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WWE Smackdown Results (6/11/15) - Neville Looks Good With The Money In The Bank Contract

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WWE Smackdown Results (6/11/2015)
Thursday, June 11th, 2015
From the Cajundome in Lafayette, Louisiana.
Report by Zack Krasney of

Hey everyone and welcome to this week's Smackdown! We are down to our last show before Money in the Bank! Who will have the final word? Dean Ambrose still has the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, will Rollins get it back before Sunday? Join me in the comments to discuss tonight's show!

WWE Smackdown Results

Dean Ambrose kicks things off coming through the crowd in Louisiana, still rocking his Mardis Gras beads! Dean says its been a wacky week. It's amazing what you can see for some beads in New Orleans! There's something his friends in New Orleans taught him, let the good times roll! That's exactly what he did on Monday, he took his title and hit Bourbon street! He shows us some pictures from his instagram with the WWE Championship. He was at the casino and he saw an ad for Monday Night Raw so he bought a ticket and showed up on Raw! We see the replay of J and J security beating Seth Rollins. Dean says that stings, he hopes Seth is watching and he remembers what that feels like. To be abandoned by people he thought were his friends. If he has trouble remembering we're replay the whole things on Sunday after he beats him for the WWE Championship.

Seth Rollins comes out and says he's tired of this crap, Ambrose being crazy. He thinks he's different, but Ambrose is just like everyone else. At MITB Seth is taking his title back! Seth says let's stop wasting time, why don't you just give me that title back. Ambrose says he needs to chill, it was just supposed to be a gag, man. If he wants it that bad he can just have it. Ambrose lays the title down and says he can have. Seth goes to the ring and picks it up. Ambrose says he has to be honest, that's not the real title. Things got weird after Raw...he doesn't really remember where the real title is. To be honest it still feels like Tuesday to him. He is gonna go track down the real title and he'll see Seth on Sunday. Seth yells for him to get back here!

Kane comes out and tells Seth that he is, in fact, done with him. See on Monday he had the chance to pick any opponent he wanted, he picked J and J security and he failed. If that happens on Sunday he won't be champion anymore. He'll be on his own, just like tonight, Seth will be on his own against a MITB ladder match competitor, Dolph Ziggler!

Miz vs. Ryback

Miz flaps his arms and takes his sunglasses then slides out of the ring when he sees Ryback. He slides in and tries to roll up Ryback but he isn't strong enough, Ryback picks up and slams Miz's head to the mat. Ryback then puts Miz in a VERY long suspended suplex. 2 count pin. Miz rolls out, but Ryback is on the hunt. Miz trips Ryback face first into the table as we head to break.

As we return the Miz has Ryback in a headlock. Ryback stands up with Miz on his back and Ryback drops Miz right on his butt. Ryback hits some shoulder blocks and a scoop slam, 2 count. Ryback goes for a powerbomb but Miz chops the knee and locks in the Figure 4 leg lock. Ryback uses pure strength to break the hold and tries for the powerbomb again but Miz fights out and hits the DDT on a down Ryback. Miz tries for Skull Crushing Finale but Ryback fights it off and hits the spinebuster. Ryback goes for the Meathook but Miz rolls away. Ryback chases after him and rolls him back in the ring. Ryback goes for Shellshock, but Miz reverses it into SCF! Ryback kicks out at 2!! Miz seems frustrated and goes on the attack with kicks and punches. Miz looks like he's going for a Meathook of his own, but Ryback beats him to the punch and hits the original! Ryback follows up with Shellshocked and gets the win!

Winner: Ryback

Big Show comes out and says he'd be impressed but it's hard to impress him. He's a giant and he can do what he wants when he wants. That's why Sunday he's going to take his Intercontinental Championship. Ryback had his moment on Raw, hit Shellshocked, woohoo. Ryback may be hungry be he can't digest this, Big Show holds up his fist. The reality is the Big Guy is not match for the Big Show. Ryback says he wants to step into the ring, he won't only deal with the Big Guy, he has to deal with an arena full of ragin' cajuns. Big Show asks if that's what everyone wants?! He makes his way to the ring but then backs away and says, no he fights when he wants. Big Show says Sunday is his feeding time.

