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WWE Smackdown Results (10/14/2011) - Orton Gets One More Match

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WWE Smackdown Results - 10/14/2011
Report by: Guilherme Jaeger of

The show starts with a package featuring last week's Big Show return and the attack on Mark Henry that guaranteed him a World Heavyweight Title match.

After the opening video and pyro, the General Manager of Smackdown Teddy Long and the Executive VP of Talent Relations and Interim GM of Raw John Laurinaitis talk. Long starts by saying that we are all a part of history, because tonight's milestone episode of Smackdown moves the show onto second place on longest running episodic shows, second only to Raw. Laurinaitis says it's great to be here to commemorate this night. Teddy says that when you have all WWE Superstars under one roof, what better way to celebrate, than to have the largest battle royal in WWE history? Laurinaitis says the winner will have a title match of his choosing tonight.

The Raw stars enter, including Miz and R-Truth. They are followed by the Smackdown stars. They are all in the ring at once. The bell rings and the match starts.

41-man battle royal, the winner gets a title match of his choosing tonight

The eliminations start early, and surprisingly Cody Rhodes is the first one out, the first victim of The Viper.

Cody Rhodes is eliminated

Johnny Curtis is launched by Drew McIntyre outside, manages to land on the apron, but eats a boot and is out.

Johnny Curtis is eliminated

JTG was the third to be thrown out, but the camera angle doesn't show who did it.

JTG is eliminated

Kofi Kingston throws McGillycutty out with a back body drop.

Michael McGillycutty is eliminated

Titus O'Neal throws Derrick Bateman out.

Derrick Bateman is eliminated

Yoshi Tatsu and Titus O'Neal are thrown out. Tatsu by Marella, and O'Neal by Swagger.

Yoshi Tatsu is eliminated
Titus O'Neal is eliminated

Matt Striker (yes, Matt Striker) is thrown out by William Regal.

Matt Striker is eliminated

As the field starts cleaning, we see Orton and Christian battling it out, as Sheamus try to eliminate John Morrison and Primo is almost thrown out by Justin Gabriel. We go for a break.


Back from the break, we are informed that 32 Superstars are still in the match. Daniel Bryan eliminates his master William Regal, so now we're down to 32.

William Regal is eliminated

"Showtime" Percy Watson is booted down by Drew McIntyre, and he's out.

Percy Watson is eliminated

We're down to 31 Superstars. Ziggler and Swagger make an team effort and they both eliminate John Morrison, leaving us down to 30.

John Morrison is eliminated

Zack Ryder comes from behind and eliminates Dolph Ziggler.

Dolph Ziggler is eliminated

While DiBiase and Ryder try to eliminate McIntyre, R-Truth manages to eliminate Trent Baretta.

Trent Baretta is eliminated

We're down to 28 Superstars. The Miz also makes his presence felt as he eliminates Jimmy Uso.

Jimmy Uso is eliminated

As CM Punk and Randy Orton battle it out, Ezekiel Jackson eliminates Ted DiBiase.

Ted DiBiase is eliminated

We're down to 26. Tyson Kidd is eliminated right after, so it's 25 now.

Tyson Kidd is eliminated

We go for another break.


Back from the break, Christian is shown almost getting eliminated by Zack Ryder, but managing to survive. Meanwhile, Daniel Bryan is thrown out.

Daniel Bryan is eliminated

Mason Ryan eliminates Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins in sequence.

Tyler Reks is eliminated
Curt Hawkins is eliminated

Ryan is on a roll, as he eliminates Drew McIntyre and Justin Gabriel next.

Drew McIntyre is eliminated
Justin Gabriel is eliminated

We're down to 20, but we quickly go to 19 as Wade Barrett comes from behind and puts an end to Ryan's roll.

Mason Ryan is eliminated

CM Punk eliminates Primo with a kick to the head.

Primo is eliminated

Santino is almost eliminated by Christian, but manages to land in the apron and give Christian a shoulder block. He starts preparing the Cobra, but Christian simply slaps him in the face and he's out.

Santino Marella is eliminated

As Ryder and Christian battle out again, Alex Riley is thrown out by his former mentor, The Miz.

