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WWE Smackdown Results (2/12/15) - Tag Team Turmoil or Turmoil In The Authority

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WWE Smackdown Results (2/12/15)
Thursday, February 12th, 2015
Dayton, Ohio
Report by Zack Krasney of

Hello everyone and welcome to this week's Smackdown results! What will the fallout be from Monday Night Raw that saw Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan feeling some real friction after they teamed up? The night saw Roman Reigns spearing Daniel Bryan at the end of the show. Will the two continue to battle on tonight's Smackdown?

Smackdown Results

The show opens with Kane and a lot of superstars backstage including Big Show, the Usos, and many other tag teams. Kane says there will be tag team turmoil tonight, to find out who the most dominant team is! The one thing that does matter is when you wrestle. The team that will start with Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan. Kane hypes up the other teams that surround him saying that all they need to do to prove their dominance is win!

The pyros go off and we are welcomed by Michael Cole to Smackdown, who reminds us we are only 45 days away from Wrestlemania.


Bray Wyatt vs. R-Truth

Bray Wyatt comes out and makes his way to the ring. As he makes his way to the ring the announcers talk about his message to "someone" *cough* Undertaker *cough*. R-Truth makes his way to the ring and does rap thing, Bray looks thoroughly unimpressed. The bell rings and Bray starts by throwing Truth back into his corner. Truth lands some punches on Bray but Bray quickly shifts things in his favor with a big uppercut. Bray gets Truth on the ropes and chokes him on the second. Truth and Bray fight on the outside ring apron, Bray does an arm twist and pulls Truth down face first on the apron. Back in the ring, Bray locks in a grip submission on Truth's shoulder. Truth fights out, but gets a knee in the gut. Truth tries for roll up, but Bray tries to slam himself down on Truth only to have Truth move. Truth builds up his momentum up, but gets hit with that turning clothesline that Bray does. Bray in the corner hangs upside down and then hits the Sister Abigail on Truth for the win.

Winner: Bray Wyatt


Paige vs. Summer Rae

Nikki and Brie are on commentary for this one. The girls lock up to start things off, Paige takes control early on and sensually crawls over Summer Rae. In the corner Paige hits some impressive elbows on Summer and screams. She puts her through the middle rope and hangs her there so Paige can hit some heavy knees. Summer Rae takes control with a quick punch and then locks Paige in a Figure Four-like submission. Paige reverses it into a pin but only a 2 count. Paige hits a series of clotheslines on Rae, and a big drop kick. Paige hits a superkick on Summer and then locks in the PTO. Summer Rae taps out. The Bella commentary was painful the entire time.

Winner: Paige

We get a recap of the John Cena and Rusev rivalry, and then bit of hype for Bryan and Reigns teaming up tonight.


Sheamus promo airs. Still love the traditional Irish music they use for it. It'll be good to have Sheamus back, ad a bit of star power to WWE. I am torn on wanting him heel or face. We're shown again that Rikishi will be inducted by the Usos into the Hall of Fame.

Adam Rose makes his way out to the ring with the Rosebuds. We see a replay of last week when the Rosebuds screw up the trust fall. He acts like he is going to do it again, but then decides against it.

Fandango vs. Adam Rose

Rose leaves the ring before Fandango can get him, Fandango goes to grab him from outside, but Rose hits a Guiltine. Rose with an arm twist and clothesline. Rose puts Fandango into the corner and stomps him down. Rose walks away and then goes back to stomping Fandango. Suplex by Rose and a 2 count pin. Rose locks in a lying headlock. Fandango fights out into a backbody drop as Rosa cheers him on. Fandango hits some punches and then some quick clotheslines. Fandango with a quick powerslam. Fandango hits the Last Dance leg drop from the top rope for the win.

Winner: Fandango

After Adam Rose attacks some of his Rosebuds and storms off, in the ring Fandango dances with Rosa.


Michael Cole and the announce team hype the answer from Sting from Raw this week. We see a recap of everything from Survivor Series to now. Very awesome video package. I was a really big fan of the editing they did to Hunter's face to add the Sting lines.

Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring, leading the Yes! chants as per usual.


