WWE Smackdown Results 1/22/15 - The Boys are Back!


WWE Smackdown Results (1/22/15)
Thursday, January 22nd, 2015
Austin, Texas
Report by Zack Krasney of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Tonight on Smackdown we will see the return of Dolph Ziggler, Ryback, and Erick Rowan! Daniel Bryan will take on Kane, and if Bryan is defeated he is OUT of the Royal Rumble! What else is in store for us on this edition of Smackdown!?

WWE Smackdown

Daniel Bryan starts us off on Smackdown tonight. The Yes! chants are as strong as ever. The announce team welcomes us and reminds us there are only THREE days until the Royal Rumble! Daniel Bryan says he could talk about how important the No DQ match is tonight, that he'll do anything to stay in the Rumble match. He COULD talk about how since he forfeited the WWE title he has spent every minute thinking about how to get it back. He COULD talk about Sting...He could talk about how the Authority in power, out of power, flat out suck. He could but he won't, because Cena did something very important on Raw. And instead of talking, he knows some guys that might want to get something of their chest.

-Ryback's music hits- Ryback makes his way down to the ring.
-Erick Rowan's music hits- Rowan also makes his way down.
-Dolph Ziggler's music hits- The pop is STRONG for Ziggler, who also makes his way down.

Daniel Bryan welcomes back the three newly hired Superstars. Ryback says it sounds like we got a bunch of hungry people here in Austin, Texas! He says Daniel knows how bad it feels to sit at home and watch people doing what he loves to do. He could have given up, but this is his passion! His life! Thanks to John Cena, thanks to the man called Sting, thanks to the fans for reminding the world just how bad the Authority sucks. The Big Guy is back! Ryback hands off the mic to Rowan. Rowan takes off the sheep mask. He says being gone was sort of a blessing. See he had a lot of time to sit back and think. He, believe it or not, was a different person, he was naive. Somebody's puppet. But these last few weeks, he has seen himself in a new light. He knows, heck, we (holding the sheep mask) knows who he really is. He hands off the mic to Dolph (pop). Well you know him, he ate some stuffed crust pizza (good choice), watched Triple H's DVD. Daniel asks really? HELL NO! Right before he left he was so close to letting everyone know exactly what he already knew, he was the BEST. But the Authority cut that short. He would rather take the Authority's punishment every day for the rest of his life than sit at home and complain on a podcast (shots fired).

-Kane's music hit-

The Authority is out minus Triple H and Steph. Dolph Ziggler says he barely recognized Seth Rollins without his nose in the Authority's back side. Ziggler says that he has been waiting to get his hands on Rollins since he got the Authority back. Rollins says not tonight, he says this Sunday he will become WWE Champion. Kane says that Dolph is very disrespectful considering he just got his job back. He then reminds Daniel Bryan that he has a match against him tonight. Daniel Bryan says that Kane stands less of a chance again him than he did against Brock Lesnar last Monday. They show the clip of Lesnar handing it to Show and Kane. Big Show says nothing would make him feel better than to make all those guys go over the top rope at the Royal Rumble. Kane reminds Daniel they've known each other for a long time, he may have forgotten how sadistic he can be. He says that he knows Dolph is chomping at the bit for an Intercontinental Championship match, but as a new employee he goes to the back of the line. But he can fight the man that beat him for the title to qualify for the Royal Rumble. And that match is NOW.
-Bad News Barrett out to the ring-


Dolph Ziggler vs. Bad News Barrett if Ziggler wins he's in the Royal Rumble

BNB and Ziggler lock up, Barrett gets behind him and locks in a hold. Barrett moves things into the corner and hits some knees. Barrett moves things in the ring and hits some blows. Irish whip but a reversal and Dolph hits a dropkick. Dolph moves things to the corner, irish whip to the other corner but it's reversed. Barrett sends Ziggler shoulder first into the steel post. Things move to the outside as Barrett uses the ring as a weapon. Ziggler tries to take control, but Barrett snuffs out his offense. Things move back inside and Barrett continues to focus on Ziggler's shoulder. Barrett hits some offense directed at Ziggler's shoulder and then throws on a submission that focuses on the shoulder. Ziggler fights out, but BNB hits kick on the shoulder. Dolph hits the jumping DDT. Pin on BNB but kick out at 2!


