WWE Smackdown Results 9/24/15

WWE Smackdown Results 9/24/2015
Thursday, September 24, 2015
From American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, TX
Report by James B. of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Kane has returned, The Dudley Boyz are in the tag team title hunt, and Sting just had a championship match...I promise that this is a 2015 episode of Smackdown and not a WWE Network recap! Thanks for hanging out for another Thursday night.

After a lengthy Raw recap, Kane opens the show to a somewhat surprising applause and warm reaction. He excitedly welcomes everyone to the show and announces a few of the upcoming matches before Seth Rollins music hits. Rollins tells him to ¨Cut the crap¨ with the demon/corporate gimmick, but Kane reverts to his conflict resolutions days from Team Hell No. After Kane slips in-and-out of his multiple personalities a few times, he announces that Rollins will face his former Shield mate, Dean Ambrose in the main event.

The first match of the night is Roman Reigns vs. Luke Harper, with Ambrose and the other two members of the Wyatt Family banned from ringside. The match is exactly what you would expect - A brawl. After some back-and-forth slugging, Harper hits his big powerbomb, but Reigns kicks out. Harper retreats to the corner to line up his spinning clothesline. Reigns connects on a superman punch instead, sending Harper flying into the ropes, then into a spear. Reigns picks up the clean pin in a relatively quick match.

Booo! We return from the break with The New Day already in the ring and we miss the opportunity to hear ¨Corpus Christi!¨ from Big E. Kofi and Big E cut a quick promo on The Dudley Boyz, but it was certainly a little lackluster compared to recent weeks. Neville and the Lucha Dragons enter the ring for a six-man tag match. With Kofi and Big E doing their patented stomps in the corner on Kalisto, Xavier Woods takes the opportunity to grab his trombone and serenade the crowd. Kalisto makes the hot tag to Sin Cara who executes some high-risk moves MUCH better than his failed spring-board from Monday night. With all three members of The New Day on the outside, Neville and the Lucha Dragons coordinate simultaneous moonsaults to the floor. Kofi provides a quick distraction to Sin Cara, allowing Woods to recover and hit a running knee for the pin. Entertaining match, little bit of a quirky ending, mostly because of the non-reaction by the announce team.

Cesaro struggles to maintain a straight face as Bo Dallas strolls to the ring delivering his inspirational message. Cesaro uses the opening minutes of the match to put on a fitness competition, bouncing and rolling all over the ring (literally) with Dallas by his side. Dallas gets in a lot of offense, most notably working the back and ribs which Cesaro has been nursing in recent weeks. But Cesaro eventually wraps him up in a small package that Houdini would not have escaped from. When was the last time we saw a Cesaro match that had no airplane spins or European uppercuts?!

Becky Lynch and Charlotte head to the ring, where Charlotte thanks the WWE Universe for their support after her title victory. Paige follows shortly thereafter and apologizes for ¨not being a team player.¨ Paige says she deserves more recognition for starting the Divas Revolution. Natalya comes down to keep the peace, only to be called a ¨crazy cat lady¨ by Paige. After a few more failed attempts to bring everyone together, Paige slaps Natalya and walks out of the ring.

Kevin Owens and Rusev get ready to face their Night of Champions opponents, Ryback and Dolph Ziggler,in a tag team match. Owens refuses to start the match, fearing a confrontation with Ryback, forcing Rusev to begin with Ziggler. Ziggler hits a big dropkick and his hesitation DDT as we head to the next break. Rusev and Owens take turns punishing Ziggler. Owens mocks Ryback and the crowd after every slam and headlock. Ziggler finally makes the hot tag to Ryback, who eats a horribly-executed spinning kick off the ropes from Rusev. It looked like the Rear View from Naomi, but much worse. Owens decides he had enough and heads for the ramp with his title belt, leaving Ryback to hit Shellshock on Rusev and pick up the pin.

In our main event, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose engage in a relatively tame match by their standards. Rollins controls a lot of the action early, and when Ambrose gains momentum, Rollins shields the referee and pokes Ambrose in the eye. He hits the buckle bomb and sets Ambrose up for the pedigree when the lights go red. Rollins searches for Kane, but he never shows up. Ambrose sneaks up behind and rolls the champ up for the win. After the match, Rollins threatens Kane, who never makes an appearance, and reminds everyone that he is still the WWE champ.

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