WWE Smackdown Results (9/28/12) - Beheading the Serpent


WWE Smackdown Results - (9/28/12)
Results by: Adam W. of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Welcome to this week's Smackdown! We are welcomed to the show by Michael Cole and Josh Matthews. Tonight's Main Event will be Randy Orton facing The Big Show. To begin the show, Big Show is welcomed to the ring. A highlight is shown from last week's Raw, when Big Sh0w attacked Tensai and Brodus Clay in their match. Big Show knocks them both out with a WMD.

Big Show makes his way to the ring, and grabs a mic. Big Show says he is back, as the most dominant force in company history. Show says he wants the World Heavyweight Championship. Show says his last reign was 45 seconds. Big Show says the guy who took his title, lost it at Wrestlemania 28 to Sheamus in 18 seconds. Show says this was his turning point. Big Show says his match at Wrestlemania was because of ridiculde. Big Show says he won't be made fun of, because he is the only man on the roster that can't defeat Sheamus. Randy Orton interrupts, and makes his way to the ring.

Orton tells Big Show that he finds it funny that he will take out Sheamus, when he hasn't taken out the most dominant and sadistic man on the show. Randy Orton. Randy says their match later in the night will now be a #1 Contenders Match for Sheamus' title. Randy says he is a 9-time World Champion, and won't let anyone stop him from getting to 10. Randy says if Big Show is going to stand in his way, he won't be standing at all. Big Show says we will see if he is bite with an RKO, or Orton is KO'd. Alberto Del Rio interrupts.

Alberto says he was cheated at Night of Champions. Alberto says he is better than Orton and Show together. Alberto says they should both go to the back of the line. As Del Rio gets in the ring, he is greeted with an RKO. Orton stares at Big Show, and walks up the ramp.

Tonight, Miz TV will make its Smackdown debut. Miz's guest will be World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus. Next, we will see Antonio Cesaro defend his United States Championship against Santino Marella.


WWE Rewind:

Santino goes for a Cobra on Antonio Cesaro, but Aksana causes another distraction. Antonio throws the Cobra, but Aksana reaches for it. Aksana falls in the ring, distracting Antonio. Marella pins him in a non-title match. After his lose, Cesaro breaks up with Aksana.

Antonio Cesaro makes his way to the ring. Santino Marella struts his way to the ring.

United States Championship Match: Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. Santino Marella

Antonio and Santino lock up, as Antonio backs Santino to the ropes. Cesaro kicks Marella in the gut, followed by a punch to the face. Santino is whipped in the corner, but does a Float Over. Santino ducks a Lariat, and goes for an Arm Drag. Cesaro reverses into a Lariat. Cesaro throws Santino into the corner, and begins punching him. Cesaro does a Suplex, followed by a pin. Kick out. Antonio locks in a Cravate on Santino, but Marella punches out. Marella does a Back Drop Suplex, followed by a Body Slam. Santino goes for the Cobra, but gets hit in the gut. Cesaro goes for a Gut Wrench Suplex, but Santino rolls Antonio up. Cesaro kicks out, and does a European Uppercut. Cesaro connects with a Gut Wrench Suplex. Santino throws a punch, knocking Antonio out. Pin, but a kick out. Cesaro is seated on the top rope, but blocks a Superplex. Antonio throws fists, followed by a headbutt. Cesaro went for a top rope Neutralizer, but Santino does a Back Body Drop. Santino goes for a Saluting Headbutt of the top rope, but misses. Cesaro hits the Neutralizer for the win.

Winner and STILL United States Champion: Antonio Cesarovia pinfall


In a video, Kane, Daniel Bryan and Dr. Shelby are at a diner. Daniel and Shelby are talking about winning the Tag Team Championships. Daniel says he is the Tag Team Champions. Shelby says outside of the ring, he and Kane can coexist peacefully. Kane, dressed as a waiter, asks for Daniel's order. Bryan asks for Steamed Vegetables and not a psycho 7-foot freak for a tag partner. Oh, and Soy Milk. Kane says he is Gerald. Kane says there is a new cook, and that this morning he took the cook by his goat beard and dipped him in the deep fryer. Then he cut up the beard, and put it on everyone's food.

Beth Phoenix and Natalya wait in the ring for a match.

Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya

Beth and Nat shake hands. Beth and Nat lock up, as Beth gets an Arm Bar. Nat rolls out, and takes Beth down. Beth gets a Headscissors, but Nat kicks way. Beth does a Droptoe Hold, but is caught in a Hammerlock. Beth takes Nat down, with an Arm Wrench. Nat reverses, but is backed into the corner. Beth does a Headlock Takedown and holds the lock. Nat elbows out, as Beth runs the ropes. Beth catches Nat, but Nat gets away. Beth pokes Nat, as she is slapped in the face. Beth charges at Nat, and begins punching her. Nat gets to the ropes, but Beth does a Russian Leg Sweep. Beth goes top rope for a Missile Dropkick, but Natty locks in a Sharpshooter. Beth lifts her way to the ropes, but Nat backs up. Beth grabs the bottom rope, breaking the hold. Beth goes for a roll up, but Nat runs the ropes. Nat is caught in the Glam Slam and is pinned. Nat kicks out. Beth is thrown into the turnbuckle, but kicks Nat. Beth goes for a roll up off the top rope, but Nat gets the pin. Beth reverses again for the win.

