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WWE Smackdown Results (10/07/2011) - Big Show Is Back And Has A Title Match

WWE Smackdown Results - 10/07/2011
Report by: Guilherme Jaeger of

The show opens with a video package about Triple H and the doubts about him having control of WWE, and the Vote of Confidence segment from this week's Raw.

Right after the package, Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long is shown at his office, talking in the phone with Hunter, saying he won't let Triple H down. Long finishes talking, and Zack Ryder asks if it really was HHH, because Ryder just did what everyone else was doing. Teddy says that Ryder's name wasn't mentioned, but The Game said he doesn't want to jeopardize Smackdown to the same fate that Raw had, so he's leaving the show on Long's hands. Ryder asks if the Cerebral Assassin is gonna fire those who walked out on him or even step out. Long says he didn't asked because is none of his concern, and neither is of Ryder's. But he knows one thing, and that is "Raw's loss is Smackdown's gain". After this segment, the opening video is shown.

After the pyro, the announcers welcome us to Smackdown, plugging Big Show's return.

Vickie Guerrero is in the ring with Ziggler, Swagger, Rhodes, Otunga, Barrett and Christian. She does her usual "excuse me" routine and hands the mic to Christian. He welcomes us to the beggining of what will go down in history as "the walk-out". It all started because Christian had the courage to tell Triple H he didn't like or appreciate the way The Game was running Raw. He questioned HHH's motives, lack of respect for others, and because of his actions the roster was inspired by his uprising.

Ziggler takes the mic and says the truth is this walk-out was because of all of the guys standing in the ring, who banded together because of the inefectiveness of Triple H's leadership skills. And on Raw nearly every single Superstar followed their lead when they made the smartest decision of their lives. He says that their legal counselor David Otunga will explain why they are on Smackdown.

Otunga says that Triple H's actions made Raw turn into an unsafe working environment, so they had no choice but to walk out until he resigns from his actual position. HHH's decision of leaving this show to Teddy Long was a good first step, but if he doesn't steps out of Raw too, they won't appear anymore on Smackdowns, PPVs and live events either.

Otunga hands out the mic to Barrett, who says that doesn't need to happen. The only thing that needs to happen is Triple H taking a long, hard look at himself in the mirror and when he does that he'll realize that all the recent chaos is his fault, and when he realizes that he will relish control of Raw.

Rhodes grab the mic and says that the people have disrespected his colleagues long enough. He says that for weeks they had to endure the reign of Triple H, a lacking leader whose head is so large a paper bag couldn't cover it. Typically he stands alone, but a united front was warranted and now there is hope for true change and they couldn't have done it without one man.

Swagger grabs the mic and tells people to show some respect for the WWE Champion, Alberto Del Rio, who enters without his car, announcer or pyros. Del Rio says in case people don't know, when the WWE Champion talks, they're supposed to shut up and listen. Despite HHH's sick, twisted games, he survived Hell In A Cell and is standing here as the new champion, and because of his influence he inspired every single member of Raw to walk out. And they never are going back to Raw until The Game steps down. The question is, why the champion is here on Smackdown? He's there to compete and show the entire world what they are missing next Monday on Raw.

Teddy Long shows up and says that if they are just going to stand there and talk, the audience will be the ones to walk out. He tells Christian and Rhodes that if he was on their shoes, he would be preparing for tonight's main event tag team match, because they will team up against Sheamus and Randy Orton. As for Del Rio, if he wants to compete, then his match is next, and since he pacifically requested for this specific opponent, he's going to get him, so is Alberto Del Rio vs. "The Mexican Sensation" Sin Cara.

Del Rio tells him to shut up and says there is only one Mexican Sensation, better than any Mexican or American, and his name is Alberto Del Rio. We go for a break.


Back from the break, Ricardo Rodriguez announces Alberto Del Rio who is already on the ring. Sin Cara (Blue) enters next.

WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Sin Cara (Blue) - non-title match

No Sin Cara mood lights for this match. Del Rio grounds Sin Cara with stomps, punches and a kick to the back. Del Rio whips Sin Cara who bounces off the ropes, ducks a clothesline, gains momentum and delivers a headscissors takedown. Del Rio goes for another clothesline but Cara ducks again and tries to deliver a handspring elbow that is countered into a german suplex. Del Rio kicks Cara's head, covers and only two. After that, he places Cara on a rest hold. Cara stands up and tries to fight back but gets mat slammed. A kick to the back and another cover for two from the WWE Champion. Del Rio places some knees on Sin Cara's head, but his cover falls short of a pinfall, so he goes to another headlock, and tries to remove Cara's mask while he's at it. Cara again tries to fight back, but a headbutt drops him. He stand in the corner, Del Rio runs towards him, but he lifts his feet to hit the Champ's face, climbs the turnbuckle, and delivers a flying hurricanrana. He delivers several kicks to Del Rio's leg, who pushes Cara to the corner, runs towards him but eats an elbow to the side of the head and a headscissors DDT for a nearfall. Sin Cara goes to the top rope and tries a cross body but Del Rio grabs his arm and delivers his arm codebreaker, followed by the Cross Armbreaker which Sin Cara taps out to.

Winner: WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio via submission

After the match, Sin Cara Black comes out and attacks Sin Cara Blue. He works the arm that Del Rio damaged, delivering a snap suplex while holding Blue Cara's arm to his back. After that, Black Cara delivers his Senton Bomb finisher and taunts Blue Cara.

We go to the announcers table where Cole says why he walked out, and that's because Triple H dropped the ball and his ego wouldn't let him listen to people's grievances. Which brings him to what Booker T said some time ago, that this whole walk-out was orchestrated by a small group of people, yet Booker himself followed it. Booker said he had nothing to do with it, he thought the show was over and he had to go to the bathroom.

Backstage, Matt Striker interviews Air Boom. He starts asking why they walked out at Raw. Bourne says that what happened on Raw was a culmination of everything that has been happening on WWE since HHH gained control, and Kofi says they feel really bad about what they did, and it probably isn't even Triple H's fault, but the fact of the matter is until he steps down, things will remain on this state of chaos, and if that continues Air Boom won't be seen on Raw, but they will still appear every week on Smackdown.


Back from break we have our "From The Vault" segment featuring Hornswoggle vs. Jamie Noble.


Back from commercials Air Boom is entering to their match, when they are attacked by both of their opponents, Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler, as Vickie Guerrero smiles with Ziggler's US title on her shoulders. Ziggler delivers Zig Zag on Bourne as we go for another break.


Back from the break Bourne looks to have his neck injured from the attack as referees and a doctor attend to him, but Kofi wants to compete so the match starts anyway.

WWE Tag Team Champions Air Boom vs. Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger - non-title match

Kofi Kingston and Jack Swagger start at full speed as Kofi fires kicks and forearms at Swagger. He stomps Swagger on the corner, stopping after a 4-count by the ref. When he goes at Swagger again, the All-American American manages to push him out with his feet and tags Ziggler in. Ziggler runs towards Kofi but eats a flying forearm, several knees to the gut and punches to the back, going to the corner to force another break. Kofi runs at Ziggler again but eats a superkick for his efforts. Ziggler drags Kofi to his corner and tags Swagger who fires away fists at Kingston's ribs. Swagger delivers a scoop slam, but taunts a lot losing time and allowing Kingston to kick him in his head. Kofi tries to fight back but is promptly mat slammed. Swagger tags Ziggler who uses a back suplex on Kofi. Ziggler stomps Kingston, props him up and punches him in the the face, dropping the Tag Champ again. He goes for another back suplex, but Kingston lands on his feet, ducks a clothesline, bounces off the ropes to gain momentum and both guys clothesline eachother. Bourne runs over Kofi who is near their corner and tags himself in. He goes right after Ziggler delivering a kick to the leg, a jumping knee and a sobat to the face. Swagger tries to interfere and eats a dropkick, but Bourne lands on his injured neck. Ziggler capitalizes with a hangman neckbreaker and tags Swagger in. Jack Swagger quickly delivers the Gutwrench Powerbomb that gives his team the victory.

