WWE Smackdown Results 10/1/15


WWE Smackdown Results 10/1/2015
Thursday, October 1, 2015
From Times Union Center in Albany, NY
Report by James B. of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Hurricane Joaquin is building in the Atlantic, about to make landfall on the East Coast. I wonder what HurriKANE has in store for us on Smackdown this week! (Come on, I at least earned a pity giggle, right?). Thanks for hanging out for another Thursday night. Lets get started...

A huffy-and-puffy Seth Rollins marches to the ring and calls out Kane, expecting to see the demon version that ended Raw on Monday. Instead, a hobbled, happy-go-lucky corporate Kane comes out on crutches. Corporate Kane continues to ignore the possibility that the demon version exists. Just when Rollins thinks he conned Kane into admitting his alter ego, corporate Kane tells Rollins he'll be teaming with the New Day tonight against the Dudley Boyz and demon Kane (yes, you're just as confused reading that, as we are watching it).

Team Bella is waiting in the ring as we return from the break. Team B.A.D.'s music hits and we get ready for a six-woman tag match. Naomi and Sasha Banks each have mics and proclaim that it doesn't matter who started the Diva's Revolution, because they're about to end it. Brie and Sasha start the match with some decent action, including a few open-hand slaps to the face. Nikki tries to test Tamina's strength repeatedly, before gaining the upper-hand with a big forearm. Naomi and Sasha jump in to clear the ring of Team Bella as Team B.A.D. stands tall before the next commercial break. Sasha hits her double knee maneuver in the corner on Nikki before things break down. Divas go flying out of the ring one-by-one, and when the dust clears, Nikki is setting Sasha up for the rack attack. Tamina makes the save and Sasha is able to lock in the Bank Statement on Nikki, forcing the former champ to tap out. Big win for Team B.A.D., with Sasha getting the submission.

Seth Rollins finds his tag team partners, the New Day, backstage with Xavier Woods' trombone. Rollins expresses fear over finding the demon Kane lurking in the shadows. The New Day convinces Seth that he's the man and has nothing to worry about. Rollins deserves a lot of credit of not busting out in laughter during the segment.

¨Wake up, it's feeding time.¨ Ryback heads to the ring for his Intercontinental Championship rematch against Kevin Owens. These two guys look good in the ring with one another - Ryback is really able to display his strength against a guy of Owens' size. Ryback hits a few slams before going for a spear in the corner. Owens side-steps him and Ryback goes flying into the ring post. After a lengthy attack from Owens, Ryback turns the tables with a belly-to-belly suplex. Ryback keeps the offense going with a series of slams and spine-busters. He hits the meathook clothesline and lifts him for shellshock but Owens is able to grab the ropes and hang on. They spill over the top rope and onto the floor. Ryback beats the 10-count back in the ring, but Owens has no interest. He stays outside to lose the match via count-out, but retain his championship. After the bell rings, Ryback gets him in the ring and hits the meathook again, followed by shellshock to achieve a small amount of revenge. Overall, a pretty entertaining 10-15 minute segment.

(**Checks TV/DVR to make sure I didn't accidentally flip to last week's Raw or Smackdown**) We've got another six-man tag match with Neville and the Lucha Dragons against The Ascension and Stardust. Neville takes the brunt of the punishment early before making the hot tag to Kalisto who has Stardust reeling. Sin Cara takes out The Ascension on the outside, and Stardust hits the Disaster Kick on Neville. Konnor makes the hidden tag, but it back-fires. Kalisto counters Konnor's splash attempt into the salida del sol for the babyface victory.

Bray Wyatt gets about 45 seconds into his sermon before Roman Reigns' music hits. (PS: Vince, if ratings are struggling, just keep that spear-thru-the-table footage from Monday on a running loop). Wyatt tells Strowman and Harper to stand down, allowing Reigns to come into the ring face-to-face. After a lengthy stand-off, Reigns grabs the mic and says ¨Hell in a Cell¨. Wyatt appears to accept, but his mumbling isn't exactly crystal clear. Reigns leaves the ring without any altercation.

Time for the main event! The first part of the equation is settled - Corporate Kane is sitting at ringside, as promised, clapping along with The New Day as they make their entrance. A perplexed Seth Rollins looks on. The Dudley Boyz are introduced, followed by Kane's pyro and music. After a 20 second wait, no one comes out and the Dudley Boyz realize they're going to be short-handed. Corporate Kane calls for the bell and the match begins as a 3-on-2 handicap match. Rollins tosses D-Von outside the ring, where Kane inexplicably goes to check on him. Rollins dives thru the rope, taking out both Kane and D-Von. Kane is helped to the back by the ringside doctor. Rollins runs up the ramp after them, knowing that this is corporate Kane's opportunity to transform. The match continues with D-Von taking out Big E and Xavier Woods on the outside. Kane's pyro hits again and this time the demon appears. He briefly gets his hands on Rollins before he runs away through the crowd. The Dudley Boyz hit 3D on Kofi for the pin.

After the match, Bubba attempts to raise Kane's hand in victory, but he receives a chokeslam for his effort. Kane chokeslams D-Von, Kofi, and Big E before delivering a tombstone to Xavier Woods. The show ends with Kane standing in a ring full of fallen bodies, holding the championship belt.

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