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WWE Smackdown Results (6/25/15) - We'll Do It Cincinnati Style

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WWE Smackdown Results (6/25/15)
Thursday, June 25th, 2015
From the Huntington Center in Toledo, Ohio.
Report by Zack Krasney of

Welcome everyone to this week's episode of Smackdown! Be sure to join me in the comments section below so we can talk about all the awesome and not so awesome things WWE brings to us this week!

WWE Smackdown Results

The show opens with a video package from Raw of the Seth Rollins/Brock Lesnar feud.

Seth Rollins, Kane, and Joey Mercury kick things off and make their way to the ring.

Rollins: Ladies and Gentlemen the Authority is back! Yeah we got the band back together, we took a trip to suplex city and we burned it to the ground. Look I know, it might have been a little uncomfortable for some of you. But change is a necessity in life, change is needed to evolve. Take me I'm a perfect example, a little over a year ago I was a member of a group called The Shield, and I made the change that was necessary, sure it wasn't popular, but look at me now I'm the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, I'm a proud member of The Authority. I'm surrounded by true brothers like Joey Mercury. Joey has supported me since day one, Joey Mercury is a genius ladies and gentlemen. Joey Mercury helped mastermind the beat down of the Beast on Raw, Joey i'm glad you're on my side. It's bittersweet, I know. We are in fact missing a member of our family, Jamie Noble was taken to the hospital on Monday Night, Noble suffered 3 broke ribs on Monday Night. Last night Joey and I spent all night in the hospital with Jamie, he is a champion! He has the heart of a warrior and make a full recovery. I'm here to tell you what we told him last night, tonight's Smackdown is dedicated to the courageous Jamie Noble. He would want us to celebrate! And no one has more to celebrate that this man, Kane! You were an integral part in taking down Brock Lesnar, you had such a great night. Monday before that you chokeslammed Ambrose to hell. Whether you're wearing a suit or a mask you showed everyone you're the devil's favorite demon!

Kane: Whether your name is Roman Reigns or Dean Ambrose, or Broooock Leeessnar. If you cross a united Authority there will be consequences. Speaking of which there seems to be a giant absence in the Authority tonight, our extended member the Big Show is missing due to these actions. *Video of Ryback and Big Show fighting backstage from Raw* At this time I ask Ryback to please join us.

Ryback makes his way to the ring and joins The Authority.

Kane: Ryback how do you explain your actions from this week's Raw.

Ryback: The Big Show didn't want to hear what I had to say, he wanted to see what I could do. And the Big Guy showed him.

Seth Rollins: You endangered countless innocent employees! You're the Intercontinental Champion, you think that's how a champion is supposed to act? You want to know how a champion is supposed to act? Maybe you should take lessons from yours truly.

Ryback: This is what a champion looks like *rips off shirt* Let me tell you there is a difference between a champion and a sell out. A champion stays and fights, a sellout runs and hides. A champion stands by them, every day. A sellout plays nice when the Beast Brock Lesnar comes to town. I wish Dean Ambrose had the Big Guys hand strength and had held on to that WWE Championship just a second longer at Money in the Bank so we could have had a REAL WWE Champion, instead of a pathetic, sellout, overly-protected child like yourself!

Kane: It's ok Seth, Ryback you'll have the chance to show everyone exactly how a champion is supposed to be when tonight you fight...ME!

Kane, Rollins, and Mercury walk away, but halfway up the ramp Seth turns around.

Seth: No you know what, cut the music! Cut it! I am sick of the lack of respect shown to me! I am the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Kane is gonna take care of you tonight Ryback. You mentioned Dean Ambrose like I have nothing to lose. I didn't beat him I annihilated him! But since he's still walking around, I wouldn't mind finishing him the job, so tonight I'm gonna take on Dean Ambrose 1 on 1. I am gonna show him, and the whole world, that not only is the Authority back, but the Authority always wins!

Dolph Ziggler and Lana are showed walking to the ring.

