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Smackdown "Open Thread" (8/30/16) - Streaming Live Results & Discussion

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With Backlash looming on the horizon, what will we see tonight from Smackdown? Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles begin their buildup to the big title match, the tag team title tournament continues and will Carmella comment on her shocking attack and heel turn on Nikki Bella last week? Plus, we WILL hear from Daniel Bryan as he responds to the Miz's shocking controversial comments on Talking Smack last week. Make sure to join us tonight @ 8pm/ET as Smackdown Live is covered... well... live.

SMACKDOWN! LIVE (08.30.16)
DALLAS, TX (American Airlines Center)
Commentators: Mauro Ranallo, John "Bradshaw" Layfield, David Otunga
Written by Brendan Wahl

We see the Miz's controversial comments towards Daniel Bryan from Talking Smack last week.

Shane McMahon tells Daniel Bryan that he can't provoke talent the way he did last week and that he probably needs to give Miz an apology. Bryan says that it's a little weird coming from a guy that has a beef with Brock Lesnar.

Intercontinental Champion The Miz [w /Maryse] hits the ring to start the show and asks if he has everyone's attention now. He antagonizes the crowd for booing him and reminds them that he's been the champion for 148 days and counting. He says that he's a great champion and smarter for finding ways NOT to get hit unlike his fellow superstars. He tells the fans that they don't see what goes on in the back. He's the one that gets called on for endorsements and even has to play a freakin' chicken for this company. Miz says he is not a failure but all of the crowd's favourites have fallen by the wayside. He refers to the crowd as a bunch of cowards but now here comes Dolph Ziggler for the interruption. Dolph says that Miz makes a lot of great points but the fans see through everything that Miz does because he just wants to be famous. Dolph adds that Miz has a chance to prove fans wrong every week... but he falls short. Dolph ends it by telling Miz to prove he's not a coward... no refs, no ring bell, no title shot. He just wants a fight RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW. Miz ushers Maryse out of the ring but then decides to leave as Ziggler gets fired up for the fight. Dolph gets the microphone and refers to Miz as a "soft, safe coward" so Maryse has to 'hold him back' for running back to the ring to face Ziggler.

Smackdown Tag Team Title Tournament - First Round
The Hype Bros vs. The Vaudevillains

Ryder starts quick with English using a big dropkick and forearm smashes in the corner. Gotch pulls English out of the ring so Ryder boots him in the face... but then falls victim to a neckbreaker outside the ring by English that garners him a two count. Aiden works over Ryder's left arm and then tags in Gotch, who gets a nice T-Bone suplex for two. Simon goes to a hammerlock and then gets a fireman's carry slam. English tags in but misses a top-rope swanton, allowing Mojo to get the hot tag and clean house. A release press slam gets two but Gotch breaks it up. Zack plants Gotch with a Broski Boot and then pins Aiden following a double-team Rough Ryder.

WINNERS via PINFALL (Ryder over English): The Hype Bros (2:49)

Charly Caruso interviews the Hype Bros in the ring immediately following the match. Zack says that the hype train has left the station and it's not coming back. Mojo declares that they're taking the tag titles at Backlash because they don't get hyped - they STAY hyped.

AJ Styles struts in the back and then runs into Apollo Crews and pretends to not even know his name. Apollo laughs it off and spells out his last name for AJ, who shows disrespect in return.

AJ Styles makes his way out to the ring and is introduced as "the face that runs the place." AJ grabs the microphone and does Cena's thing but says "the Phenomenal One is heeeeeeeere." AJ reminds us that he beat John Cena and predicts that he will beat Dean Ambrose at Backlash as well to become the new WWE World Champion. Before he can get much further though, Apollo Crews interrupts with a microphone of his own. AJ orders that the music be cut and questions if Crews is gonna challenge him to a spelling bee. Apollo surprises him and says that Bryan has granted him a match with AJ and it's right now.

Apollo Crews vs. AJ Styles

AJ hammers away to start and whips him off the ropes but Crews kicks him, leapfrogs over and knocks AJ to the outside. AJ tries to come back with an elbow but Crews dodges and then smashes his opponent's head into the apron. He rolls Styles back into the ring as we take a break.

We come back with Crews caught in a chinlock by Styles. He fights out with right hands but AJ slugs him right back. However, Crews comes back with a pair of lariats and a big boot followed by a stinger splash and a jumping clothesline. Apollo goes for his finish but AJ flips out of it... and ends up on the outside of the ring. Apollo gives us our 'holy cow' moment with a moonsault off the apron to the outside and then rolls his opponent back into the ring. Into the corner with right hands to the gut but AJ slips out of a top-rope move attempt and then clotheslines Apollo in the corner. Crews catches him with a pop-up Samoan Drop for a VERY close near fall. Now he heads up top but AJ avoids a move and then necksnaps him on the top rope. Phenomenal Forearm is all she wrote for Crews and AJ picks up a big victory.

WINNER via PINFALL: AJ Styles (8:09)

Renee Young goes to Heath Slater's home to interview him and sees Rhyno as well. Heath introduces Renee to his wife, Beulah, and tells her to calm down. Beulah serves them string cheese, ham and crackers but Renee says she's good. She asks him about not being drafted to either show and Heath says he was bothered by it but now Beulah says that she has pizza crust for dinner. Heath talks about Brock nearly breaking him in half and the match with Randy Orton before we see the footage of Heath mistaking Shane McMahon for Stephanie. Rhyno gets asked why he decided to team up with Heath and he simply shrugs his shoulders. Suddenly, Heath hears a car out back and yells "ROSCOE!" leaving Renee to get weirded out by Rhyno.

