WWE Smackdown Results (4/16/15) - Cesaro Dumps Natalya

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WWE Smackdown Results (4/16/15)
Thursday, April 16th, 2015
From O2 Arena in London, England
Report by Zack Krasney of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Hi all and welcome to Smackdown from across the pond! Happy day after tax day for us 'Mericans, hope everyone got a big tax refund and are celebrating with us! Or if you had to pay the IRS big money, then watch some Smackdown to make yourself feel better!

Smackdown Results

United States Champion John Cena starts us off on Smackdown this week! It's still nice to see Cena representing the United States Championship, and showing up on Smackdown and wrestling regularly. We see footage from Raw where we found out Rusev will fight Cena in a Russian Chain match. Cena thanks the crowd for making Raw so memorable. He says in a Russian chant match there are no pinfalls, tapouts, countouts or DQs. You are chained to your opponent, and you have to tag all 4 corners. It may not even be Cena at Extreme Rules because every week Cena will continue to issue the United States Open Challenge.

Tyson Kidd and Cesaro come out. Kidd says they aren't there to accept his challenge, they are there to say that they are they're the best champions in WWE. Fact. They don't come out and pander to the audience. Fact. That Cena came out and said London deserves a WrestleMania. Fact. That London does NOT deserve WrestleMania. Fact. There were some great chants on Raw. Fact. They particularly liked the Please Retire chant. Fact. It was just directed at the wrong person. Fact. They just wish they couldn't "See" Cena anymore. Everyone wants to see Tyson Kidd and Cesaro. Fact. Cena says that since no one wants to see him, and everyone wants to see them, why doesn't one of them step up and fight him right now!

Daniel Bryan comes out and says he heard some talk about the greatest champions in WWE today. Does everyone think it's Cesaro and Kidd? (Boos and No chants) Do you think John Cena is the greatest champion in WWE today? (Louder boos) Do you think I.... am the most handsome man in WWE? (Mixed reaction) If Cesaro and Kidd think they are the best champions in WWE, prove it tonight against the United States and Intercontinental Champion in a match. Kidd and Cesaro accept!

R-Truth vs. Bray Wyatt

Bray gets Truth in the corner but Truth fights out. Truth hits his spinning elbow on Bray and takes control early. Truth does some dancing to celebrate but Bray does his spider crawl to freak Truth out. Bray pops up and takes control. Bray goes to play Truth but Truth fights out. They both bounce around the ropes until Wyatt can hit his flying elbow/crossbody. Bray sets up the Sister Abigail and connects for the win.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

We see a repeat of Naomi's attack on Paige, we find out she has been advised not to compete until further notice by doctors. Michael Cole has an interview with Roman Reigns about the Big Show. Reigns says Big Show better keep on it, better not start sleeping. He can hit him, slam him, do whatever he can to him and Reigns is going to keep getting up. Punch him in his mouth. He's going to get up.

Miz is in the ring, he says Monday on Raw, Mizdow got lucky but it will never happen again. We all know Mizdow is nothing without the Miz. Miz MADE Mizdow, he MADE Summer Rae, he MADE Marine 4 a soon to be success.

Bad News Barrett cuts Miz off. Barrett says Miz is confused, we're not in his awful Hollywood, they're in LONDON! They didn't come to see an alleged movie star, they came to see the man who is going to end the Yes Movement at Extreme Rules, Bad News Barrett!

Bad News Barrett vs. Miz

Miz goes to do his arm flapping sunglasses removal, as he is handing his sunglasses off Barrett sets up the Bull Hammer. When Miz turns around he eats the Bull Hammer for the loss.

Winner: Bad News Barrett

Renee Young is backstage with Mizdow and Summer Rae. She asks him how it felt to beat Miz. Mizdow says that it's getting nicer outside, a little warmer with little birds flying around singing, sun is shining down...like a bright Summer...ray. Miz interrupts and says he wants Mizdow to know Raw was a fluke, he wants a rematch and he wants Mizdow to stop using the Miz brand. He is Sandow, so stop using his name, his attire, he music, his moves. Summer Rae says that everyone knows Mizdow does Miz better than Miz. Miz says he is the ...(Mizdow starts mocking Miz). Summer Rae whispers in Mizdow's ear. Mizdow says that she had a great idea, this Monday on Raw Miz and Mizdow have a match and the winner gets the Miz brand. Miz says no but Summer Rae teases him and he accepts. Miz says after he beats Mizdow he'll go back to obscurity and Summer Rae can go back to lingerie football, the helmet will be an improvement. Summer Rae slaps Miz.

Sheamus vs. Neville

Sheamus says who do we have here? The guy who gravity forgot. He thought he'd be taller, but he is just teeny tiny little man. Just like Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler. Where is he from? New Castle, England. Sheamus he is from Ireland, the REAL Ireland. Us Irishmen, we don't like you English bastards. So I REALLY don't like you.

