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WWE Smackdown Results (12/28/12) - Here's to 2013!

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WWE Smackdown Results - (12/28/12)
Results by: Adam W. of

Welcome to this week's Smackdown! The show begins with a video package hyping tonight's show. Sheamus and Big Show have their feud continue over to 2013. Big E. Langston made his presence felt after he attacked The Miz.

Sheamus makes his way to the ring. Sheamus says he hopes everyone had a Merry Christmas. Sheamus said he probably drank gallons of egg nog flavored Ale, got tons of sweaters and ties and a years supply of sun screen from his Ma. Sheamus says he will make his New Year's Resolution to become the World Heavyweight Champion. Sheamus says there is no time like the present. Sheamus calls out the Big Show for a World Championship match. Big Show makes his way to the ring.

Big Show tells the crowd not to boo him. Show asks if he looks like Santa Claus to Sheamus. Sheamus says yes, but in fairness to Santa, Show is fatter. Show says from his New Year's Resolution, he should get into comedy. Show says he will be as successful in that as he would getting another title match. Show says the only reason Sheamus won on Raw was because he was in the Christmas mood. Show says Sheamus won, but never when it counts. Show says Sheamus won't decide when he gets a title match. Sheamus says Show is a coward. Show denies that he is afraid of Sheamus. Sheamus says he came to fight for the World Title, but if he can't get the title he will still get a fight. Booker T interrupts.

Booker says he agrees with Show, that he beat Sheamus at TLC. Booker says Sheamus did however beat him on Raw. Show begins to says that Sheamus is done with his chances, saying he got his shot. Show says when goes through the locker room, it reeks of inferiority. Booker says he is sorry Show feels that way, but will have a match tonight. Booker will put every WWE Superstar's name in a tumbler, and the winner who is chosen will face Big Show for the World Heavyweight Championship tonight. Booker asks Teddy to bring out the locker room, as the roster comes out to the ramp. Booker says whoever wins that lottery will be knocked out.

The tumbler is brought out, as Teddy Long and Eve fight over who will open it. The tumbler is knocked off the table, as Booker says he will do it instead. Booker picks, with the winner being Santino Marella. Santino begins dancing around in celebrating, but Big Show comes up the ramp. Show stares at Santino, laughing at him as he walks away.


Primo is in the ring, with Epico and Rosa Mendes. Brodus Clay makes his way to the ring.

Primo w/ Epico and Rosa Mendes vs. Brodus Clay w/ Cameron and Naomi

Primo takes out Clay's leg, following with some body shots. Primo tries to whip Clay, but Brodus holds the ropes. Clay whips Primo, and catches a Crossbody. Clay slams Primo, following by pushing Epico off the apron. Clay connects with a Headbutt to Primo's chest. Brodus runs the ropes, and connects with a Splash.

Winner: Brodus Clay via pinfall

Rosa begins yelling at Clay, as he backs away. Cameron and Naomi connect with a Double Suplex followed by a Split Legged Leg Drop. They bring fans in the ring, and begin dancing.


Backstage, Sheamus is talking with Santino as he is eating a hotdog. Santino says he is a blank canvas and Sheamus is the painter. Sheamus says he defeated Big Show with the Brogue Kick, so he will teach Marella the move. Santino says with his cobra and Brogue Kick, Sheamus will never be champion again. Santino attempts the Brogue Kick, but pulls his hamstring.

Rhodes Scholars and Wade Barrett are in the ring. Kofi Kingston makes his way to the ring. Team Hell No make their way to the ring.

WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No (Daniel Bryan and Kane) and Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Rhodes Scholars (Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes) and Wade Barrett

Daniel and Cody start off with a lock up, as Bryan locks in a Hammerlock. Cody gets out, but is kicked in the chest. Kane is tagged, as Daniel does a Slingshot into the corner. Kane is waiting, connecting with a Big Boot. Rhodes begins punching Kane in the corner, tagging Sandow. Damien begins kicking Kane in the corner. Kane is whipped, but reverses into a Sidewalk Slam. Pin, but a kick out. Kingston is tagged, as he does a Double Axe Handle to Sandow's arm. Cody is tagged, as he then tags Barrett. Wade goes for a Slam, but Kofi gets out. Kingston runs the ropes, but is taken out with a shoulder. Kofi runs the ropes, connecting with a Spinning Back Elbow. Pin, but a kick out. Kofi is backed into the corner, but Kingston gets away. Kofi goes for Trouble in Paradise, but Barrett backs into his corner. Rhodes and Sandow get in the ring, standing off with Hell No. All six men wait in the their respective corners, standing off.