Barrett is in control when we return. Barrett has Ziggler on top of the turn bucks and hits a big kick to the gut of Ziggler. Barrett puts another submission on Dolph's arm. Ziggler builds up some momentum. He ends up sending BNB through the ropes and into the ring post. Ziggler hits a big splash! Followed by a big jumping elbow. Pin, 2. Ziggler goes for the fam-asser but miss. He does, however, hit a big super kick! Goes for the Zigzag but missed, BNB hits a big back kick. He lines up for the Bull Hammer. He goes in but Ziggler hits a dropkick out of nowhere, and ZIGZAG! 1-2-3!

Winner: Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler is now in the Royal Rumble

We're shown a recap of Raw Reunion taking out the Ascension.


Renee with her cute short hair and a black dress with Roman Reigns. -We are shown footage from Raw with Big Show and the Legends, then Reigns making the save- Reigns says he doesn't know if she's heard, but Big Show is a giant. He says he knows because Show reminds him every chance he gets. You know who didn't have to remind everyone? ANDRE the Giant. He doesn't want Big Show's spot, he wants his own spot. That starts at the Royal Rumble. At the Rumble he doesn't have friends, it's 1 vs. All and you're looking at the one.

The announcers push the WWE Netowrk, 9.99 and all that jazz.

FEED ME MOOOORE. Ryback is out to the ring to a good pop! It is a Royal Rumble qualifying match.


Faaaandaaangoooo is shown backstage grabbing his number ball. He seems pleased, very pleased, and starts using his porno voice and making out with Rosa. Dean Ambrose sneaks in behind Fandango while he is ...busy. He switches his ball with Fandango's.

Ryback vs. Rusev

These heavyweights lock up and show off their strength. Ryback takes control with a shoulder block. Rusev rolls out early. Rusev back in and lands some heavy blows to take Ryback down. Rusev goes for a supplex, but Ryback stops and and hits a supplex of his own. Rusev rolls out again. USA chants begin. Ryback on Rusev quick and powers him into the corner and hits some big shoulders in the turnbuckles. Ryback takes Rusev out of the corner and goes for a big running clothesline, but Rusev hits a dropkick! Ryback rolls out.


Ryback on the mat and Rusev slides him over by the leg to the steel post. Rusev slams Ryback's leg against the post. Ryback tries at some offense, but Rusev hits a big scoop slam to Ryback. Rusev in complete control, stands dominate. Slaps to Rybacks head, but Ryback up and hits a side slam! Feed Me More chants start! Ryback starts building momentum. He hits a big running powerslam! Rusev tries to build up some offense, but Ryback reverses it and gets in another big drop. Ryback attempting a powerbomb but Rusev counters to an ALABAMA SLAM! Impressive!! Ryback kicks out at a 2 count. Both men exchange blows. USA chants start again. Ryback with a big belly to belly! Ryback to the top rope! Rusev runs and hits the ropes dropping Ryback. Rusev with a jumping superkick. Pin but only a 2 before Ryback kicks out. Rusev looking very frustrated. Rusev goes to set up the accolade, but Ryback stands up with Rusev on his back! Spinebuster by Ryback! Ryback in the corner setting up the Meat Hook Clothesline, but Rusev ducks and runs. Ryback follows him out and hits heavy blows on the outside. Referee counting! Ryback runs in at 9! Rusev can't make it in in time!

Winner: Ryback. Ryback has qualified for the Royal Rumble

Rusev blindsides Ryback from behind as his hand was being raised. Rusev hitting big stomps. Rusev goes for the big kick but MEAT HOOK! Ryback has Rusev up for the Shell Shock, but Rusev rolls out of it and runs up the ramp.


Naomi is in the ring, Somebody Call My Momma is playing and my first thought really was "Didn't they fire Brodus Clay?" Natty and Paige on commentary. Brie and Nikki out to the ring. Nikki and Brie have a backstage promo cut, Nikki looks dumb because she doesn't get a vampire joke. Naomi and Brie start fighting. Brie lands solid offense. Brie sends Naomi on the outside, then rolls her back in. Brie slams Naomi's head against the turnbuckles. Running bulldog by Brie. Naomi gets a clothesline, then another, and a big kick. She goes for another but Brie catches it and capitalizes. 1-2-3. Brie gets the win.

Winner: Brie Bella

Luke Harper backstage cuts a promo about the Royal Rumble. You can send in anyone you want, but don't send anyone you want back. Don't blink, because the monsters will get you. Are you scared yet? You should be.


