WWE Smackdown Results 1/15/15 - YES! YES! YES! THURSDAY!


WWE Smackdown Results (1/15/15)
Thursday, January 15th, 2015
From Baton Rogue, LA
Report by Zack Krasney of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Hi everybody and welcome to this weeks Smackdown open thread! This is the first Smackdown back on Thursday Nights, I am honored to be covering it! As it so happens this is also the first Smackdown I am covering, I am very excited! This week's episode of Smackdown is sure to be great, WWE loves to put emphasis on their episodes when change is involved, so with Smackdown moving from Friday Nights to Thursdays, we are in for a treat. If nothing else we are going to see Daniel Bryan return to the ring and that in itself is very exciting! THURSDAY!

WWE Smackdown

Byron Saxton welcomes Daniel Bryan to the ring after Michael Coles welcomes us to THURSDAY Night Smackdown. The crowd is hot, the Yes! chants are loud. Daniel Bryan says he is in good spirits being back in front of the WWE Universe, not in jeans but in his ring gear. Byron shows us a recap of Kanes multi-tombstone beat down on Bryan last year that put him out of action. Bryan says he is taking things seriously, he knows how dangerous Kane is. He started Kane's rival, then partner. He reminds us that Team Hell No were tag team champions for 9 months. That Kane changed when he traded his mask for a suit. After that he had doctor after doctor telling him he won't wrestle again, but here he is. Tonight he fights Kane, and he wins. In 2 weeks he goes to the Royal Rumble, and he wins. Then he goes to Wrestlemania, and he wins! Yes chants flair up. Does he actually think he can do it? Do the fans actually think he can do it?! YES!! YES!! Triple H's music hits and out comes Hunter with Kane, Big Show, Seth Rollins, J & J security.


Daniel Bryan vs. Kane

Bryan starts of strong throwing right hands at Kane. Kane tries to take control but Bryan throws several reversals at him. Daniel seems fired up early on. Bryan starts work on the knee of Kane. Kane hits Bryan with a fierce uppercut to take control, then moves Daniel into the corner for a beat down. Kane hits a nice neckbreaker on Bryan. Then another. Pin but Bryan kicks out at 2. Kane puts a standing neck submission on Bryan. Bryan fights out but is greeted with a big boot. Kane hits a very old school DDT. Bryan gets put into another neck submission, this time in a sitting position. Bryan manages to fight out again, this time Bryan was ready for the boot and sends Kane to the outside. Bryan bounces off the ropes and hits a big dropkick through the ropes! Bryan goes for an attack over the top rope, but on his way down Kane hits a big uppercut.


Kane has Daniel Bryan in a chokehold, Bryan fights out but his offense doesn't last long. Irish whip into the corner, followed by a corner clothesline and a side slam by Kane. Vintage Kane! Kane moves Bryan to the opposite corner, and moves Bryan on top of the turnbuckles. Bryan knocks Kane down and hits a big cross body! Pin but 2. Bryan picks up the pace a bit, does his traditional run up the turnbuckles and flip. Kane on his knees gets the rapid Daniel Bryan kicks. Bryan moves Kane into the corner and more kicks. Bryan gets Kane into the Yes lock! But J and J come into the ring and hit Bryan for the DQ. Bryan fights of J and J and escapes the ring.

Winner by DQ: Daniel Bryan

Daniel starts to get pursued by the Authority but out comes Ambrose and Reigns to back Bryan! Triple H on the mic says it's going to be a six man tag match. Bryan, Reigns, and Ambrose vs. Big Show, Kane, and Seth Rollins. Triple H is going to end this rebellion because that's best for business.

Michael Cole welcome Byron Saxton to the announce team. They announce BNB vs. Sin Cara for the Intercontinental Championship tonight.


Michael Cole and King talk about the Hall of Fame and OHHH YEAHHHHHHHH we get the "Machoooo Man" Randy Savage Hall of Fame video that we saw from Monday again.


Bray Wyatt talks about society labeling him as a threat. That the poison that is Bray Wyatt will seep into the world. When he wins the Royal Rumble it will be too late, accept your fate...and follow the buzzards. BAHH!(I really don't know how to describe that noise)

Usos out, when I say Us! You say O! WAHHOOO!! Naomi joins them for a 6 person tag team match.


