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WWE Smackdown Results (11/4/2011) - David Versus Goliath

The show starts with it's usual opening video and pyro sequence. After that, Randy Orton makes his way to the ring, and we go straight to our first match of the night.

Randy Orton vs. Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes - non-title Street Fight match

They start circling eachother. Then a lock-up that ends in a stalemate. Right after that, Cody kicks Orton's leg, locks a side headlock which Orton pushes him off of. Rhodes misses two charging attacks but manages to kick Orton in the gut. He runs the ropes again but this time The Viper kicks him in the gut, followed by a side headlock takedown. After some time both stand up, Rhodes fights off and pushes Orton, but eats a shoulder block and a dropkick, and goes outside to regroup. Orton follows to the outside but gets distracted with one of the baggers, allowing Rhodes to capitalize with a kick to the gut. After that, Cody whips Orton into the steel steps. Cody is in complete control, as he hits several punches and stomps. Orton tries to fight back with kicks to the gut, but Rhodes whips him rib-first on the ring edge. Rhodes then continues his assault with punches and kicks, followed by a snapmare and a knee drop. Both get back in the ring and Cody covers Randy and gets a two count. Randy rolls out to the apron, Cody tries to stand him up and is nailed with a hotshot. Randy pulls Cody outside by his leg and smashes his head against the steel steps two times, followed by a throw to the barricade and a clothesline that sends Cody to the front row. Orton follows him, punishing his rival with several european uppercuts, and using chairs and the barricade to smash Cody's head against. Orton then places Rhodes back into ring area. Rhodes throws a bagger in Orton's way, but he just back body drops him, and then clotheslines Cody. Orton places Rhodes back in the ring, but Rhodes rolls out and throws a bagger inside. The bagger immediately eats an RKO. Orton sadistically smiles looking at a desperate Cody Rhodes, as we go for a break.


Back from the break, both ex-Legacy comrades are fighting on the ramp, and after some battle, Rhodes regains control. He smashes Orton's head against the floor. They are in the entrance area, and Rhodes tries to suplex Orton off the stage, but the plan backfires as Orton suplexes him onto the steel floor. After some time down, Orton grabs Rhodes and places him in the barricades, using the support to climb and deliver a 10-punch sequence. Randy then starts dragging Rhodes back to the ring. Orton puts Rhodes on the top rope and delivers a superplex. Randy covers and gets a nearfall. When both stand up Rhodes immediately dropkicks Orton. Cover and another two. Rhodes throws Orton outiside and tries to throw him against the barricade, but Orton reverses and sends Rhodes over the barricade. When Orton tries to follow, Rhodes surprises him with a mask shot. We go for another break.


Back from the break, Rhodes is in control as he slams Orton's head against the announce table. After that he follows with some punches to the head. Rhodes puts Orton back in the ring, hits a gourdbuster and a stomp to the head, followed by an arm lock. After some time Orton stands up, fights back, whips Cody Rhodes but eats a Goldust style upppercut for a nearfall. Rhodes stalks Orton and lands several punches to the head of Orton, followed by stomps and a choke with the boot. His whip to a corner is reversed, but he lifts his feet up to counter, followed by a chop block and a stomp to the leg of Randy. He then starts working on the leg of Orton with stomps and a Figure Four Leglock. Rhodes uses his mask again to hit Orton in the head. He goes for it again, but Orton dodges, grabs the mask and uses it himself. Orton goes for his clotheslines and powerslam combo. He signals for the RKO, but Rhodes escapes and hits the Beautiful Disaster for a nearfall. Rhodes stalks Randy, tries for CrossRhodes, but Orton counters with a back body drop, then goes for the apron DDT. Cody escapes and pulls Orton out of the ring. They exchange blows, with Orton getting the better and hitting a gourdbuster on the barricade, followed by an barricade-assisted DDT. Randy lifts Rhodes up and places him back on the ring, hits the RKO, covers and this one is over.