Alex Riley is eliminated

Kofi Kingston is almost thrown out by Jack Swagger, but he skins the cat and always takes Swagger out with a headscissors. Ultimately though, Swagger applies the Ankle Lock, and uses Kofi's pain as distraction to complete the elimination.

Kofi Kingston is eliminated

We're down to 15 Superstars. After some work, Jinder Mahal eliminates Zack Ryder.

Zack Ryder is eliminated

Sheamus cuts the size from 14 down to 10 Superstars as he eliminates Otunga, Jey Uso, Zeke and Slater in a fast sequence.

David Otunga is eliminated
Jey Uso is eliminated
Ezekiel Jackson is eliminated
Heath Slater is eliminated

The final 10 are: Black Sin Cara, Christian, Wade Barrett, Sheamus, R-Truth, The Miz, CM Punk, Randy Orton, Jack Swagger and Jinder Mahal. Sheamus keeps eliminating people, as he drops Black Sin Cara onto the pile of guys he threw out.

Black Sin Cara is eliminated

Christian signals for the spear as Sheamus is taunting, but Sheamus manages to counter. He goes for the High Cross, but Christian escapes and tries to throw Sheamus out, unsuccessfully. Christian runs towards Sheamus, but Sheamus throws him out, and Christian is his sixth victim in a row on the battle royal.

Christian is eliminated

Mahal clotheslines Sheamus and goes to work on him on the corner, while Punk tries to handle both Miz and Truth. Punk eliminates Truth, but Miz eliminates him right after.

R-Truth is eliminated
CM Punk is eliminated

Sheamus delivers Brogue Kick on Miz, but he doesn't go over the top rope, so he's not out. Punk and Truth brawl outside. They distract the referees long enough for Christian to come back to the ring and throw Sheamus over the top rope. The ref doesn't see it was Christian, so Sheamus is out.

Sheamus is eliminated

Sheamus is livid, and chases Christian out of the arena. We're down to the final five with four heels and one face, with two heel champions: Jinder Mahal, Jack Swagger, Wade Barrett, The Miz and Randy Orton. Orton throws Barrett out, so now it's a final four.

Wade Barrett is eliminated

Orton hits RKO on Swagger and throws him out, doing the same to Mahal right after.

Jack Swagger is eliminated
Jinder Mahal is eliminated

We're down to Orton and Miz, who is out of the ring but not eliminated. Miz seizes the moment and throws Orton from behind, but The Viper manages to stay alive in the match. Miz celebrates for a while, then realizes and goes right after Orton with stomps. He stands Orton up, throws some Muay Thai knees that drop Orton, and signals for flying corner clothesline. When he runs towards Orton, he's met with a clothesline. After another one, and a snap powerslam, Orton signals for the RKO. When he goes for it, Miz counters into a SCF attempt that Orton escapes. He tries to throw out Miz, but he manages to stay alive, and drives his shoulder onto Orton's gut. He tries to throw Orton out, but he also lands on the apron. They trade kicks and punches, neither giving out, until Miz pushes Orton on the steel post. Orton counters with a kick to the gut, and an RKO. Both are sent down to the floor, but Miz touched it first, so Orton wins.

The Miz is eliminated

Winner: Randy Orton

Josh Matthews goes for a interview with the winner. He congratulates Orton for winning the largest battle royal in WWE history, then asks which champion he's going to challenge. Orton said the decision is quite easy for him, really. He asks the crowd if anybody heard on Raw when Orton said vengeance would be his. He choses Mark Henry. So our main event is set. It is Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship. Orton says to Mark that not only will vengeance be his, but he will take back his World Heavyweight Championship. As Orton stalls, Kelly Kelly and Eve are shown walking backstage. Kelly has a match with Beth Phoenix next.


Back from the break, Alberto Del Rio is shown walking backstage, talking with his ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez. Teddy Long appears and asks Del Rio where he's going. Del Rio answers saying that Orton chose Mark Henry, probably because he didn't think he could beat Del Rio, and he doesn't blame Randy. So he doesn't have a reason to be there, so he has to go have a party with his friends. Long says that while Orton didn't chose him, that doesn't mean Del Rio isn't competing tonight. Before he gets his party starts, Alberto Del Rio is going one on one tonight against Sheamus. Del Rio asks if Teddy Long is crazy in Spanish as the Smackdown GM leaves.

