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Smackdown "Open Thread" (8/16/16) - Streaming Live Results & Discussion

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Join us tonight at 8pm ET for another edition of Smackdown! Live. We are rounding the bend for SummerSlam and are expected to get some last-minute hype for some of the big matches like Ambrose/Ziggler and Cena/Styles. Will we FINALLY see Eva Marie debut tonight? Added matches for SummerSlam? Tune in tonight RIGHT HERE to find out! As always, discuss away!

SMACKDOWN! LIVE (08.16.16)
AUSTIN, TX (Frank Erwin Center)
Commentators: Mauro Ranallo, John "Bradshaw" Layfield, David Otunga
Written by Brendan Wahl

Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon have Randy Orton sign a contract to face Brock Lesnar but Orton warns that it might not take long to RKOBrock and win the match. Heath Slater then interrupts with a fruit basket ("To Bob, my condolence") and is still after his contract. He talks about standing toe-to-toe on RAW against Brock Lesnar but he's dissed them too many times so they don't want to give him any more chances. They get into a discussion about how this is a pickle or isn't one but Orton interrupts and says that he has an idea.

MIZtv w/Intercontinental Champion The Miz [w /Maryse]
Guests: WWE World Champion Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler

Miz can't get an introduction out because Ambrose cuts him off and makes the first entrance. In turn, Dolph Ziggler interrupts Ambrose's spiel as we are getting off to a fast-paced start. They get in each other's face but Miz breaks it up because this is HIS show and they are only out here to talk. Miz says that Dolph fizzled out but now he's had a career resurgence... but what happens if he fails at SummerSlam? Dolph isn't focused on post-SummerSlam and tells Miz to shut his mouth. Dolph then tells Ambrose that he wants to kick his head right off but says that the champ will have to admit after SummerSlam that he caused Dolph to go over the edge and beat him for the title. Dean makes fun of Dolph's "fantasy" and says that it gets much harder once you're actually holding the title and there is a big target on your back. Dean accuses Dolph of having a big chip on his shoulder and says it will weigh him down and bury him. He says that Dolph has never wanted this title bad enough to actually win it and tells him that he's never gonna get it either. Dolph responds by saying that Dean will have to dig down deep and exhaust every weapon in his arsenal and it STILL won't be enough to keep his title and put Ziggler away. In the middle of his speech, he superkicks Ambrose and then tells him that he will realize that Ziggler IS that damn good.

Footage is shown from the break with Miz saying Apollo Crews' name wrong and thus getting laid out.

American Alpha/The Hype Bros./The Usos vs. Breezango/The Vaudevillains/The Ascension

Time for a crazy 12-man tag team match. Gable starts with Breeze and gets pushed into the heel corner. Viktor gets in and works Gable over with uppercuts for a quick two count. He goes for a slam but Gable escapes and tags in Mojo, who quickly takes down the Ascension member and splashes him in the corner. Ryder gets tagged in but Konnor runs in and we get a big brawl as we head to commercial.

When we come back, an Uso is cleaning house on Aiden English. Jason Jordan tags himself in and catches English with an Alphaplex for a two count but it's broken up. It's just a huge sequence of events with finishers from everyone. Back in the ring, Gable pins English after Grand Amplitude.

WINNERS via PINFALL (Gable over English): American Alpha/The Hype Bros./The Usos (6:51)

Eva Marie's entrance happens and she will be delayed due to traffic. JBL says it is an absolute disaster that Eva was unable to make it once again. Naomi made her big exciting entrance for nothing.

AJ Styles tells Alberto Del Rio that he saw him beat up John Cena at Hell in a Cell last year and enjoyed it. Del Rio tells AJ to stop living in the past and doesn't need his pep talk because he's going to go out and beat Cena up again. AJ makes fun of him for not even being on the SummerSlam card itself.

We get a video with some facts about Curt Hawkins as he is coming back soon.

Randy Orton vs. Heath Slater

Orton starts out quick by kicking Slater in the gut and whipping him into opposite corners shoulder-first. He clotheslines Heath down and does the Garvin Stomp before sending him into another corner and delivering some right hands and forearms. Apparently that's enough for a DQ as Orton was relentless and didn't heed the referee's warnings.

WINNER via DISQUALIFICATION: Heath Slater (1:00)

Randy isn't done as he sends Slater crashing over the announce table and then DDTs him on the floor. Orton then puts Slater back in the ring and drops him with a couple of suplexes before mocking Brock Lesnar's pose. He ends it all with a vicious RKO.

Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan appear on-screen and announce that they're here. Orton is still in the ring.