Winner: Randy Orton via pinfall

Orton celebrates as replays from the match are shown. After the replays, Orton is still celebrating as Rhodes is out cold. Orton grabs one of the paper bags and places it over Cody Rhodes' head. Orton takes Rhodes' mask with him. After some time, Cody stands up and removes the bag before falling again. We go for the Raw Rebound of the evening. After that, they show the WWE website featuring the re-signing of Kevin Nash. The announcers plug Sheamus vs. Christian as we go for a break.


Back from the break, Matt Striker announces the following next match, he will have exclusive comments from Mark Henry. Ted DiBiase enters as we go for the next match of the night.

Ted DiBiase vs. Tyson Kidd

Both start with a lock-up. Kidd gains control control with knees and punches, but eats a dropkick. Ted charges against Tyson in the corner but is countered by Tyson's feet. Kidd again gains control and delivers a snapmare with a kick to the back. He hits an elbow to the back of the head and a dropkick to the side of the head. Cover and a two count. Kidd stays right on Ted with a headlock. Ted escapes but Kidd is still one step ahead of him. After hitting two kicks to DiBiase's head, he goes for a springboard elbow drop, his old finisher on ECW, but DiBiase lifts his knees to counter. After that, he hits a reverse atomic drop, a punch , ducks a clothesline and hits a flying knee attack. He tries a for a back suplex, which Kidd escapes by landing on his feet, but DiBiase catches him with a rebound clothesline for two. He goes for DreamStreet but Tyson reverses with a snapmare, and tries to lock Sharpshooter with no success. Another DreamStreet attempt, Kidd tries to counter again, but DiBiase keeps the hold, hits DreamStreet and gets the three count.

Winner: Ted DiBiase via pinfall

Immediately after the match ends we go backstage where Matt Striker asks to World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry why he refuses to give Big Show a rematch. Henry says that because he handled his business at Vengeance, he's tired of answering questions... suddenly he stops talking and starts walking. The camera follows him. He sees a person and asks if he's looking at him. That person is Daniel Bryan, who says that he's just standing there. Mark says that he sees Bryan there with his briefcase. Bryan reiterates that he's cashing in at Wrestlemania, and he's just standing there. Mark says he doesn't care if he's waiting on Wrestlemania, the next Wrestlemania, or a second coming, he can't beat Mark Henry. Mark says that if he begs to differ, Mark's gonna talk to Teddy Long, and schedule a match between the two for tonight. That's if Byran's got guts. Bryan stares at Henry and says he guess they will see eachother in the ring then.

Alicia Fox enters the ring as she faces Natalya next.


Back from break, Natalya enters the ring, and we have our Divas match of the night.

Natalya vs. Alicia Fox

They lock-up, and Natalya uses a headlock takedown. They stand up quickly, reverse eachother's whip infinitely, and Alicia hits a jumping kick. Natalya slams Alicia's head against the bottom turnbuckle, and then in the floor. Natalya works the leg of Alicia with repeated stomps, and then slams her head against the mat again. Natalya grabs Alicia's leg and they start screaming at eachother until Natalya uses an elevated Boston Crab, which Michael Cole says is a Sharpshooter. Alicia turns around and hits a kick to Natalya's face. She tries to hit another kick, Natalya grabs her leg, but Fox turns it into an enzuigiri, followed by a standing 360º leg drop for the win.

Winner: Alicia Fox via pinfall

The announcers plug Mark Henry vs. Daniel Bryan for tonight. Big Show is out next.


Back from the break, Big Show makes his way to the ring as "The Superplex At Vengeance" is shown. Big Show has a mic and says that he has to be honest, he much rather fight than talk, and that's why we don't see Frankenstein on a long speech, because he then loses his mystique as a monster. So he's gonna make this short and simple for Henry: they have unfinished business. If he still doesn't get, ask Alberto Del Rio. He says that for every Smackdown that he isn't granted a rematch, "Mama Said Knock You Out, I'm Gonna Knock You Out". Every signle Smackdown until he gets his match... Christian comes out to interrupt the Big Show.