King Barrett vs. Jack Swagger

R-Truth is on commentary for this one. Swagger gets behind Barrett but Barrett hits some elbows and puts Swagger in the corner, Swagger fights out but eats an elbow. Truth on the outside grabs Barrett's king gear and puts it on. Swagger goes for a roll up but 2. Swagger gets knocked down. Barrett turns his attention back to Truth who is dancing in the King gear. Barrett comes out and then runs away, as Barrett is chasing him Swagger cuts him off with a huge clothesline. Swagger rolls Barrett in and hits the Swagger splash. Swagger goes for the ankle lock but Barrett reverses and then hits the Bull Hammer for the win.

Winner: King Barrett

Paige is walking backstage when Alicia Fox cuts her off and says hey no one speaks for her! The only change needed in the Divas division is Fox removing Paige from the title picture!

Lana is interviewed by Cole. She says maybe her intention at the beginning was different but we never know how things will turn out. Dolph is kind and respects her. They read books together and they talk about it, he listens to her. Rusev interrupts and says don't listen to Ziggler, he's been with tons of other girls, Rusev has only been with her. She needs to just submit to him and no oen else. Lana tells him it's over. Rusev yells at Michael Cole and says it's his fault for asking her all these questions! He tries to trash the set, but on crutches it doesn't go very well.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins walks out all on his own tonight. Rollins gets behind Ziggler and turns it into a headlock. Ziggler manages to reverse it into an arm twist behind the back. Rollins gets to the ropes to break the hold. Rollins kicks Ziggler in the gut and turns things into a headlock. Ziggler fights out but eats a shoulder block. Ziggler gets up and hits a hiptoss on Rollins who rolls out in frustration. Seth walks back in and Ziggler gets Rollins in the corner, but Rollins uses the ref to his advantage and gets a shot in on Ziggler. Ziggler turns an irish whip into a neckbreaker. Ziggler moves Seth to the corner but Rollins reverses things into an electric chair! 2 count. Rollins hits several knee drops then a clothesline. Seth locks in another headlock. Ziggler tries to fight out but Rollins turns it into a suplex and puts Ziggler right back to the headlock. Ziggler fights out again, this time clotheslining Rollins out of the ring. Ziggler throws Rollins into the barricade. Ziggler goes for a dropkick but Rollins catches it and turns it into a slingshot, which sends Ziggler into the time keeper area as we head to commercial.

We return from break and Seth Rollins is hitting a forearm in the corner on Ziggler. Rollins stomps Ziggler in the gut. Ziggler gets a burst of right hands but Rollins takes him down again fast. Rollins pulls the face of Ziggler and then hits him in the back of the head. Rollins locks in another headlock. Ziggler fights out and hits a jawbreaker. Rollins charges at Ziggler and but Ziggler gets an elbow up, Rollins charges again and Ziggler sends him to the outside. Rollins goes for a clothesline but misses, Ziggler hits 2 of his own. Rollins goes to the corner but Ziggler hits a splash on Rollins! Ziggler hits the jumping spike DDT! Only a 2 count though. Rollin tries to go for the corner powerbomb but Dolph turns it into a rollup. These two exchange multiple pin attempts but each keep reversing it until Dolph hits the Fameasser out of nowhere! Rollins kicks out at 2 though! Ziggler goes for the ZigZag but Rollins catches hi, Ziggler turns it into a Guillotine. Ziggler goes to the top rope and goes for a giant crossbody! Rollins catches him and rolls it through, and goes for the pinfall! Rollins gets the win but had a big handful of tights!

