WWE Smackdown Results (2/26/15) - Intercontinental Championship Changes Hands Twice! Smackdown is on Fire!


WWE Smackdown Results (2/26/15)
Thursday, February 26th, 2015
From Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA!
Report by Zack Krasney of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Hey everyone welcome back to Smackdown! After the fallout from Fastlane we are officially on the road to Wrestlemania! What rivalries will be born and what rivalries will we see grow?

WWE Smackdown Results

Smackdown kicks off with Daniel Bryan making his way to the ring. The Yes chants start but Bryan yells No! at the crowd. He doesn't know if the crowd remembered but he used to yell that because he felt he wasn't getting opportunities and no one was in his corner, but he was wrong the fans were in his corner. Last year after clawing his way to the main event at Wrestlemania he won the WWE World Heavyweight championship. After injury he lost it, at Fastlane last Sunday, he got a second chance. He had the chance to get everything back, and failed. So this year at Wrestlemania, for Daniel Bryan, there is no main event match, no championship shot. Without that hope, there have been a lot of people asking him if the Yes Movement is dead. NO! NO! NO! NO! He will not give up, he will not back down. At Wrestlemania 31 this year he plans on going---

*Wade Barretts music interrupts*

Barrett asks how much longer he is going to carry on with this nonsense. No one wants to hear Bryan's sob story. He has some bad news for him, he doesn't get a Wrestlemania story this year, he failed. You know who else won't? Dean Ambrose. Ambrose stole his title, even though he is still the title. If Bryan doesn't get out of the ring, Barrett will show him--

*Dean Ambrose comes out to interrupt*

Ambrose comes out with the Intercontinental championship and attacks Barrett. Bryan picks up the I.C. title and looks at it. Barrett tells him to give it back. Bryan debates giving it back, then gives it too him but only as a distraction so Ambrose can attack him from behind. Barrett takes off.

The announcers let us know we will hear from Roman Reigns.


Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz

Ambrose and Miz start things off with some quick action, tossing each other off the ropes and landing some shots. Miz hits his neck and back breaker to take control. Miz puts Ambrose in a headlock. Ambrose fights out and lands some chops on Miz. Ambrose brings Miz into the corner and starts a beat down, and then hits a running forearm in the corner. Ambrose goes to the top rope, but Barrett sneaks out and grabs the IC title. It distracts Miz who goes to attack BNB. Miz tries for the cheap shot, but Ambrose takes control and hits Dirty Deeds. 3 count pin for the win. BNB sneaks away with his title.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

The announce team talks about the return of Randy Orton. We see a replay of the main event from Raw on Monday, where Orton RKOs Noble and almost, but didn't, attack Seth Rollins.

Natty Hart vs. Naomi

Natty gets Naomi in a laying headlock. Naomi and Natty test the waters with each other, irish whips and reversals back and forth. Naomi puts a headlock with her legs on Natty, Natty ends up standing up with Naomi on her back and twirls her off. Naomi and Natty both go for a crossbody and collide. Kidd and Cesaro up for the distraction but the Usos come to fight them off. Natty fakes an injury and ends up taking Naomi out. 1-2-3.

Winner: Natty Hart


Rusev and Lana are in the ring. Rusev says his title is a symbol of a champion. He is a champion. Lana says a champion is someone who stands tall, full of pride, above everyone else. Rusev stands above the people of America. Rusev says he doesn't have to agree to no one's terms! She shows a pictures of Cena and says that he was so hopeful, but he slipped into unconsciousness. You can imagine their surprise when Cena BEGGED for a rematch. Rusev is a champion and he does not respond to anyone, especially people who fall asleep on the job! Lana says they're going to talk about something better, Rusev has received emails from Vladimir Putin. (I wonder if Putin ever hears about this stuff and is like "I didn't say any of that crap.") They say that Putin congratulated them for overcoming the America people's champion.