Winners: Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler via pinfall

After the match, Swagger and Ziggler beat down the champions some more, and then celebrate with Vickie Guerrero. The announcers plug the main event, which is Cody Rhodes and Christian vs. Sheamus and Randy Orton, as we go for a break.


After the break, we have our Divas match of the night as the Divas Champion Beth Phoenix enters the ring.

Divas Champion Beth Phoenix vs. Alicia Fox - non-title match

Beth starts with a kick to Alicia's gut. After some hammer clubs to Alicia's back, she whips her to a corner. Beth runs towards Alicia but is met with boots to her face. Alicia sits on the top turnbuckle as Beth runs towards her and misses, then tries a sunsef flip pin but isn't able to bring Beth down, and the Divas Champion stomps away at her. Glam Slam, and this one is quickly over.

Winner: Divas Champion Beth Phoenix via pinfall

After the match, Natalya places Alicia on the surfboard stretch variation that she's been using to torture Divas after the matches, as Beth grabs a mic and says it's time for some tears. Beth wants "Foxy" to cry for her, and Alicia is sobbing. Beth says this isn't good enough, she wants her to scream, and Alicia begs for Beth to get Natalya off. Beth tells her to scream, she does and Natalya releases the hold, while the Glamazon says that's what she wanted to hear.

After the attack, the announcers plugged the Big Show/Mark Henry rivalry, since Big Show returns tonight, and a video package is shown about it. After that, we go for a break.


Back from the break, Big Show music hits and he enters the ring. The World's Largest Athlete grabs a mic and says he can't express in words how good it is to be back. He says the last four months has been hell to him with a broken ankle, and he watched the footage of him getting injured over and over. And in case the audience is wondering why a sane person watches himself getting beaten repeatedly, he wants them to watch the footage he's been watching several times a day. After the video is shown, Big Show emotionally admits he thought he was infallible, and he was humbled by Mark Henry, who reached to his chest and tore Show's heart right out of it. Simple, everyday things that he couldn't execute, as silly as it sounds, even putting on his pants or walking upstairs, putting his shoes, even playing with his dogs, stuff he took for granted. He shakes his tears out as people chant his name. He then tells why he watched the footage of himself getting his ankle broken over and over. He can endure physical pain, it's part of the job. It was the humbling and the emotional pain that fueled him to get better and stronger. And all the pain that Henry has caused him, he will repay ten times over. Show says Mark's on a roll, destroying everything in his path. But a funny about momentum is that it is a downhill roll, and at the bottom, Show is waiting for Henry. He's gonna take all of his emotional and physical pain he's been through, place him on his right fist and blast it at the side of Henry's head as many times as he can until Henry's completely unrecognizable. He's gonna cause Henry physical and emotional pain, and take what validates Henry's entire career away from him. He's gonna take the World Heavyweight Championship away from Mark Henry, the same title that was the first Show has ever held in wrestling, at 23 years old. He'll settle for nothing less than facing Henry one-on-one. So he asks the "World Heavyweight Champion, World's Strongest Man, Man on Fire, Chairman of the House of Pain" to do the right thing and give him an opportunity.

Mark Henry comes out with a mic in hand. Henry says there's been a lot of changes since Show was missing. He says that he took Kane out, ended Kozlov's career and put Jerry Lawler through a table, so the Hall of Pain is getting really, really crowded. But most importantly, he beat Randy Orton to become the World Heavyweight Champion. So, he asks Henry for a shot but what has Show done, who has he beaten? He's been sitting at home for four months in a vacation that Henry has afforded him. Henry is gonna let him know about when and if ever Show's gonna get a shot at the title, and that's gonna come at Henry's time.

Show says that Mark Henry that if he doesn't hear from him the answer he wants until the end of the show, he's gonna beat Henry down, put him through an announce table, and break Henry's ankle. He wants a yes, and he wants it tonight, or else. Show's music plays as the promo ends.

