WWE Smackdown Results 2/25/16

WWE Smackdown Results 2/25/2016
Thursday, February 25, 2016
From the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana
Report by James B. of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Time to play the game! It's been a while since we had an Authority promo to open Smackdown. I can't remember one since the Seth Rollins/corporate Kane/demon Kane days. But Triple H is flying solo this evening with some stern words for his Wrestlemania opponent, Roman Reigns. The WWE champ says it's in everyone's human nature to want to fight authority and that he went through a long phase of it himself. But in the end, authority always wins. Triple H says he wants to capture Reigns' blood, sweat and tears. He's already gotten the sweat after being in the ring together. Then he pulls out bloody bandages from Monday night and proclaims that he's also captured his blood. The only thing left is the tears, and those will come at WrestleMania. Good, calculated promo from the boss, but you could tell his slow pace was losing the audience toward the end.

We're actually going to get some Wade Barrett action, and it's not limited to him standing on the outside?! I'll take it! The League of Nations has an eight-man tag match against the Lucha Dragons, Dolph Ziggler and Neville. The match starts with Barrett jumping an unsuspecting Neville on the apron as all four members of the League of Nations launch a surprise attack. Order is eventually restored but the damage was done with all four babyfaces injured on the outside. Ziggler is isolated in the ring for the majority of the match, absorbing the majority of the punishment before making the hot tag to Neville. The Man That Gravity Forgot hits the Red Arrow on Barrett but Sheamus distracts the ref and allows Del Rio to sneak in and hit a superkick. Barrett rolls over to the corner and tags Sheamus in for the Brogue Kick and the pin.

When we say "Oooohh", y'all say... Nevermind, there is no second part tonight. We've got one-on-one action with Jimmy Uso against D-Von Dudley. Short match with a rather confusing (and frankly, bad) finish. Jimmy Uso hits a big splash in the corner, knocking D-Von down and setting him up for the top-rope finisher. Bubba pulls out a table from under the ring to distract Jimmy. Jey goes chasing after him, but the ref yells at Jey, allowing Bubba to push Jimmy off the top rope. D-Von rolls him up for the pin.

Kevin Owens is the best. KO gets a believable, entertaining, and decent-length match out of the Big Show. The Big Show dominates a lot of the early action, shrugging off all of Owens' kicks and offense. The Big Show lands a HUGE chokeslam, but Owens rolls out of the ring before Show can get down for the pin. Big Show goes after him on the outside and rolls him back to the ring. He recognizes how hard it is to beat KO, so he goes for a second chokeslam, this time off the second rope. Owens slips free from his grip and trips the Big Shows leg off the turnbuckle, sending him groin-first onto the top rope. Big Show tumbles to the floor at ringside and fails to get back in the ring to beat the ref's count. Owens wins via count-out, grabs his belt and sprints up the ramp before Big Show recovers.

In a "friendly" Diva's match, we've got Natalya vs. Becky Lynch but we don't get very far. Tamina and Naomi spoil the party, attacking Natalya on the outside and setting up a two-on-one situation with Becky. She's quickly rescued by Sasha Banks as they toss the remaining members of Team B.A.D. to the outside. Charlotte comes out to congratulate them on living to fight another day, but on Monday night, Sasha and Becky will be going one-on-one to determine the next contender in line for Charlotte's title.

Goldie did it! Goldust finally proves his worth in a positive way, helping R Truth defeat Heath Slater. Truth dominates most of the match, but as he looks to put Slater away, Adam Rose and the rest of the Social Outcasts surround the apron, distracting both R Truth and the referee. Goldust plants Slater with a right hand, knocking him into a backslide by Truth for the pin. Goldust erupts in celebration as Truth looks on with a sly smile.

And in tonight's main event, The New Day take on the new BFF team of AJ Styles, Chris Jericho and Mark Henry. Y2J lookin' spiffy tonight in the bright red trunks and boots. Mark Henry plants Big E with a series of headbutts and kicks, sending him to the outside. Kofi and Xavier Woods go over to check on him, but they're met with over-the-top-rope dives by Jericho and Styles. Back in the ring, Henry reaches back to his Sexual Chocolate days and does a little seductive dancing as we head to commercial. Trouble in paradise...literally! Styles ducks out of the way of Kofi's finishing kick, but it lands squarely on the face of Y2J. Xavier Woods charges at Styles, but the phenomenal one is able to reverse his attack and roll him into the Calf Crusher for the submission.

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