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WWE Smackdown Results (3/26/15) - Last Stop Before WrestleMania!

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WWE Smackdown Results (3/26/15)
Thursday, March 26th, 2015
From Staples Center in Los Angeles, California
Report by Zack Krasney of

This is it folks! The last stop before WrestleMania! We have some big names on the show tonight including John Cena, Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, and Seth Rollins!

WWE Smackdown Results

Big E vs. Jimmy vs. Fernando vs. Cesaro

Big E and Cesaro pair off while Jimmy and Fernando pair off. The faces switch opponents and Big E hits a big belly to belly on Fernando, then hits one on Jimmy Uso. Everyone but Big E gets shoved into one corner and gets a big splash. Big E picks up Cesaro and throws him into Jimmy. Big E hits a a big splash on Fernando, but Cesaro in to break up the pin. Jimmy hits a big kick on Big E. Fernando hits Jimmy with a kick as he was going to do the suicide dive to Cesaro and Big E on the outside. Fernando goes for the suicide dive instead, then Jimmy follows up with a suicide dive of his own. Cesaro makes his way back in the ring and knocks Big E off the side of the ring. Jimmy and Cesaro go for a double suplex on Fernando over the top rope, Big E runs in and hits a double german suplex on them at the same time that they hit the double suplex. Fernando goes for a drop kick from the middle turn buckle, but Cesaro catches him and hits the Big Swing. Cesaro goes for his finisher on Big E, but Fernando hits the backstaber on him before he can. Big E stands up but eats a Superkick from Jimmy Uso. Fernando tosses Jimmy over the top rope but Jimmy holds on and flips Fernando outside. Jimmy hits the Uso Splash on Cesaro for the win!

Winner: Jimmy Uso

We catch up with the ever beautiful and talented Renee Young and Byron Saxton who are at WrestleMania Axxess. We see the footage of Brock Lesnar on SportsCenter announcing he re-signed with WWE. You can see my personal feelings on Lesnar re-signing here. We see a video package for Reigns and Lesnar match at WrestleMania.

Next we see a video package for the Intercontinental Championship, and really shows off the prestige that the championship used to have. It leads into a promo for the ladder match on Sunday.

Next up we see footage from Raw where AJ and Paige got into it because of the accidental elbow to the head AJ gave Paige.

They follow things up with a video package for Cena vs. Rusev this Sunday.

We get a video package for Seth Rollins and Randy Orton's match at WrestleMaia.

Back in the Smackdown arena, AJ Lee makes her way down to the ring. We see the replay of AJ and Paige going at it on Raw. AJ grabs a mic and says we've seen her as a Diva, as a GM, as almost everyone's girlfriend, but most importantly as the longest reigning Diva's Championship. The Bellas had a plan for her and Paige on Raw, and it worked. But, at WrestleMania she's going to stand up to the pampered plastic divas. If Paige wants to join her, it's up to her. Paige comes out and says she likes how AJ wants to just skip over what happened on Raw. Paige knows that AJ doesn't want her to be champ. AJ says she wants to be Divas Champion but now isn't the time for that. Paige wants to know how she can trust her. AJ says because just like Paige, she hates losing, she's crazy, and a little weird. AJ says at WrestleMania lets beat the Kardashians. The Bella twins come out. Nikki says it's nice to see them getting along, but it won't help them win on Sunday. Brie says that Nikki and herself may have some rough patches but they will always get along. Lets hope that AJ doesn't win the title, Brock Lesnar has worked more dates than AJ. She may be plastic but she has been running the Diva's division! AJ says you're right, we want to be fake, D-list, fake actresses. Paige says no, they want to be themselves, the freaks, geeks, REAL women. AJ says at WrestleMania AJ and Paige are going to kick their ass! Nikki walks down towards the ring like she's going to fight, but Brie pulls her back. Nikki says see you bitches at WrestleMania!

We see a video package for Triple H vs. Sting.

We get another video package, this time for Undertaker vs. Sting.