Dolph Ziggler w/ Lana vs. Sheamus

Sheamus lands an early kick to the gut and moves Ziggler to the corner and lands some serious blows. Sheamus whips Ziggler against the rope but Ziggler jumps behind Sheamus. Ziggler goes for the Superkick but Sheamus rolls out of the ring to dodge. Rusev comes from the back with a mic asking for Lana. He tells her top stop, stop all this and come back with me. I will kiss you the right way. Lana turns her back on him, and he starts yelling in Bulgarian. He yells he's done. Back in the ring Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick off the distraction but Ziggler avoids it. Ziggler goes for a roll up, 2 count. Sheamus picks up Ziggler and throws him onto the ropes and then knees him in the face, causing him to fall out of the ring as we head to break.

As we return from the break Sheamus has Ziggler in a seated headlock. Ziggler fights out but then gets caught into the Irish Curse backbreaker. Sheamus up on the top rope, but Ziggler runs up and plants Sheamus face first! Both men get up and throw right hands at each other. Dolph goes for the super kick but Sheamus catches it. Ziggler goes for the Fameasser, but Sheamus reverse that and puts Ziggler on his shoulders, but Ziggler turns it into a roll up. 2 count! Sheamus gets a high knee, but Ziggler hits the Superkick! Only 2 count. Ziggler gets the sleeper on Sheamus, but Sheamus uses the turnbuckles to knock off Ziggler. Ziggler is propped up on the top turnbuckle and Sheamus throws Ziggler onto the ropes, then follows up with a Brogue Kick while Ziggler is hanging! 3 count for the win.

Winner: Sheamus

Rusev is shown backstage walking. He asks a random guy if he likes Lana, before he can answer Rusev yells get out! Rusev starts shaking a cage when Summer Rae puts her hand on his shoulder and tells him Lana isn't worth it.

Alicia Fox w/The Bellas vs. Naomi w/Tamina

Alicia Fox throws on a headlock and then takes down Naomi. Alicia hits a drop kick that knocks Naomi to the ring apron. Naomi hits a kick from the outside then hits a hurricarana to take control. Naomi grabs a headlock and runs Fox headfirst into the turnbuckle. Naomi hits a scoop slam and follows it up with a leg drop. Naomi puts a headlock on Fox. Fox fights out and hits a tilt a whirl slam. Fox tackles Naomi through the ropes to the outside. Naomi tackles Fox into the ringside and then rolls her inside. Naomi starts talking trash to the Bellas, which gets the refs attention. As the ref is trying to separate them Tamina hits a superkick on Brie Bella, which causes Nikki Bella to tackle Tamina. Naomi grabs Nikki and shoves her into a Superkick from Tamina. Naomi goes to get back in the ring but Fox attacks her and hits a finishing move on Naomi for the win.

Winner: Alicia Fox

JoJo is backstage with New Day. She asks them about their loss at Money in the Bank.

Xavier Woods: Mojo Jojo no need to focus on this loss or that loss. No need to focus of any loss.
Kofi Kingston: You can't live a positive life with a negative mind. E give her a sermon of strength!
Big E: At Battleground! New Day will overcome ALL of our trials and tribulations! And regain what is ours! You see because--
Prime Time Players interrupt with their whistles
Titus: the only things that's positively clear is ...NEW.. DAY SUCKS. NEW... DAY SUCKS!
Woods: WE DO NOT SUCK!!!
Titus: Woah woah, calm down. We didn't come here to pick a fight. We came here to point out a dilemma.
Darren Young: There's two of us and three of you.
Titus: SO THE WAY I SEE IT!! At Battleground, one of the New Day is gonna have to sit on the sideline! One of you is the weak link! But I'm sure you guys can figure it out with the power of positivity!

Prime Time Players walk away as New Day yells at them. Woods says he looks like donkey from Shrek.

Bo Dallas walks up to New Day.
Bo: Guys guys please don't fight, you have the power of positivity! You guys inspire so many people! Including me! That's why I asked The Authority if I could team up with you guys to take on the Prime Time jerks and whoever else they can find. Together, New Day won't be cold, it will be bright and sunny with a 100% chance of victory. All you have to do is Bolieve!
Kofi: Yes, I like it, let's get him in on the claps.
Bo then completely botches the New Day claps.