*Jack Swagger interrupts*

Swagger says "You don't want to give Cena a match? What's the matter, scared? If you're scared you came to the wrong city! ATL stand up! You're surrounded by real Americans!" Swagger makes his way to the ring. Rusev goes to attack Swagger, but Swagger ducks it and attacks him back. Swagger sends Rusev to the outside. Swagger goes after Rusev, but Rusev hits a sneak attack on Swagger and starts to pick him apart. Rusev hits the big kick to the head and then locks in the Accolade. Swagger fights a bit, but ends up tapping. The Russian flag drops.


Daniel Bryan vs. Bad News Barrett

BNB can't really decide where he wants his title so he can keep an eye on it. R-Truth on announce for this match, he looks at Bryon and says "welcome back Coach!" which was awesome. Barrett keeps looking over at his title. The go to lock up, but Barrett hits a big kick to the midsection. Barrett gets Bryan in the corner and lands some big kicks. He goes to put Bryan in the opposite corner but Bryan reverses it sending BNB face first into the turnbuckle. Bryan kicks the ropes. Bryan brings BNB into the middle of the ring and goes for the surfboard. BNB fights it a bit so Bryan just jumps on BNB's legs. Barrett gets control and hits a quick supplex. Bryan hits some big uppercuts, then starts in on the kicks. Bryan bounces against the ropes but Barrett hits Winds of Change. He gets Bryan up and throws him out of the ring.


Back from break and Barrett is in control, Bryan is sitting propped up against the second rope and Barrett is laying into him. He brings Bryan to the middle of the ring and throws on a sitting headlock. Bryan fights out with elbows, but Barrett lands an elbow of his own. Bryan is whipped against the corner but he runs up. He bounces off the ropes and lands a big clothesline, Barrett on his knees and Bryan starts his kicks to the chest. Bryan brings BNB in the corner and Bryan does his running body splashes. On his second splash BNB moves out of the way. Barrett realized the title dropped and went to go get it, on the outside, Bryan uses the distraction and hits a baseball slide and then a suicide dive. Bryan to the top rope, but Barrett knocks him down. Barrett goes for Wasteland but Bryan reverses and locks in the Yes Lock. R-Truth sneaks over like a cartoon and puts the IC title under his shirt. Barrett makes it to the ropes and throws Bryan into the steel post. He goes for the Bull Hammer but Bryan hits the Running Knee before it can connect. Truth keeps calling Bryon Coach and I keep laughing.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Barrett comes to in the ring, he realizes the title has gone missing and starts looking around for it. BNB goes to the announce table and asks if they saw his title. Truth says he hasn't seen it and stands up to show him he isn't sitting on it. Barrett looks frustrated and defeated.

We go to an interview with Bryon Saxton and Roman Reigns. Bryon congratulations Reigns on his hard fought win at Fastlane. Reigns says it was a tough, intense fight but that's who Daniel Bryan is and he'll need those characteristics to beat where he is going, Brock Lesnar. We see a replay of Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns interaction on Raw. Reigns says Paul Heyman talks non-stop. When people tell him he can't do something it fires him up. He CAN beat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. How does he prepare for the biggest match of his career? He trains harder than he's ever trained before, be stronger, faster, smarter. Watch old tapes of Lesnar. Lesnar has been to the biggest stage of them all, in the main event, before. Reigns hasn't. Reigns needs to talk to people who have, get their advice. In his position he could be cocky, arrogant, but it could be pulled away from him at any moment. Reigns hopes Lesnar is cocky, he is arrogant, he will be looking at man who comes from a proud family, who is fighting to become a better provider and to prove himself. That's a dangerous combination if you ask him.


Backstage Ambrose talks to Truth who has the I.C. title. Ambrose says he's coming after that title. Truth tells him to take it. Ambrose looks confused, Truth tells him to take it! Two title changes in ones night, Smackdown is on fire! Ambrose looks confused but happy and takes the title.

Curtis Axel comes out and tells us not to channel, he was never eliminated from the Royal Rumble. He has been in it for over 32 days. He wasn't eliminated and he'll win the Andre the Giant Battle Royal.

