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WWE Smackdown Results (6/4/15) - Kane Will Be There!

WWE Smackdown Results (6/4/15)
Thursday, June 4th, 2015
From the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.
Report by Zack Krasney of

Hello all you Smackdown fans out there and welcome! We are just coming off of Elimination Chamber, but no time to catch your breath because we have Money in the Bank in less than two weeks! So far we've seen at least 6 members announced for the Money in the Bank ladder match, and it sounds like more could be on the way, we might find out tonight! Join me in the comments during the show to discuss everything that's going down!

Seth Rollins music hits and Rollins comes out all by himself, no championship with him, and more surprisingly, no Authority. Seth grabs a chair from ringside and brings it into the ring with him. Seth says nearly a year ago to the day he took a chair and single handedly dismantled The Shield. "You sold out" chants. The question Rollins gets the most is "Why Seth, why use the chair to send a message to Reigns and Ambrose? Why destroy what you created?" Since day one his goal has been to be the best, not ONE OF the best, THE best. And he was getting sick and tired of sharing the spotlight with two chumps who were beneath him, and he was the only one with the guts to pull the trigger. He joined the Authority and they appointed him the future of the WWE, and he validated it by winning the Money in the Bank contract, all by himself. The best part is that he was only getting started. Shortly after the Royal Rumble he had a vision. To make history, to do the impossible, to beat Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar at the same time. It's one thing to come up with a plan like that, but to execute it flawlessly took guts and hearts. At WrestleMania he ripped Roman's dreams away and slayed the Beast all at the same time. now the Beast is off licking his wounds while Roman Reigns is living in Seth's shadow trying to recreate what Seth did the first time, but here's some news BROTHER the sequel is never as good as the original. So here Seth stands as the greatest WWE Champion of all time, with no championship around his waste. Which brings him to Dean Ambrose. Dean Ambrose wants so desperately for everyone to believe that stealing a belt makes him champion. Everyone knows who the rightful champion really is! Dean can play his games, he doesn't need a belt or anyone to validate how great he is. He appreciates everything the Authority has done for him, but he doesn't need J&J, Stephanie, Kane, Big Show, he doesn't NEED Triple H to destroy Dean Ambrose!--
Ambrose cuts Seth off, he is on the titantron with the WWE Championship. Ambrose says he heard his story about doing things all by himself, does he have a bad memory or is he just stupid. Ambrose says Rollins couldn't get through an airport without breaking down and asking for help with his bags, he has more clothes than a little rich girl. Ambrose is just as much a scumbag, but if there is one thing he can't stand it's a liar. Everyone knows that Ambrose BEAT Rollins at Elimination Chamber and is the rightful WWE Champion. He knows the Authority will send everything they can at Ambrose to get the title back. They'll do everything they can do to make sure the title doesn't slip through their hands, and Rollins knows it. That makes Seth sleep better, makes him soft, and weak. Ambrose has had to fight and claw to live in this world the Authority has created. He became STRONG. The thing about climbing to the top of the mountain is you can't be afraid to fall off, Ambrose has never been afraid to fall. At Money in the Bank Ambrose will prove again that he is the rightful WWE World Heavyweight Champion!

Prime Time Players vs. Lucha Dragons vs. The Ascension for the Tag Team Championship #1 Contender spot

Darren Young and Sin Cara start things off, Sin Cara gets behind young and takes him down, pin but nothing. Darren tries a pin but nothing. They lock up and Sin Cara gets a tag to Kalisto, and they hit a double kick. Darren Young with a big kick and a pin but kick at two. Young gets tagged by Victor who attacks Kalisto, and the n tags Connor. Connor gets a big kick by Kalisto sending him to the outside, Victor comes running in but gets sent through the ropes. Kalisto and Sin Cara hit a double suicide dive, and then lead the crowd in a Lucha chant as we head to break.

We return from break as The Ascension is hitting a double attack on Kalisto, Victor hits several big elbows and a 2 count. Connor tags in and hits a big leg dropw as Victor had him in a single leg boston crab. Victor tags back in and hits a chop and throws Kalisto into the corner, Kalisto reverses it and hits a big move off the top rope. Kalisto tries to make a tag but Connor knocks Sin Cara off the side. Connor tags in and he and Victor hit a double drop. Pinfall but Darren Young breaks it up. Connor holds Kalisto up for a suspended suplex but Kalisto hits some knees to get out of it, Kalisto gets tagged by Titus. Titus comes in and cleans house! Titus with a big splash and a slam on Victor. Kalisto breaks up the pin and Darren Young hits the gut check on him. Titus goes to work on Connor but it gets broken up. Titus and Young clean out the ring again, but Victor goes for a roll up on Titus but he kicks out and then hits the Pump Handle Slam for the win!