The Usos and Naomi vs. Miz, Mizdow and Alicia Fox

Miz and Alicia Fox make their way down to the ring with Mizdow in the rear. We get a reminder that Miz and Mizdow will take on the Usos for the Tag Team titles at the Royal Rumble. Then a recap of Naomi vs. Alicia fox with Naomi having a hand tied behind her back. Miz and Jimmy start things off. Miz gets a big blow, but then Jimmy returns the favor. Jimmy tags in Jay. Mizdow mock gets beat up in the corner of the ring. Jay knocks Miz out of the ring and tags Jimmy, Jimmy and Jay go over the ropes for Uso Crazy! Mizdow tags in, then Fox tags herself in immediate. Naomi is on her in a flash! Alicia flips Naomi over the top rope but Naomi hangs on and hits a big kick. Fox tags Miz in, so Jay comes in for his side. Miz takes control and starts stomping Jay in the corner. We want Mizdow chants starts, Miz goes for a tag but...he's just faking the crowd. Miz and Jay hit a double clothesline, and both are down (as is Mizdown on the side). Jay starts to take control and is feelin it! Uso chants in the corner. Jay goes for a pin but Alicia breaks it up for her team. Mizdown in to help Miz but gets a Superkick for his efforts. Miz from behind hits the SCF for the win.

Winners: Miz, Mizdown and Alicia Fox

Renee (with a new cute short haircut) asks Roman Reigns if he can trust his tag team partners with the Royal Rumble coming up. Reigns says Ambrose is his boy and he has no beef with Bryan. He does have beef with the Authority and Crybaby Big Show. If it were the Rumble the boys would be in a world of hurt but tonight is not the Rumble. Tonight is another chance to screw over the Authority.

We see Paul Heyman power-walking towards the ring.


Paul Heyman out the the ring. A recap of Raw's contract signing with Seth Rollins standing tall. Paul Heyman is out here for Brooock Lesnnnaaarrrr. Lesnar is scared for the first time in his career, Brock Lesnar conquers. Brock Lesnar conquered the Undertaker because he wanted to, he didn't have any ill will towards him, he just WANTED to. He conquered John Cena because he could, because he WANTED to. But now Brock Lesnar now is PISSED OFF, he has a purpose. He is going to the Royal Rumble to F5 the Future into the past. He is going to take Seth Rollins and---
Seth Rollins music hits and he is out to the ring with J and J. Heyman looks disgusted. Seth says he's sick and tired of people walking on eggshells, being afraid of Brock Lesnar. He's tired of people saying he hides behind The Authority and J and J. He's not afraid of Brock Lesnar. To Hell with it, Seth is cashing in TONIGHT! Right now! Let's do it! Heyman says that's a very interesting challenge, but they both know Brock Lesnar is not here. (duh, it's not a PPV) Seth says if he can't curb stomp Lesnar, he's gonna Curb Stomp Heyman. Heyman says it's so stereotypical, does it make it feel tough?! Seth responds not tough...smart. If he takes out Heyman tonight then he takes Lesnar's greatest asset. Seth gets reaaally close in Heymans face, standing on the turnbuckle so he is above him. If he takes out Heyman then Lesnar is all brawn and no brains. Why shouldn't he curb stomp Paul Heyman? Paul asks what makes Seth think the Authory might not lose power again? One way or another, by Vince McMahon's whims? Paul Heyman, since day one of returning to the WWE has gained power. Paul Heyman says Brock Lesnar can destroy what's in his way, or protect who Paul Heyman decides the future. Paul drops the mic and leaves the ring.


Nikki Bella vs. Natty Hart

Nikki is out with Brie and Natty is out with Kidd and Paige. Natty and Nikki lock up, Natty turns it into an arm hold, but Nikki quickly reverses. Paige cheers Natty on from the side as Nikki puts a hold on Natty from behind, but Natty fights out. Nikki goes for another hold, looks like an arm bar but Nikki doesn't have it locked in. Natty stands up and brings Nikki with her, with the arm bar still locked in. Impressive strength. Natty hits a drop kick on a sitting Nikki. Brie up on the side with the title to distract. On the other side of the ring Nikki gets blasted by Paige. The Bella magic backfired as Natty throw the Sharpshooter on Nikki. Nikki taps. Paige blows a kiss to Nikki.

Winner: Natty Hart

Renee welcomes Big Show. Big Show cuts her off and says he knocked out John Cena and Roman Reigns. He'll do it again tonight to 3 top stars, Reigns, Ambrose, and Bryan. Big Show says he's entering himself in the Royal Rumble. There isn't a man, there isn't a GROUP of men who can lift him and eliminate him (unlike every other year he lost?). He is interrupted by Kane who says in case Big Show hasn't heard, Kane has entered himself in the Royal Rumble, too.


