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WWE Smackdown Results (11/11/2011) - Captain vs. Captain: Will The Barrett Barrage Continue?

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The show opens with it's usual opening video and pyro sequence. Smackdown emanates from Liverpool, England, the home of the Beatles. The announcers plug the 10-man Survivor Series elimination tag match. After that, Randy Orton makes his entrance, while footage of last week's rivalry ending Street Fight match against Cody Rhodes are shown. Orton says that when Teddy Long told him that he was to captain his own Survivor Series team, he told Teddy he don't exactly play well with others. Every group he was a part of was imploded, usually with him doing something horrible to what once were his friend. He isn't exactly a leader, but he sure as hell is no follower, so, in the end he has no problem being captain. he has no problem giving Cody Rhodes the beating of his life again, and he has no problem in shutting Christian's mouth once and for all. He doesn't know Swagger a lot, and doesn't know Hunico at all, but he has no problem doing what he must do to them, simply because they got in his way. He especially has no problem...

Wade Barrett's music hits and he makes his way to the ring. He says that maybe Orton thinks he has no problem with Wade Barrett. Barrett tells him to rest assured he has that completely wrong. Not only Barrett gave him problems in the past, but they will pale in comparison to the problems he will give Randy at Survivor Series. They both have been in groups in the past, and Barrett says he never started as leader, but because he was always a natural born leader, people tended to gravitate towards him. Orton on the other hand was always a natural born predator, the kind no one is able to trust. The Barrett Barrage that has been sweeping through Smackdown is going to continue at Survivor Series. The one thing Barrett has yet to achieve is to become World Heavyweight Champion. For that to happen, he needs Orton out of the picture, he needs to show Randy that Barrett is his in-ring superior. And that is esxactly why his team will pick up the win at Survivor Series. Barrett asks if Orton is listening. Orton says of course not, he's think about how high Barrett's head would bounce off this mat after he hits him with an RKO.

Christian makes his way to the ring with a neckbrace. He says that Orton will be to his team what Yoko Ono was to The Beatles. He says that he is wearing this neckbrace because of the Chokeslam he took from Big Show just before his match against Sheamus. But by the grace of God he's able to be here with all of us tonight. It's not like Teddy Long was going to do anything about it, but he wants to thank Barrett, because not only Wade volunteered his services to step up for him, he actually beat Sheamus in the middle of the ring. Why that happened is simple: it's because Christian inspires other human beings to be better. Teddy Long actually offered him the team captain spot at Survivor Series, but because of his health concerns, he couldn't accept it. But he fully endorses Wade Barrett as the captain of this team. He thinks that with Wade as the captain, they all will be in the same page at Survivor Series. In fact, he feels they are so in sync that they should send a message to not just Orton, but his entire team.

Orton drops Christian straight away with a punch, but Barrett attacks Orton, and he and Christian dominate The Viper until Sheamus runs in for the save. Sheamus removes Christian's neckbrace, and he and Orton clean house. Teddy Long tells them to hold on a second. He tells Christian now that he clearly is healthy (saying that the only problem Christian has in his back and neck are that he is spineless), he will face off Sheamus like he should have done last week, next. As for our main event, we will have a captain vs. captain match, Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett. We go for a break, and Sheamus vs. Christian is next.


Back from the break, we have our first bout of the evening.

Sheamus vs. Christian

They lock up to start. Sheamus with a side headlock. Christian pushes him off, ducks his attack two times, but ends up eating a shoulder block. Christian stands up signaling to his neck, talking to Sheamus before hitting a slap. Sheamus gets mad and starts hammering away at Christian with hammer clubs and knees. After that, he grabs Christian and gives him some hammer fists on the apron. He puts Christian back in the ring from over the top rope, covers but only gets a two count. Sheamus whips Christian, who baseball slides and hits a slap. Christian hits the ropes but ends up countered with a back body drop. Sheamus smashes Christian's head against the turnbuckle and lay some punches to Captain Charisma's stomach. After that, he whips to the corner twice, and hits a military press drop. Christian rolls out asking for a timeout. Sheamus chases him. Christian gets in the ring again and tries to take advantage, but the Celtic Warrior fights him off. He tries a suplex, but Christian fights off. He speeds up but eats a counter shoulder block to the gut, and a springboard shoulder block. Christian rolls out of the ring again. Sheamus chases him once more, slamming his head against the announce table. But when he grabs Christian in Oklahoma position and runs towards the steel post, Christian escapes and pushes him. Christian puts Sheamus back in the ring again, and goes second rope, hitting a missile dropkick for a one count. After that, Christian hits some punches while Sheamus is down. Sheamus comes back, but Christian holds the ropes down and Sheamus goes outside. Christian tries a vaulting body press, but Sheamus catches him and hits a fallaway slam on the barricade. We go for a break.