John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns, and Mark Henry vs. Big Show, Kane, Seth Rollins, and Bray Wyatt

Reigns and Rollins start things off. Seth looks like he wants to lock up but then backs off. Rollins puts in a standing headlock. Reigns shakes him off and hits a shoulder block. Rollins gets Reigns in the corner and stomps him. Reigns comes out with a big clothesline, puts Rollins in the corner and hits multiple corner clotheslines. Reigns hits a big tilt-a-whirl slam. Bray Wyatt tags in and hits a big uppercut shot on Reigns. Reigns reverses an irish whip with an elbow and takes control. Reigns puts Wyatt in the corner and starts a beat down. Wyatt flips Reigns over the the top rope, but Reigns lands on the side and hits what looks like a Stone Cold Stunner using the ropes. Wyatt drops and Reigns hits his running kick from the outside to the side of the ring. Reigns is looking good in this match. Kane tags in. Kane gets the headlock in, and then hits a running shoulder block. Roman dodges a clothesline and hits a jumping clothesline of his own. Reigns hits a jumping clothesline from the middle turnbuckle. Henry tags in, and Show tags in. They exchange big body blows. Show hits a big shoulder block and knocks down Henry. Show picks up Henry and hits a big body blow, puts Henry in the corner and hits a body splash. Wyatt tags in. Wyatt with some quick punches and then tags Seth Rollins. Rollins stomps Henry who is on his back. Henry fights off Rollins, who runs to tag in Kane. Kane prevents Henry from tagging in. Kane puts Henry in his team's corner and tags Big Show. Show hits a HUGE chop. Henry fights off Show a bit, but eats a sidekick from Big Show. Show puts Henry's neck on the bottom rope and stands on Henry's head.

We return and John Cena hits Bray Wyatt with a spinning body drop, setting Bray up for the 5 knuckle shuffle. Kane comes in for the distraction, and Wyatt hits Cena with his running body collision. Wyatt tags Big Show. Show picks up Cena and slams him down. Kane tags in and hits a big uppercut on Cena. Kane tries to block Cena from tagging anyone in, and tags Seth Rollins in. Rollins stomps Cena down in his corner. Bray Wyatt hits a cheap shot on Cena when the ref is distracted. Cena fights back against Rollins, they exchange rights. Cena goes for the AA but Rollins lands on his feet and hits a reverse DDT flip. Wyatt tags in and beats Cena into his team's corner some more. Wyatt pulls Cena out of the corner and hits a big running splash on Cena, Wyatt tries it a second time but misses. Cena tries for a tag, but Rollins tags in to stop it. Rollins puts Cena in a headlock, then a sleeper. Cena fights towards his corner with Rollins still on Cena's back. Cena slams Rollins into a corner to get him off. Rollins hits a flying neckbreaker from the top rope. Rollins tags in Show. Show tags a cheap shot on Henry who was on the side. Big Show goes for the splash from the second rope, but misses. Show tags in Rollins who stops Cena from tagging. Cena manages to flip Rollins over the top rope to the outside. Cena makes the hot tag to Daniel Bryan! Bryan hits a running double drop kick to knock Wyatt and Kane off the side. Rollins whips Bryan into the corner but Bryan runs up the corner. Bryan hits a running clothesline on Rollins and a body splash in the corner. Bryan hits a super hurricarana from the top rope. Yes chants strong! Bryan hits the repeated kicks on Rollins who is on his knees. J & J up for the distraction but Bryan knocks them down. As Bryan turns back to Rollins he eats a big spinning kick from Seth. Rollins tags in Big Show. Show knocks Reigns off the side of the ring. Show sets up for the Chokeslam but Reigns in and hits a big Superman Punch! Wyatt in and goes for a Sister Abigail on Reigns, who reverses it and hits a spear on Wyatt!Kane for a chokeslam on Reigns, who reverse it and hits another spear! Cena picks Big Show up for the AA and hits it! Daniel Bryan then hits the running knee on Big Show for the win!

Winners: Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns, John Cena, and Mark Henry

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