Cena nearly put Orton through the announce table with the AA but Orton avoided it and rolled him back into the ring. The match took on a big 'PPV feel' with Orton kicking out of the AA and then Cena kicking out of the RKO in response. There was a ref bump late in the match when he was hit by Orton's feet while Cena had him up for the AA. Luke Harper then ran down to confront Bray and finally managed to make physical contact by hitting his former mentor with a discus lariat. Harper then blocked an RKO from Orton and sent him into an AA from Cena for the victory.


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