Back from the break, Christian lands some elbows to the back of Sheamus' neck, followed by a headlock. After some time, Sheamus stands up and fights back. Christian cuts him off though, and hits a hard slap from outside. Sheamus pushes him and tries to throw Christian off of the ring, but Christian lands on the apron and counters a clothesline with a hotshot backbreaker. Christian goes top rope, but Sheamus counters his aerial assault with a punch to the gut. Christian hits another hard slap, but Sheamus reverses his whip and he smashes against the turnbuckle. Both stay down for a while. Sheamus stands up and hits two double-arm clotheslines. He follows with several clubs to the back, a clothesline and a tilt-a-whirl scoop powerslam. He gets a nearfall for his efforts. Sheamus goes for another clothesline, but Christian escapes and runs towards the corner. Sheamus chases him, but Christian kicks him in the gut and goes for a springboard sunset flip. He can't bring Sheamus down though, and the Great White picks him up and pushes him to the corner. Christian again counters an incoming charge and tries for another springboard sunset flip but this time Sheamus counters it into the Irish Curse for another nearfall. Sheamus tries to hit the Celtic Cross but Christian escapes and hits a slap. He goes top rope, but Sheamus catches him mid-air for another fallaway slam. Sheamus hits a clothesline on the corner, and then a knee to the jaw. Sheamus goes to the apron, Christian tries to hold his foot, but Sheamus punches him away and comes back. Christian hits a kick on Sheamus' knee. Following with a dropkick. Christian goes top rope again, but Sheamus blocks with clubs. Sheamus climbs the second rope, but Christian fights him off and goes down. Christian hits an elbow, a hanging overhead kick and a tornado DDT for a nearfall. Sheamus hits a kick to Christian's knee, climbs the top rope in acrobatic fashion and hits a shoulder block for another nearfall. Sheamus singals for the Brogue Kick. Christian ducks and tries a Killswitch. Sheamus pushes him off. Christian goes for a Spear but Sheamus gets out of the way, and Christian hits the second turnbuckle. Sheamus sets up the Celtic Cross, hits it, and this one is over.

Winner: Sheamus via pinfall

After the match, Sheamus celebrates while Christian picks up his neckbrace and puts it back on. The announcers plug the main event of Orton vs. Barrett. We go for a break.


Back from the break, Liverpool FC's stadium is shown to a mix of cheers and boos, as Everton FC's fans get mad because their team is not remembered. After that, the events that happened after last week's main event between Daniel Bryan, Big Show and Mark Henry are replayed.

Backstage, Kaitlyn and AJ are shown talking to Daniel Bryan. Kaitlyn says that Daniel was really good last night, but she didn't understand why Daniel went for the cash in since he said he would cash at Wrestlemania. Bryan says that happened because he was a little off after the match and Big Show was on his ear. But the good news is that Daniel Bryan and Mark Henry have a rematch tonight. AJ wishes him good luck with that, because she was really excited when she thought there would be a new World Heavyweight Champion. Mark Henry walks in and the ladies leave. Mark asks Bryan if he thinks it's really that easy to come out and cash in against him. Henry says it took him 15 years to get there. Henry pokes Bryan's chest, and says he's gonna tell him something. Bryan slaps Henry's hand off, and says he's gonna tell Mark something. It doesn't matter if it took Mark 15 or 5000 years to get to the title. IF Mark's still champion at Wrestlemania, he will beat him. Mark says Bryan has some guts. It's a shame Mark's gonna spill them all over the ring tonight.

After a package highlighting Ezekiel Jackson is shown, which means they haven't forgotten he existed, we go for a Aksana/Teddy Long segment, featuring Alicia Fox, who Aksana calls Rihanna. Aksana will be at Fox's corner for a match tonight. The announcers plug the main event and we go for a break.


After the break, Ted DiBiase makes his way to the ring and we have another match.

Ted DiBiase vs. Jinder Mahal

Mahal starts with a kick to the gut of Ted. He whips DiBiase, who comes back with a kick. DiBiase whips Mahal, who counters with a jumping knee for a two count. Mahal hits a knee drop, but when he stands DiBiase up and whips him, DiBiase ducks a clothesline and hits a running knee attack, followed by an inverted atomic drop, a punch and a rebound clothesline. DiBiase counters Mahal's finisher attempt, ducks a clothesline and hits DreamStreet for the victory.