Sin Cara vs. Bad New Barrett (c) for the Intercontinental Championship

Sin Cara out first followed by BNB. Barrett looks much leaner since returning. Guess we're not getting any bad news to start. Action starts quick with Sin Cara hitting some quick offense. Sin Cara goes over the ropes and then turns and hits a quick kick. Barrett quickly regains control and starts some heavy hitting offense. Sin Cara rolls out of a suplex and starts hitting more quick offense. Barrett hits a strong punch and it puts him back in control. Barrett hits the Winds of Change and plants Sin Cara. Barrett lines up for the Bull Hammer. Sin Cara reverses, picks up Barrett for a one armed power bomb! Sin Cara goes for a spring board attack but Barrett hits the Bull Hammer midair! 1-2-3!

Winner and still IC Champion: Bad News Barrett

Michael Cole and team push the WWE Network in the UK this coming Monday. They push the main event of Ambrose, Reigns, and Bryan vs. Big Show, Seth Rollins, and Kane.


Ambrose says when he was a kid he didn't play well with others. That'll help him in the Royal Rumble. He doesn't play well with others. As long as the ends justify the means. His partners tonight are his opponents at Royal Rumble, but they have one thing in common, they hate the Authority. No one tells him what to do, he just goes out there and does it.

6-Man Tag Team Match Seth Rollins, Big Show, and Kane vs. Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Daniel Bryan

Seth Rollins out with J and J, then Show, and finally Kane. Daniel Bryan is the first out for his team and the Yes Chants are hot! Ambrose is out next and the crowd is hot for Ambrose, too. Reigns out last, and the crowd sounds loud, but doesn't look hot, could be piped in reaction.


Ambrose and Rollins starting things out. Rollins takes Ambrose into the corner and hits some kicks. Ambrose flips the script and hits some right hands. Ambrose takes Rollins to the mat and hits an unstable elbow. Ambrose with a torso stomp and tags Reigns. Regins with an Irish whip and corner clothesline. Reigns with a big suplex to Rollins. Reigns starts work on Seth's shoulder. Rollins with a quick reversal and makes a quick tag to Kane. Reigns and Kane measure up. Kane gets a shoulder block on Reigns. Kane goes for a headlock on Reigns. Reigns picks up Kane and drops him, and gets him to break the hold. Reigns with a big flying clothesline and big shot to Kane. Reigns tags in Daniel Bryan! Bryan hits his corner kicks and the crowd chants Yes! with each kick. Bryan moves Kane to the other corner and hits some shots before Kane hits an uppercut. Bryan thrown to the outside. J and J with Show and Rollins come in like vultures, but Reigns and Ambrose are quick to back up Bryan. The teams collide and the faces end up in control. We go to commercial with Bryan leading a Yes! chant.


Bryan tags in Ambrose. Ambrose throws crazy slaps, punches, hits at Seth. They move into the corner, Ambrose goes for an Irish whip but is reversed. Ambrose ends up a tree of woe position. Big Show tagged in. Big Show holds Ambrose up by his knee and twists. Show plants Ambrose in his teams corner and tags Rollins back in. Big Show takes a cheap shot while Rollins lands some corner offense. Seth takes Ambrose into the middle of the ring and puts him in a headlock, before bringing him back to the corner and tagging Big Show again. Big Show with a BIG elbow. Pin but 2. Show trash talks Reigns. Big Show goes for a big chop in the corner, but Ambrose reverses and hits some chops of his own! Show reverse, and puts Ambrose back in the same position as earlier, holding him up by his knee and twisting. Big Show tags Kane. Kane lands some mat offense. Kane hits a suplex on Ambrose. Rollins is tagged in, Rollins trash talks Ambrose and gets a big slap in the face for it. Seth tags Kane in. Ambrose thrown against the ropes but vintage Ambrose bounces against the middle and hits a clothesline. Ambrose reaches for the hot tag but can't make it. Ambrose wants to make the tag but Big Show sweeps the leg. Ambrose manages to make his way over and Bryan gets tagged in! Bryan and Rollins go at it. Bryan in control, hits offense on Rollins, suicide dive over the top rope on Kane. Back in and keeps taking it to Seth Rollins! Pin but 2. Seth hits a soccer kick on Bryan. Kane tagged in. Kane goes for the pin but Reigns out of no where breaks it up! Kane hits a big kick. Daniel gets the Yes lock! But it's broken up! Ambrose comes in and it all starts breaking down. Ambrose jumps from the top turnbuckle to the outside, hitting a big elbow on Rollins and J and J on the ouside. Kane tries for the Tombstone but Bryan reverses and hits the running knee!

Winners: Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns.

Triple H's music hits. Triple H says congratulations to Daniel Bryan, but he feels his luck is running out. He feels that Kane deserves a rematch. Oh and if Daniel Bryan loses against Kane next week, Bryan loses his spot in the Royal Rumble.

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