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WWE Smackdown Results (1/29/15)- Kane Goes Home or Thursday Night Raw?

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WWE Smackdown Results 1/29/15
Thursday, January 29th, 2015
from the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut
Report by Zack Krasney of

Hello everyone and welcome to the first ever Thursday Night Raw! Alright, it's still Smackdown but we're going live! Making up for the lack of Raw this week due to the blizzard in the North East this week. We are, however, going to get our money's worth this week! Our main event this week is Daniel Bryan vs. Kane in a Casket Match! What fallout will we see from the Royal Rumble? What storylines will unfold on the road to WrestleMania?! We find out tonight!

WWE Smackdown

Triple H is kicking off Smackdown this week. Hunter makes his way down to the ring with no Steph. The announcers hype the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania. Trips welcomes us to Monday Night RAW!, we were supposed to be here for Raw. They had to post-pone because of the blizzard. Triple H lets us know WWE hit 1 million subscribers. (Also feels like a shot at the #cancelWWEnetwork people.) It has been an exciting week, but also an exciting week. Hunter talks about how the WWE is controversial, but so is the NFL. Tripls makes a bunch of balls jokes. It seems like Hunter is playing to the crowd. Triple H says he deals with his problems, unlike the NFL, and he has a problem with Sting. At Fastlane Triple H is calling out Sting. He talks about how great the Rumble was, and is great with boos. He says the Triple Threat match was one of the greatest matches he has ever seen. Hunter says John Cena showed he is the past, Brock Lesnar is the Beast, and Seth Rollins in the future. He talks about the controversy of Roman Reigns winning the Rumble, and how everyone was talking about it. We see footage of the finish of the Royal Rumble match, and The Rock coming in for the save. Triple H says Monday Night he will make an announcement that will end the controversy, Monday night he will make an announcement that will likely shake WWE to it's core.
-Roman Reigns music hits-
Reigns makes his way down to the ring. Let's go Roman, Roman sucks chants, Roman really is the new Cena. Reigns says he doesn't understand the controversy, he won the Rumble, so he is going to Wrestlemania. Triple H says he did win that match, let's see if he can win this one.
-Big Show's music hits-
Reigns will face Big Show 1 on 1 next.


Big Show vs. Roman Reigns

Reigns and Big Show lock up and the seem equal. King says that Mr. McMahon is here tonight! The crowd is very split. Reigns tries to suplex Show but can't get him up, Show hits his own suplex. The announcers aren't shying away from the mixed reaction. Show is in control of this match and Reigns can't seem to mount any offense. Show slowly hits several big headbutts on Reigns. Show brings Reigns into the corner, just to throw him out of it. Big Show goes for a snake eyes, but Reigns reverses it and puts Big Show facedown into the corner and hits some strong blows. Reigns hits a clothesline on the ropes to send Show to the outside.


Big Show is back in control, puts in a submission on Reigns left knee. Apparently Big Show hit a big spear during the commercial break. Reigns gets picked up by his knee for a submission by Show. Roman Reigns gets to the ropes and flips Show over the top rope. Reigns hits his patented running jump kick. Back inside the ring Reigns goes for several clotheslines, but doesn't get Big Show down until the third attempt. Reigns hits a big Samoan drop on Show. Reigns hits a diving clothesline from the apron on Show. Reigns goes for the Superman Punch in the ring but Show catches him with a Chokeslam! 2 count pin. Big Show is headed to the top rope but Reigns hits a Superman Punch! Show doesn't go down, Reigns hits another! Still Show holds on, Reigns flips show off the top and follows it with a spear! 1-2-3!

Winner: Roman Reigns

We have a recorded segment with Mr. McMahon who talks about February being a free month for the WWE Network. We cut back to Reigns briefly, then to a backstage shot of the casket for tonight's match.


Michael Cole announces that Arnold Schwarzenegger (I had to Google how to spell that) is going to be in the celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame. They roll a celebration video.

