WWE Smackdown Results 10/22/15


WWE Smackdown Results 10/22/2015
Thursday, October 22, 2015
From Frank Erwin Center in Austin, TX
Report by James B. of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

A common complaint from WWE fans is that there are too many pay-per-views during the year, taking away from their ¨special-ness¨ (yes, I know they're not technically called pay-per-views anymore). But for some reason, it feels like there's been an extra-long gap leading up to Hell in a Cell. Let's see what the go-home show has in store for us...

¨Prince-ly Pontificators of Positivity.¨ Kane may not have had a better one-liner in his 20 year career than the one he used on The New Day in the show's opener. Bravo.

WWE Champ Seth Rollins opens the show in a one-on-one contest against Cesaro. After a brief struggle, Rollins grabs his belt and heads for the ramp opting to fight another day. But on the way out, he has a change a of heart and decides to continue, eating a series of European uppercuts before we head to the break. Cesaro dominates the majority of the match with a lot of innovative offense, but the tides turn when Rollins counters Cesaro's attempted top-rope maneuver into an eventual Pedigree for the clean pin.

If my hands get tired this episode and I need to take a quick break, I can promise you that it'll occur during the Summer Rae/Dolph/Miz segment. They're not still running with this, are they?!? Anywho, Team PCB and Team Bella have a lengthy song-and-dance in the ring, with Charlotte and Becky questioning Paige's loyalty, and The Bellas making fun of both sides. The bickering results in a singles match with Paige taking on Nikki Bella. Nikki stays on offense for the majority of the match, often taking the opportunity to taunt Becky and Charlotte on the outside. Paige avoids the big forearm on a couple of occasions, but eventually falls victim to the Alabama Slam and the Rack Attack as Nikki picks up the pin. In a pleasant turn of events, there was absolutely no outside interference or six-woman scrap during the match.

After a brief (thankfully) war of words, Summer Rae reveals her ¨new man¨ to Dolph Ziggler: NXT superstar Tyler Breeze! Breeze introduces himself to Ziggler with a number of awesome nicknames before viciously attacking him with the selfie stick. Breeze continues to pound on the lifeless Ziggler before referees pull him off and Summer Rae congratulates her new man on a job well done.

Favorite new faction alert: Sheamus and Wade Barrett head to the ring with their new buddy, Rusev, to face the Lucha Dragons. If you pay attention and look for it, Rusev is constantly cracking a smile like he's excited to have two new friends to play with instead of dealing with Lana and Summer Rae. The Lucha Dragons get in a good amount of offense and get in their high-flying spots before Sheamus connects on a Brogue Kick for the pin.

Ryback squashed Bo Dallas. That's about all that's needed on that one.

In tonight's main event, we have Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose taking on The New Day, minus Xavier Woods who's still pulling splinters out of his body from Monday's table ride. It was a fun, entertaining match with a good number of impressive spots and a handful of ¨ooh and ahh¨ moments. Reigns hits a superman punch from literally the complete opposite corner of the ring after Kofi Kingston's failed cross-body from the top rope. Reigns hits the big Spear for the clean pin. After the match, the lights go out and Bray Wyatt tells his upcoming opponent he'll ¨see him in hell¨. Goodnight folks!

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