Backstage Matt Striker interviews Randy Orton. He asks Randy that despite what Big Show just said, there are many that feel Orton deserves a rematch even though he lost at Hell In A Cell. Randy says the last thing he wants is to be a crybaby like Christian and beg for rematches, and after the beatdown he gave Henry with a chair after their last match, Henry wants none of Orton. So he looks at the bright side, which is that if he's gonna have to run through the entire Smackdown roster to get his rematch, then he's all for it. Striker then asks him why Orton was absent during the walk-out segment. Randy answers saying that if he has a problem with HHH, he'll deal with him personally, and that he learned through the years that it's best for him to stay out of a group mentality because he doesn't play well with others. Striker says that isn't good for his partner tonight, Sheamus, as Orton says it won't, but it will be even worse for Cody Rhodes and Christian.


After the break, a Brodus Clay promo video package is shown, and after that, Jinder Mahal is shown speaking on the ring in Hindi. After some speaking, Ezekiel Jackson makes his entrance. Already in the ring, he stares at Mahal and gestures for him to silence. Mahal speaks some more in Hindi, and Zeke tells him again to shut up. Mahal continues talking, and Ezekiel drops him with a forearm. The ref backs Zeke off, tells Mahal to take his jacket off, and we got another match underway.

Jinder Mahal vs. Ezekiel Jackson

They lock-up but Zeke quickly overpowers Mahal with a push. Jinder reaches for the ropes and the ref holds Jackson off of him. Mahal gut kicks Zeke, hits some club forearms and some knees. He tries to whip the Personification of Domination, but is whipped and back body dropped instead. Jackson gives Mahal two scoop slams and goes for the Torture Rack, but Mahal escapes and stomps Zeke's leg from behind. A club to the back of Zeke, who tries to clothesline Mahal but eats a jumping knee. After some stomps and a cover that doesn't get him even a one count, Mahal puts Zeke in a front headlock, with some clubs to the back. Big Zeke pushes him off, releasing the hold, and when Mahal runs towards him, Zeke again goes for the repeated scoop slams. This time the Torture Rack is successfully applied and Mahal is left with no choice but to tap out.

Winner: Ezekiel Jackson via submission

After the match Zeke grabs a mic and says "I told you, Shhhhhhh". The announcers plug Mark Henry's answer of Big Show's challenge for tonight, as well as the main event.

At the GM's office someone knocks on the door and Teddy Long tells Aksana to come in. Executive VP of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis is the one who comes instead, and they shake hands. Laurinaitis says that never before in the history of the WWE a walk-out took place, and nobody knows how this thing is gonna work out. Long is worried and asks what does that have to do with him. Laurinaitis says that both him and Teddy are loyal men to the company, and since HHH isn't here tonight he came to Smackdown to show his support. Right now, Smackdown's success is vital, because if Long loses control of Smackdown like The Game lost control of Raw, the entire WWE is gonna be in turmoil. Laurinaitis says that Teddy can count on him though, and if he needs anything he just needs to give him a call. Long thanks him as he walks out.

Hornswoggle comes out and wants Booker T to come to the ring with him. Hornswoggle wants Booker to do a spinaroonie with him. They both do it, first Booker, then Hornswoggle. Christian interrupts them with his entrance, followed by Cody Rhodes' entrance with the traditional Intercontinental title belt, as the main event match is next.


Back from the break, Sheamus and Randy Orton enter the ring as we get our tag team match.