Seth Rollins is out to the ring with J and J security. Seth told us, he told us all. At the Royal Rumble he showed everyone just how good he was. He was 1 second away from pinning John Cena and becoming WWE WHC Champion. He broke Brock Lesnar's rib, how many people can say that? Undertaker can't. Cena can't. He didn't walk out as champion, but he still has the future firmly in his reach *holds up MITB briefcase*. Rollins is issuing an open challenge to anyone who wants to fight him tonight. Anyone who thinks they can beat him.
FEED. ME. MOOOORE. Ryback is out to the ring, before things can get started J and J attack. Erick Rowan's music hits and is in for the save but Rollins gets ahead of him and takes control. Dolph Ziggler's music hits and he is out for the save! Seth Rollins and J and J retreat.

Kane is backstage with the casket and says he writes the final chapter of his rivalry with Daniel Bryan tonight. Does Daniel even know what happens in a casket match? Kane will lock him in a casket and he will be surrounded by darkness. He will feel the life being squeezed out of him. He will only hear the thump of his heartbeat. There is no escape. Don't be alarmed, because soon enough you'll reach your destination at the River Styx, in eternal Hell fire. May God have mercy on your soul, because the Devil's favorite demon will not.

The Usos make their way to the ring and do their thing. When we say Us you say O! WAAHOO! Naomi joins them on their way down.


Jay Uso w/Jimmy and Naomi vs. Tyson Kidd w/Cesaro and Natty Hart

Tyson quickly takes control of the match. He moves Jay's leg under the ring apron on the side and then stomps his ankle repeatedly. Kidd focuses on Jay's leg with submissions. Jay sends Kidd to the outside, he goes for Uso crazy to the outside, but Kidd hits a big kick. Uso manages to take control and puts Tyson in the corner. Cesaro up on the side for the distraction, but Jimmy takes him out quickly. Tyson Kidd hits a big kick on Jay, and hits the 1-2-3. This was a very short match, maybe 3 minutes.

Winner: Tyson Kidd

Kane is shown again with the casket and we see that Cena is set to take on Rusev at Fast Lane.


Rusev is in the ring with Lana. Michael Cole talks briefly about Cena and Rusev getting into each other's face after the Rumble. Rusev looks livid in the ring. He says everyone saw what happen at the end of the Rumble. He should have been the winner. Lana says some things in Russian, also angrily. Rusev says he should face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania. He is the only undefeated superstar (carefully Lesnar likes ending streaks) and their United States Champion. Rusev says no they give him a lesser man, a man with no titles, a man from the past John Cena. Cena has no hunger, no desire, John Cena is a loser. John Cena does not belong in the ring with
-Cena's music hits-
Cena makes his way out in the new blue look (WHICH I LIKE THANK YOU VERY MUCH!). Cean says hang on guys, he may be new to this. Sometimes the WWE Universe and he doesn't agree. Everyone in here thinks he needs to shut his mouth. It's not about where he's from. He talks about how Rusev has crushed everything in his path, but has made a huge mistake. Let me remind you who you're dealing with, I am JOHN CENA! 15 time WWE Champion, 2 time Royal Rumble winner, 10 appearances at WrestleMania. He was holding that *points to the US title* before he had pubes and she had boobs! Let's fight RIGHT NOW! Rusev thinks about it but Lana stops him. Cena flashed a cocky grin at Rusev, but Rusev backs away talking trash. Cena says, Rusev is undefeated, he is 69 and ho. He will beat Rusev at Fast Lane. THE CHAMP IS HEEEERREEEE!!

We learn that Nikki Bella will face Paige for the Diva's Championship at Fast Lane. We are backstage with Renee in a nice red dress and matching red lipstick and Paige. The Bella Twins interrupt and do their bullying thing, calling Paige pale, she looks sick, she's like a vampire. Paige hits Brie, but Nikki attacks and the twins take control. Nikki holds her title above Paige.


Goldust and Stardust vs. The Ascension

Before the match starts the Ascension cut an old school style promo. The match kicks off with Stardust (in purple and white) and Victor. Stardust takes quick control of Victor. Stardust thrown into Ascension's corner. TAG. Connor in. Connor takes control over Stardust. TAG. Victor in. Big scoop slam on Stardust. Victor locks in a reverse headlock. Stardust fights out of it, but is immediate hammered back down and back to the corner. Connor tags in and kicks Stardust. Connor goes for a backdrop but Stardust reverses. Stardust gets the tag to Goldust. Goldust takes control of Victor who had tagged in. Goldust hits his big powerslam. Connor runs in but gets a shot in the face. As Goldust bounces against the ropes, Stardust tags himself in. Goldust asks him what he's doing, Stardust runs up the corner but gets knocked down. The Ascension hits their team finisher and the pinfall win.

