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WWE Smackdown Results 2/4/16

WWE Smackdown Results 2/4/2016
Thursday, February 4, 2016
From the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee
Report by James B. of

We're diving right in! A nice change of pace from the usual 15-minute promo or highlight package. Smackdown kicks off with Rusev going one-on-one with Roman Reigns. Unfortunately, the match only lasts for about three minutes before King Barrett and Alberto Del Rio attack Reigns. Reigns had Rusev lined up for the Superman Punch before the League of Nation snuck into the ring for the save. The three-on-one attack continues until Dean Ambrose comes down. Ambrose goes for a flying elbow off the apron and onto the floor but hits Reigns (by accident?) instead of connecting with the heels. Rusev sets his sights on getting Ambrose in the Acolyte but Reigns makes the save with a chair. Reigns and Ambrose casually shake off their mix-up from earlier, but it's likely a foreshadowing of future "mix-ups".

Kalisto vs. Kevin Owens next? Hey, who snuck this gem onto the Smackdown card. Contrary to his underdog/David vs. Goliath role in the Alberto Del Rio feud, Kalisto gets a lot of offense in against Owens. They go back-and-forth with high-paced action and Dolph Ziggler is pretty entertaining on commentary. Owens looks to powerbomb Kalisto through the announce table, but changes his mind to set his sights on Ziggler. Kalisto sneaks back into the ring and rolls-up a distracted Owens for the pin.

The rumors have been whispered, but it's finally time to check out Ryback's new ring gear. Mr. Feed Me More has his Goldberg-inspired black trunks, black pads, and black boots for his match against Erick Rowan. The new tights apparently inspired a few new moves as well, with Ryback hitting a missile dropkick from the second rope and a CM Punk-style running knee in the corner. Ryback tosses Rowan into Braun Strowman on the apron then hits the meathook clothesline for the pin. He's able to scamper out of the ring before the Wyatts swarm.

Fill in the blank: That was the longest match I remember seeing The Miz in since ____. AJ Styles and The Miz put together a rather slow, but technical and entertaining bout. AJ/WWE have to figure out what they're going to do with the Styles Clash. Is it going to be his finisher or not? The "tease" of it has worn off and has become largely ineffective. Miz reverses it into a sunset flip the same way that Chris Jericho did last Monday. Styles hits a huge springboard forearm off the ropes then locks in the Calf Crusher for the submission victory. After the match, Jericho challenges him to a rematch next Thursday on Smackdown. Y2J tells Styles that he's giving him the opportunity to go from good to great.

The Social Outcasts vs. The New Day - Everyone is a winner in this one. Curtis Axel and Kofi Kingston are the legal men at the end of the match with the other four brawling on the outside. Axel rolls up Kingston and tries to gain an advantage with his feet on the ropes, but Xavier Woods sweeps them off. Kofi immediately returns the favor, rolling Axel up and putting his feet on the ropes. There's no one there to make the save for the Outcasts as the New Day pick up a devious victory.

Charlotte defeats Alicia Fox with the Figure Eight. The headline from the match is that Charlotte won without Ric Flair's help, and there was no outside interference from Brie Bella, Becky Lynch or Sasha Banks.

In tonight's main event, we re-visit the show's opener with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns taking on Rusev and Alberto Del Rio in a short tag team match. As expected, we get another reckless Ambrose dive into the waiting arms of...Reigns. Roman doesn't take as kindly to this one as he did the one from two hours ago. He shakes it off and hits a spear on Rusev to pick up the pin, but the increased tension has been established between the "blood brothers" as we continue toward Fastlane.

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