Bray Wyatt comes down to the ring for his Sermon of the Serpent. He starts by saying that he doesn't fear snakes or any man because he doesn't fear anything. Bray adds that Orton is just a man who thinks he has venom in his veins, which excites Bray because it means he's SICK. Wyatt prays that Orton's voices in his head are telling him to RUN. Randy Orton's music hits and he comes out for the interruption and asks who in the hell that Bray thinks he is and says that he's not that damaged just because he's got staples in his skull. Orton tells Bray that he has his attention and Bray couldn't be happier. He admires Randy's courage but says that he is no longer the predator in this situation and Bray is now taking on that role. He plans on cutting off the serpent's head and hanging it up on his wall. Randy says he sorta respects Bray for having demons just like he does and we get a match at Backlash between the two because of this. Randy claims that he's not afraid of a man who calls himself a god and plans on kicking his ass right now. However, the lights go out and Bray disappears.

Nikki Bella joins the announce table for color commentary.

Becky Lynch/Naomi vs. Natalya/Alexa Bliss

Nattie starts with Naomi and takes her down with a release back suplex but Naomi comes back with a rana to the outside. The heel team argues as we go to commercial.

When we come back, Nattie has Naomi in a side headlock but she fights out and reaches for the tag so Nattie releases it, nails Becky off the apron and then tags in Bliss for some double-teaming. Bliss chokes her on the ropes but Naomi fights back with forearm shots on each heel. Alexa pulls her back though and pounds away with right hands. She goes to a neck vice on Naomi this time but again, Naomi manages to fight out of it and this time she finally hot tags Becky Lynch. The Irish Lass Kicker is a house of fire, taking out Nattie and Bliss but then receivees a back elbow. She stays on the offense though with a forearm shot and then a missile dropkick for two. Nattie breaks it up so Naomi goes after her. Meanwhile, Carmella shows up and assaults Nikki while Alexa rolls up a distracted Becky Lynch for the big win.

WINNERS via PINFALL (Bliss over Lynch): Natalya/Alexa Bliss (7:21)

Becky and Naomi check on Nikki Bella at ringside.

A video is shown focusing on the Headbangers.

Some Curt Hawkins facts are shown.

Smackdown Tag Team Title Tournament - First Round
The Headbangers vs. Heath Slater/Rhyno

The 'Bangers haven't really aged much. Heath starts out with Mosh and mocks his weird mannerisms before grabbing a headlock. He takes Mosh down with a big shoulderblock but Mosh attacks him from behind and takes him down using a springboard clothesline. In comes Thrasher, who delivers a second-rope clothesline but Slater mounts a comeback. Thrasher gets a back suplex though and then tags Mosh back in. Double flapjack gets a two count for Mosh. He grabs a chinlock on Slater, who appears to be busted open. Mosh takes both guys down and they hit Slater with the Stage Dive but Rhyno breaks up the pin. He has Heath tag him and then takes Thrasher down with the Gore for the victory.

WINNERS via PINFALL (Rhyno over Thrasher): Heath Slater/Rhyno (2:54)

AJ Styles joins the announce table for color commentary.

A man named Gary "the Milkman" Milman is in the ring and says that he's got a license to compete and he's not leaving the ring until someone comes in and gives him a fight. ...what? He strips down to his underwear... and Kane's music hits. Gary tries to put his clothes back on but Kane just chokeslams him and leaves. What?

Non-Title Match
Dean Ambrose (WWE World Champion) vs. Baron Corbin

Baron starts by kneeing Ambrose in the gut and hammering away in the corner. Dean comes back with a tackle and right hands before nailing Baron with a clothesline on the floor. He takes Baron head-first into the announce table before hitting him with a necksnap and a big boot. Missile dropkick connects but Baron pushes out of a bulldog before clotheslining Ambrose from behind. Baron then stomps away on the champion and chokes him out with his boot before tossing him to the outside. We take a break.

We come back with Baron grabbing a half-nelson chinlock but Dean fights out of it with elbows. He goes for the rebound clothesline but Baron catches him and pushes him down for a two count. Baron goes back to the hold and Dean fights out again. After Baron slides to the outside and slides right back in, he gets caught with a neckbreaker. Baron fights out of Dirty Deeds though but misses a charge into the corner, which allows Dean to roll him up for a two count. Baron clotheslines him down but Dean starts to mount a comeback and THIS time he gets the rebound lariat for a near fall. The champ heads up top but Corbin catches him with forearm shots. Dean fights back with headbutts and then low-bridges Baron to send him to the outside. A big tope suicida takes Corbin down but when they get back in, Baron plants him with Deep Six for a two count. Dean slides to the outside where Baron rams him into the barricade. AJ leaves the announce table and tells Baron to stay on him but he tells AJ to go away so Dean hits them both and then hits the hooking cothesline off the top rope for a two count. A distraction by AJ Styles allows a two count from Corbin but AJ interferes (accidentally nailing Corbin) and the ref has no choice but to ring the bell.

WINNER via DISQUALIFICATION: Dean Ambrose (I think...) (12:05)

Corbin gets planted with Dirty Deeds by Ambrose and then AJ gets crotched n the top rope. Ambrose takes his title and leaves AJ caught on the top rope.


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