Sheamus locks up and gets Neville in the corner with some force. Sheamus talks trash and slaps Neville. Neville comes at him but Sheamus gets the high knee. The move to the middle of the ring where Neville hits a kick to knock Sheamus down. More kicks from Neville to Sheamus' legs, he gets whipped by Sheamus into the corner but Neville grabs the ropes and flips backwards across the ring. Sheamus comes barreling in but Neville gets his feet up. He sends Sheamus outside and then flies over the top rope to take Sheamus out. Neville sets up for the Red Arrow, but Sheamus rolls out. Neville chases after him on the outside but Sheamus manages to catch Neville and slam him to the mats.

As we return Sheamus is in control with a headlock. Sheamus picks up Neville for a suplex and drops him mid-suplex. Sheamus hits the Irish Curse backbreaker. "Are you not entertained?!" screams Sheamus. Sheamus throws another headlock on, but Neville with a jawbreaker. He goes for an attack but eats a high elbow. Sheamus comes at Neville, but Neville sends him shoulder first into the steel post. Neville lands some big kicks and then a drop kick to a downed Sheamus. Neville with a standing shooting star press! Sheamus takes control and sets Neville up in the 10 beats of the Bodhron. After a few Neville fights out with elbows. Sheamus goes for a big boot but misses. Neville hits a missle drop kick! Neville gets Sheamus in the corner and hits a huge kick to the side of the head! Neville hit a huge spinning 450 splash and gets a 2 count! Neville goes for the Red Arrow but Sheamus knocks him down before he can hit it. Sheamus goes going for White Noise, but Neville fights out. Neville hits two enziguri kicks in a row and knocks Sheamus outside the ring. Sheamus catches Neville and picks him up only to drop him on the announce table.

Winner (by disqualification): Neville

After the match Sheamus picks Neville up and carries him into the ring on his shoulder. He slams him into the ring. Sheamus continues the beatdown in the ring with knee drop after knee drop. Dolph Ziggler runs in to make the save and Sheamus retreats. Ziggler grabs a mic and says Sheamus can run away that's fine. He knows why Sheamus doesn't like the English, they don't like him either. Neither do the Germans, the Hungarians, Dutch, Welsh, Millennial, Bronies! Hell not even the Irish. Because he is a bully and everyone hates bullies. So Ziggler is doing what you do to bullies, you stand up to them. Let's do this, right now! Sheamus says it's adorable, the little man has big words. Ziggler can kiss his arse. Ziggler says that's all Sheamus has got? Pretty weak. Sheamus says he doesn't mean that metaphorically, he means it literally. In 2 weeks at Extreme Rules, it's a Kiss Me Arse match. Ziggler says he doesn't care what kind of match it is, he is going to beat him, hit him, and stretch him so bad that he's going to make Sheamus kiss his own arse.

Los Matadores vs. New Day (Big E and Kofi)

New Day comes out to a negative reaction from the crowd. They say they're there to bring sunshine to foggy London. They clap so they don't snap. They're going to clap on! Clap on! Clap on!

Big E starts things out. Los Matadores gets put in the corner and Big E stomps him repeatedly. Tag to Kofi, Kofi gets a 2 count. Los Matedores gets a jaw breaker, but Kofi slides to the outside and trips Los Matadores on the way out, he goes for a move off the top rope but gets caught and planted. Los Matadores makes the tag, his partner comes off the top with a hammerdrop. Los Matadores in control of Kofi. Diego goes for a big move off the second rope and a pin but Big E breaks it up. Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise, but only a 2 count. Distraction from Xavier Woods. Diego goes for the Backstabber but Kofi holds onto the ropes and tags Big E. They hit their team finisher for the win.

Winners: New Day

We see footage of Fandango going back to his old gimmick and gets a face turn (I think). Backstage Fandango is with Rosa, Fandango is breaking up with Rosa. The Rosebuds walk by and Adam Rose says it's a shame because Rose see's Rosa for what she is. If she makes the right moves, she might be #1 in someone's life again.

Big Show comes out and says that on Raw, it was made painfully obvious to him that people from England suck. They don't appreciate him, he's the greatest giant in history. No one can stop him. No one in the world, not even Roman Reigns can stop him. He answers to no one. Well except the Authority, they say jump he says how high. Some people in the Authority think he is a threat. Big Show feels bad that he was in an automobile accident. We see footage from Raw. Roman Reigns is stubborn and got back up, so he did it again. Then he kneed him in the face. Finally he chokeslammed Reigns on top of the car. What did Roman Reigns do during the commercial break? He got up again! He was stumbling around like people in England looking for a toothbrush. Big Show says he asked the Authority for something and they gave it to him. At Extreme Rules it's going to be Big Show vs. Roman Reigns in a Last Man Standing Match. Respect! That!