Winners and New #1 Contenders: Prime Time Players

Renee Young asks New Day how they feel about their chances at Money in the Bank. Xavier Woods says that their chances are as bright as a sunrise on a day. At Money in the Bank they will dispose of Prime Time Players and their greedy ways. Big E yells ALL THEY WANT IS THE MONEY. Kofi says they will send their hands in the air and lead the crowd in glorious claps and chants saying "New Day Rocks". Finally, Kofi Kingston will walk out of the Money in the Bank ladder match with the coveted Money in the Bank contract! Kane walks up and says there has been a change of plans, tonight Kofi will have a match against the new sensation, Neville. Have a pleasant day!

Ryback vs. Stardust

Ryback and Stardust lock up and Ryback takes Dust into the corner, but Stardust jumps out and slaps Ryback. Ryback follows up with shoulder block and another. Stardust goes to the second rope and jumps at Ryback, but he is caught, but Stardust reverses into a neckbreaker. Stardust with several stomps. Pinfall but 2. Stardust throws a headlock on the Big Guy. Ryback fights out and pushes Stardust into the corner, Stardust gets and elbow up and jumps from the middle rope at Ryback but gets caught and Ryback hits a spinebuster! Ryback hits the Meathook clothesline and Shellshocked for the win.

Winner: Ryback

Renee Young welcomes Paige on the top of the entrance ramp. Renee asks Paige how she's feeling after her Twin Magic loss. Paige says honestly it feels like it's never going to change. Paige says she's sick of it, acting like they're giving divas a chance! In reality they are holding the divas back. Ever since they came into the company they thought the spotlight would shine only on them. Their whole life is red carpets, TV shows, and what happens outside the ring. Paige focuses on what happens inside the ring. Paige has never been one to believe in the saying "if you can't beat em, join em." She believes that if you don't like the world you're living in, change it. She doesn't like the world she's living in, so she is going to have to change it.

Luke Harper is backstage and he says that he tried to fit into your world but was rejected. Because we don't look like you, act like you, or think like you. Rowan was with him, and say they're family. Luke says the reapers are knocking. Harper says knock, knock.

Kevin Owens makes his way out to the ring. Owens says he doesn't need Michael Cole to introduce him this week, because after what he did to John Cena everyone knows exactly who he is, the NXT champion, Kevin Owens. He is the guy who beat John Cena in his very first match in WWE. He is going to do the exact same thing at Money in the Bank. Everyone knows what he is about, except for John Cena. See Cena seems to think he is someone else. That he is some kid with a Cena shirt and hat that hangs on every word he says. Much like Owens own son, but he is 7 years old and doesn't know any better. Owens stood in the ring on Monday and listened to Cena go on and on and on, and he realized something, Cena is completely delusional. For years he thought it was an act, but he actually believes this nonsense. And it doesn't end there, you wanna talk about Cena being delusional? Cena says he isn't a real man. Owens can't let his son look up to someone like that. The fantasy, fairytale happy ending BS that he pumps to the crowd needs to end. Someone needs to end John Cena so that kids realize that fairy tales aren't real, and he'd be happy to be the one to do it. Owens is going to show the crowd what a real man looks like, so the NXT open challenge starts....well he's not wearing a watch, but the champ is here *said with heavy sarcasm*

WOO WOO WOO! Zack Ryder makes his way to the ring to accept the challenge.

Zack Ryder vs. Kevin Owens for the NXT Championship

Owens immediately goes on the attack and beats down Ryder. Ryder reverse a move from Owens and slams his head to the mat. Owens gets out of the ring an Ryder comes after him, but Owens attacks Ryder and rolls him back in. Ryder gets put in the corner but Ryder gets his knees up and sets up for the Broski kick, but Owens hits a super kick and then hits the Pop Up Powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Kevin Owens

After the match Owens continues the attack with the cannonball and another Pop Up Powerbomb. Owens does the "You Can't See Me" gesture and leaves with his title.

Renee Young is backstage with Sheamus. She says that Roman Reigns is considered the favorite to win Money in the Bank. Sheamus says did you see how he dismantled Randy Orton on Raw? He's going to do the same to Reigns tonight, then at MITB he is going to climb that ladder and win the Money in the Bank contract. What is it that Reigns says? Oh yeah...Believe that.

Neville vs. Kofi Kingston w/Xavier Woods and Big E

Kofi gets an early kick and uppercut in. He whips Neville into the corner who flips out then across the ring. He springboards into a crossbody and then flips onto Kofi and flips him across the ring. Kofi slides out of the ring and pulls Neville out too. Kofi back in the ring and distracts the ref so Big E can hit a clothesline. New Day claps as we head to break.

