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Smackdown Live Results (3/14/17) - Baptized In Her Ashes

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Smackdown Live

SMACKDOWN! LIVE (03.14.17)
Commentators: Tom Phillips, John "Bradshaw" Layfield
Written by Brendan Wahl

Daniel Bryan ran down tonight's show while on the phone before AJ Styles interrupted and demanded to speak to Shane McMahon right now. Bryan said that Shane would arrive later in the night but AJ insisted on going to the ring anyway despite Bryan's warnings about not doing anything to jeopardize his career.

AJ Styles then made his way to the ring and complained about having to jump through hoops and not even have his title shot whereas John simply asked for and received his match. Styles recalls winning the battle royale and then the match against Luke Harper to earn his shot but then he had to face Randy Orton, who should've gone to jail for burning down the Wyatt Compound. AJ said that now he doesn't even have a match at Wrestlemania and he wants to have a conversation with Shane McMahon regarding his career... if he "even has one." AJ then left the ring with no interruptions.

1) Becky Lynch def. Natalya by submission in 8:45. This was a revenge match of sorts after Nattie turned on Becky during a tag team bout last week on Smackdown Live. Becky was able to get the win with the Dis-Arm-Her and then Carmella attacked her after the bell.

Footage was shown of John Cena's appearance at the Kids' Choice Awards.

The Miz and Maryse came out for an edition of mizTV in which the duo insulted Cena and Nikki and accused them of being fake again. Maryse then mentioned that she was invited back for the first season of Total Divas but then was convinced by Nikki to press for a better deal. That led to her not even being offered the deal anymore. Maryse then promised to expose Nikki for what she is - "a lying, back-stabbing b---h." John Cena and Nikki Bella then came down with the latter saying that she was never best friends with Maryse because SHE was the one who stabbed the Bellas in the back. Miz tried to end the segment but Daniel Bryan interrupted and said that this segment wasn't over - he is furious at Miz copying his moveset and spouting his usual crap and how it all really makes Bryan want to punch Miz in the face. Bryan said that he couldn't punch Miz in the face but he knew someone who could and officially made a mixed tag team match between Miz & Maryse and Cena & Nikki for Wrestlemania!

2) Mickie James def. Women's Champion Alexa Bliss in a non-title match by pinfall in 8:36. This was also a result of last week's tag team blow-up as Mickie had nailed Bliss with the Mick Kick following their victory over Becky and Nattie. Mickie was able to score the win by hitting Bliss with the Mick Kick.

AJ was in the back waiting for the arrival of Shane McMahon and told Renee Young that since "Wrestlemania is the ultimate thrill ride" and he doesn't have a match at Mania, he's going to get his thrills where he can! AJ then jumped Shane as he climbed out of his car and beat the snot out of him, throwing him all over the place and hammering him with right hands. AJ capped it off by tossing Shane head-first through a car windshield. Officials quickly came over to check on Shane and call for paramedics as Shane was busted open.

After the commercial break, Shane refused to go to the emergency room so he was just slowly taken to the trainer's room instead.

Curt Hawkins and the Usos told AJ Styles that he would probably be fired for what he did to Shane McMahon. AJ shrugged it off and was met by Daniel Bryan, who said he would fire him and forced him out of the arena.

3) Mojo Rawley def. Dolph Ziggler by countout in 2:29. This was a result of last week's verbal confrontation between the two and we even got a visual elimination spot on Dolph Ziggler on two separate occasions. Dolph decided to take a walk and get counted out.

Eric LeGrand will be awarded the 2017 Warrior Award at the Hall of Fame.

Randy Orton made his way out to the ring to address the WWE Champion Bray Wyatt. He explained his ultimate plan to infiltrate the Wyatt Family, earn Bray's trust and then turn on him when it was least expected. Orton said he had to destroy the one thing that Bray loved - Sister Abigail. As he burned down the compound, he could feel the power strip away from Wyatt and he had fear all over his face. Orton added that Bray is now all alone and all he has left to do now is to take everything else away from Bray. This was interrupted by Bray Wyatt himself, who appeared on the big screen. Bray explained that Sister Abigail is the spawn of Satan and her black heart "still beats" as she has now bestowed all her power upon him. Bray covered himself in dirt from the compound remains and said that he was now baptized and born again in her ashes. He said "follow the buzzards," yelled out to the heavens and then disappeared.

Baron Corbin said that there are no lines to cross and he will put Dean Ambrose down at Wrestlemania for the Intercontinental Championship if he needs to do so.

4) The Usos def. Tag Team Champions American Alpha in a non-title match by pinfall in 10:36. During the match, we saw a split-screen of Shane McMahon heading somewhere alongside some officials. However, before Shane could be led out of the building he turned back for some reason to head back into the arena. The ending came when Jimmy superkicked Jordan down and Jey got the three count.

Shane McMahon then stumbled past the gorilla position and grabbed a microphone. He went out to the stage and said that AJ Styles now has an opponent at Wrestlemania... him.

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