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Welcome to another edition of Smackdown! Live right here on Wrestling News World!

This week should be interesting as Backlash will take place in five days. Will there be a few more matches added to the card? We'll find out what goes down tonight! Join us LIVE at 8pm/ET!

SMACKDOWN! LIVE (09.06.16)
LINCOLN, NE (Pinnacle Bank Arena)
Commentators: Mauro Ranallo, John "Bradshaw" Layfield, David Otunga
Written by Brendan Wahl

Daniel Bryan is in the ring with the Smackdown Women's Title on a podium covered in a black tarp. He mentions that the 6-pack match for the new Women's Title will be under elimination rules and will determine the first-ever champion at Backlash. Tonight, all 6 women will be in a 6-person tag team match but as for right now, they will all participate in a discussion forum. He first introduces Becky Lynch and then plugs "Total Bellas" to a chorus of boos before asking Becky about what it would mean to her to become the first-ever champion. Becky says it would mean everything and make the journey there worth it. She talks about how it will be the greatest night of her life and Nattie comes out for the interruption. She calls Becky boring and then says that the worst night of her career was the draft because she got stuck on the same roster as Becky. Alexa Bliss then comes down to call them both whiners and refers to Daniel as a "Bella trophy husband." Carmella is out next to introduce herself and talks about her handiwork as far as Nikki Bella is concerned. Carmella and Bliss get into it a bit but then Nattie gets involved and talks about being royalty. She thinks that Becky is trying to turn them against each other but Naomi and Nikki come out to even the playing field for Lynch. Nattie then smacks Nikki and a brawl breaks out but the heels quickly get tossed.

Dean Ambrose adds a bunch of sugar to some guy's coffee.

Intercontinental Champion The Miz [w /Maryse] interrupts a conference between Daniel and Shane and complains about having to face Ziggler at Backlash. Daniel threatens that he can just give up the title right now then so of course, the Miz leaves and heads out to the ring.

Dolph Ziggler joins the announce table for color commentary.

Non-Title Match
Apollo Crews vs. The Miz (Intercontinental Champion) [w /Maryse]

Miz grabs a headlock to start but Crews shoulderblocks him down quickly, thus showing off his power advantage. Miz then pushes Crews into the corner and doesn't give him a clean break. However, Crews throws him off a headlock attempt and nails him with a leg lariat to send the IC Champion bailing to the outside. Crews follows him out there and we take a break.

As we come back, Crews and Miz have a slugfest that results in a rollup from Crews for a two count. Miz fires back with a near fall of his own and then grabs a hold to slow things down. Crews breaks free and flips out of a sunset flip before nailing one of his own for a two count. Miz quickly boots him down before hitting a clothesline in the corner and then he heads up top. Crews catches him with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex though as both men are down now. Crews mounts his comeback but Miz fights out of a move and rolls to the outside. He gets in Dolph's face and slaps him and a miscommunication leads to Miz shoving Crews into Ziggler on the outside. He shoves Apollo into the ringpost and then hits the Skul-Crushing Finale for the win.

WINNER via PINFALL: The Miz (10:12)

Ziggler puts the IC Title in the middle of the ring and dares Miz to come in and get it but he sends Maryse in the ring to get the belt instead.

Renee Young is on the Talking Smack set and shows footage of AJ Styles being crotched last week on Smackdown! AJ then gets mad at her for showing the footage and threatens a worker.

A video is shown focusing on American Alpha.

The Usos talk about the semi-finals and say that they respect American Alpha but they run this division.

Bray Wyatt appears on the big screen and talks about predators and survival, alluding to Randy Orton and their match at Backlash. He says that history repeats itself and that Randy is no longer the predator but Bray has taken that role now and is a god.

Becky Lynch/Nikki Bella/Naomi vs. Alexa Bliss/Carmella/Natalya

Naomi and Bliss start things off with the former hitting her with a series of kicks and then a high one that puts Alexa down for a two count. Carmella is then tagged in and Naomi takes her down into a front facelock. Becky gets tagged in and backslides Carmella for two before getting a sunset flip for another near fall. Now, Nikki is tagged in but Carmella bails to the floor and we take a commercial break.