Fandango vs. Curtis Axel

The two boys exchange blows, and Curtis Axel throws Fandango over the top rope and posses. Fandango gets back in the ring and attacks Axel down. Fandango goes to the top and hits the big Leg Drop for the win

Winner: Fandango

Mizdow is backstage doing a commerical. Miz interrupts and tells him he's doing it all wrong. He does a mock impression of Mizdow, calling him dumb, stupid, and has no identity. He asks the director to ditch the zero, and get the hero. The director says he didn't think Miz would be interested in doing their commercial, and hands him the script. Miz throws the script away and tells him he doesn't need a script. Makeup! He needs makeup! Mizdow looks dejected.


We see a video tribute to Sting.

Adam Rose and the Rosebuds make their way out to the ring. I am really not sure why Rose still comes with the Rosebuds. Adam Rose does a video promo announcing he is going to be in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal.

We see the replay of the backstage beatdown of Goldust by Stardust at Fastlane.

Adam Rose vs. Goldust

Adam Rose takes control of the match early, but Goldust is able to counter an Irish Whip. Goldust lands a quick but strong body slam. Goldust takes control and lands his finisher early to pick up the win.

Winner: Goldust

After the match Goldust is walking away but one of the Rosebuds attack Goldust. It turns out to be Stardust in disguise. Stardust beats down Goldust in the ring and then hits the Crossroads.

Bray Wyatt cuts a promo asks if his words mean nothing to the Deadman. Sometimes he wonders if he can hear him at all, or maybe he's clinging to life. But he needs him to know this, Bray is not just a man, he is the serpent. His ignorance mocks him Undertaker. How long does he think he can hide from him? Hell is his playground and he'll go to the deepest darkest depths to see him. So come on Deadman, find him. Find him.


Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan, and Ryback vs. Big Show, Kane, and Seth Rollins

Match starts with Kane and Rowan. The lock up and Kane gets a standing headlock. Rowan bounces him against the ropes, both men collide but stay standing. Rowan is able to knock down Kane. Big headbutt by Rowan. Rowan picks up Kane and hits the fallaway slam. Rowan to the second rope and hits a flying elbow. Rowan with the headlock this time. Tag to Ziggler. Kane hits a blow to Ziggler, Ziggler hits a drop toe hold to Kane into the corner. Ziggler gets a headlock but Kane is able to make the tag to Seth Rollins. Rollins whips Ziggler but he reverses it and puts Rollins in the corner and Ziggler hits the big Slash. Ziggler goes for the Fameasser but misses, Show tags himself in. Big Show puts a submission on Ziggler's neck.


Kane hits a big boot on Ziggler as we return, then makes a tag to Rollins. Rollins goes for the cover but it's only a 2. Rollins picks up Ziggler and throws him into the corner and makes a tag to Big Show. Big Show hits a headbutt on Ziggler and lines Ziggler up for the big splash from the second rope. Ziggler kicks out at 2! Everyone seems shocked. Show throws Ziggler into another corner and runs at him but Ziggler gets a boot up and hits Show with the Fameasser! Both teams are ready for the hot tag. Kane tags in and knocks Rowan off the side. Ziggler hits the big jumping DDT on Kane! Feed me more chants! Ziggler hits the tag to Ryback and Rollins tags in too. Ryback hits the Thesz press and picks Rollins up and slams him down 3 times. He sends Rollins into the corner but Rollins comes running at him, Ryback manages to pick him up and slam him down. Ryback hits the Meat hook. J and J up for the distraction but Ryback knocks Noble away, then picks Rollins AND Mercury up for the Shellshock. Big Show runs interference and Rowan comes in to take Show out. Rollins jumps at Ryback off the top but Ryback catches him. Now Kane for the interference but Ziggler hits the ZigZag on Kane! Rollins throws Ziggler out of the ring and sets up the Curb stomp on Ryback. Rowan throws Noble in the ring which distracts Rollins for a second. Rollins goes for the Curb stomp but Ziggler slides in and hits the Superkick! Ryback gets Seth up for Shellshock! Ryback gets the pin for the win!

Winner: Ryback, Rowan and Ziggler

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