WWE Smackdown Results 10/29/15


WWE Smackdown Results 10/29/2015
Thursday, October 29, 2015
From The Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, AZ
Report by James B. of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Survivor Series has become the "forgotten" event on the WWE's pay-per-view calendar in recent years. Since getting away from its traditional team format from the 90's and early 2000's, Survivor Series has lost its place as one of the "Big Four" in most people's eyes. But that can all change this year with an impending clash between The Wyatt Family and the Brothers of Destruction. Will the WWE be able to build a short, compelling storyline with only four weeks between Hell in a Cell and Survivor Series? We shall see. Let's see what happened on this week's episode of Smackdown...

Very nice promo by the Wyatt Family to open the show, with The Undertaker's hat sitting on Bray's lap, followed by him reaching down to pull out Kane's mask. Rowan and Harper explain that they don't celebrate Halloween: Fear and fright are very real to them every day, not just for a holiday. The segment ends with Strowman calmly issuing his usual warning: "Run!"

Roman Reigns heads to the ring to preach his struggle and hard-fought journey to becoming the No. 1 contender. Kevin Owens interrupts and reminds Reigns just how close he was to defeating him on Monday and replacing him at the top. Reigns responds by asking if he wants to Talk Owens Talk, or if he wants to Fight Owens Fight. The match is a Roman Reigns special...a 10-minute brawl. It ends when Owens heads to the top rope for a big move, but Reigns collects himself and hits a superman punch, sending Owens all the way down to the floor. Owens lays motionless until the 7-count, eventually getting to his feet, but opting to head over the barrier and into the crowd instead of getting back into the ring. Reigns picks up his second win over KO this week.

I think this is our official introduction of Sheamus and Wade Barrett to the tag team division. We've got a four-corners tag match featuring the Euro powers, The Ascension, The Lucha Dragons, and The Dudley Boyz with The New Day on commentary at ring side. Fun, entertaining match with The Dudleys teaming up with the Lucha Dragons on several tandem moves against the heel teams. The Dudleys brawl with Sheamus and Barrett all the way to the dressing rooms, leaving The Lucha Dragons to pick up the clean pin on The Ascension in the ring.

With pumpkins and apples surrounding the ring, the "Trick or Treat Street Fight" between Dolph Ziggler and The Miz had all the makings for a schmoz gimmick match. But to their credit, it was a physical, hard-hitting match. The Miz focused on Ziggler's knee for the majority of the match, wrapping it around the ring post and hitting it with a chair. With the knee injured, The Miz goes for the Figure Four, but gets wrapped up in a small package with Ziggler getting the clean pin. After the match, with Ziggler struggling to stand, Tyler Breeze hits the ring and delivers another vicious beating to Summer Rae's old fling.

Paige makes quick work out of Natalya, thanks to a little unexpected distraction from Team B.A.D. Sasha and her crew interrupt the match and suggest to Natty that they were the ones responsible for her backstage attack a few weeks ago. Paige uses the distraction to hit the Rampaige for the win, and Team B.A.D. continues the party with a superkick from Tamina and the Bank Statement from Sasha. Conveniently, Charlotte and Becky Lynch are not in attendance this evening.

Apparently we no longer have a United States Champion, we have a Meximerican Champion according to Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio takes on R Truth in a relatively quick squash match. He hits an arm-breaker, but doesn't go for the arm bar submission like he's used in previous runs. Instead, Del Rio hits a two-foot stomp off the top rope, similar to Finn Balor's Coup de Gras. Easy victory for the new champ.

In a Survivor Series-style tune-up, we've got Dean Ambrose, Cesaro and Ryback against The Wyatt Family in a "Face the Fear Challenge". Another entertaining, well-paced match (we've had some good ones tonight). Ryback takes the majority of early punishment before making the hot tag to Ambrose, who manages to hit everyone and everything in sight. Ryback attempts to put Strowman through the announce table on the outside and the match erupts into chaos. Cesaro goes for the swing on Harper, but gets distracted by Strowman flipping the announce table upside down and emerging from the ashes. Wyatt lands a cheap shot with the ref not looking and Harper hits the big clothesline for the win.

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