Winner: The Ascension


We're backstage with R-Truth, Zack Ryder, Diva's and a guy from the Syfy Magician show. Miz and Mizdow show up and give him grief, but the guy says that he has always wanted to do magic for an A lister. Miz says thank you, but the Magician was talking to Mizdow. Mizdow thanks him and shakes his hand. Miz says he's a stunt double! The magician shows Miz a trick with an egg, and ends up smacking the egg against Miz's head.

Bray Wyatt cuts a video promo. What makes you so loyal? Money, power? Maybe something from your childhood? But me I'm different. I am not like you, I'm different. I am legion amongst men. I ask you what makes you smile? I promise, you will never smile again. RUN!

Kane out, it's time for our main event! Daniel Bryan makes his way down and the fans are chanting Yes! stronger than ever.

Kane vs. Daniel Bryan in a Casket match

Daniel Bryan chants start early. Daniel and Kane feel each other out. Kane in the corner and Bryan hits some kicks. Kane gets free and hits some blows, and hits a dropkick on a seated Bryan. Kane moves Daniel to the casket but Bryan fights out. Bryan hits some big kicks on the leg of Kane. Yes chants match the kicks. Bryan calls for the casket, but Kane fights out. Bryan gets Kane in the corner. Hits a serious of right hands, Kane pushes him off, but Bryan right back on it with more punches! Kane tries the chokeslam but doesn't get it. Kane tries to throw Bryan in the casket, but Bryan reverse and Kane ALMOST lands in the casket! Bryan goes for a running attack, but Kane moves away before Bryan builds up enough momentum.


Kane is in control of Bryan and he is trying to shove Bryan into the casket. Bryan manages to fight him off, but gets a big boot from Kane after fighting him off. Kane whips Daniel into the corner. Then a big sideslam from Kane to Bryan. Kane calls for the casket, and tries to shove Bryan into it. Bryan fights out but is throw over the top rope at the casket. Bryan skins the Kane and grabs Kane's head and flips him into the casket, but Kane scrambles out quickly. On the outside Kane walks away, but Bryan from the top turnbuckle attacks Kane! Bryan goes for it a second time but is caught and driven into the steal post. Kane hits a big boot on Bryan and it knocks Bryan into the casket! Kane tries to force the lid closed but Bryan uses his legs to keep it open! Bryan jumps out at Kane, but Kane with a big uppercut!


Kane hits a HUGE jumping DDT. Kane calls for the casket. We want Taker Chants. Kane pushing Bryan with his foot into the casket, but Daniel fights it off. Kane gets Daniel into the turnbuckles. Daniel whipped into the corner but he runs up the turnbuckles! Bryan hits a huge running clothesline! Bryan is feeling it! Kane up on his knees and Bryan hits his repeated kicks to the chest, he goes for the head kick but Kane ducks. Bryan sends Kane to the outside, and hits the suicide dive. Daniel with kicks to Kane. Daniel comes running and throws himself into Kane on the outside. He tries it again on the other side, but Kane flips Bryan over the wall. Kane picks him up and throws him over the announce table and grabs a chair. Kane with a chair shot to Bryan's back, and another. Kane drives Bryan's head into the casket lid. Kane goes to put Bryan in the casket but he reverses! Bryan hits the ropes and hits the big guy with a running shot, and again! Goes for a third but Kane hits the chokeslam! Bryan into the casket but Bryan hits a big kick from in the casket. Kane reaches in but Bryan grabs the Yes Lock in the casket! Kane is in the casket, Bryan goes to shut it but Kane holds it open! Bryan with kicks to the chest, tries for the headshot but Kane catches the kick. Kane with a huge clothesline. Kane tries for the tombstone but bryan reverse, Kane comes running but Bryan pulls down the top rope, Bryan with a running dropkick! He closes the lid! Bryan wins and stands on the casket and does the Yes chants!

Winner: Daniel Bryan

We see footage of Triple H from earlier talking about the announcement that will shake WWE to it's core. Daniel Bryan and his Yes chants to close to the show. Ironic that Roman Reigns was in a throw away match toward the beginning of the show, and Bryan was the one who closed the show in the main event and sent the fans home happy.

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