The Divas Champion Beth Phoenix is entering the ring, as her match with Kelly Kelly is next.

WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix w/Natalya vs. Kelly Kelly w/Eve - non-title match

The first one on one match of the night starts with a lock up. Beth quickly pushes Kelly to a corner, choking her. The ref breaks up, and when Phoenix runs at KK, she ducks and hits Beth's head on the turnbuckle repeatedly, followed by some stomps to the gut. Kelly ducks a clothesline, gets momentum and tries to hit a headscissors takedown, but is stopped mid-air and countered right into a backbreaker by Beth. Cover and two count. Beth taunts Kelly Kelly, and hits a hammer fist to the back. She stands Kelly up while taunting her. Kelly wakes up and fights back with forearms and a Lou Thesz press. Both stand up, more forearms by Kelly, she tries to whip Beth but is countered. This time Kelly hits a headscissors DDT. Cover and a near fall. Kelly takes some distance while Beth stands up on the corner. She tries a handspring elbow, but Beth grabs her mid-air and throws her over the top rope to the apron. She rams Kelly's head onto the post, puts her into Glam Slam position, brings her back into the ring and hits it for the pinfall.

Winner: Divas Champion Beth Phoenix via pinfall

After the match, Eve goes on to check on Kelly while Beth leaves the ring with Natalya. The announcers plug the main event title match as we go for a break.


Back from the break, Blue Sin Cara's entrance (with a new theme remix) is shown. But he doesn't come out, instead, the backstage is shown where Black Sin Cara attacks Blue viciously. He removes Blue Cara's mask, saying in Spanish that that belongs to him. He removes his mask (with his back turned to the camera), and puts on Blue Sin Cara's mask. Justin Gabriel enters the ring, as he is Sin Cara's opponent. Black Sin Cara also has a new theme remix.

Black Sin Cara vs. Justin Gabriel

Cara starts kicking Gabriel in the gut, and firing away at the South African. He puts Justin's arms stuck on the ropes and chops his chest. Cara's whip is countered. He recieves a dropkick and gets out of the ring. Gabriel launches himself at Black Cara with a corkscrew body attack. He puts Black Cara back in the ring, and go for a springboard move that is countered with a dropkick in mid-air. Cover and a nearfall. Cara proceeds to stomp away at Gabriel, who after some time stands up and fights back with forearms. Cara counters with some of his own, leaving Gabriel groggy. He bounces of the ropes and goes for a headscissors, but Justin counters into a blue thunder bomb for another nearfall. Gabriel goes top rope, but Cara pushes the ropes, making Gabriel trip and fall to the ring. Cara quickly takes advantage and goes top rope, delivering his Swanton Bomb for the three count.

Winner: Black Sin Cara via pinfall

Backstage, Teddy speaks to the Tag Team Champions, Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne. Teddy tells them they are doing a tremendous job, but due to Bourne's neck injury, he can't let him compete. Evan starts talking when Vickie Guerrero interrupts, saying that last week, Ziggler and Swagger defeated the champions in a non-title bout, so she demands a match for the title for tonight. Teddy says that isn't going to happen tonight. Ryder appears and says that as he is the assistant to the General Manager, he can replace Bourne in a non-title match. Vickie tells him to be careful in what he wishes, because Ziggler is gunning for him. Teddy than says they have a match. Ryder and Long do a "Holla Holla" and "Woo Woo Woo" exchange until Vickie says that's ridiculous and leaves.

The announcers plug WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus next.


Back from the break, Ricardo Rodriguez introduces the WWE Champion, as his match with Champion is now. Sheamus makes his entrance as his elimination by Christian from earlier tonight is shown in replay.

WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus - non-title match

Both lock up to start. Sheamus go for a side headlock, Del Rio pushes him off, but eats a shoulder block. Del Rio tries a clothesline, but Sheamus ducks and hits another shoulder block. The Great White slams Del Rio's head on the turnbuckle then does his hammer fists on the chest sequence, followed by a clothesline that gets him a one count. Sheamus runs against Del Rio on the corner, but "El Patrón" dodges, climbs the second rope and hits a front dropkick. He covers but can't get even one, so he score some punches on Sheamus' face, hits a kick on his back, then applies an armbar. Sheamus stands up, but Del Rio kicks his legs to get him back down. Del Rio transitions into a hammerlock. Sheamus fights back, but Del Rio counters with a kick gut and delivers his double knee armbreaker. Cover and a one count. Del Rio again goes for another arm submission. Sheamus tries to fight back again but eats a headbutt. He gets groggy and goes to a corner. Del Rio runs towards him but eats an elbow to the side of the head. Sheamus then delivers his double-arm clotheslines followed by the tilt-a-whirl scoop powerslam. Sheamus clotheslines Del Rio in the corner, followed by his Irish Curse backbreaker that gives him a nearfall. Sheamus goes top rope, but Ricardo Rodriguez tries to interfere. The referee pulls him off, leaving the door open for Christian to come to the ring and interfere, tripping Sheamus' leg. Del Rio uses the distraction to hit his enzuigiri on the top rope. After Sheamus falls, Del Rio hits a kick to the side of his head, covers, and gets the victory.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio via pinfall

After the match, Christian is shown smiling while Del Rio celebrates. Christian picks up the scraps, delivering two Spears to Sheamus. The announcers plug the main event, as we go for another commercial.


Back from break, Vickie Guerrero introduces her wrestlers, Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler. Kofi enters next with Evan Bourne, followed by Zack Ryder (with a new twist to his entrance theme; his catchphrase is said before the music starts). This tag match starts now.

WWE Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston and Zack Ryder w/Evan Bourne vs. Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero

The match starts with Jack and Zack. They lock up, Swagger transitions into a side headlock, Ryder pushes him off, but Swagger comes with a shoulderblock that drops Ryder. Swagger grabs momentum running, but Ryder ducks him twice and hits a flapjack. Ryder slams Swagger's head on the post. He tries to whip Swagger, but is countered into a belly to belly suplex. Swagger drags Ryder to his team's corner and tags Ziggler in. He enters stomping away at Ryder. Dolph hits a hangman neckbreaker that's good for a two count. Ziggler taunts Kofi and Evan, while he delivers punishment to Ryder, applying a submission hold on him. Zack tries to fight back, but Ziggler fends him off. he whips Ryder on the ropes, and Zack uses a facecrusher on his way back, creating some room. Ryder tags in Kingston who delivers a springboard flying clothesline to Ziggler. He then knocks Swagger out of the apron, before going at dolph again with karate chops, a dropkick, and a jumping clothesline. Kofi hits the Boom Drop, but when he signals for the Trouble in Paradise, Swagger pulls Ziggler from the ring. Kingston then launches himself with a suicide dive that hits both Swagger and Zigggler, as we go for a break.


Back from commercial Ziggler is in control, applying a rest hold on Kofi. During commercial, Swagger and Ziggler managed to take control of the match thanks to a Vickie Guerrero intereference which allowed Swagger to pull Kofi from the apron just as he was about to deliver another springboard move to Ziggler in the ring, who capitalized on the situation. Back to the actual match, Kofi fights out of the hold with forearms and punches. Dolph stops him with a kick though, and hits a leg drop bulldog that's good for a nearfall. Swagger tags in and hits some punches on Kofi, stands him up and delivers a back suplex for another two count. Swagger then applies an underhook lock. Kofi fights out and tries to go for a tag, but Swagger holds him off and drives him back first to a corner, following with shoulder shots to the gut. Swagger places Kingston on the top rope and starts slapping him in the face, but Kofi answers with one hard punch and a tornado DDT. Both wrestlers are down, but they manage to tag their partners. Ryder ducks a clothesline and hits two cross chop attacks. Ryder throws Ziggler on the corner and hits a forearm, followed by the Broski Boot that's good for a nearfall. Ryder stands Ziggler up, but eats a dropkick. Ryder goes to the corner. Ziggler runs onto him, but Zack lifts his knees to counter. Ryder's Rough Ryder is countered into a Sleeper Hold by Ziggler. Ryder starts to fade, when out of desperation he runs to the corner and manages to drive Ziggler shoulder first onto the steel post. When Ryder goes for a tag, Swagger runs in and knocks Kofi out of the apron. The ref pushes him off, though, and he has to retreat. Meanwhile Kofi uses this distraction to enter the ring and hit Trouble in Paradise on Ziggler. He places Ryder on top of Ziggler, who fraily covers Dolph for the three count.

