WWE Smackdown Results (5/7/15) - We All Know How These Things End, Dibs On The Table!

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WWE Smackdown Results (5/7/15)
Thursday, May 7th, 2015
From the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Report by Zack Krasney of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Hello everyone and welcome to this week's edition to WWE Smackdown! This Monday night we saw Dean Ambrose added to the WWE Championship match at Payback in two weeks! What will the lunatic fringe add to the mix? We will find out tonight!

WWE Smackdown Results

We start things off with a recap from Monday Night Raw where Dean Ambrose was added to the Payback WWE Championship match!

Jerry "The King" Lawler is in the ring. He says last week on the WWE Network, WWE held the King of the Ring tournament. It's no small accomplishment, it means you held your own in a multi-man tournament with almost no time between matches. It means if you won, you're pretty darn good. He brings out King Barrett. Jerry says from one king to another, but Barrett cuts him off and says there is only one king in WWE and it isn't Jerry. Barrett says Jerry only likes to call himself the king, but Barrett has earned it by winning the KOTR tournament. If Jerry thinks they're equals, he is mistaken. He has to say the same thing everyone else does when Barrett comes out, "All. Hail. King. Barrett." There aren't many castles in Memphis, and like the fake King, Elvis, the only throne Jerry is worthy of is the toilet. He again says that Jerry needs to say 4 words, All hail King Barrett. Jerry refuses. Barrett repeats himself, but Jerry declines again. Barrett says that the interview is over and looks like he's setting up for the Bull Hammer.
--Dolph Ziggler interrupts and says he isn't coming off like royality, but like a renaissance reject. He is about to drop him.

Dolph Ziggler vs. King Barrett

Barrett goes for the lock up but Ziggler comes with right hands. Barrett is able to knock down Ziggler and slam his head against the turnbuckle. Barrett with a suplex and a 2 count. Barrett goes for an irish whip but Ziggler reverses with a dropkick. Barrett roles out of the ring as we head to break.

As we return from break Ziggler fights out of the corner, but Barrett plants him. Barrett throws on a seated sleeper. Ziggler fights out and whips Barrett in the corner, but Barrett reverses, Ziggler goes up but Wade catches him and kicks him mid-air in the gut. 2 count by Barrett. Barrett knees Ziggler hard in the back twice and then puts him in a stretch. Ziggler fights out, and gets a jawbreaker in, but Barrett hits Winds of Change. Ziggler hits the Fameasser out of nowhere! Ziggler goes for the pin but Sheamus runs in and causes the DQ.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Sheamus and Barrett beat down Ziggler together, including hitting the Brogue kick. Neville runs in to make the save and clears out the heels!

Dolph Ziggler and Neville vs. King Barrett and Sheamus

We return from break and a match has started between Ziggler and Neville vs. Barrett and Sheamus. Sheamus is beating down Neville in the ring, but Neville fights back and tries to make a tag, but Sheamus knocks down Ziggler before it can happen and then hits the Irish Curse backbreaker. Barrett tags in and stomps Neville. Barrett hits some knees to the gut of Neville and then hits a backbreaker. Neville tries to make the tag but Barrett hits a big boot! Sheamus tags in and drops a knee on Neville. Sheamus throws a laying headlock on Neville. Neville squirms toward Ziggler but Sheamus isn't having it. Neville tries to land some blows but Sheamus shuts it down quickly with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Sheamus tries for 10 beats of the Bodhran, but Neville hits a stunner with the ropes. Sheamus tries to attack Neville but he sends Sheamus through the ropes into the steel post. Ziggler makes the hot tag and so does Barrett! Ziggler hits some quick offense including a splash in the corner and a jumping spike DDT. Ziggler goes for the Fameasser, but Barrett fights out, only to eat a Superkick. Sheamus tries to interfere but Ziggler sends him over the top rope and Neville goes flying after him. Barrett goes for the roll up and puts his feet on the ropes but Neville knocks them down. Ziggler hits the ZigZag off the distraction!

Winners: Dolph Ziggler and Neville

Renee Young is backstage with Dean Ambrose (Awww young love!) She asks him how he feels about his odds at Payback. Ambrose responds that they are better odds than before he pinned Seth Rollins on Raw, not really a math guy though, or a science guy, he's more of a hanging out under the bleachers guy. He's never been a fan of...what's it called, what people use to keep you down? Authority. They don't factor in chaos. At a fatal four way match, anyone can walk out champion. It should be interesting to see how the contract signing goes tonight, we all know how those things tend to go. He can promise no one is going to be happy to see him.

Luke Harper vs. Fandango

Harper mock Fandango dances and then hits a big boot on Fandango. Harper gets Fandango in the corner and hits a scoop suplex. Fandango hits a dropkick and then a spinning heel kick. Fandango in the corner hits a tornado DDT from the top! He goes to the top rope but Harper throws him down and then Harper with a superkick. Harper hits his spinning clothesline for the win!