Reigns makes his way down through the crowd. First team looks to be Miz and Mizdow.

Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns vs. Miz and Mizdow

Miz and Bryan start things off, Bryan takes Miz down and then kicks him in the back before tagging Reigns. Reigns throws Miz in his teams corner. Reigns takes a big of trash to Bryan and aggressively tags him in. Crowd wants Mizdow, Miz actually tags him in. Bryan whips Mizdow off the ropes and hits a high knee. Mizdow hits the neckbreaker and backbreaker. As he goes for a clothesline in the corner Miz tags himself in. Bryan gets force tagged by Reigns who hits a Superman punch on Miz. Reigns then gets force tagged by Bryan who hits the high running knee and pins Miz.

Winner: Bryan and Reigns

Usos are up next


Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns vs. The Usos

Bryan and Jay start things off and test the waters with each other. Lock up and Jay twists the arm but Bryan reverses it and does one of his own. He takes Jay down and stomps his shoulder. Jay tags Jimmy in and they hit a double high elbow. Roman Reigns looks really unimpressed with Bryan. Reigns is tagged in. Reigns hits a big shoulder block on Jimmy. Jimmy stares down Reigns but tags Jay. Jay tries to bounce off the ropes but Reigns hits a shoulder block on him as well. They lock up and Jay gets a headlock in and tags his borther. Jimmy hits a big spot off the top rope, they then double clothesline Roman out of the ring. Bryan is all smiles. Bryan puts his hand out for a tag and Reigns does it reluctantly. Bryan and Jimmy lock up and Bryan puts Jimmy in a leg submission and then hits some serious kicks and a knee drop. Bryan and Jimmy exchange chops until Bryan switches to some serious kicks on Jimmy. Jimmy and moves Bryan into his corner and tags Jay. Jay hits some shoulders and Jimmy tags himself in. Jimmy twists the arm and Jay tags back in and drops the handle on Bryan's arm.


Reigns suplex Jimmy and Bryan tags himself in. Bryan with a big uppercut. Bryan hits a snap suplex. Moves Jimmy into the corner and hits some big kicks. Jimmy moves Bryan into the corner where Jay tags in. Jay puts a submission on Bryan's left arm and slows the pace. Bryan fights out but meets a big elbow in his face. Jay puts Bryan in a leg lock and tags Jimmy in. Jimmy hits a flying headbutt on Bryan who is still in the leg lock. Jimmy has Bryan in the corner and hits a big chop, then an irish whip but Bryan runs up the turnbuckles and hits a big running elbow. Bryan tags Reigns who seems to be on his page now. Reigns knocks down Jimmy and hits a big boot to the face while Jimmy is sitting up. Reigns locks in a headlock on Jimmy. Jimmy fights out but gets a boot in the gut. He tries to fight out again but gets a clothesline for the trouble. Bryan tags in and drops a knee. Bryan with a big uppercut. Whips Jimmy in the corner and goes for a splash but Jimmy moves and tags Jay. Jay tries for a running shoulder block but gets thrown into the steel post. Bryan on the outside kicks Jay repeatedly, Jay sounds like he's being murdered. Roman pulls Bryan off of Jay and they argue. Bryan asks what he's doing Reigns tells him he is hurt and if he wants to win get him in the ring. Bryan tells Reigns to NEVER get in his face.


Bryan has Jay in a headlock, Jay fights up but Bryan hits a big dropkick to the face. Bryan tries to tag in Roman Reigns, but Roman doesn't seem interested in hurting the Usos anymore. He mouths "these are my cousins man." Bryan kicks Jay a few times. Jay hits a Samoan drop on Bryan. Tag made to Jimmy. Jimmy has some big momentum and hits a superkick on Bryan. He then picks him up and drops him on his tailbone. Jimmy tags in Jay. Jay pins but Reigns makes the save. Jay asks Reigns what he's doing, but Roman says it's what I had to do. Jay sucker punches Reigns who retaliates. Bryan goes for the suicide dive, Jimmy goes for Uso Crazy but gets hit with a Superman punch. Roman Reigns gets a superkicked. Bryan gets superkicked. Jimmy goes for a splash from the top rope but Bryan gets his knees up. Bryan puts on the Yes lock and Jimmy taps out!