Heath Slater is checked on by a trainer as Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon come in and congratulate him because he won by DQ. Heath says he showed Brock and Orton no mercy, which gives them the idea to name the October PPV as "No Mercy." Shane hands Heath a Smackdown contract and his loopy comments about Shane being Stephanie makes him take the contract back.

Footage is shown during the commercials of Orton having a moment with the Wyatts on the entrance ramp.

Dean Ambrose (WWE World Champion) vs. Erick Rowan [w /Bray Wyatt]

Ambrose is fast and all over Rowan but gets knocked down right away. Rowan then takes Dean to the corner and unloads with some stomps to the gut. Dean counters a slam and goes for Dirty Deeds but Rowan fights out of it but misses a spin kick. Dean then knocks Erick to the outside and follows it up with a dive as well as ramming the Wyatt Family member into the barricade. Back in the ring, Rowan catches Ambrose with a powerslam causing the champion to roll out. Rowan then baseball slides him and throws HIM into the barricade. Back in the ring, Rowan gets a near fall. Dean is put in a chinlock but he quickly fights to his feet... and gets taken back down again. Rowan hammers away with forearm shots and a number of headbutts in the corner. Dean catches him charging with a boot though and low bridges him to the outside. Erick misses a boot in the corner and Dean starts on the comebac trail with right hands but can't knock him down. A huge back suplex finally takes Rowan down and Dean heads up top. The big hooking clothesline gets Dean a two count. Rowan comes back with his spin kick but only gets two as well so he resorts to rapid-fire right hands. Dean comes back with his rebound clothesline and then is finally able to finish off Rowan with Dirty Deeds.

WINNER via PINFALL: Dean Ambrose (5:06)

Bray Wyatt stares at Erick's goat mask and walks away, leaving him in the ring all by himself. Hm?

NEXT: Becky Lynch and Carmella face Natalya and Alexa Bliss!

Becky Lynch/Carmella vs. Natalya/Alexa Bliss

Carmella and Natalya start things off with the former taking her down with a spinning headscissors. Nattie comes back with a discus lariat though and then covers her for a two count. Alexa is tagged in and gets in some licks of her own for a two count before getting a chinlock. She fights out and tags in Becky, who fires away on both opponents and hits a Bexploder on Nattie for a near fall. They collide on a cross-body attempt... and then Eva Marie's music hits. SHE IS HERE. Eva blows a kiss and slowly poses on the ramp as she walks down... but then she is cut off by Naomi's music. Naomi has a problem with Eva because she bailed on their match earlier so she gives chase to her through the ring. Nattie nails Naomi though and gets a rollup on Becky for a two count but Becky rolls through with the Dis-arm-her for the win.

WINNERS via SUBMISSION (Becky over Nattie): Becky Lynch/Carmella (4:13)

Baron Corbin holds Kalisto against a door and threatens that he's gonna take him down every time he gets back up.

We get a lengthy video package detailing the history between Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar.

Becky Lynch/Naomi/Carmella will face Eva Marie/Natalya/Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam.

AJ Styles joins the announce table for color commentary.

John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio

Alberto grabs a headlock to start and then hits a shoulderblock on the rebound. A second whip off the ropes and Cena hiptosses him this time, causing Del Rio to bail and go into the crowd as we take a break.

As we come back from the break, Del Rio gets a two count on Cena and grabs a chinlock. Cena fights out and sends Alberto flailing to the outside. Back in, he goes for the AA but Del Rio counters with a German Suplex for a two count. Del Rio boots Cena down but misses a second one and Cena fires away. He whips him into the corner but misses a charge and Del Rio capitalizes with a two count. He takes Cena into the corner and kicks him in the back for another near fall as his frustration continues to build. Del Rio gets a DDT for another two count. We take another commercial break.

Cena counters Del Rio coming off the top and hits his shoulderblocks and back suplex. Cena connects with the Five Knuckle Shuffle and goes for the AA but Del Rio counters with the backstabber for a two count. Del Rio goes for a kick but Cena gets out of it so Del Rio gets a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker instead. Cena comes back with a big clothesline but Del Rio gets his step-up enzuiguri for a two count. He goes for a superkick but Cena rolls through into the STF. Del Rio reaches the ropes and gets his superkick in but only gets a two count. Del Rio gets the Cross-Armbreaker but Cena powers out and hits the AA for the win.

WINNER via PINFALL: John Cena (16:54)

AJ Stykes then runs in and hits Cena with the Phenomenal Forearm before telling him that he is going to beat Cena at SummerSlam and then he will become "the face that runs this place." He then picks up Cena and goes for the Styles Clash but John recovers and lays him out with the AA! Cena then clears off the announce table, climbs up the steps and delivers an AA through the table!

That's it, folks. G'night!

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