Sandow and Rhodes pulls Daniel's legs apart. Sandow follows with a Russian Legsweep and Elbow of Distain. Sandow picks up Bryan, and tags Wade. Barrett punches Bryan in the ribs, seating him on the ropes. Wade knees Daniel in the face, following with a boot to the face. Daniel is sent to the apron, but dragged back in the ring. Pin, but a kick out. Barrett locks in a Rear Chinlock, but Daniel punches out. Daniel whips Wade from the corner, but is reversed. Daniel falls after hitting the corner, as Cody is tagged. Rhodes begins stomping Bryan. Cody locks in an Arm Bar, but Daniel punches out. Daniel is pushed into the corner. Rhodes runs to Daniel, but is propelled into the corner, face first. Wade and Kofi are tagged. Kingston takes out Barrett, beginning to punch him. Kofi is sent ot he corner, and connects with an Enziguri. Kofi connects with a High Cross Body. Pin, but Rhodes breaks the pin. Kane takes out Rhodes, and Daniel dives on Rhodes Scholars. Cody connects with a Disaster Kick from the apron to Bryan. Rhodes gets in the ring, but is hit with a Trouble in Paradise. Barrett catches Kingston with a Bull Hammer.

Winners: Rhodes Scholars and Wade Barrett via pinfall

Big Show is backstage with Booker T, laughing. Show says Santino is inured, saying he has the night off. Booker said there will be a World Heavyweight Champion match, drawing from the tumbler again. Show says that isn't fair. Booker T draws a ball, and says Show will find out soon enough.


Booker and Show are yelling at each other, as Ricardo Rodriguez enters. Booker says Ricardo is his opponent. Big Show begins laughing, saying Ricardo wont be World Champion. Show puts the title on Ricardo's shoulder. Show tells Rodriguez to announces himself as World Champion. Ricardo is knocked out, as he falls to the floor.

Zack Ryder makes his way to the ring. Antonio Cesaro makes his way to the ring.

United States Champion Antonio Cesaro vs. Zack Ryder

Zack and Antonio lock up, as Ryder is backed into the corner. Antonio connects with a European Uppercut. Antonio connects with a Suplex, and pins. Kick out. Antonio locks in a Straight Jacket, but Ryder gets out. Ryder is pushed against the ropes, and has his neck pulled against them. Antonio connects with a Gut Wrench Suplex. Pin, but a kick out. Cesaro headbutts Ryder into the corner. Cesaro throws punches to Ryder, but is fought back. Cesaro retaliates with a Body Slam. Cesaro connects with a Double Stomp. Pin, but a kick out. Cesaro locks in a Waist Lock. Ryder stands out, throwing elbows. Ryder is thrown into the ropes, but does a Facebuster. Ryder hits Cesaro with knees in the corner, followed by a Missile Dropkick. Ryder connects with an elbow to Cesaro in the corner. Ryder goes for a Broski Boot, but Antonio moves. Cesaro connects a European Uppercut following with the Neutralizer for the win.

Winner: United States Champion Antonio Cesaro via pinfall

A highlight from Super Smackdown is shown, when Big E Langston attacks The Miz.


The Miz makes his way to the ring. Dolph Ziggler with AJ and Big E Langston make their way to the ring.

Mr. Money in the Bank Dolph Ziggler w/ AJ Lee and Big E Langston vs. The Miz

Miz and Dolph lock up, as Miz locks in a Side Headlock. Miz preforms a Headlock Takeover, but ZIggler stands out. Ziggler is thrown against the ropes, but is taken down again. Ziggler gets out, but is Arm Dragged by Miz. Miz is punches in the face, as Ziggler elbows his head. Ziggler continues with punches, and locks in a Side Headlock. Ziggler is thrown against the ropes, taking Miz out with a shoulder. Miz grabs Ziggler, connecting with a Flap Jack. Miz throws Ziggler to the floor, but Langston catches him. Dolph gets back in the ring. Ziggler and Miz lock hands, but Dolph kicks him in the gut. Dolph connects with a Neckbreaker. Pin, but a kick out. Dolph connects with an Elbow Drop and pins. Kick out. Ziggler locks in a Headlock, as Ziggler transitions into an Abdominal Stretch. Miz throws Ziggler off, and begins throwing punches. Miz shoulders Ziggler from the apron, going top rope. Ziggler catches Miz in the air with a Dropkick.


Ziggler connects with an Elbow Drop, and goes for the cover. Kick out. Ziggler locks in a Headlock and a Body Scissors. Miz stands out, throwing punches to Ziggler's gut. Dolph is hit with a Back Suplex. Miz sends Ziggler into the turnbuckle head first, following with a comeback. Miz connects with a Backbreaker/Neckbreaker combination. Pin,but a kick out. Ziggler locks in a Sleeper Hold, but Miz connects with a DDT. Pin, but a kick out. Miz runs the ropes, going for a kick. Ziggler rolls him up, but a kick out, Ziggler goes for a Leg Lariat, but Miz throws him into the corner. Miz connects with a Clothesline in the corner, following with a Double Axe Handle from the top rope. Miz blows a kiss at Miz, as Big E Langston goes to get in the ring. Miz looks at him, but is taken out with a Zig Zag.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler via pinfall

Miz grabs a mic, saying who ever she is with on New Year's Eve it will end in a bang. Miz tells her Happy New Year, and calls her sweetheart. Ziggler attacks Miz, but is hit with the mic. Miz fights with Ziggler, until he gets out of the ring. Langston attacks Miz, connecting with a Big End. Langston stands over Miz, as AJ and Ziggler make out over him.

