WWE Smackdown Results 11/12/15

WWE Smackdown Results 11/12/2015
Thursday, November 12, 2015
From Manchester Arena in Manchester, England
Report by James B. of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

(I spent way too much time this afternoon looking up British greetings and sayings) So we'll just stick with the traditional, "Hello!" We're one week removed from WWE Champion Seth Rollins' knee injury, with a few qualifying matches on deck tonight in the Survivor Series tournament. Let's check out this week's action from across the pond...

The Wyatt Family opens the show in the ring, greeted by chants of "Un-Der-Take-Er". Harper has the mic first and announces that they are here tonight to show appreciation for their leader, Bray Wyatt. Rowan and Strowman each take their turn honoring the "Eater of Worlds". Bray finally takes the mic and issues the official challenge to the Brothers of Destruction for a family vs. family match at Survivor Series.

Braun Strowman makes his Smackdown debut against Fandango in a match that goes exactly how you'd expect. After a couple power moves and big slams, Strowman locks in the submission for the sub-two-minute victory. The announce team does a good job of stressing how no one has yet to escape Strowman's bear hug submission, setting the stage for that factoid to come back in play sooner rather than later.

When was the last time you heard this...Great match Wade Barrett! The King of the Ring and Neville go for almost 20 minutes in a match that both men desperately needed. Barrett's image was dangerously on the ropes after last week's squash by Ryback, followed by the slap from Wayne Rooney. But he displayed strong aggression for the majority of the match, tossing Neville in and out of the ring like a rag-doll. After avoiding the Bull-hammer, Neville counters Wasteland into a DDT, setting up the Red Arrow for the victory. Good match by both, which they both really needed.

"Lucha Lucha Lucha!" In what should be the biggest mis-match of the tournament, Kalisto takes on Ryback. Kalisto shows off his high-flying repertoire, landing on his feet after Ryback's attempted slams, and turning a German suplex into the Salida del Sol finisher. Ryback kicks out, sending Kalisto flying out of the ring. The rest of the match is a classic "Big-guy-who-can't-put-the-little-guy-away" showdown. Ryback hits Kalisto with everything, and the masked man finds a way to stay alive time-after-time. Finally, Kalisto reverses Ryback's attempted top-rope suplex into another Salida del Sol, this one earns him the clean pin.

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