Winner: Beth Phoenix via pinfall

Eve makes her way to the ramp with a mic. Eve says she wanted to apologize to Beth for attacking her. Eve says until they know Kaitlyn's assailant, they must think rationally. Eve says she knows the attacker on Kaitlyn at Night of Champions was blonde. Until then, Eve suspends Beth. Phoenix questions Natalya, but she says she has nothing to do with it.


Booker T and Teddy Long are backstage talking about the tag team division. Booker T says he should make a tournament determine who faces Team Hell No at Hell in a Cell. Beth Phoenix makes her way in, asking Booker T if Eve even has that authority. Eve says she was just acting on what Booker wanted. Eve says Teddy told her. Long says she was making it up, and he isn't jealous of Booker's position. Booker asks for a minute.

Raw Rebound:

Mick Foley says he is moved by something he saw on Raw. Mick says when CM Punk emerged, he was taught, along with other people, to stand up for himself. Now, Foley wonders if Punk is still the same person. Punk says he should be shown respect. Mick tries to tell Punk that Paul Heyman is only out for himself. Mick then says he should talk about CM Punk about Hell in a Cell. Mick cemented his legacy in a Hell in a Cell, and should face John Cena in October. CM Punk says Cena said the same thing, but look at him know. Cena makes his way to the ring, as Punk says he suggests Cena run. Punk gives Cena until five to run, but is greeted with a lead pipe to the gut. Cena says he hopes to see Punk at Hell in a Cell. Backstage, Punk attack Mick. Punk turns around, but Ryback stares him down.

Miz is getting makeup applied as he prepares for Miz TV later in the night.


Zack Ryder waits in the ring for his opponent. Wade Barrett makes his way to the ring.

Wade Barrett vs. Zack Ryder

Wade and Zack go for a lock up, but Barrett knees Ryder int he gut. Wade takes Ryder down, and runs the ropes. Ryder jumps over Wade, but is kicked in the stomach. Wade hits Zack with a Pump Handle Body Slam. A cornered Ryder is beaten down by Wade, and then hit with a slingshot Backbreaker. Pin, but a kick out. Wade locks in a Surfboard Stretch. Zack gets out, but is kneed. Zack runs the ropes and hits a Facebuster. Zack hits high knees, followed by a Missile Dropkick. A cornered Barrett hits a Flying Forearm, and goes for the Broski Boot. Barrett goes to the floor, but is kicked in the face. Zack rolls Wade back in the ring. Zack is hit with a Lariat to the floor. Wade rolls Zack back in the ring, and connects with a Souvenir.

Winner: Wade Barrett via pinfall

In another Anger Management segment, Kane and Daniel Bryan eat at a diner. Daniel says them working out their issues is impossible. Daniel says it's to bad they can't be friends. Kane and Bryan talk about the joy of attacking the tag teams with chairs. Kane and Bryan begins yelling and slamming the table. As Bryan shouts "YES," Kane shouts "Ow!" They both pant afterwards, as Mae Young is at the diner. Young says she'll have what their having.


Miz is in the ring, welcoming us to Miz TV. Miz says his show is unlike any other, and gloats. Sheamus interrupts Miz's introduction. Sheamus drops his chair to the floor, as Miz looks in shock. Miz asks if Shamus knows how expensive his set is. Sheamus grabs the mic, saying Miz has memory lost. Sheamus says he thought Ryback knocked out his memory. Sheamus wonders how Miz TV will get any better. Sheamus says it is because he is on it. Sheamus asks Miz how it fells to have him on, but answers his own question. Sheamus says if he was Miz, he would wait until the show is over so the people won't have to hear him. Miz says he is still Intercontinental Champion. Miz says the people and Sheamus will have to pay to see him. Miz speaks of him being in the Marine III, Mick Foley's book, and his radio show. Miz then says he beat three people blinded to retain his belt. Sheamus says nobody wants to pay to see him. Miz says it's funny, but wonders why Sheamus isn't serious. Miz says there is a #1 Contendership Match later tonight. Miz says Sheamus will either have to face Randy Orton or Big Show. Miz says Sheamus will either get slaughtered by an RKO, or have facial reconstruction due to the WMD. Sheamus calls Miz a "frog-faced, Hollywood wannabe" and says he takes his championship seriously. Sheamus says his title is an honor, and is one of the greatest achievements in his whole life. Sheamus says he doesn't mind who wins tonight. Sheamus says he knows what the fans paid to see, and will give it to them. Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler interrupts.

