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Big announcements for tonight! John Cena will take on Dean Ambrose and The Miz will defend the Intercontinental Championship against Dolph Ziggler (supposedly with no one at ringside if we're continuing on from the challenge made last week). Who will come out on top in those bouts?!

Make sure to join us live for Smackdown at 8pm/ET as I keep you posted on the night's events and you guys comment below and show your love for the blue brand!

SMACKDOWN! LIVE (09.20.16)
BIRMINGHAM, AL (Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center)
Commentators: Mauro Ranallo, John "Bradshaw" Layfield, David Otunga
Written by Brendan Wahl

Daniel Bryan is in the ring to start the show and introduces both Alexa Bliss and the Smackdown Women's Champion Becky Lynch for the official contract signing for their title bout at No Mercy. Becky promises to keep things civil as per Daniel's request but Bliss quickly makes a crack at Becky's supposedly dry skin. Bliss says that Becky doesn't fit the role as a champion because she is supposed to succeed and then fail miserably so she can go back to being the lovable superstar that never quite "gets it." Becky says she wasn't born to be a champion but she rose above living in a small house in Dublin and working at a crappy job because she WANTED to be champion. Becky closes by saying that she was not born to be a champion but rather that she FOUGHT to be a champion... so Bliss fakes some emotion as Becky being inspirational. She claims that she IS born to be a champion and plans to expose Becky as a one-hit wonder. Bliss nails Becky with the clipboard and then flips the table on top of her before signing the contract. Becky runs after her and gets a few shots at her opponent before Bliss manages to escape to the back. Becky then signs the contract and makes it all official.

Daniel Bryan reveals that the Miz's new contract includes a clause that means he needs to defend his Intercontinental Title tonight unless he wants his contract cancelled. Miz is upset but walks off.

We get some pre-recorded comments from American Alpha before the next match.

#1 Contendership Match
American Alpha vs. The Usos

Gable immediately charges and pounds both Usos before taking Jimmy down with a T-Bone suplex for a two count. He starts working on the leg and tags in Jordan who drops some knees and twists the leg as well. Meanwhile, Slater & Rhyno watch from the back and the latter eats string cheese on a cracker prepared by the former. Back in the ring, American Alpha deliver double dropkicks to both guys but the Usos trap Gable's leg in the ropes and then dropkick it, knocking him down to the floor. We take a break.

We come back and the Usos are still mercilessly working over Gable's leg with them getting a two count. Gable reaches for the tag but he's thrown back into the heel corner. However, he nails both Usos and reaches again... and this time he's able to get the hot tag to Jason Jordan, who comes in with right hands and tosses both Usos around. Both of them get Alpha-plexes as well as charges into the corner. Jordan garners a two count on Jey. They head up top but Jey knocks him off the ropes twice. He nails Jordan with a superkick and then Jimmy adds the top-rope splash for a two count broken up at the last second by Gable. Jey tosses Chad out of the ring but then gets caught with an Alpha-Plex by Jordan. Jimmy superkicks him but Jordan bounces right back with a massive lariat and everyone is down. Gable powers his way back to the corner but Jordan won't tag him because he's clearly still injured. He grabs a sunset flip on Jimmy for a near fall and then Jey gets a cheapshot on Gable's knee. Jey finishes things off with a top-rope splash on Jordan just as Gable tries to crawl over to break up the pin but it's too late.

WINNERS via PINFALL (Jey over Jordan): The Usos (10:34)

Slater & Rhyno goof around until the Usos show up and accuse the champs of getting lucky and cheating at Backlash. Rhyno gets mad when Jimmy threatens to knock his plate of crackers. They tell the champs to hand over the belts right now or they'll just take out Heath's knee but Rhyno grabs a handful of food and stares them down until they leave.

Jack Swagger joins the announce table for color commentary.

Apollo Crews vs. Baron Corbin

Crews almost immediately takes Corbin down for a two count and then they both head to the outside. Crews hammers away before throwing him into the barricade. Crews is NOT smiling at all tonight. He nails Baron with an enzuiguri and gets a two count back in the ring. Baron fights back with some forearm shots and then stretches Apollo's body around the ringpost. Shortly after, Corbin nails End of Days and gets the win.

WINNER via PINFALL: Baron Corbin (2:46)

Baron confronts Swagger at ringside but then quickly leaves and walks back up the ramp.

Curt Hawkins gives us more facts about himself.

Charly Caruso interviews Nikki Bella and Naomi about their tag match against Nattie and Carmella. Naomi says her "glow" is all about confidence and not caring what anyone else thinks about it. She says Nikki also has the glow but Nattie lost her glow a long time ago. Nikki says that Carmella is nothing but a bootleg.

Renee Young interviews Dolph Ziggler, who says he's gotta give everything he has to win the Intercontinental Title tonight. He hasn't been winning much lately but adds that anything can happen on Smackdown. He calls Miz desperate but says that he's desperate as well to prove to himself that he still belongs here. He talks about how he wasn't supposed to achieve what he's done thus far in his life but he HAS and he plans on taking that title tonight.