Sheamus and Randy Orton vs. Christian and Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes

Sheamus and Christian start things off for their teams. They lock-up, but Sheamus quickly takes down Christian with a side headlock takedown. Christian stands up and pushes Sheamus off, but eats a shoulder block. The Great White goes for his hammer club on the ropes sequence, but Christian escapes with elbows to the side of the head and tags Rhodes in. Cody enters the match taking some punches. Sheamus tries to throw him out of the ring, but Rhodes skins the cat, only to take another punch to the gut, and after that Sheamus hits his hammer clubs to chest routine, followed by the knee on the apron. When Sheamus enters the ring again, Rhodes holds his legs, and the ref breaks them up allowing Christian to try to interfere. He grabs Sheamus by the back, but the Celtic Warrior quickly turns around and Captain Charisma bails, but that distraction is enough for the IC Champion to capitalize with a Russian legsweep. He goes for a cover, Sheamus quickly kicks out, but Rhodes goes for a submission. He locks a facelock, drives some forearms and knees that drop Sheamus, and then he locks a front headlock. Sheamus powers out with a back body drop and tags Orton in while Rhodes tags Christian, who ends up on the receiving end of two clotheslines and a snap powerslam. Randy runs towards Christian on the corner but eats boots to the face. Christian runs towards Orton who leapfrogs and when Christian comes back delivers a back body drop. Randy corners Christian and climbs the second turnbuckle to deliver the 10-punch sequence, followed by an apron DDT. He signals for the RKO, but Rhodes enters the ring and rolls out when Orton sees him, allowing Christian to roll out too and try to buy some time. Orton chases Christian, who enters the ring again, and when Orton tries to follow he is held by Rhodes, allowing Christian to hit a baseball slide dropkick as we go for a break.


Back from the break Christian is in control with a facelock. Orton fights out and bounces off the ropes, only to be met with an elbow to the head. Christian tags Rhodes in, who enters stomping and punching away at Randy, and immediately tagging Christian in after doing some damage. Rhodes holds Orton as Christian punches him in the gut and slaps him in the face. Orton fights back and bounces off the ropes but is again countered, this time with a spinebuster by Christian, who signals for the Spear, which fails when Orton counters it with a kick and a clothesline. Both guys tag and is Sheamus and Rhodes back in the ring again. Sheamus drops Cody with double arm clotheslines and a tilt-a-whirl scoop powerslam. Sheamus delivers a clothesline on the corner, followed by a running knee to the head. He goes top rope and tries for a shoulder block, which Rhodes ducks but Sheamus recovers quickly and delivers a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Cover and a nearfall. Sheamus signals for the Brogue Kick, Christian tries to interfere but is thrown out of the ring. Sheamus follows Christian as he tags Orton in, who ducks a clothesline and hits RKO for the three count.

Winners: Randy Orton and Sheamus via pinfall

Orton and Sheamus celebrate togheter, as the Raw Rebound is shown, featuring "The Walk-Out".

Back on the ring the announcers sell next week's Raw as one that no one knows what will happen. Mark Henry enters the ring, as his announcement about Big Show's request is next.


Back from the break, Henry tells us we know who he is, he's the World's Strongest Man and the World Heavyweight Champion. And he fears no man. And he too is infallible. And as far as the Big Show having a title match, he says... no. Big Show enters the ring running, and starts firing away at Henry as security tries to hold him off, but he fights them all off. Henry tries to take advantage but eats a Spear. Security again try to hold Show off, but he knocks all of them off, even hitting Chokeslams and WMDs as Mark Henry rolls out of the ring with his title. Big Show asks him where's his answer, to which Mark replies with a no and raises his belt high. As Henry walks out, Big Show follows and attacks him. Mark counters a whip by whipping Show to the barricade. Henry starts cleaning the announce table. He punishes Show some more and drags him near the table. When he goes for a World's Strongest Slam, Big Show fires up again, fighting off and Chokeslams Mark Henry through the announce table! Big Show then says he told Henry he was going to do it. Show grabs a steel chair, places it on Henry's leg and picks the steel steps. He drags them near Henry and climbs them, and when he's about to jump from them onto Henry's leg, Long interrupts calling Big Show, and saying Big Show has his World Heavyweight Championship match, but not if he does that. Big Show hesitates, but gives up from delivering the final blow. He starts going back, but returns, picks the chair from Henry's leg, and gives him a shot across the back. He stares at Mark Henry, and walks out as his music plays, ending the show.

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