Backstage, Ricardo Rodriguez is being checked on. Booker asks if he is alright, but Brad Maddox comes up to him. Brad asks for another shot, but Booker says not now. Maddox asks if Booker can dig that. Booker says he has one more chance, which will be his last. Brad leaves as Alberto Del Rio comes in the room. Del Rio checks on Ricardo, saying he want to get his hands on Big Show. Booker places Del Rio in the World Championship Match, as Alberto says it is for Ricardo.


Brad Maddox makes his way to the ring, saying his New Year's Resolution is to be a WWE Superstar. Maddox says everyone's New Year's Resolution will be to remember the name Brad Maddox; which after tonight shouldn't be hard. Sheamus makes his way to the ring.

Sheamus vs. Brad Maddox

Brad tries to leave the ring, but Sheamus says if he want a contract. Brad locks in a Headlock, but is thrown into the ropes. Maddox is taken out with a shoulder. Brad stands up, as he locks in a Waist Lock. Sheamus throws Maddox away, as he grabs Sheamus' arm. Sheamus connects with a Headlock Takeover. Maddox grabs the ropes, pushing Sheamus. Sheamus chases Maddox to the floor and around the ring. Brad kicks Sheamus and tries whipping him from the corner. Sheamus remains still, taking out Sheamus with a Lariat. Maddox crawls to the apron, but has his chest beaten in. Brad is picked up, and brought down to the ring with White Noise. Sheamus connects with a Brouge Kick for the win.

Winner: Sheamus via pinfall


Raw Rebound

On Raw, Santa Claus gives toys to the crowd. Santa is hit with Alberto Del Rio's car. Alberto looks shocked, saying it was an accident. Del Rio was put in a Miracle on 34th Street Fight against John Cena. Props are used, such as presents. Cena uses a fire extinguisher, but Ricardo jumps on Cena. Santa is alright, coming to the ring. Santa hits Ricardo with a bag of presents and uses a stocking similarly to Mr. Socko on Del Rio.

The Usos and Primetime Players are in the ring.

Primetime Players (Darren Young and Titus O'Neil) vs. The Usos (Jimmy and Jey)

Jimmy and Darren lock up, as Darren is kicked away. Young connects with a shoulder, but is taken out with a fist. Key is tagged, as Darren is taken out with a Double Elbow Drop. Pin, but a kick out. Jey is pushes away, as Darren connects with an elbow. Titus makes a blind tag, as Jey is sent into Titus' boot. Titus connects with a Larait. Darren is tagged, as Young inadvertently kicks Titus. Darren connects with a Gutbuster to Jey and pins. Kick out. Titus gets in the ring, attacking Jey. Jimmy gets Jey out of the way, rolling up Darren.

Winners: The Usos via pinfall


A Shield promo is shown. Dean says the year is coming to an end, Seth says because of the scar they left. Reigns says they are just getting started. Roman says they rectified justice. Rollins says they proved with actions, showing their attacks on Ryback, Hell No, Randy Orton and Miz. Rollins says 2013 is the year WWE is cleansed. Ambrose ends it by saying believe in the shield.

Backstage, Matt Striker is asking Big Show about his match later tonight. Show says he has had two opponents, one pulled a muscle and the other got knocked out. Show says if Alberto wants to get knocked out just like Ricardo, he will make it a trifecta.


Big Show makes his way to ring. Alberto Del Rio makes his way to the ring.

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Big Show (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio

Alberto begins attacking Show with kicks, but is headbutt. Show goes to chop Del Rio in the corner, but is put in the corner himself. Del Rio kicks Show, but is chopped in the chest. Show hits Del Rio's back, followed by a Headlock Takeover. Del Rio locks in a Headscissors. Show stands out, but is taken right back down to the mat. Del Rio is chopped against the ropes. Del Rio falls to the floor. Show follows, as he whips Del Rio into the steel steps. Del Rio is thrown back in the ring, as Show follows. Show locks in an Arm Bar. Del Rio stands out, throwing punches. Del Rio is taken down with a shoulder. Show steps on Del Rio. Show connects with a Bodyslam to Del Rio. Show goes for an Elbow Drop, but Del Rio moves. Alberto throws kicks to Show's head, following with a Superkick. Pin, but a kick out. Del Rio begins punching the shoulder of Show, going for the Cross Arm Breaker. Show pushes Del Rio, as he falls out of the ring. Show leaves the ring, going up the ramp. Sheamus attacks Show from behind.

Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Big Show via disqualification

Sheamus is taken out, as Show still tries to leave. The whole locker room comes out to confront Show. Everyone begins attacking Big Show, as they throw Show back in the ring. Del Rio connects with an Enziguri as Sheamus follows with a Brouge Kick. Del Rio and Sheamus stand over Big Show as the show ends.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year. Everyone here at WNW look forward to bringing you more news and results in 2013. Thanks for reading!

-Adam W.

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