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WWE Smackdown Results 3/3/16

WWE Smackdown Results 3/1/2016
Thursday, March 1, 2016
From the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia
Report by James B. of

Leaving the door open for a variety of options? That's what it sounds like. Dean Ambrose opens the show in typical "lunatic" fashion, bouncing all over the place in his promo from topic-to-topic without much rhyme or reason. But one thing definitely stands out: He says he's not done with Brock Lesnar, and if he's able to defeat Triple H for the championship in Toronto, he doesn't know what he wants to do at Wrestlemania - Fight Lesnar, defend his title against Roman Reigns, give Triple H a rematch, or get all three together in a cage and settle everything at once. Is that just Dean going rogue? Or is he laying the seeds for something down the line?

Kevin Owens gets tired of listening to Ambrose and interrupts. The Intercontinental Champ gives Ambrose a hearty nudge on the arm to see how sore he his after Monday night's beating. After a back-and-forth verbal exchange, Owens lunges again but Ambrose is ready for him this time and drills KO with a chair shot to the back. Owens escapes, but it appears we know what tonight's main event will be.

That sigh of relief you hear is the crowd realizing that The Uso's aren't facing the Dudley's again tonight! Jimmy and Jey take on Sheamus and Rusev from the League of Nations. Rusev unleashes a huge dropkick to Jey who was standing on the apron, sending him flying to the floor. Sheamus, Del Rio and Barrett choreograph a dance and celebrate on the outside, making Mauro Ranallo laugh. Rusev and Sheamus isolate Jey Uso for almost the entire match before he's finally able to make the hot tag to Jimmy. Jimmy delivers a series of superkicks and has Sheamus set up for the big splash, but a distraction from Barrett is just enough to allow Sheamus to recover. He avoids the splash from the top rope and hits the Brogue Kick for the pin. We spoke too soon...Here come The Dudleys. Bubba and D-Von carry a table to the ring, but never use it. They throw Jey into the ring post and deliver a huge kick to Jimmy with the League of Nations cheering them on from ringside.

Much like their Monday night affair, the match between Dolph Ziggler and The Miz was so short, there's not much to analyze. But the actual pin itself was incredibly well executed. Miz went for his flying clothesline in the corner, but Dolph caught him in the air and immediately turned it into a backslide for the pin. Not the easiest thing to explain via text, so if you have a minute (and literally, all you'll need is a minute), go back and watch the replay.

Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks - Part II! Becky works Sasha's arm early and often to start the match, planting the seeds for the Dis-Arm-Her. They trade a variety of arm drags, reverses, and counters as Mauro and Jerry "The King" Lawler remind the audience how well these two know each other. Halfway through the match, Charlotte's music hits and the Diva's Champ makes her way to the ring with Papa Flair, drawing the attention of both Becky and Sasha. After some more pay-per-view-quality action, they spill to the outside and hit each other with a double-clothesline, knocking both of them to the ground. Ric dances over top of them in creepy Ric fashion. As soon as Sasha and Becky both recover, Charlotte attacks both of them from behind, resulting in a disqualification finish. After the match, Renee informs Charlotte that she'll be defending her championship against both Becky and Sasha in a triple-threat match at Wrestlemania.

In a preview of Monday night's Tag Team Championship match, A.J. Styles from Y2AJ takes on Kofi Kingston from the New Day. A.J. grabs the early advantage, but Xavier Woods continues to be a nuisance on the outside, sticking the slide of the trombone through the ropes and into the ring. A.J. fakes an attack on Kofi, but instead dives over the top rope and onto Xavier on the floor. Kofi takes advantage of the distraction landing a big kick on the outside and remains on offense for much of the match. Kofi sends A.J. to the outside again, but as Xavier and Big E look to swarm, the referee removes them from ringside and sends them to the back. A.J. takes immediate advantage, hitting the springboard forearm for the win.

And in tonight's main event, Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens put on a GREAT match that likely won't get the credit it deserves. Ambrose counters the pop-up powerbomb into a Frankensteiner, recovers from a Kevin Owens' superkick and lands Dirty Deeds for the win. It was incredibly entertaining and told a great story with Owens attacking Ambrose's ribs and Ambrose continuing to fight back. There are two things that hurt this match, in my opinion: a) We've seen it before. It was wildly entertaining when they did it a few months ago, but we've already seen the spots that they did tonight - The pop-up powerbomb counter, Owens catching Ambrose when he dives through the ropes, Owens superkicking Ambrose when he does the rope spin...we've already seen them all. b) Why did the Intercontinental Champ have to lose? Obviously, the plan is to make Ambrose strong heading into the Toronto event, and these two have great chemistry. But why couldn't Ambrose face Sheamus/Del Rio/Rusev/A Wyatt family member/Ryback/Big E tonight? Between tonight's Smackdown and Monday Night Raw, the US champ, the Tag Team champs, and the Intercontinental champ all lost non-title bouts.

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