Vickie asks why Sheamus is concerned with Orton or Show, when he should be worried about Dolph. Ziggler gets the mic, saying he can speak for himself. Dolph says after Hell in a Cell, Sheamus will be a drooling mess of man. Ziggler holds up his Money in the Bank, and says that it will matter. Dolph says just like tonight's Main Event, Sheamus' title reign has been irrelevant. Dolph promises Sheamus after Hell in a Cell, he will be World Heavyweight Championship. Sheamus says they never know, Dolph may get lucky. Miz watches, as Sheamus pushes him off the chair. Dolph attacks Sheamus, and Miz follows. Miz and Dolph are sent to the floor, as Sheamus remains in the destroyed set.

The Tag Team Tournament that Booker T spoke of will begin next. The Rhodes Scholars will face The Usos next.


Jimmy and Jey Uso make their way to the ring. The Rhodes Scholars make their way to the ring.

Tag Team Championship Tournament Match: The Rhodes Scholars (Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow) vs. The Usos (Jimmy and Jey)

Damien and Jimmy lock up quickly, but Damien is rolled up in a Schoolboy. Sandow and Uso trade chops, as Sandow is whipped into the corner. Sandow kicks an oncoming Jimmy, as he follows with an Irish Whip. Uso catches a running Damien, and hits a Samoan Drop. Cody and Jey are tagged, as Jey takes out Cody. Jey does a rear attack to Cody, who is seated in the corner. Damien goes for a save, but rolls to the ropes. Jimmy is tagged, and goes for a Splash. Damien drags Jey away, distracting Jimmy long enough for Cody to take advantage. Cody catches Jimmy, and hits Cross Rhodes for the win.

Winners and Advancing in the Tournament: The Rhodes Scholars (Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow) via pinfall

In another Anger Management segment, Dr. Shelby talks to Bryan and Kane about identity therapy. Daniel is given a plate of spaghetti with meatballs, and Kane is given a plate of salad. They both eat from the plate. Kane burps in Dr. Shelby's face. Daniel says the meatball wasn't as bad as he thought, but begins throwing up on Dr. Shelby's lap. Kane asks for a check to end the segment.


Tensai is in the ring waiting for his opponent. Ryback makes his way to the ring.

Ryback vs. Tensai

Tensai and Ryback lock up, as Tensai is backed into the corner. Ryback is hit in the face, followed by a face full of turnbuckle. Tensai attacks Ryback in the corner, followed by a corner splash. Ryback headbutts Tensai, followed by a Belly-to-belly Suplex. Ryback goes for a Lariat, but Tensai does a Two-handed Chokebomb. Pin, but a kick out. Ryback hits a Lariat, and calls for his finisher. Ryback impressively picks up Tensai on his shoulders, and hits Shell Shocked for the win.

Winner: Ryback via pinfall

Backstage, Alberto attacks Randy as he walks to the ring. Del Rio hits him with a cart, and throws him into the wall. A referee checks on Orton as he grasps his ribs.


We are shown a replay of Randy Orton being attacked just minutes ago.

The Big Show makes his way to the ring. Alberto Del Rio comes out with a mic. Alberto says that Randy won't be able to compete tonight. Alberto says the one taking his place will be himself. Randy attacks Alberto from behind, throwing him face first into the giant WWE logo. Orton, grasping his ribs, makes his way to the ring.


World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contendership Match: "The Viper" Randy Orton vs. The Big Show

Randy is cornered, and dodges a chop from Show. Orton is cornered again, as Show goes for a chop. Orton punches his way out, but Show hits a headbutt. Orton is knocked to the mat, as he backs to the ropes. Show goes for a chop, but Orton again attacks. Big Show punches Randy as he falls. Big Show locks a claw on Randy's injured ribs. Big Show punches Randy in the ribs. Orton writhes in pain, as Big Show steps on the ribs of Randy. Big Show goes back to the claw. Orton tries to stand, and manages a punch. Show does a headbutt, followed by an elbow. Orton and Show fight on the floor, as Show drops Randy's mid section on the barricade. Show gets back in the ring.


Orton is whipped into the opposite corner, but gets a foot up on Big Show. Randy runs the ropes, but is caught in a Chokeslam. Randy reverses into a DDT. Randy pins, but a kick out. Orton stomps on Big Show's limbs, followed by a Knee Lift. Big Show gets a body blow, as he yells at Orton in the corner. Show once more locks in a claw on Orton's ribs. Show picks up Orton, and hits his ribs again. Randy rolls to the floor, as Show follows. Show picks up Orton, but Randy throws Show into the corner post. Randy rolls back in the ring, as Show follows. Randy kicks Show on the apron, and attempts a DDT. Big Show punches Orton, and gets away. Show calls for a Chokeslam, but Orton does an RKO. Pin, but a kick out by Big Show. Randy goes for a punt to Big Show, but is caught in a Chokeslam. Pin, but a kick out. Big Show does another Chokeslam, this one for the win.

Winner and #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship: The Big Show via pinfall

Big Show knocks Orton out with a WMD after the match. Big Show grabs a mic, and tells Sheamus that he will see him at Hell in a Cell.

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-Adam W.

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