Winner: Seth Rollins

Alicia Fox vs. Paige

The girls lock up to start things off, Fox gets behind Paige. Paige gets Fox into the corner and hits some elbows to break the hold. Paige gets up on the second rope and kicks Fox in the head several times. Paige puts Fox in a submission focusing on Fox's back on the middle of the ring. Fox gets to the ropes to break the hold. Fox hits a kick to take control and the another big kick to the head of Paige. 2 count, Alicia locks in a headlock. Paige tries to fight out but Alicia slams her head down and puts the hold back on. Paige tries to fight out but again gets her head slammed down. Alicia uses her long legs to kick Paige in the head as she stands up. Fox goes to the top rope but Paige gets up and throws her down, using the top rope like a guillotine. Paige gets on the side and uses her body as a cannonball on Fox. Paige rolls Fox back in, Fox tries to hit the scissors kick but misses, Paige hits a big kick to the gut and then the face of Fox. Paige locks in the PTO and Fox taps out!

Winner: Paige

Renee Young is backstage looking adorable in a tight black top, with Prime Time Players. She says Sunday they face New Day. Titus cuts her off and says he already knows what she is going ask, are they ready? Titus says the Prime Time Players are going to beat New Day and come out as the new Tag Team Champions! Darren says he thought that they did that last summer, Titus says no that was YOUR coming out party, Darren nods and says oh yeah. Titus says they're going to change their clap to be better. Prime...Time Players. Prime...Time Players. They clap and dance with Renee.

Roman Reings, Neville and Randy Orton vs. Kane, Kofi Kingston, and Sheamus

Roman Reigns and Kofi Kingston start things off, Kofi grabs the arm of Reigns and twists it. Roman grabs Kofi's head and slams it down, then knees him in the face. Roman headbutts Kofi and tags Neville. Neville twists the arm of Kofi and slams it down. Kofi rolls out and punches Neville in the face. Neville goes to the corner and Kofi kicks him. Neville is whipped into the other corner but Neville reverses it into a crossbody. Sheamus is tagged in and Sheamus hammers away at Neville with big kicks. Neville makes the tag to Orton and Orton comes in and clotheslines Sheamus down. Orton stops the leg of Sheamus, then knees to the head of Sheamus. Sheamus manages to get a knee to the gut of Orton. He moves Orton to his corner, but Orton swings punches to keep away Kane and Kofi as we head to break.

As we return Sheamus has Orton in a headlock but Orton fight out and hits a back body drop! Orton tags Neville who slides under Sheamus and hits several quick kicks then knocks down Kane. He kicks Sheamus in the head and looks to go for Red Arrow, but Kane pulls him down onto his special area. Sheamus hits a couple knees on Neville then tosses him down off the top rope. Kane tags in. Kane stomps away at Neville. Kane hits an uppercut on Neville then whips him in the corner and follows up with a clothesline and a sidewalk slam. Kofi tags in and kicks Neville. Kofi throws a headlock on Neville. Neville fights out but eats a dropkick from Kofi. Kofi tags Sheamus. Sheamus hits the Irish Curse 3 times back to back on Neville. Sheamus throws a headlock on Neville. Neville fights out but Sheamus throws Neville in the corner, Neville side steps Sheamus and sends him into the steel post! Roman Reigns tags in and so does Kingston! Reigns clotheslines Kofi and then does it again and flips in. Big E and Woods come in but Reigns sends them flying. Reigns loads up the Superman Punch but Kane comes in and hits the chokeslam from hell, Orton in with an RKO on Kane, Sheamus with a Brogue Kick on Orton, Missile Drop kick by Neville to Sheamus, Trouble in Paradise on Neville, Superman Punch on Kofi. Roman goes for the pin but New Day breaks things up for the DQ. New Day hit their team finisher on Reigns.

Winner by DQ: Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, and Neville

Woods goes outside and gets a ladder. The help Kofi start to climb it but Ziggler comes out with his own ladder! He takes out all 3 members of the New Day! Neville get in the ring and moves the ladder, everyone else is outside fighting. Neville climbs to the top of the ladder and JUMPS OFF THE TOP OF THE LADDER INTO THE MASS OF GUYS! Neville moves the ladder back into place and climbs it. He removes the MITB briefcase and holds it up to close out the show.

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