Big Show asks if Christian needs help, if he's lost. Christian says that since he just heard that "Mama Said Knock You Out" line, he figured it doesn't get any bigger and better than that. He figured that was his cue, as he has a match with Sheamus next. Big Show says that's right, that's all he's got, and starts leaving. But Christian means since Show's here, he's gonna ask him a question: what makes him think he deserves one more match for the title? Show asks if that's a trick question, and Christian says that's not it, it's just that Big Show didn't get the job done at Vengeance. Show says that the ring broke. Christian says that he, on the other hand, was screwed over repeatedly. He doesn't come out here and asks for one more match because he wants to annoy people. He asks because everyone knows he deserves it. He says Show comes out here and actually threatening physical violence on people, a thing he could do as well. Could Christian come out here and said he would knock people out? Sure he could. But he's not that way, deep down he's not violent, he's civilized. It's not like he's from the South, he's from Canada, and they do things a little more differently... Big Show lifts his hand and Christian asks if he was trying to punch him. Show then scratches his beard and tells Christian to relax. Christian says that's his answer to everything. Show says he's not gonna knock Christian out. Christian says that's good, because things could get a little heated if that was the case. Show reiterates he's not gonna knock Christian out, then delivers a Chokeslam. Show's music hits as he walks out of the ring. We go to a commercial.


Back from the break, the announcers talk about the Chokeslam that Christian suffered, as he has a match with Sheamus next. Sheamus makes his way to the ring as the referee checks on Captain Charisma. After Sheamus enters the ring, Christian says to the ref he can't go. The referee and Sheamus argue over the subject until Wade Barrett's music plays and he comes out, mic in hand. He says that it's quite obvious Christian is in no state to compete tonight, so allow him to suggest a suitable replacement: him. They all agree, and the match is on.

Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus

They circle eachother to start. Barrett kicks and elbows Sheamus, who responds with fists and slams Barrett's head against the turnbuckle. After that he hits a scoop slam and a elbow drop for a one count. Barrett stands up and answers with punches to the gut and to the head, followed by a headbutt. Barrett's whip is reversed and he is caught with an elbow on the rebound. Sheamus uses his hammer fists to the chest and knee on the apron sequence, followed by a springboard shouder block for two. Barrett uses the ropes to give him advantage again, following with a jumping elbow attack. Sheamus tries to fight back but Barret hammers away at him, then hits clinch knees on the ropes, followed by the big boot that sends Sheamus outside. We go for a break.


Back from the break we see Sheamus fighting his way out of a Wade submission with kicks to the leg and punches to the head. He tries for a Brogue Kick but Wade ducks, hits a gut super kick and a pumphandle slam for two. Barrett locks a stretch submission, Sheamus stands up and fights back again with knees and hammer clubs. His whip is reversed though, and he eats a kitchen sink and a big boot, but kicks out at one. Barrett stomps away at Sheamus, who tries to fight back with punches to the gut. Barrett drops him with several hammer fists to the back. He whips Sheamus hard to the corner, then goes second rope and hits an elbow drop that gets him only one, again. Barrett locks a standing facelock and uses knees to drop Sheamus. After some time, Sheamus fights back with punches and goes for the Celtic Cross, but Barrett back body drops Sheamus, following with stomps and a boot choke, followed by a big boot, but again a quick kick out by Sheamus. Another facelock by Barrett. Sheamus stands up and fights back, countering the hold with a snapmare following it with three double-arm clotheslines and several hammer clubs and stomps to the corner. He then uses a clothesline and a tilt-a-whirl scoop powerslam. He goes for a Celtic Cross, but Christian climbs the apron to distract him. Sheamus knocks him off, but Barrett capitalizes, using a school boy pin and winning the match.

Wade Barrett via pinfall

After the match, Sheamus looks livid and tries to discount on Barrett, but Sheamus enters the ring and hits the Spear. Barrett and Christian walk off, with Christian holding Barrett's hand up as Sheamus looks mad. The announcers plug Daniel Bryan vs. Mark Henry in a non-title match.


Back from the break, Sheamus is assaulting Christian backstage. Barrett comes for the save, but Sheamus fights him off too, until security restrain both guys. We go for the second Raw Rebound of the night, featuring the Muppets.

After that, we go to the locker room as Daniel Bryan is shown getting ready for the main event. Big Show walks by and asks if Daniel's good for his match against Mark Henry. Show offers to take care of Bryan's briefcase for him. Bryan says it's fine, he can take care of that. Shows says he knows Bryan's briefcase is safe, because tonight Big Show will be at his corner. Show says he has Bryan's back.