Winner: Luke Harper

Erick Rowan's music hits and he makes his way down to the ring! Rowan enters the ring and stares down Harper, then attacks Fandango! Harper stares on as Rowan attacks. Rowan leaves the ring while Harper stares on in an almost curious way.

Lana is in the ring as we return. The crowd is chanting for Lana, she says thank you but please do not cheer for her because it angers Rusev. Rusev comes out to the ring looking very peeved. He angrily speaks to her in Russian and then tells her to go to the back. Lana walks away looking extremely sad, like a scolded puppy. Rusev says John Cena, your victories have been a fluke and miracle. *speaks Russian* Last Monday on Raw, Cena showed Sami Zayn mercy. Mercy is a sign of weakness. At Payback he will beat him, and make him say I Quit. This Monday Night Rusev promises to meet him face to face, eye to eye, and why he will make Cena say I Quit. The Russian flag drops and Rusev poses.

Renee Young is backstage with Roman Reigns. She says there are a lot of combustible elements at Payback. Roman Reigns says he has fought with Randy Orton since practically day one. Seth Rollins he hates. That leaves Dean Ambrose who he actually likes, because he sees him as a brother, but he knows that Dean will scratch and claw to get WWE Championship gold, but that's not going to be enough. Roman is going to punch some people in the mouth, and not just for fun this time, but to win the WWE Championship.

New Day vs. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro and Ryback

Ryback and Kofi start things off. Kofi hits one kick and gets very excited, Ryback chases after him but Kofi hits some more kicks. Kofi runs after Ryback but eats a big elbow. Ryback follows up with a shoulder block and tags in Tyson Kidd. Kofi tags Xavier Woods. Kidd puts a headlock in and gets blind tagged by Cesaro who blasts Woods when he isn't looking. Cesaro yells to Ryback "Hey big guy, watch this!" Cesaro picks up Woods for a suplex and holds Woods up in the air. Big E runs in to stop it, but Ryback stops him from breaking it up, Ryback then picks up Big E for a suplex and holds him in the air right next to Cesaro to match him. Kidd then hits a snap suplex and all three members of New Day hit the mat together. Cesaro puts Woods in his teams corner and tags Kidd, together they stomp him to the "New Day sucks" chant. Ryback tags in and does it too. Kidd tags in and tries to set Woods up for the Sharpshooter, but Woods slides outside the ring. Kidd hits a flip over the ropes. Cesaro hits a suicide dive to the outside on Kingston, and Ryback hits a shoulder block on Big E. Back in the ring Cesaro and Woods are going at it. Kidd gets distracted and it allows the tag to Big E. Big E gets a hold of Kidd and shoves him into the barricade, then the ring, then the barricade, then the ring. It looks painful.

Back from break Woods hits a tornado DDT on Kidd. Big E tags in, and hits a huuuge belly to belly suplex. As soon as Kidd gets up he hits a second. 2 count by Big E. Woods tags in, but Kidd is able to create some space. Kingston tags in and tries to knock Cesaro and Ryback down, but he only gets Cesaro and Kidd is able to make the tag to Ryback! Ryback in and hits a spinebuster on Kofi! Ryback sets up the Meathook, but Woods gets the distraction. Cesaro tags in and hits running European uppercuts over and over on Kofi. Cesaro goes for the Big Swing, but Big E breaks it up. Big E gets sent outside. Kidd tags in, stands on Cesaro's shoulders and gets a big elbow. 2 count broken up by Big E. Ryback clotheslines Big E out of the ring. Ryback sends Woods to the outside and Ryback goes after him.
Everyone is looking around for Bray Wyatt, but allows Big E to land a huge running clothesline to take out Ryback. Cesaro hits a really awesome tornado DDT from the barricade on Big E. Inside the ring Kofi rolls up Kidd and grabs the tights for the win.

Winners: New Day

Backstage Renee Young is with Randy Orton. She says Randy wasn't able to get the win at Extreme Rules, has he changed his strategy going into Payback? He says he doesn't lose sleep over strategy, he hits who is closest. He is going up against all 3 former members of The Shield. Randy says, he is just guessing, but he thinks after tonight one of them might not even make it to Payback.

Emma vs. Naomi

Emma is in the ring wearing a new deep red attire, with matching lipstick, she looks beautiful. Naomi makes her way to the ring with Tamina. Naomi and Tamina cut promos about people forgetting what they can do. Naomi delivered a good promo, Tamina's was ...flat. The bell rings and Naomi goes right after Emma, she gets a high knee and then slaps Emma in the head a few times. Naomi slams Emma's head into the corner and then stomped her several times. Emma came out of the corner strong and slammed Naomi's head into and returned the favor with the stomps. Emma followed it up with a dropkick. Naomi slammed Emma's head to the mat. Naomi gets on top of Emma and punched her over and over. Naomi hit a swinging neckbreaker and then flipped herself up. Naomi choked Emma on the ropes, twice. Naomi hit a standing dropkick on emma but only got a 2 count. Naomi put Emma in the corner, but Emma dodged a splash and rolled up Naomi but only got a 2. Naomi and Emma exchange 2 count pins. Naomi hit the Rear View for the win.