Ted DiBiase via pinfall

The announcers plug Daniel Bryan vs. Mark Henry in a rematch, next.


Back from the break, World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry makes his way to the ring as his match is next. Big Show, Mark Henry's opponent at Survivor Series, is banned from ringside tonight.

World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry vs. Mr. Money In The Bank Daniel Bryan - non-title match

Bryan start circling Henry and hitting kicks to the legs. Henry catches him and pounds him, quickly throwing Bryan outside and slamming him against the barricade. Henry uses the steel steps to press Bryan's head against. He picks Bryan up and puts him back in the ring. He hits a kick and a club, followed by standing on top of Bryan. He picks Bryan up in military position and throws him against the turnbuckle. Bryan ducks the incoming attack though, goes top rope and hits a missile dropkick that drops Henry to his knees. Bryan hits some kicks to the chest, a kick to the head and then locks in the LeBell Lock. Mark manages to power out though, dropping Bryan on his back. Mark fires away headbutts at Bryan. After that, he throws Bryan away by one leg and hits the World's Strongest Splash. Mark lifts Bryan up at the two count. After he stands up, Bryan asks him to bring it on. Henry sees that, hits the World's Strongest Slam and gets the victory.

Winner: Mark Henry via pinfall

After the match, Henry is not satisfied. He goes outside and grabs a steel chair. When he comes back inside the ring though, Bryan kicks him in the legs, grabs the chair and hits Henry in the back. Henry looks livid, and hits another World's Strongest Slam, followed by an running elbow drop and yet another World's Strongest Slam. He then grabs the chair, puts it on Bryan's leg and goes for his Vader Bomb, when Big Show runs in for the save. Mark grabs the chair and doesn't allow him to come in though at first. Mark hits Bryan in the back, and when he tries to hit Big Show in the apron, Show punches the chair off. Mark then gets out of the ring. Show grabs the World Heavyweight Championship. Mark asks him to hand it over. Show throws it over and Mark starts leaving when Show grabs a mic and calls him again. He asks if Mark thinks it's impressive to beat up someone half his size. Show asks him to watch his match, as he's going to show something really impressive. Show's music plays and we go for a break.


Back from the break, we have a three on one handicap match between Show and some jobbers, as Mark is watching from the entrance area.

Big Show vs. 3 jobbers

The jobbers start trying to bring Big Show down, hitting some offense before Big Show wakes up, hits some punches and kicks, and Chokeslams two of them. The third one tries to escape but Show grabs him, places him back in the ring with a military slam, hits WMD, covers and this one is over.

Winner: Big Show via pinfall

After the match, Henry says he's not impressed. Those guys are not him, the World Heavyweight Champion. Henry knows he impresses Big Show. He impressed Show when he gave Show the World's Strongest Slam last week, when he sent Show on a vacation, and when he won the title. Henry says that at Survivor Series, he's going to make sure that it's going to be a lasting impression.

After a Wrestlemania XVIII promo package, the announcers plug the main event as we go for a break.


Back from the break, we have our Divas match of the night.

Tamina w/Rosa Mendes vs. Alicia Fox w/Aksana

They lock up to start, but Tamina quickly overpowers Alicia, pushing her to the corner and hitting some gut kicks. Alicia tries to fight back with forearms, but Tamina hits a headbutt and throws her around. Tamina hits a knee to the side of the head, followed by another throw. Tamina locks in a butterfly lock. After some time, Fox stands up and fights back with forearm shots and dropkicks. Tamina fights back though and hits a scoop slam, but misses a splash, eats a kick and the 360º running leg drop for the win.

Winner: Alicia Fox via pinfall

Backstage, Sheamus is interviewed about his "hothead" fame, as footage from his recent actions are shown. Sheamus says that he is the opposite of that, he's generally a nice guy, presenting awards at MTV EMA, talking to Muppets' Beaker, and etc. Matt Striker says that when someone crosses Sheamus, he is known to have a bad temper. Sheamus stares at Striker for a while, then laughs and says that he's spirited. Sheamus leaves and Strikers looks relieved. Hunico, Epico and Primo make their entrance, as they have a match next.


The Usos make their entrance, as they are going to face Hunico and Epico while Primo is watching.