Winners: WWE Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston and Zack Ryder

After the victory, Bourne and Kingston celebrate with Ryder, as the Raw Rebound featuring the McMahon-Laurinaitis-HHH situation. After that, the main event is plugged as we go for a break.


Back from the break, Matt Striker interviews Sheamus. Striker says that Christian cost Sheamus many matches, and it seems Christian is starting to get into his head... Sheamus interrupts him saying that he finally has to realize that Christian is a pain in his arse that he can't get rid of. Christian reminds him of a troll from Ireland. That troll is ugly, low and dim-witted. One day, a man was crossing a bridge, when that troll ran behind him, and bit him right in the arse. This happened a lot of times until the day that troll tried to do the same to a "great, white ball", that pulled him right off the bridge (that's what I managed to understand, I hope I'm right). Sheamus says that Christian is the troll, and Sheamus is the "great, white ball". And the next time Sheamus sees Christian, he's gonna rip Christian's face off his skull.

The announcers plug Big Show's return and his feud with Mark Henry. When it finishes, the World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry makes his entrance for the main event, and we go for a break.


Back from the break, the challenger Randy Orton enters the ring for the title match.

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton

They lock up, and Mark pushes Orton to the corner. The ref breaks it up, Henry goes for a punch, but Orton ducks and starts hitting punches and backs off. They circle each other, Henry tries to corner Orton, but The Viper ducks and again starts hitting punches. Orton's whip is reversed and he crashes on a corner, but bounces back and hits a clothesline that doesn't drop Henry. He then kicks Mark's leg repeatedly, ducks a clothesline, hits another leg stomp and a headbutt. He then follow with two european uppercuts, one more leg stomp that manages to get Henry to his knees, and when he goes for a DDT, Henry shoves him off sending him out of the ring. Henry follows to the outside, but when he gets close Orton starts punching him again. Henry manages to finally turn the tables with a headbutt. Henry lifts Orton in oklahoma position, and drives his shoulder on the steel post. Henry places Orton back in the ring, covers and gets a nearfall. Henry puts Orton on the corner, and fires some shots to Randy's gut, followed by a headbutt, and then a hammer club to Orton's back. He then applies a shoulder vise grip. After some time Orton fights back with punches and headbutts. He bounces off the ropes to get speed but is met with a shoulderblock. Henry then stands on Orton's back (with his hands on the rope, not the way he did at Night of Champions, which he never repeated). He picks Orton up and delivers another headbutt, dropping The Viper again. He then returns to the shoulder vise grip. Orton fights back again with punches and headbutts. He then slams Henry's head on the turnbuckle, and proceeds to deliver stomps to the gut, followed by more punches. The ref makes him back off, though, and Henry uses the space to clothesline Orton when he comes off the ropes. Henry delivers a elbow drop that's good for a nearfall. We go for a break.


Back from the break, Mark is in control as he stomps away at Orton in a corner, follwed by another headbutt. Henry starts choking Orton with his boot. Scoop powerslam by Henry that's good for another nearfall. Mark then chokes Orton with the ropes again, and then with his boot, after some fight tease by Orton. Henry picks Orton up, headbutts and then scoop slams him. He goes for the World's Strongest Splash and hits it for another almost three count, as Henry shows frustration. He drags Orton to the corner and climbs the second turnbuckle. Orton lifts his feet to counter. The Viper reemerges with two clotheslines and a dropkick that drop the World's Strongest Man. When he signals for the RKO, Cody Rhodes tries to interfere, but Orton punches him on the apron. Henry uses the distraction to attack from behind, but the ref ends the bout.

Winner: Randy Orton via disqualification
STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Mark Henry

After the match, Rhodes and Henry attack Orton. Cody picks a paper bag to put on Orton's head, but Big Show runs in to make the save. Rhodes flees from the ring as Show and Henry battle it out. Show drops Henry with a big shoulderblock. Rhodes comes back to the ring and go for a top rope move, but Show grabs him by the throat and feeds him to an RKO. Orton then attacks Henry, and feeds him into a Chokeslam by the Big Show. Show's music hits and he and Orton celebrate, with Henry down and Rhodes fleeing as the show ends.

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