Winner: Bryan and Reigns

Reigns pulls Bryan off his cousin and yells at him "He already tapped!" Bryan and Reigns argue as we go to commercials.


Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns vs. Los Matadores

Bryan and Reigns are arguing until Los Matadores come out. Bryan and Diego starting things out. The lock up and Bryan hits an Irish Whip which Diego turns into a hurricarana. He puts Bryan in the corner and stomps him. He picks Bryan up and whips him against the ropes but Bryan hits a high knee. Bryan locks in the surf board expertly. Bryan whips hit against the rope, but Diego reverses it, trips Bryan and chokes him up on the second rope. Diego then throws his body over Bryan's. He goes to the top rope but Bryan reverses it and locks in the Yes lock! This one is over.

Winner: Bryan and Reigns

Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns vs. Slater Gator

Reigns force tags himself in. Slater runs at Reigns but gets a big uppercut for it. Roman Reigns knocks down Titus and hits Slator. He lines up the Superman Punch but Titus runs in and takes it instead. Reigns hits a spear on Slater while staring at Bryan. 1-2-3.

Winner: Bryan and Reigns


Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns vs. The Ascension

Victor and Bryan start things off. Lock up but Victor hits some big punches and brings Bryan into the corner. Bryan shows some fight with the big kicks. Bryan goes to bounce off the ropes but Connor pulls down the ropes and attacks on the outside. Connor and Victor attack together and Reigns runs over to make the save. They throw Bryan into the announce area and then double team Reigns, who they then throw over the announce table. They're back on Bryan who the throw into the steel post. They then do the same to Reigns. They ref is trying to get control but The Ascension won't listen, they hit their finisher on Bryan. They get disqualified. They continue attacking, this time on Reigns. Refs come in to stop them.

Winner: Bryan and Reigns


Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns vs. The Big Show and Kane


Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns vs. The Ascension

Reigns looks beat and matches up with Kane. Kane takes Roman down with some serious punches and kicks. Kane with a shoulder block on Reigns, then into a headlock. Reigns fights out and hits a jumping clothesline on Kane. Bryan tags in and hits some kicks on Kane who is on his knees. Kane ducks a kick and hits a boot on Bryan. Big Show tags in and attacks Bryan on the apron and the drives him into the steel post. Show picks Bryan up above his head and throw him back in the ring. Show steps on Bryan's hand, then a scoop slam. Reigns on the side looks to be in pain. Kane tags in and stomps Bryan in the corner. Kane whips Bryan in the corner and follows closely with a clothesline and a sidewalk slam. Bryan tries to fight off, but Kane shoves Bryan into Big Show. Show asks what Kane's doing, Kane tags Show in. Double elbow on Bryan. Show talks trash to Reigns on the outside. Big Show goes for the chokeslam but Bryan hits some kicks and a big DDT. Show stops Bryan before he can get the hot tag to Reigns. Show picks up Bryan with both hands by his neck and then drops him hard. Show seems to be arguing with Kane who tells Show to finish Bryan. Show yells he's having fun, he then goes to climb the turnbuckle. Kane tags himself in and Show is pissed. Kane goes to grab Bryan, but Bryan throw on the Yes Lock! Big Show breaks it up before the tap. Reigns comes in but it only distracts the ref, Show pulls Kane closer so he can tag himself in. Kane asks him what he's doing, but Show says you screwed up. Show knocks Reigns off the side. Show signals for the chokeslam. Bryan turns it into the Yes Lock! Kane breaks it up and yells at Show asking him what he's doing?! Show tells Kane to get out of his face. Kane tries to turn Kane around, but Show hits Kane with a KO Punch! Show turns into a spear! Big Show stands up and gets a running knee to the face! 1-2-3!

Winners: Bryan and Reigns

As their celebrating Reigns pulls Bryan up as a show of respect. They both look at the WrestleMania sign and smile. Reigns pats Bryan on the back and they both smirk to each other.

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