We come back with Becky getting offense on Carmella with a Bexploder suplex for a two count. Carm tosses her to the apron but Becky fights back... and gets dragged to the floor by Alexa and Nattie. Back in the ring, Carmella pounds on Becky non-stop for a two count. Nattie comes in with a two count on Becky as well before grabbing a sleeper hold. Now it's Alexa's turn and she gets a near all and then grabs a sleeper as well but Becky fights out quickly and gets a small package for a two count. Bliss kicks Lynch in the gut and then tags Nattie back in for a short dropkick to the back. Nattie cheapshots Nikki off the apron and slams Becky down for a two count. Becky gets another cradle for a two count but Nattie nails her for a two count of her own and goes right back to the sleeper. Becky fights out and gets a rollup but Nattie pulls her back in the heel corner. Bliss misses an elbow though and Nikki is tagged in. She gets a series of clotheslines on Bliss and gets a nice kick out of the corner for a near fall. Bliss comes back with a jawbreaker and then tags in Carmella, who gets caught in Nikki's finish for a two count as Alexa breaks it up. All six women brawl now and after Bliss knees Bella a few times, Carmella catches her with the Code of Silence for the submission victory.

WINNERS via SUBMISSION (Carmella over Nikki): Alexa Bliss/Carmella/Natalya (12:48)

Smackdown Tag Team Title Tournament - Semi-Finals
American Alpha vs. The Usos

We get handshakes but the Usos attack Alpha from behind and slam Jordan down immediately. However, Gable low-bridges an Uso and they nail the other one with Grand Amplitude for the immediate win.

WINNERS via PINFALL (Gable over Uso): American Alpha (:29)

The Usos go NUTS and turn heel on American Alpha with a vicious double-team attack and they proceed to take out Gable's left leg. Quite an unexpected turn of events here.

Randy Orton tells a story about a man and a snake going after a rabbit and says he'll be waiting patiently for Bray Wyatt and that Bray won't know what hit him.

Fandango says Tyler Breezee is ot here so he gets a random woman to "tango with Fandango." He admires her tattoos and gets Fandango's music to play while the girl dances. He's not happy with that though and he says her hips are full of lies. She says her hips are full of truth and he can't handle the truth. She leaves and Fandango wants someone else to come down instead... but he gets Kane, who comes in and chokeslams Fandango.

AJ Styles breaks some guy's cell phone and says he's carrying this company on his shoulders.

Smackdown Tag Team Title Tournament - Semi-Finals
The Hype Bros vs. Heath Slater/Rhyno

Slater starts with Ryder and takes him down with a shoulderblock. Next up is an atomic drop and clothesline and the crowd is very much behind Slater. Middle-rope dropkick by Ryder gets a two count and now Mojo is tagged in. He backdrops Heath and clotheslines him over the top before using Ryder for a wrecking ball dropkick. Rhyno gets taken down as well and we head to a break.

Mojo has Slater in a chinlock but he fights out with elbows... and then gets popped in the head. Mojo misses a charge in the corner and that allows Slater to tag in Rhyno. Ryder comes in too and is met with a spinebuster but Mojo breaks up the count at two. Slater low-bridges Mojo and then Ryder grabs a rollup on Slater but only gets a two count. He goes for the Broski Boot but Rhyno pulls Heath out of the way and then tags himself in. Rhyno gores Ryder and they're going to the finals!

WINNERS via PINFALL (Rhyno over Ryder): Heath Slater/Rhyno (7:02)

The Usos talk smack with Renee Young and pretty much complete the heel turn.

It's time for the Dean Ambrose/AJ Styles confrontation to end the show. Dean comes out first with WWE World Title in one hand and a duffle bag in the other and then AJ makes his entrance immediately afterwards. Charly Caruso moderates the segment but Ambrose tells her to head out because this whole thing could get dangerous (plus "AJ is nervous around beautiful women"). Dean gives AJ an old bowling trophy (a participation one) because that's the only trophy AJ will ever get from him. AJ responds that Dean has no idea who he's dealing with, which causes the champion to show footage of AJ getting crotched on the top rope last week. Dean says he was trying to give AJ a high-pitched voice to go with his "soccer mom" haircut but AJ says that this is no joke because his trophy is from John Cena... the last person he beat. AJ says he'll beat Dean at Backlash and dares him to treat the whole thing as a joke because Cena took him SERIOUSLY and Styles STILL beat him clean in the middle of the ring. Dean says that he's not John Cena and they are going to have a FIGHT and then reminds him that he beat him before and he's not wearing AJ's jockstrap on his head because he doesn't live in the past. Dean makes a crack about coming in 2nd place, which causes AJ to kick him low and then breaks the trophy over his knee.

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