WWE Intercontinental Title Match
The Miz (c) [w /Maryse] vs. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph gets a quick takedown and rides Miz before both guys get to the ropes. We get a shoving match and then Dolph takes him down again with amateur wrestling. We get a chase outside the ring and then back in the ring, Dolph avoids an elbowdrop and causes Miz to roll out for a THIRD time. He clotheslines the champion on the outside but as he rolls Miz back in, he gets kicked right back down and sent to the floor. Miz tosses the challenger into the barricade and then back in where he executes a double axhandle from the top rope. Miz goes for his finish but Dolph elbows out but still falls victim to a flapjack. Miz mocks the "Yes!" pose before doing Bryan's signature kicks right to Dolph's chest. He continues to call out Bryan's name but Dolph catches a kick and pounds him on the mat. Dolph then misses a shoulder-first charge to the corner, allowing Miz to follow up with a boot to the face for a two count. He stretches Dolph's arms back and works him over but the challenger fights out and then gets a couple of impactful lariats. He hits the stinger splash but again his shoulder hits the post when Miz fights out of a neckbreaker this time. Miz delivers a pair of Bryan-esque dropkicks in the corner before hitting his Awesome Clothesline but eats a dropkick as he jumps off the top rope. Dolph gets a lonnnnnnnnng two count off that. Dolph is back up first but gets dropped throat-first on the top rope. He counters the Skull-Crushing Finale though and hits a jumping DDT for another very close near fall. Dolph is not able to get a superkick but he does clothesline Miz and they both go crashing to the floor as we hit a commercial break.

When we come back, both guys are on the top rope and Miz is fighting off a superplex attempt. He goes for a sunset flip powerbomb but ends up turning it into a slingshot sit-out powerbomb for a two count. Miz then decides to start targeting the leg and goes for a figure four but Dolph counters by going for an amateur submission. Both guys are in the ropes and Miz quickly gets up with a big boot for another two count. For the 3rd or 4th time, Dolph counters the Skull-Crushing Finale and this time hits the Fameasser but Miz KICKS OUT! Holy cow. Miz fights off the Zig-Zag and drags himself to his feet but eats an elbow as he charges in. Maryse goes to spray Ziggler in the eyes with perfume but the ref CATCHES HER and EJECTS HER FROM RINGSIDE. Miz is FREAKING out. They exchange rollups for two counts but then Dolph FINALLY hits the Zig-Zag... for a TWO COUNT. Miz slides to the outside and gets his belt back to attempt to walk out but Ziggler whips him into the steps and rolls him back into the ring. However, as the ref is getting rid of the belt, Miz reveals that he also has a can of perfume and sprays Dolph in the eyes. One Skull-Crushing Finale later and he retains his title.

WINNER via PINFALL: The Miz (16:02)

Randy Orton vs. Erick Rowan

Randy immediately goes for the RKO but Rowan hits a spinning powerslam and does some ground & pound followed by a pair of elbowdrops. Rowan stomps him in the corner and goes to the eyes but Orton goes to another corner and starts fighting back. Rowan delivers a big headbutt and then hits a dropkick that sends Orton to the outside. He sends Orton into the steps a couple of times before putting him back in the ring but gets caught with the draping DDT! One RKO later and Orton picks up the victory.

WINNER via PINFALL: Randy Orton (2:22)

The lights go out and then we simply see a sheep mask in the ring next to Orton. Bray Wyatt then shows up on the big screen and "applauds" his efforts tonight. Bray says that the fans love Randy but that he is still just a man while he is a God... that can never die. Run.

Naomi/Nikki Bella vs. Carmella/Natalya

Nattie forearms Nikki down and immediately grabs the Sharpshooter but Carmella pulls Nikki out and assaults her... and that's a DQ? Okay.

WINNERS via DQ: Naomi/Nikki Bella (:34)

Charly Caruso interviews WWE World Champion AJ Styles, who says he doesn't have a rivalry with either John Cena or Dean Ambrose because they're not on his level. He says he's superior in every way and the only way he could lose the title is if Cena or Ambrose pin each other. They are going to rip each other apart tonight though while AJ sits back, relaxes and soaks it all in.

John Cena vs. Dean Ambrose

Lockup to start with Dean taking the early advantage with a side headlock takedown. Dean follows that up with a shoulderblock but Cena uses quickness and gets a headlock of his own. dean elbows his way out but this time John gets a shoulderblock. Neither man can get their finish so Cena goes right back to a headlock takedown and gets a pair of two counts. Cena charges and hits the ring post to swing the momentum around on Dean's side as we go to commercial.

We come back with Dean nailing Cena with a couple of forearms to the face and a big lariat. He gets the running bulldog out of the corner and then goes for Dirty Deeds but Cena reverses and locks in the STF! Dean makes it to the ropes though and after tossing Cena to the outside, he executes his tope suicida! Ambrose then quickly rolls John back in and gets a cross-body but it is reversed by Cena into the Attitude Adjustment... and Dean kicks out at two. Dean gets the same treatment as he nails him with Dirty Deeds... and ALSO gets a two count! Suddenly, Dean manages to get a surprise sunset flip out of nowhere and picks up the win!

WINNER via PINFALL: Dean Ambrose (10:12)

Suddenly, AJ Styles shows up and attacks both guys. Daniel Bryan then comes out and says that AJ vs. Dean for the title will take place NEXT WEEK on Smackdown!

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