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Smackdown Results & Live Discussion (11/7/17)

Smackdown Live

Welcome WNW fans to this week's Smackdown Live, just from over the pond WWE is being hosted by the UK. This week's edition of SD comes to you from Manchester. Tonight's SD is proving to be one of the best lineups in sometime. We have Jinder Mahal putting up his WWE Championship against AJ Styles. The Uso's also put up their Tag Team Championship's up against Gable and Benjamin. And Becky Lynch takes on James Ellsworth. Plus much more!

Manchester England

(Video of last week's attack on AJ Styles from Jinder Mahal)
In Ring Segment Shane McMahon/The New Day/

Shane mentions the actions against GM Daniel Bryan is personal. And tells him to get ready because he and Team Smackdown are coming for Kurt Angle and Team Raw.

Shane announces The New Day. A video package of last night's visit to Raw The New Day, causing the distraction for The Bar to regain the Tag Team Championship's. Shane says New Day is all about Team Blue. The New Day & Shane go along with "New Day Rocks" Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn interrupt. KO says that was the dumbest dance they've ever seen. Zayn says it was stupid. New Day then mocks Zayn's entrance. KO says Shane is hashing out his daddy issues. Zayn tells Shane he deliberately set them up to both fail. Shane mentions both guys lost their qualifying matches and that they are the top 2 guys on the Smackdown roster. New Day comes out with some decent jokes about butts and brushing teeth. Shane says that both Zayn & Owens just don't care about Smackdown. But they are entitled to a match. He says Zayn will face Kofi Kingston, that match is NEXT!

Sami Zayn vs Kofi Kingston 

Early tie up in the corner. Zayn with an early arm bar but Kofi flips out of it into his own. Kofi hits a flying elbow. Kofi hits Zayn with a massive dropkick to Zayn's face. Zayn goes to the outside. Hesitant to get back in the ring. A small chase to Zayn from Kofi and Zayn takes advantage with a clothesline. He now takes control. He attempts a move off the middle rope but Kofi hits him with another drop kick. After an outside scuffle Zayn and Kofi are back in the ring, and Zayn has been in full control since. Zayn hits Kofi with a back breaker, and continues to work on Kofi. A push to the outside, Zayn in a small daze, Kofi launches himself with a standing outside dive. In the ring, Zayn hits Kofi with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Kofi kicks out. They've both exchanged finishers. A small cross body from Kofi and he then pins Zayn for the win. Looked to be some confusion after the match by an attack after the win by KO. He attacked Kofi, Big E gets in the ring, and KO scurries to the outside.

Winner: Kofi Kingston by pinfall
Video of last week's attack on AJ Styles 

Backstage Segment: Jinder Mahal & Renee Young

Jinder says AJ Styles is the appetizer to Brock Lesnar as he is the Main Course at Survivor Series. He does mention he's a decent opponent, but basically not a Brock Lesnar.
Luke Harper & Erick Rowan Video Package 

Aiden English In Ring Segment 

He introduces Rusev singing that he'll once again beat Randy Orton. Rusev's then comes to the ring.

Rusev vs Randy Orton 

Rusev attempts a big boot, Randy Orton attempts the RKO, they both miss, Rusev is taking it Orton, desperation in pin attempts to get the win by Rusev.


After the break Rusev in control. Grounded Orton. A spinning heel kick by Rusev. Another pin attempt by Rusev. Crowd chanting back and forth for both guys. Multiple pin attempts continue by Rusev. An RKO out of no where, Randy Orton get's the win.

Winner by pinfall: Randy Orton 

Backstage Segment: Ellsworth & Becky Lynch

Ellsworth tells Becky she's got no shot tonight against him. He says they're in Manchester not woman Chester. Becky says, that's a pretty ballsy statement, seeing you don't have any.
Video of the SMACKDOWN Invasion on RAW, and Bryan's visit to RAW. And last week's distraction on the Tag Team Title match on last night's RAW. 

James Ellsworth vs Becky Lynch 

The women from the Survivor Series Team are also at ringside.

Ellsworth starts with 4 push-ups. Crowd chants Becky's gonna kill you. Becky goes for the submission but Ellsworth backs off. Ellsworth and Becky go move for move. Multiple pin attempts. Becky puts Ellsworth in an tilt a whirl. Ellsworth goes to the outside. Takes his time to get back in the ring. Becky hits Ellsworth from the top rope with a missile drop kick. She hits him with the Becksploder, Ellsworth tries to go to the back and not finish the match. The women force him back in the ring. Ellsworth gives Becky a hug, she had enough and put him in submission for the win.

Winner by submission: Becky Lynch 

After the match Caemella kicked Ellsworth out and walked out. Looks like ending their relationship.

Backstage Segment: Shane McMahon/Charlotte/Natalya 

Next week, Natalya will be defending the Women's Championship against Charlotte. Winner goes onto to face Alexa Bliss at Survivor Series.
The Uso's vs Gable & Benjamin (Tag Team Championship Match)

All for in the ring to start, Gable and Benjamin to the outside. The match starts with Benjamin and Jimmy Uso. Benjamin with a quick tag to Gable and a quick pin attempt. Jimmy kicks out. Gable taking it to Jimmy Uso. Jimmy jumps to tag in Jey. A fresh Uso brother tried taking it to Benjamin, but Benjamin isn't having it. On the outside Gable hits Jey with a chop block, the Uso's stay low on the outside and get counted out. No interference with the ref's count and The Uso's keep the titles.

Winners by countout: And Still Tag Team Champion's The Uso's

Main Event (WWE Championship Match) Jinder Mahal vs AJ Styles

Jinder shows his power early. Match starts off slow. Jinder showing his muscles. AJ with kicks to Jinder. Mahal again showcasing his power, but AJ goes for a quick pin. Jinder kicks out. Jinder picks up AJ and tosses him over the top rope with ease.


Jinder has AJ on the mat. On their feet AJ hits Jinder with a forearm. On the outside, Jinder throws AJ into the announce table. Back in the ring, Jinder continues to dominate AJ in the ring. From what I've seen so far, this match is a good back and forth match. Both guys hitting their marks. A real championship caliber match. A nice clothesline from AJ to take the upper hand for now. Heavy kicks to Jinder on the mat. Jinder picks up AJ in mid air and slabs him face first. Jinder goes for the pin, but AJ kicks out. Jinder attempts a super power slam from the top, but AJ gets free. AJ attempts a calf crusher, but Jinder is able to get out of it. Jinder with a huge clothesline to AJ to regain control for now. Again on the top rope, AJ attempts a spinning DDT. But Jinder goes to the outside. AJ hits Jinder with the forearm to the outside. AJ and Jinder back in the ring, AJ hits Jinder with an 450 splash off the top rope. The Singh brothers interfere with the count. AJ in the ring, Jinder hits AJ with the Kallass. AJ kicks out! Jinder puts AJ on the toy top rope, but AJ slips out and looked like he hit an stunner from the top rope. AJ then hits Jinder with another Phenomenal forearm, pins Jinder 1-2-3 AND NEW WWE CHAMPION, AJ Styles!

Winner by pinfall: AJ Styles

After the match, Jinder attacks the Singh brothers and knocks them out.

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