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Smackdown Results (8/13/15) - Everyone Thinks Rollins Goes On and On and On and On

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WWE Smackdown Results (8/13/15)
Thursday, August 13th, 2015
From Moda Center in Portland, Oregon.
Report by Zack Krasney of

Hello everyone and welcome back to WrestlingNewsWorld's Smackdown Coverage, aka the Zackdown! We are coming toward the end of the road to SummerSlam! This week's Zackdown Question of the Week: If John Cena can't wrestle at SummerSlam, who would you like to see fill his spot?

WWE Smackdown Results

Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring to kick things off! We see footage from Raw of Randy Orton almost beating Seth Rollins, then Sheamus almost cashing in before Randy stopped him.

Seth- Look I just want to slow everyone down for a second. We need to take a moment to recognize what's happening before our very eyes. I know, we all live very faced paced lives, but if we don't soak up what's happening around us, we're taking life for granted. Something this special, doesn't come along every day, month or year. This is beyond generational, there aren't words to describe. Babe Ruth for instance, this would be like if Babe Ruth hit 1000 more homeruns. Or if Michael Jordan had won 20 more MVPs. This is on a level the Rolling Stones or Beatles couldn't put into words. This This is YOUR WWE World Heavyweight Champion, at the top of his game! Look at the last few weeks of my life. This last week I tamed the viper, I even escaped the cash in by Sheamus. A couple weeks back, the man gravity forgot, Neville, I brought him back to Earth. Let's not forget the icing on the cake, I broke John Cena's nose, I shattered it into a million pieces. On day your grandchildren, will ask you what was the greatest accomplishment in your life and you will tell them, I saw Seth Rollins in his prime. And the crazy thing is that there are still some people who refuse to believe the future is now. People like the aforementioned John Cena. Cena still doesn't get it. Let's look at what Cena had to say on Tough Enough. *We see footage of Cena saying he'd be back at SummerSlam*. So there you have it, John Cena has accepted my challenge and will face me at SummerSlam, title for title, winner take all. But he accepted my challenge on Tough Enough? In fact he had to have Daniel Bryan do it for him. If he is half the man he thinks he is, I have one more challenge for him. I challenge, no I DARE him to show up at Raw and accept my challenge face to face. At Summerslam John will find out what everyone has. Dean Ambrose FAILED, Brock Lesnar FAILED, Randy Orton FAILED---

Neville's music cuts Rollins off.

Seth- Woah woah woah is there a cat stuck in a tree or an old lady that needs help crossing the street. Nobody rang for a superhero Neville.

Neville- No one called for a superhero, but apparently it takes one to shut you up. Seth, I have been sitting back there listening to the list of all your achievements. I'm disappointed in all the detail you decided to leave out. When you broke Cena's nose, he still beat you. If it wasn't for Randy Orton our new WWE Champion would be Sheamus. Or best of all when I hit my Red Arrow, you couldn't kick out!

Seth- Clearly I had you pegged wrong, you're not a superhero you're more like a mousekeeter. You had the chance to shut me up and, oh yeah, you failed. So twist yourself around, find your little cap and get the hell out of my ring.

Neville- Yeah yeah yeah yeah, we've heard you Seth, in fact we all know you love to go on and on and on and on and on and on and on.

Cesaro's music hits and he comes out with a mic as well.

Cesaro- Hey Seth, Neville is right you just go on and on and on and on. See the WWE Universe knows, you go on and on and on and on. Especially the Cesaro section is sick---

Cesaro gets BLASTED from behind by Kevin Owens. Owens throws Cesaro into the steel stairs and laughs. Meanwhile in the ring Seth used the distraction to attack Neville and hit the corner powerbomb.

Charlotte w/ Becky Lynch vs. Naomi w/ Team BAD

Charlotte Woo's in the face of Naomi but she gets a big smack for it. Naomi kicks Charlotte in the gut but Charlotte takes down Noami. Naomi gets a knee to the gut and a smack in the face, then she rolls out of the ring. Charlotte goes to the side and tries to grab the hair of Naomi but gets her feet swept out from under her. She gets blasted on the outside as we head to break.

We return and Naomi has Charlotte in a headlock, Charlotte tries to fight out but Naomi hits her over and over in the face with forearms. Naomi does a crotch first tackle to the face of Charlotte. Naomi throws on another submission on the head of Charlotte. Charlotte fights out but gets her hair pulled and Naomi hits a bulldog into the turnbuckle. Naomi kicks Charlotte in the side and follows up with a standing dropkick. Naomi hits a splits leg drop. Naomi locks in a headlock. Charlotte tries to fight out but gets caught in another bulldog, but reverses! Naomi manages to get a kick the face. Charlotte back up gets in some chops and a spear! 2 count! Charlotte runs at Naomi in the corner, but Naomi gets her feet up. Naomi runs at Charlotte who flips her over the ropes and Team BAD catches her. Charlotte goes out and rolls Naomi back in and locks in the figure 8 for the win!