As we return from break Kofi is in control with a headlock. Neville tries to fight out but Kofi grabs the hair and hits an inverted suplex. Kofi literally b*tchslaps Neville. Neville gets up and hits Kofi then hits a spinning kick to the guy of Kofi. Neville to the middle rope and hits a missle dropkcik! Standing Moonsault to follow up! 2 count. Kofi trips Neville and sends him face first into the bottom turnbuckle. Kofi leaped at Neville in the corner but Neville caught him and hit a spinning DDT. Neville sets up for the Red Arrow but Big E pulled Kofi out of the ring. Neville turns around and hits a moonsault off the top to the floor below to take out Kofi and Big E. Neville rolls Kofi back in, as Neville is jumping back in Xavier woods tries to grab him but misses, Kofi tries for the roll up off the distraction but Neville reverses it. Woods hops up on the apron, Neville hits a forearm and rolls up Kofi for the 3 count!

Winner: Neville

Miz welcomes everyone to MizTV. Tonight his guest has been in the spotlight ever since her public break up, the Ravishing Heartbreaker, LANA! Miz shows us footage of Rusev and Lana breaking up. Miz says Lana and Rusev have known each other for a very long time. Personally he feels his apology was sincere. How can Lana leave him in his time of need. Miz claps like an idiot. He says she is good, she is real good, she has the crowd fooled because of her beauty but not Miz he is from Hollywood. She was just using Rusev, after he lost to John Cena and got hurt she dumped him, it's a smart business decision to be honest. Lana says it was not a business decision, she really did care for Rusev but his abusive behavior and words lead her to do what he did, and to be honest Miz's words are leaving him with two options, she leaves or he gets slapped. Miz says lets settle down, don't disrespect the money maker. He is trying to get her side of the story, and with every story there are TWO sides. He has a surprise guest, RUSEV! Rusev makes his way to the ring on crutches. Rusev says my dear Lana, don't look like this, he isn't hear to pick a fight. He is here as a broken man, he knows he's called her so many bad things. He has no excuse other than he was raised differently, it's like Lana's favorite song, don't know what you've got until it's gone. America has embraced her and America is about second chances. He begs her for one more chance, he begs her. Lana says she'll show him where to put his crutch. Rusev calls her a stupid woman cow! How can he do this to her?! Stupid woman!
-Dolph Ziggler's music hits and he makes his way to the ring. He walks in, puts his arm out for Lana and they leave together. Rusev shouts rude things at Lana the whole time.

Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns

These two guys lock up and bounce around the ring but no one can get the upper hand. Roman eventually gets control and plants Sheamus but he is showing weakness from his long night on Raw. Sheamus takes advantage with a high knee. Reigns rolls to the outside and Sheamus comes chasing after him but Sheamus eats a big clothesline from Reigns, but it seems to have taken it's toll on Reigns, too. Sheamus attacks Reigns and sends him into the side of the ring and then throws him over the announce table. We head to break.

As we return Sheamus is on Reigns. Reigns tries to fight out of the headlock but Sheamus throws him into the corner. Reigns gets a boot up but Sheamus gets Reigns in a rolling senton. Sheamus sets up for the 10 beats, but instead he hits several kidney shots. The ref pulls Sheamus away and it gives Reigns a chance to recover enough that when Sheamus returns Reigns can hit some elbows and then the guillotine on Sheamus. Reigns goes for the running high dropkick but Sheamus has it scouted and moves. Sheamus grabs Reigns arm and kicks Reigns in the side. Reigns gets pulled back in the ring and then shoved in the corner. Sheamus hits a big shoulder into the gut of Reigns. He goes for a running second, but Reigns moves and Sheamus goes shoulder first into the ring post. Reigns with a big clothesline in the ring, the puts Sheamus in the corner and hits 10 big corner clotheslines. Sheamus walks into the Samoan drop, but battles out of it before it connects. Reigns rolls out of the ring and Sheamus comes after him, but Reigns pulls Sheamus's feet out from underneath him, the Roman follows up with the high dropkick. Back in the ring Reigns hits the Samoan drop. Reigns sets up for the Superman punch but Kane's music hits and Kane comes out with J&J. Sheamus goes for a rollup but only gets 2. Irish curse backbreaker by Sheamus but only a 2. Reigns comes out of nowhere with the Superman Punch! Reigns goes for the Spear but Kane gets in the ring and hits the big boot. DQ!

Winner via DQ: Roman Reigns

Kane goes for the Chokeslam but Reigns fights out, but immediately Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick. Kane grabs Sheamus by the throat and hits the Chokeslam on him! Kane grabs a mic and says that the final member of the Money in the Bank Ladder Kane!

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