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WWE Smackdown Results 12/10/15

WWE Smackdown Results 12/10/2015
Thursday, December 10, 2015
From Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, FL
Report by James B. of

Brock Lesnar has been off television for months, RAW received it’s lowest rated episode (ever?), and we’ve got a WWE Champion that eight people are excited to see every night. These Smackdown reports are getting harder and harder to right each week, folks! Let’s see what we have in store tonight...

After starting last week’s episode with 22 minutes of fluff before the first punch was thrown, we dive right into tonight’s episode with a main-event-quality match in Roman Reigns vs. Alberto Del Rio. Each participant has his entourage at ringside: The Uso’s and Dean Ambrose with Reigns, and the League of Nations with Del Rio. The U.S. Champ controls a lot of the early action, locking in the modified cross-arm breaker over the top rope. Reigns gains the upper-hand with a big Samoan drop, but Del Rio hits the Backstabber for a near pin. After some entertaining back-and-forth action, Reigns hits the Superman punch and sets his sights on the Spear. Del Rio’s entourage pulls him out of the ring to avoid the Spear, drawing the attention of the Uso’s and Ambrose. All eight men brawl inside and outside of the ring, forcing the ref to call for a DQ finish that we saw coming from a mile away. Booker T asks, “What did you think was gonna happen?!” and Rich Brennan responds, “I guess we should have seen this coming.” ...Yes, guys. Yes you should have.

Slow that main event push just a tad, Prince Pretty. Thanks to a big superkick, Dolph Ziggler makes relatively short work of Tyler Breeze. Not a ton of offense and not a ton of substance, but a statement win by Ziggler to keep this budding rivalry in somewhat equal standing.

Lucha, Lucha, Lucha! When Booker T. called the Lucha Dragons the WWE’s best tag team right now, I almost choked on my pizza roll. But Sin Cara and Kalisto make Booker T. sound like a genius as they pull off the huge win over The New Day! Kofi spends most of the early part on the match on offense against Kalisto, before he’s able to make the hot tag to Sin Cara. After a variety of high-flying moves, Sin Cara sends Kofi to the outside, directly into the waiting arms of Big E. Sin Cara makes the hidden tag before flying over the top rope to take them out with a big dive. The new legal man, Kalisto, hits the Salida del Sol finisher on Xavier Woods in the ring for the clean pin. Lucha, Lucha, Lucha!

On Monday we got a Diet Coke to the face, and tonight we’ve got a decent amount of blood - This Kevin Owens/Dean Ambrose feud is picking up nicely. For the contract signing, Owens sends his lawyer out on his behalf. As Ambrose signs the contract, Owens emerges from the crowd and attacks him. After taking a brief beating and being tossed into the barrier, Ambrose is able to gain the upper-hand and toss Owens into the steel steps. Owens runs for the hills, but his lawyer remains in the ring. A bloodied Ambrose hits him with Dirty Deeds and taunts Owens as he scampers away. Good heat and build-up, there’s definitely an increased interest in their match on Sunday, but the actual fight between the two could have certainly been a little longer.

Feed him more, but not that much more! Ryback takes on The Ascension in a two-on-one handicap match in a contest that just doesn’t feel right. What’s it say about the state of the tag team division if Ryback is able to dispatch of Konnor and Viktor in two minutes? With Rusev and Lana sitting ringside, a dirty finish probably would have sufficed. Let Ryback show strength and dominance for a couple minutes before Rusev or Lana got involved for a DQ. But this was a straight-up squash of a top-six/seven tag team that just didn’t feel quite right.

Man oh man, did the first match go 10 minutes over the scheduled time? Because everything after it seems rushed tonight. Ziggler vs. Breeze was definitely shorter-than-expected, and that set the precedent for every other segment (Owens-Ambrose was too short; Ryback-Ascension was too short). Paige and Becky Lynch get off to a real nice start with some good take-downs, drop-kicks and a big double-clothesline. They obviously have chemistry from their NXT days, and it definitely shows. But the match is barely two minutes in before they are interrupted by Charlotte’s music. Paige blows her nemesis a kiss and goes for the Rampaige, but Becky counters her distracted opponent into the Dis-arm-her and Paige taps. Becky didn’t even have time to work on the arm in the match to soften Paige up for the finisher. Charlotte hadn’t even made her way completely down the ring before the finish began lining up. Another match that just doesn’t seem like it was given the appropriate time.

Tonight’s main event is the cherry-on-top finale for the show’s opening segment. We’ve got an eight-man tag match between the League of Nations (Wade Barrett, Rusev, Alberto Del Rio, and Sheamus) against Roman Reigns, The Uso’s and Dean Ambrose. The Uso’s and Ambrose take all of the early punishment from the LON before making the hot tag to Reigns. Ambrose clears Del Rio out of the ring, The Uso’s hit over-the-top-rope splashes on Barrett and Sheamus, leaving Reigns alone in the ring with Rusev. With all of his allies injured on the outside, the Bulgarian Brut ducks under the superman punch, but he can’t avoid the Spear. Reigns picks up the clean win, and the babyfaces celebrate as we head into Sunday night’s Tables, Ladders and Chairs event.

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