Winner: Charlotte

We get the "you'd be stupid to give us $55 dollars for our product!" signs from the announcers.

We see Stephen Amell's storyline with Neville, Barrett, and Stardust from Raw. I'm not saying I called it, but Stephen Amell looked damn good on Raw.

We see a replay of Ryback returning on Raw and clotheslining the shoe off Miz.

Ryback is in the ring with a mic

Ryback- The Big Guy is back, I feel better than ever! A few months ago at Elimination Chamber I won this Intercontinental Championship. It was the proudest moment of my career, all the hardwork, dedication, blood, sweat and tears made it worth it. Just when things were headed my way, this happened. *They show a picture of the staph infection in his knee* That is a staph infection and quite frankly it can be deadly. It took me off my feet but it made a mistake, it didn't finish it. You know what I did, I pulled myself back up I Meathooked it, I shellshocked it, and I trailblazed my ass right to Portland! While I was home I saw a lot of people say the IC title is cursed. I listened to Miz and Big Show say the title should be stripped off me. Through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram I got all your well wishes and it motivated me to push forward. I'm back and hungrier than ever! At SummerSlam I am going to defend what is rightfully mine! Miz and Big Show, you better wake up! At SummerSlam it's feeding time!

DEH!! Portland...we're here!

Roman Reigns vs. Luke Harper

Harper- They try and tell you all human beings are inherently evil, something has to happen. When it does, it flips like a switch. But me, I'm a little different. I was born holding the devil's hand, what's your excuse.

Bray- He once was blind but I gave him sight. Hahaha. Tonight Roman, I'm afraid his eyes are set on you, but at SummerSlam it will be family vs. family. I will bring my brother, make sure you bring your lunatic. This is a moment we have been waiting for since---

Dean Ambrose's music cuts him off.

Ambrose- Eh I don't really have anything to say, I just want to watch Roman Reigns do what we do. Talk with our fists.

Roman starts things with some strong right hands and backs Harper into the corner. Harper gets whipped against the corner and Roman hits a flying clothesline and sends Harper to the outside. Bray pulls Harper to the side as we head to break.

As we return Harper is laying into Reigns. Reigns fights back with an uppercut and a Samoan drop! Harper fights back with some rights of his own and then hits an impressive slam! Harper presses his foot against the head of Reigns. Harper hits an uppercut and then a spring into the ropes. Harper locks in a headlock. Harper goes for a big boot in the corner, but Reigns moves and Harper's leg gets caught. Roman battles off Harper and when Harper comes charging Reigns sends him into the steel post! Reigns and Harper exchange bombs until Harper hits a kick to the gut and the Reigns hits a clothesline. Reigns whips Harper in the corner and hits a big clothesline in the corner. Reigns bounces off the corner looking for a spear but Harper hits a dropkick! Reigns rolls out and Harper chases. Harper drops Reigns on the side of the apron, but Reigns fights back and hits the drive-by! Reigns and Ambrose stare down an approaching Wyatt. Wyatt backs off as Reigns gets back in the ring. As Ambrose walks away Bray hops up on the apron to distract Reigns. Ambrose runs over and tackles Wyatt, as Reigns picks up Harper. Harper tries to fight out with elbows but gets hit with the Samoan drop anyway! Outside Ambrose and Wyatt are fighting and Wyatt takes out Ambrose. Harper and Reigns exchange bombs again. Reigns takes control and starts hammering away but the ref tries to pull him off, while the ref has Reigns, Harper hits a superkick on Reigns but only gets a 2 count! Harper sets up for the powerbomb but Reigns flips him and hits the Superman punch! Bray Wyatt runs in and breaks up the count for the DQ! Ambrose runs in makes the save. Ambrose sends Wyatt and Harper to the outside and hits the suicide dive on both! Wyatt sends Ambrose headfirst into the announce table. Wyatt and Harper double team him but Roman Reigns comes flying out of nowhere with a clothesline. Ambrose and Reigns send Wyatt and Harper out into the crowd. Shield 2.0 stand tall in the ring.

Winner: Roman Reigns by DQ

Backstage interviewer is with Sheamus. He says Randy Orton almost beat Seth Rollins, then Sheamus attempted to cash in, before Orton broke it up.

