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Big exciting night tonight as we have a huge WWE World Title defense for AJ Styles. He will go one-on-one with Dean Ambrose in Dean's long-awaited rematch! Will this change the stakes for No Mercy? Will Dean walk in to the PPV as the titleholder or will AJ retain his grip as the new "Face That Runs the Place" going into his big triple threat title match in just ten days? Tune in tonight at 8pm/ET and join the conversation below!

SMACKDOWN! LIVE (09.27.16)
CLEVELAND, OH (Quicken Loans Arena)
Commentators: Mauro Ranallo, John "Bradshaw" Layfield, David Otunga
Written by Brendan Wahl

Randy Orton comes down to the ring to open the show this week. He accuses Bray Wyatt of trying to play mind games with Orton to make him lose focus but he adds that Bray does it because he himself is afraid. Randy says that he's had it with the mind games and sneak attacks so he orders Bray down to the ring to face his fears if he's man enough. Sure enough, the lights go out but Wyatt appears on the big screen instead. He tells the story of "Hansel & Gretel" and says that his own trail of bread crumbs will not lead Randy home but will instead lead him into the prison of his own mind. Bray reveals a giant hourglass and says that Randy better hurry if he wants to hurt him and then starts singing "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands." Randy quickly heads up the ramp to presumably look for the mysterious Bray Wyatt.

Dean Ambrose tells Charly Caruso that he plans on beating AJ Styles for the title tonight. Some truly deep investigative journalism there.

Heath Slater & Rhyno (SD! Tag Team Champions)/American Alpha vs. The Usos/The Ascension

Jordan uses his amateur wrestling on Jimmy Uso to start with Gable then coming in and working over his arm. Both guys use quick tags until Jimmy pops Jason in the face and chops him but gets taken down for a two count. Jason then goes back to the arm as he wrenches on it with an armbar. Jey gets tagged in and they gofor a double hiptoss but Jordan avoids it and tags in Gable. AA take Jey down with a pair of monkey flips and then Gable works over Jey's arm with the aid of the top rope. The Usos turn the tide by chop-blocking Gable as we head to a break.

We are back and the heels continue their focus on Gable's arm. Konnor grabs a two count and then tags in Jimmy for some right hands. Uso hammers him in the corner and charges but Gable avoids contact and then even avoids run-ins from both Ascension members. He reaches for Jordan but the Ascension take him out. Rhyno then clotheslines both Ascension guys while Gable and Jimmy collide in the middle of the ring. Heath Slater gets the hot tag and cleans house on everyone. Hangman's neckbreaker gets two on Jey but it's broken up. Jordan takes Viktor out of the ring and Jey goes for a superkick but Slater ducks it. However, the Usos take out Slater's left knee and Jimmy puts him in an elevated half-crab for the victory.

WINNERS via SUBMISSION (Jimmy over Slater): The Usos/The Ascension (9:58)

John Cena will be at ringside for the AJ/Ambrose title match tonight and says that no matter who wins, he will become the 16-time champion.

The Miz has someone put a picture of him over the Lebron James one on the wall.

Randy Orton finds a strange weapon-like object as he continues his search for Bray Wyatt in the back. Rowan is nearby watching him.

Bray Wyatt shows that there isn't much time left in his hourglass.

Naomi/Nikki Bella vs. Carmella/Natalya

Naomi and Carmella start things off with the former taking her down with a side headlock. Carm avoids a charge though and we get some celebratory moonwalking. Naomi takes HER down though and grabs a headscissors followed by some booty-shaking and a moonwalk of her own. Nikki is tagged in and she nails her with her knee but Carmella quickly rolls out and we go to commercial.

As we come back from break, Nattie works over Naomi on the outside and then rolls her back in for a two count. Nattie mocks Naomi reaching for a tag but gets armdragged... and still can't make the tag. Carmella is tagged in and the heels split Naomi's legs apart for a two count. Carm chokes her on the ropes and Nattie gets a cheapshot in but Naomi manages an inside cradle anyway for a two count. Carmella quickly gets up and kicks her in the face followed by a unique version of the Bronco Buster for another near fall. Nattie is tagged back in and we get a double Northern Lights suplex for another two. Naomi manages a rollup for a near fall but Nattie prevents her from making the tag yet again. She buries some knees in her gut in the corner and then hits a slingshot back suplex and basement dropkick but Naomi kicks out again. Naomi uses her quickness to finally tag in Nikki Bella and she goes nuts on Natalya with some quick offense. She gets the big second-rope kick out of the corner for a two count on Nattie but Carmella gives her a cheapshot from the apron. She gets tagged in but Nikki brings her in prematurely and goes for the TKO. However, Carm goes to the eyes. Nattie interrupts and gets forearmed in the face by Bella but once again Carmella manages to score a pinfall victory over Nikki... this time with a quick rollup.

WINNERS via PINFALL (Carmella over Bella): Carmella/Natalya (10:04)

Randy continues his search and sees a door marked "I AM A GOD," a fuse box marked "ONE WAY OUT, CHOOSE WISELY" and another door marked "PREDATOR OR PREY." Randy opens the first door to find a cutout of himself marked "PREY" and then opens the second door where Erick Rowan is quietly hiding in the shadows. Randy goes back to his first choice though just as Rowan starts to fiddle with the door handle.