Kane vs. Ryback

Before the match even starts Big Show attacks Ryback from behind, while he was at the top of the ramp. Big Show relentlessly attacked Ryback with kicks and throws him into all kinds of thing. Big Show picks up Ryback and throws him into the ring. Kane makes the ref ring the bell without getting a chance to ask Ryback if he's ready to compete.

Kane immediately goes for a pinfall attempt but Ryback kicks out at 2. Kane starts stomping on Ryback. Feed me more chants start. Kane goes for a right hand but Ryback is starting to fight out of it. Ryback gets Kane in the corner and starts the shoulder tackles in the corner. Kane reverse their spot and starts hammer the back of Ryback. Kane kicks Ryback in the head. Kane knocks Ryback into the corner and hits a shoulder tackle of his own. Kane goes to do a running corner tackle, but Ryback dodges and throws Kane shoulder first into the steel post. Ryback hits the spinbuster! Ryback hits the Meathook! Ryback signals for the Shellshocked, but Big Show causes a distraction. Kane grabs Ryback by the neck and goes for the Chokeslam, but Ryback reverse! Ryback gets Kane up for Shellshocked, but Big Show runs in and hits Ryback for the interference.

Winner by DQ: Ryback

Kane and Big Show team up and beat down Ryback. Ryback keeps fighting and manages to take down Big Show, but Kane breaks it up and the numbers take over. Big Show chokeslams Ryback and stands tall over Ryback. Ryback starts to stir so Big Show hits another chokeslam.

New Day and Bo Dallas vs. Prime Time Players and Lucha Dragons

Titus and Kofi start things off, Kofi locks a headlock in and punches Titus in the head. Titus just seems angry and picks up Kofi and throws him into the corner. He then smacks the chest of Kofi very hard, twice. Titus tags Darren Young and do a double shoulder tackle. Darren goes for a pinfall but gets 1. Kofi manages to push Darren to the corner and tags Dallas. Dallas hits a bunch of shots on Young. Young manages to get a big punch and an uppercut. Darren with a suplex, and a 2 count. Headlock take down by Darren. Dallas fights out and rolls out of the ring. New Day protects Dallas as the faces enter the ring. We head to break.

We return with Kofi and Sin Cara in the ring. Kofi springboards at Sin Cara but Cara hits a midair drop kick. Woods tags in as Cara is thrown to the outside. Kofi from inside the ring hits a baseball slide on Cara, who turns immediately into a Superkick from Woods. Woods get Cara back in the ring, in his team's corner and starts stomping away. Big E tags in and starts stomping in Woods place. Kofi tags in and starts stomping. Bo tags and starts stomping away. Woods tags in and stomps. Big E tags in and stomps. Kofi tags in and Big E launches Kofi into Cara. Bo tags in and headlocks Sin Cara and quickly tags Big E who grabs Cara and locks in a midsection stretch. Cara fights out and Big E takes him down and tags Kofi. Big E and Kofi team up for what looks like a superbomb, but Cara turns it into a super hurricarana. Sin Cara makes it to his side of the ring and tags Kalisto! Woods tags in for his team. Kalisto comes in with a huge crossbody and a spinning elbow. Kick to the head of Woods, then Kalisto hits the kiss the mat. Bo Dallas breaks up the pinfall, but Young runs in and hits the Gutcheck on Dallas. Big E runs in and clotheslines Young. Titus hits a spinbuster on Big E, Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise on Titus. Woods and Kalisto battle in the ring, Kalisto hits a big kick to Woods. Sin Cara jumps on the pile of guys on the outside! Kalisto hits a springboard 450 splash on Woods for the win!

Winners: Prime Time Players and Lucha Dragons

Backstage Dean Ambrose meets up with Roman Reigns.