Winner: Naomi

After the match Emma is beat down by Naomi and Tamina. Tamina hit a superkick on Emma to end the beat down.

Renee is backstage with Seth Rollins. She asks him how he feels going into Payback. Seth says first of all it's not "the" championship it's HIS championship. Seth says he's the man who turns impossible into possible. Let's look back at WrestleMania, he beat Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar, shocking the world. Renee says that Kane said that Seth only got that WrestleMania moment because of Kane. Seth says Kane sounds desperate, Kane isn't wrestling for the championship at Payback, Kane just is jealous. Seth says his brain is his biggest weapon, always has been, the future is now.

Los Matadores vs. Lucha Dragons

Kalisto starts things off for his team. The teams shake hands before it starts. Kalisto whips Fernando around the ring and comes to a stop with a headlock. Sin Cara tags in and hits a Senton over the top rope. Sin Cara hits a hurricarana and puts a headlock on Fernando. Fernando tags out and Sin Cara gets hit in a tilt-a-whirl. Fernando tags back in, but Sin Cara hits a double cross body. Sin Cara puts Fernando in the corner, but he is flipped over the top rope. Torito tackles Sin Cara on the outside when the ref is distracted.

We return to both teams legal men making the tag. Kalisto turns things up a notch and hits quick offense. Kalisto with a hurricarana, then hits a springboard elbow. Sin Cara goes for a suicide dive, but botches it. Los Matadores goes for the roll up but only gets a 2 count. Sin Cara gets a roll up of his own and gets the win!

Winners: Lucha Dragons

After the match Diego pushes Torito down angrily, Fernando yells at Diego but Diego just seems angry and frustrated as we head to commercial break.

Kane is in the ring and says that as Director of Operations it's his job to make sure the fans are heard. He heard the fans when they said they wanted to see Seth Rollins defend his title against not one, not two, but three challengers at Payback. So let's bring out those challengers! Randy Orton!
--Randy makes his way down to the ring.
--Roman Reigns! Reigns makes his way through the crowd as usual.
--The Lunatic Fringe, Dean Ambrose! Ambrose also makes his way down to the ring.
--The WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins! Rollins and J&J come out, but Rollins doesn't come down to the ring.
Kane says at Payback---Dean cuts him off and wonders why Justin Bieber doesn't have to join them in the ring. Seth says Dean's sense of humor never appealed to him, but it was better than listening to Roman try and form sentences. If they have something they need to work out in the ring, then they can work it out. Roman says he has a sentence for Seth, Roman's going to sign the contract and then kick his ass. Randy says news flash Seth, we're all here for the same reason, they all want the championship Seth has. Dean asks if Seth is coming or if Dean has to drag him down there. Seth says Kane has the Authority to sign for the Champion so he will have Kane do that so he doesn't have to join them. Kane says that's true in theory, but he is trying to remember what it was Rollins said in his interview earlier tonight. That Kane was irrelevant...any way, if Seth was unable to sign the contract for himself he could, but seeing as he is here and looks healthy, Kane has to insist that Seth come into the ring and sign the contract. Seth sends Joey Mercury into the ring to get the contract and bring it to Seth on the outside. Seth says, good, good everyone's signed. Dean, or should he call him, low rent Roddy Piper. Seth says that is what Roman used to call him, anyway. There's Roman Reigns, which is good because he's much better at signing autographs than wrestling, that Ambrose used to say that Roman couldn't wrestle his way out of a wet paper bag. (Roman shoots a look at Ambrose) And Randy, it's no secret how Roman and Ambrose look at him. That he's spoiled, arrogant, lazy. That the only reason he's here is because of Randy's old man. Seth says he's just being honest, what's wrong with some honesty.

Seth gets in the ring and signs his name. Seth hands the contract to Kane and says "There you go Mr. Obsolete!" Kane says it is because of him that Seth is champion! Dean is clearing the ring behind Seth, and puts the table against the corner. Kane and Rollins look confused. Dean says, we all know how this is going to end, I call dibs on the table! Dean grabs Mercury and throws him at the table which surprisingly doesn't break! Things break down, Orton goes after Rollins, Roman goes after Kane, and Dean fights J&J security. Eventually everyone is fighting everyone. Reigns hits the Superman punch on Kane. Roman almost spears Ambrose by mistake after aiming for Rollins, but doesn't. Rollins knocks Reigns into Ambrose in the corner. Ambrose yells at Reigns and seems angry, Randy hits the RKO on Ambrose, but then Reigns hits the Superman Punch on Orton. Seth hits the flying knee on Reigns and then hits the superkick to Reigns who's on his knees. Seth Rollins stands tall to end the show.

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