Sin Cara enters the ring, as he has a match next.


After a Brodus Clay video package that announces his "debut" for next week in Raw, Sin Cara is in the ring, as his opponent is Epico, who is Tito Colón, from FCW, and brother of Primo Colón. Despite using his masked persona name, he wrestles unmasked here. And apparently he has a music, so he probably is a member of the Smackdown roster now, despite never being announced as debuting at all. Anyway, time for their match to start.

Sin Cara vs. Epico

Epico starts on the offense with kicks, punches and an armlock which is countered into a jumping snapmare and a headscissors takedown. Sin Cara hits a kick to the leg of Epico, has his whip reversed, tries for a handspring elbow but is caught mid-air and is hit with two back suplexes and a german suplex sequence. Epico stomps the back of Sin Cara and uses a butterfly suplex that gets him a two count. Epico goes for a Gory Special. Sin Cara counters into an armdrag and follows with a handspring hurricanrana. Cara grabs Epico by the hand, hits a kick and executes a cornerflip armdrag. Cara uses his land on the apron and kick to the side of the head sequence, but when he goes top rope he is pushed by Hunico, and the match ends.

Winner: Sin Cara via disqualification

Following the match, Epico joins Hunico in the assault of Sin Cara. They repeatedly punch and stomp Sin Cara. Hunico lifts Cara up and pushes him onto Epico who hits a forearm. After some more punching and stomping, is Epico's time to lift Cara for Hunico to pick the scraps. He pushes Cara right into a forearm. After that, Epico and Hunico execute a back body drop/spinebuster combination. After finishing that, their music hits as they look at the fallen Sin Cara. They still deliver some stomps as the announcers plug the main event as next.


Back from break, the World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry makes his entrance as we have our main event next.

World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry vs. Mr. Money In The Bank Daniel Bryan w/Big Show - non-title match

As soon as the match starts, Bryan immediately tries to choke Henry out with a sleeper, but Henry powers off. They circle and Bryan start hitting kicks to the leg of Henry. Bryan hits the ropes. Henry tries to free fall drop him but Bryan holds on with the Guilliotine, but Henry quickly goes to the corner to break it off. After that Henry throws Bryan over the top rope. Bryan comes back to the ring at three. Henry goes right after him with a kick and a headbutt. He follows with a hammer club and stomp Bryan outside. Out of the ring, Henry uses the ring post to torture Bryan, but Big Show runs after him and he breaks it up. Henry goes right back in the attack though with a hammer club. He places Bryan back in the ring and stomps him in the face, following that with a hard whip to the corner. Henry then taunts Big Show and Daniel Bryan. He stands on top of Mark Henry holding onto the ropes until the ref counts to four. After that, Henry puts Bryan in a chinlock. Bryan fights back with kicks. Henry pushes him off, but Bryan uses the momentum to dropkick Mark's knees, taking him down. Bryan follows with kicks to the chest, and a kick to the head that gets him a near fall. Henry powers out of the pin though and sends him outside. Bryan comes right back, eats a headbutt, but counters a charging Henry with his feet. He then goes top rope and launches himself to lock the Guillotine again. Henry's slowly fading, but he manages to power out by throwing Bryan. Henry looks angry, and starts punishing the Money In The Bank briefcase holder with hammer fists and headbutts on the corner. Henry then uses three running body splashes. Big Show enters the ring and uses WMD on Henry, and this match ends.

Winner: Mark Henry via disqualification

After the match, Show tries to wake Bryan and convince him to cash in. Mark Henry lifts up. Bryan contemplates cashing in, but when he tries to hit Henry with the briefcase, Henry hits World's Strongest Slam. Big Show enters the ring but eats a briefcase shot by Henry, followed by a World's Strongest Slam. Henry then falls and rolls out of the ring. Teddy Long enters with a mic. He says they aren't gonna settle the dispute tonight, but at Survivor Series, when Big Show gets his rematch, whether Henry likes it or not. Big Show, already recovered, laughs as Smackdown ends.

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