Natalya vs. Alicia Fox vs. Cameron

Alicia Fox and Natty both go after Cameron. Natty goes to put Alicia in the sharpshooter, but Fox fight out. Cameron comes in for a roll up but it's a two count. Natty hits Cameron with a clothesline that Cameron falls down for WAY too early. Fox back in and hits an impressive hurricanrana like move. Natty gets back up and hits an impressive drop kcik to fox. Cameron pulls Natty out of the ring and throws her against the barrier. Fox hits a big boot to Cameron when she gets in the ring. Fox whips Cameron in the coern and goes for a big boot but Cameron moves. Cameron goes to the top but Natty grabs her foot, Cameron fights it but it's enough time for Fox to grab her on the top turnbuckle. Natty gets in and turns it into an Electric Chair/Superplex. Natty for the pin on Cameron but 2 count. Fox tries it also but 2. Natty goes for the pin on Fox but 2. Natty goes for the spinning clothesline but they botch it and end up slamming faces. Cameron back in but Natty goes for a German Suplex. Cameron reverses into a small package. They keep reversing each other with small packages for 2 counts. Cameron ends up in the Sharpshooter. Alicia comes in and tries to hit the scissor kick, but Natty moves. Fox gets the sharpshooter too. Cameron breaks it up, but Natty ends up throwing her out of the ring. Fox hits a big boot on Natty, and Cameron comes in and sends Alicia out of the ring and pins Natty.

Winner: Cameron

Adam Rose vs. Fandango

Rose gets Fandango into a headlock and then hits a shoulder take down. Fandango hits a dropkick and then clotheslines Rose to the outside. Fandango hits a press over the top rope. Rosa runs out and distracts Fandango. Rose hits a baseball slide. Rose gets Fandango in the corner and hits several mule kicks. Rosa up on the apron for a distraction, it allows Fandango to get the win. Rosa looks distraught and confused on the outside while Fandango dances on the announce table.

Winner: Fandango

DEEEEPPPPP-- Bray Wyatt cuts a promo on the screen. He says what happens when it all just fades away. Dedication can only take you so far, eventually you'll be left all alone with your own regret. You wanna hear a secret? You should be more careful, friend, because the reaper walks in the daylight. RUN!

Daniel Bryan and John Cena vs. Cesaro and Kidd

John Cena and Kidd are starting things off. Cena throws on a headlock and then hits shoulder block. Kidd tags Cesaro who locks up with Cena in a strength showdown. Cesaro takes the lead but Cena hits a kick to the gut. Cesaro hits a kick of his own and back Cena to the corner and tags Kidd. Kidd kicks Cena and tags Cesaro. Cesaro holds off Cena from getting a tag and tags Kid back in. Kidd hits an elbow to the head of Cena. Cena fights off Kidd and knocks Cesaro off the side, but Kidd hits a spinning dropkick to slow Cena back down. Kidd goes for a slingshot legdrop but Cena rolls out of the way. Cesaro runs in and pulls Cena away from Bryan, apparently a tag was made by Kidd. Cena almost makes it to Bryan, but Cesaro knocks Bryan down off the side. Cesaro picks up Cena and throws him across the ring with a gutwrench toss with his incredible strength. Cesaro puts Cena in a headlock as Cena reaches for the tag. Cena hits the backdrop on Cesaro. Cesaro goes for a tackle, but Cena sends him into the steel post. Kidd tries to attack Cena, but Cena sends him flying to the outside. Cena finger tips away but Kidd pulls Bryan off the side. Cena locks in the STF out of nowhere but Kidd breaks it up. Kidd tags in but runs into an AA. Kidd lands on his feet and hits a dropkick to the face of Cena. Kidd went for a cheap shot on Bryan, but Bryan saw it coming and hita shot of his own. Bryan makes the tag! Bryan lands shot after shto to the head of Kidd. Bryan fights of Cesaro and Kidd at the same time. He sends Kidd face first into the bottle turnbuckle and the lands some kicks to the chest. Super Hurricanrana from Bryan to Kidd. Bryan pumps himself up and kicks Tyson in the chest over and over, Cesaro runs in but gets a knocked down. Bryan hits both with kicks to the chest. Bryan lands his final kick to the head of Cesaro, but Kidd grabs Bryan for a roll-up. 2 count. Bryan rolls out of the pin and hits the final kick to Tyson's head. Natty up on the side for the distraction, Bryan asks her what she's doing. Kidd goes for the sneak attack, but Bryan ducks it and Kidd knocks Natty off the side. Cesaro catches Natty, in the ring Tyson gets caught in the Yes Lock! Cesaro literally drops Natty on the ground and runs in to make the save but ends up running into an AA. Kidd taps out!

Winners: John Cena and Daniel Bryan (Team Yes You Can't See Me!)

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