Sheamus- I'm in no mood for your questions. The WWE Universe is tired of the same old things. Rollins saying how tough he is, Orton hitting RKOs out of no where. They deserve to be entertained. On Monday I was going to give them what they wanted. A brighter future, a worthy champion, but Randy Orton ruined my moment. As World Champion I was going to usher in a new era of real men, of warrior. Orton knew he couldn't survive in the era. So Orton stopped it, like some sort of Terminator. Is that it Orton, you want to be Terminator?! Well, I'll be back. I'll Brogue kick through your chest until you're reduced to dust and erase your existence! Then it will be just me and Seth Rollins. A brighter future is just a Brogue Kick away...

New Day vs. Prime Time Players

Titus and Woods start this match up and Titus gets the better of Woods right off the bat. Titus picks up Woods who manages to slide away and make a tag to Big E. Big E gets a good shot in on Titus and starts to clap. E runs against the ropes but eats a shoulder from Titus. Titus hits another shoulder. Titus picks up Big E and throws him like a rag doll. O'Neil hits a splash in the corner and then runs after E but gets sent to the outside. Kofi Kingston who isn't in the match, hits a kick on Titus on the outside. Big E tags Xavier then rolls Tits in. Woods and Big E do their stomp swapping 6 times then do a running dropkick in the corner. We head to break.

As we return Big E has Titus in an abdominal stretch. He puts Titus in the corner and hits a running shoulder to the gut. Titus comes out of the corner and hits a clothesline with force. Titus makes the hot tag and so does Woods. Young blasts Woods with some jabs and a high knee. Young hits a spinning punch then goes to the apron and hits a back body drop on the side. Kofi comes running but Young flips him. Back in the ring Woods hits a cheap shot and tries for a tornado DDT, but Young reverse it. Young goes for the Gutcheck but Big E pulls him down and New Day starts to walk away. Luncha Dragons and Los Matadores block their path. PTP blasts Kofi and Big E from behind. Woods looks scared to be surrounded. He begs for mercy, but gets rolled back in the ring and Young hits the Gut Check for the win!

Winners: Prime Time Players

We see a recap of the Brock Lesnar/Undertaker feud.

Neville and Cesaro vs. Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens

Cesaro and Rollins start things off and Cesaro goes right after him. Rollins goes for a crossbody and gets caught. Cesaro hits a LOOOONG held suplex. Owens tries to run in but Neville runs in for the save before Owens can break things up. Cesaro finally plants Rollins and Neville follows up with a standing shooting star press.

As we return form break Owens has a headlock on Neville. Neville tries to fight out but Owens hits him with a fierce DDT! Owens hammers away at Neville and tags Rollins. Rollins hits a slam and then follows with a jumping knee drop. Rollins tries a headlock but Neville hits a jawbreaker. Neville tries for the tag but Rollins throws Neville hard into the corner and tags Owens. Owens hits a clothesline on Neville, 2 count. Owens puts a headlock in but Neville fights out. Owens throws him in the corner but Neville gets a foot up. Rollins comes running in but Neville throws Rollins over the top. Rollins pulls Cesaro down from the side before he can make the tag! Owens hits a cannonball on Neville. Owens gets a 2 count pin before Cesaro breaks it up! Owens throws Cesaro out of the ring. Owens hits a clothesline and goes for the back splash but Neville moves! Rollins tags in and stops Neville from making the tag. Rollins whips Neville into the corner but Neville flips himself up and backflips to his corner to make the tag! Cesaro comes in and tosses Rollins and hits a boot on Owens. Cesaro throws Rollins into the corner and hits a running Uppercut 6 times! Cesaro picks up Rollins in a gorilla press and throws him at Owens. Owens doesn't even try to catch him, he just moves. Owens picks up Seth but Cesaro comes flying for a suicide dive, Owenes leaves Rollins to his fate but moves himself out of the way. Neville comes flying over the top rope and takes out Owens! "This is awesome" chants. Rollins standing near the announce table, but Cesaro comes sprinting out of nowhere and hits a huge uppercut! Cesaro rolls Rollins in and goes to the top rope! Cesaro hits a HUGE crossbody and gets a 2 count pin. Kevin runs in and tries to attack but Cesaro throws him through the ropes out of the ring. Cesaro turns around into a spinning kick from Rollins. Rollins hits the corner clotheline. Rollins tries for the Pedigree but it gets reversed, and then Rollins reverses that into a pin, which Cesaro reverses into the sharpshooter! Owens runs in but gets caught and set up for the swing, but Rollin rolls up Cesaro and grabs the tights for the win!

Winners: Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens

After the match Owens immediately continues to attack Cesaro. Cesaro manages to break free and starts hammering away at Owens! Cesaro grabs Owens in the Reverse Torture Rack and slams him down. Neville is on the top rope and hits the Red Arrow!

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