Intercontinental Champion The Miz [w /Maryse] comes down to the ring for his Homecoming Celebration. Miz simply points to the big screen and a video is shown of Miz's evolution from his early beginnings to where he is now. He says "Cleveland, I'm home!" and actually gets a decent reaction. He talks about the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the championship to rally the crowd but then says he's disappointed with their reaction because he is the ONLY hero in Cleveland. He adds that this is Day 176 of the Miz's Intercontinental Title World Tour and then introduces his parents in the crowd. Miz then spots Dolph Ziggler's parents in the crowd and talks about them creating an elite-level loser, so that causes Dolph to quickly make his way out. He tells Miz not to talk to his parents or his family & friends because all he can do is cheat to beat him over and over again. Miz doesn't care because it's all the same in the record books and now all Dolph does is lose matches. He refers to Ziggler as the warm-up act who gets everyone excited but then just ends up being a loser. Miz adds that Dolph's family, friends and his city should be embarrassed of his career because he's done NOTHING lately. Miz says that Dolph was probably going to challenge him to one more match an quickly says no because he has nothing to do with him. He mocks Dolph's parents on the way out and almost makes it to the back... but Dolph stops him. He says that wrestling is ALL he has and loves and that things that people love don't always love you back. Dolph talks about people asking him about why he subjects himself to this every night despite his current trajectory and he can't stop - it's a sickness. Dolph then asks Miz to put that title up ONE MORE TIME and he'll put his CAREER ON THE LINE. Miz confirms that he's talking about his entire career and not just a move to RAW or NXT and Dolph re-affirms that he's putting his ENTIRE career on the line. Miz accepts the challenge for No Mercy.

Bray Wyatt issues another warning for Randy Orton.

Alexa Bliss jumps Becky Lynch during her entrance and smashes her face into the ramp a bunch of times. She yells about how she deserves the title and then walks off, leaving the Smackdown Women's Champion in a heap.

Curt Hawkins reads some more facts.

Bray Wyatt is disappointed because he thought Randy was worthy of his intellectual presence. He hoped for better but now he realizes that the Viper has no poison. He wonders out loud where Randy is... and suddenly Randy appears behind him wearing a sheep mask. He goes right after Bray with right hands and then puts the sheep mask on before sitting back down. We get a lot of weird dubbed-in laughing as Randy rocks around and then Bray is seen sitting down somewhere else.

AJ Styles tells Charly Caruso that he's beaten up John Cena and has beaten him as well. He says that everyone will see AJ beat Dean Ambrose again tonight.

John Cena joins the announce table for color commentary.

WWE World Title Match
AJ Styles (c) vs. Dean Ambrose

Ambrose is on offense quickly and takes AJ into the corner with huge chops to the chest. He rakes the champ's eyes against the top rope and manages to clothesline AJ to the outside. Dean quickly follows and rolls him onto the announce table for some ground & pound. We head to commercial as Dean rolls back into the ring.

We come back with Dean attempting to fight out of a chinlock. They knock each other down with a double clothesline but then Dean is quickly back up with a vicious lariat. AJ boots him but Dean catches him off the ropes and gets a swinging backbreaker for a two count. Ambrose flips over Styles when coming of the top rope but avoids the Calf Crusher and hooks the champ in a Texas Cloverleaf. AJ fights out but gets knocked to the outside and Dean quickly follows up with a tope suicida. Dean then heads up to the top rope and gets a hooking clothesline on Styles on the outside as well. We take another break.

Back from the break and Dean struggles to fight back as AJ continues to work over the challenger's leg. AJ locks in the Calf Crusher but Ambrose scratches and claws to make his way to the ropes but instead just rams AJ's head into the mat several times to break it. We get a slugfest with Dean trying the rebound lariat but they end up going through a set of reversals before Dean nails him with a wheelbarrow facebuster for a two count. Ambrose puts the champion on the top rope but AJ slips out with a pinfall attempt but only gets two. AJ slaps Ambrose around but he fights back with forearm shots and then avoids a charge causing AJ to go face-first into the corner. Styles gets crotched on the top rope and then clotheslined into the ring for a two count. AJ hits a Pele Kick but misses the springboard 450. Ambrose then heads up top and gets his big hooking clothesline again for another two count. AJ falls to the outside and then Dean goes for a cross-body but hurts his knee as he misses. Styles then knees him in the face and throws Ambrose into the ring before nailing Cena at ringside. He hops over Ambrose as he attempts the Phenomenal Forearm but Dean rolls him up. The ref is distracted with an angry John Cena though so AJ manages to kick out at two. Ambrose is furious and nails Cena at ringside but when he gets back in the ring, Styles cradles him and hooks the pants for the victory.

WINNER via PINFALL and STILL Champion: AJ Styles (21:16)

Cena gets in the ring and hits Ambrose AND Styles with the AA before posing with AJ's title belt.

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