Goldust and Stardust are shown backstage rolling the Royal Rumble balls. Stardust grabs his ball and seems...happy? Goldust says it's every man for himself, Stardust agrees. They hiss and bite at each other.

Erick Rowan in the ring. Also in the background is Eden who must be thinking "...that's my husband and brother in law, I'm so proud. Harper out to the ring

Erick Rowan vs. Luke Harper in a Royal Rumble Qualifying match

The big men go to blows quickly. Rowan takes it to Harper with some quick blows and suplexes. Rowan goes for a powerbomb, but Harper turns it into a Hurricarana(?)! Harper takes control, puts Rowan in the corner, but Rowan reverses and just flips Harper into the corner. Big spin kick by Rowan! 1, 2! Kickout. Rowan goes for a full nelson, but Harper fights out. Rowan goes for a big powerbomb, and hits it this time! Pin but kick out at 2. Rowan goes off the top rope! But Harper rolls out of the way! Big Clothesline! 1, 2, and 3.

Winner: Luke Harper. Erick Rowan does NOT qualify for the Royal Rumble.

Kane and Seth Rollins are backstage. Kane says it's a big night and he needs any advantage, he wants to borrow his security. Seth Rollins says he understands, J and J you know what to do.


Mizdown hands Miz a coffee. Miz asks Mizdow if this makes up for Monday night? Mizdow says he is sorry but the fans seemed to like it. Miz says they are never cheering for him. Miz says his coffee doesn't have enough froth and leaves. Usos walk up and say that the Royal Rumble is the only chance Mizdow might have to put his hands on Miz. It's every man for himself! This could be his chance to be a star! (Honestly I had forgotten what Sandow's voice sounded like, it took me off guard)

Daniel Bryan out to the ring! Yes! Yes! Yes!


Daniel Bryan vs. Kane in a No DQ match. If Bryan loses he is out of the Royal Rumble

Kane out to the ring with J and J security. Daniel Bryan starts with some quick right hands, but Kane hits a big uppercut. Daniel hits a running cross body. Daniel on the apron but is distracted by J and J. Kane takes advantage on the outside. Kane drops Bryan across the outside barrier. Kane goes and gets a Kendo stick. Big shot to Bryan. And another. He takes the butt of the stick and hits Bryan in the head with it. Kane rolls DB back into the ring. As Kane gets in Bryan hits a forearm and grabs the Kendo stick. Kane has a "oh crap" look on his face. Bryan hits Kane with the stick until Kane drops to his knees. Bryan with his traditional big chest kicks, and Kendo shot. Kick, Kendo, kick, kendo, kick, kendo! Bryan goes to the top for something big, but as he comes down gets hit with a big uppercut!


We're back and Bryan fights out of a side headlock. Kane hits a HUGE jumping DDT. Kane gets a steel chair slid to him. Big body shots from Kane with the steel chair. Kane positions the chair between 2 turnbuckles. Daniel Bryan mounts some offense, Bryan sends Kane over the top rope. Daniel hits a running dropkick through the ropes, he goes for a suicide dive but Kane hits a big right hand. Kane sends Bryan into the steel stairs. J and J clean off the announce table and lead Bryan over to it. Kane sets up for the Tombstone but Bryan pushes him off. Kane tries to go for the chokeslam but Bryan counters him into the steel ring post. Bryan hits a big suicide dive! J and J with the interference until Kane can take control again. Kane rolls Bryan in and goes to the top rope. Bryan catches the flying clothes line and puts Kane in the Yes lock! J and J in to break it up before Kane taps. Bryan puts J and J into the different corners and Bryan runs back and forth with big body shot on them until Kane catches him mid run with a chokeslam. Kane gets a chair but Bryan hits him with a low drop kick and sends Kane head first into the pre-set up steel chair in the corner! 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Daniel Bryan!

Bryan makes his way up the ramp but Big Show attacks him from behind. Big Show carries Bryan back into the ring J and J and Kane with Big Show attack Bryan. Here comes Ziggler, Ryback, and Rowan! The heels battle the faces, but more heels make their way out. Then come more faces! Everyone is battling each other it's pure choas! Speaking of which! Ambrose's music hits and he hits the ring! Then Reigns! Reigns goes right for Big Show. Double Superman punch on J and J. The rings is left with the main eventers staring each other down.

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