Ambrose: Hey man I've been there, it's really ticking me off. He messed with me in the past, now he's messing with my boy. His creepy messages, his spooky rooms. He always hides in the shadows. Tries to get into your head. I mean show yourself. I say we search every hallway, every room until we find him tonight. We do it real nasty style, Cincinnati style, we get a 5 pound brick and a sock.

Roman: We're not even in Cincinnati, what are you talking about. Let me worry about Bray, he crossed the line. I'm gonna bust him up. You need to worry about The Authority tonight. They're running strong again. Seth has those boys in line again. I got your back tonight.

Dean leaves but Roman fights a picture in his locker of himself with his eyes and mouth cut out and the message "Anyone but you" is on it. Roman throws the picture down angrily.

We return from break and Roman is searching for Bray Wyatt. Roman bugs an employee backstage, and he rips the headphones off him when he doesn't know. Kane runs up and asks him what he's doing.
Kane: Ever since Bray Wyatt got in your head you've become reckless and a danger. Your behavior tonight has crossed the line and it won't be tolerated. I am ejecting you from the building. You think you can fly off the handle whenever you like? Under united Authority, that's not going to happen. As director of operations I won't let that happen! (To security) Gentlemen, escort Roman off the property.
Roman: When I find's on.
Roman then walked away and out of the building.

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins w/Kane and Mercury

Rollins gets behind Ambrose, but Ambrose twists the arm of Rollins. Rollins reverses and twists the arm of Ambrose. Ambrose shakes off Rollins, Rollins hits a shoulder block, then Ambrose hits an arm drag. Ambrose grabs the arm of Rollins while he's on the mat and twists it. Rollins kicks Ambrose and whips him, but Ambrose reverse the whip and then clotheslines Rollins out of the ring. We head to break.

As we return Rollins tackles the knee of Ambrose and then stomps the knee. Rollins splashes Ambrose when he stands up in the corner then rolls him away. Rollins locks in a modified Figure Four leg lock. Ambrose makes it to the ropes and Seth uses the full 4 count. Ambrose lands a few right hands but then Seth takes him down and attacks the knee again. Rollins moves Ambrose into the corner and elbows Ambrose in the face, then hits another splash. Rollins goes to the top rope but Ambrose pops up and knocks him down. Ambrose hits a super throw from the top rope. Ambrose blocks a right hand from Rollins and then hits jabs and chops on Rollins. Ambrose hits a running corner clothesline on Rollins. Ambrose goes for a pin but 2 count. Ambrose hits a reverse faceplant. Rollins tries to fight off Ambrose and put him in the corner. Ambrose goes to the top rope, but Rollins is able to throw him off. Rollins hits a superkick out of nowhere! Rollins to the top rop and hits a crossbody but Dean rolls through for a 2 count! Ambrose hits a swinging neckbreaker. Ambrose goes to the top rope but Kane is up on the side, Ambrose kicks him away and then jumps over a charging Rollins. Ambrose bounces off the ropes and hits the suicide dive on Kane. Rollins tries to do the same to Ambrose but gets blasted by a right hand before he can make it out of the ring. Ambrose goes to the top rope and hits and elbow drop on Rollins. Ambrose goes for the pin but Mercury is up on the side to distract the ref. Rollins rolls up Ambrose but only 2. Ambrose goes for Dirty Deeds, but Mercury is up again. Ambrose throws Rollins into Mercury and rolls up Seth but only a two count. Ambrose puts Rollins in the corner and hits the tornado DDT. 2 count. Ambrose with more jabs and chops. Ambrose goes for the rebound clothesline but Rollins catches him. Both guys struggle with each other toward the ropes, Dean throws Seth outside. Ambrose goes to the top rope and jumps onto all of the Authority. Back in the ring Rollins catches a quick kick to the side of the head of Ambrose, but Ambrose hits the rebound clothesline! Mercury starts to cause interference but Ambrose drags him in the ring and tries to hit Dirty Deeds but Rollins grabs him from behind and hits the Pedigree for the win.

Winner: Seth Rollins

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