Hunico & Epico w/Primo vs. The Usos

Hunico, Epico (and apparently, Primo too) all wrestle in street clothes now. Epico and Jey Uso start things out for their teams, with Epico starting with punches and kicks, until Jimmy turns tables with some of his own. After that he smashes Epico's head against his corner's turnbuckle and tags Jimmy in. He whips Epico right into a uppercut from Jimmy that only gives him a one count. Jimmy hits an european uppercut, whips Epico but is caught with a kick on the rebound. Epico runs the ropes, with Hunico tagging himself in and hitting Jimmy with a clothesline after he drops Epico with a elbow attack. Hunico then stomps and punches away at Jimmy, and tags Epico back again, who hits an dropkick for two. After that, he punches and stomps at Jimmy some more, leaving him in position to be victimized by a springboard corner dropkick from Hunico when he tags in again. This move gets Hunico a two count. Hunico then locks a headlock, which Jimmy quickly gets out of with a back body drop, and tags Jey back in. Jey enters firing away at Hunico with a combination of forearm attacks, a side kick to the gut and a slap. He ducks an incoming Hunico attempt to get back in the bout, and hits a corkscrew forearm (no, not the same type as R-Truth's). Jey hits a corner hip attack, but his cover is broken by Epico. Jimmy enters the ring to get Epico out, but Epico ducks. Primo gets on the apron to distract Jimmy, which allows Epico to hit a jumping knee to the back. Jimmy rolls out off the ring. Jey hits a superkick on Epico, but ends up taking a Olympic Slam variation by Hunico, followed by the Swanton Bomb for the three count.

Winners: Epico and Hunico via pinfall

After the match, the three guys assault Jimmy Uso when he enters the ring again to check on his brother, throwing him out and proeeding to hit a combination of a Codebreaker (Epico), BackStabber (Primo), and Swanton Bomb (Hunico). After that they celebrate and taunt the crowd. Backstage, Randy Orton walks towards the ring, as his match is next.


Back from the break, Randy Orton enters the ring, and we go for our Captain vs. Captain main event of the evening.

Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett

They circle each other, then lock up to start. They make their way to the ropes, and the ref breaks up. They circle again, and lock up. This time, with Barrett forcing their way to the ropes, breaking up and hitting a kick to the leg of Orton, followed by a side headlock takedown. After some time, Orton stands up, pushes Barrett off, ducks him once and hits a dropkick for one. Orton locks a side headlock, but Barrett pushes them to the ropes to break off. Orton sees through Barrett's incoming punch though, and delivers punches of his own. Barrett whips Orton to the corner, but Randy comes righ back with a clothesline. The Orton pops and Barrett boos are obviously canned in, as the crowd doesn't react the opposite way since this show comes from Barrett's homecountry, England. Orton hits his stomp on the arms and legs while egging on the crowd, who "cheers" him. He follows with a knee drop for a one count. Barrett starts fighting back, but Orton hits a european uppercut. He whips Barrett to a corner, but eats a boot to the face when he charges against Wade, who follows that with a second rope elbow drop that's good for two. Orton rolls out of the ring. Barrett chases him, but Orton counters with a kick to the gut, and then slams Barrett's head against the barricade. Orton whips Barrett against the steps, but Wade jumps over it and kicks them right on Randy's legs when he aproaches them. Barrett them whips Orton against the steel steps. He taunts as we go for a commercial.


Back from the break, Barrett is dominating with a headlock. Orton tries to fight back, but ends up eating a kitchen sink knee. Barrett hits a pumphandle slam for a two count. Wade follows choking Orton twice with the assist of the ropes, following with clinch knees again assisted by the ropes, and then a big boot. Barrett taunts as the crowd apparently gives him a standing ovation while booing him. Barrett goes outside to chase Orton. Wade drives Randy's back against the hard edge of the ring, places Orton back inside and covers for a two count. Barrett locks another headlock. After some time, Orton stands back up and fights back with headbutts. He goes for a clothesline but eats a Black Hole Slam for a nearfall. Barrett goes second rope again, but Orton fights back, and hits a superplex for a nearfall. Orton and Barrett exchange punches, with Orton getting the better of it, then hitting some clotheslines and a snap powerslam. Orton hits his apron DDT and starts signaling for the RKO. Wade stands up, Orton goes for it, but Wade pushes him off against the ref. The distraction is enough for Barrett to capitalize with a thumb in the eyes and a school boy pin for the three count.

Winner: Wade Barrett via pinfall

After the match, replays are shown of Barrett's thumb to the eye. He quickly leaves the ring and celebrates his victory, as the Barrett Barrage continues and Smackdown ends.

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