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WWE Smackdown Results (10/21/2011) - One Sin Cara Now Has A Face

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Buenas noches, bienvenidos a Smackdown en Ciudad de Mexico! El programa comienza con la sequencia habitual. Nah, just kidding. Tonight's Smackdown opens with the usual opening video and pyro sequence. WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio comes out to a big homecrowd reaction. He starts saying that this Sunday, he'll defend his WWE title against John Cena, and it will be in a Last Man Standing Match. Tonight he was scheduled to compete against Big Show, but unfortunately for the crowd, that isn't going to happen. He's gonna show us why. Footage from Raw, featuring John Cena's post-match attack on Del Rio is shown. Del Rio says it was a dream for him to come to Mexico, and compete for all of them, for his Mexico, but John Cena robbed him and the Mexicans of that opportunity. But he's gonna make Cena pay. He's gonna walk into Vengeance as WWE Champion, and he's gonna leave as the WWE Champion, and as the greatest Mexican in history.

He's about to leave when Smackdown's General Manager Theodore Long's music plays. Long says that earlier in the evening, Del Rio was checked by WWE doctors and cleared to compete. Teddy thinks that Del Rio is just trying to weasel out of his match, and even though he gives the excuses of wanting to compete in front of his homecrowd, he is afraid of wrestling The Big Show. Del Rio says that Teddy Long is a dog in Spanish, and that he will put Show in his Armbar, and make him tap. Teddy then takes it to the people. Do they want to see the match tonight? The crowd erupts in response, so it's official. Long's music plays and he leaves the ring as Del Rio looks furious. As Long walking the ramp, Mark Henry's music plays. They pass each other, and Del Rio is still in the ring. While he makes his way, the Mask vs. Mask match between the Sin Caras is plugged. Mark enters the ring and Del Rio leaves, as we go to a break.


Back from the break, footage of Mark Henry finishing off John Morrison in spetacular fashion on Raw is shown. The Prince of Parkour himself makes his way to the ring, and we have our first match of the night.

World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry vs. John Morrison - non-title match

Morrison starts with a kick to the gut and several punches in the face. Henry shoves him over the top rope. He then tells John to get up, grabs him and pushes Morrison's face against the steel post outside until the ref breaks it up. Mark then places John on the apron and pushes his back up against the ropes, than pulls him down hard. Mark is in complete control with a stomp, then a headbutt, followed by a facelock. Morrison fights out of it, gets momentum, drops Henry down, and then hits the Starship Pain, but Henry kicks out at two. Morrison hits a forearm in the corner, and then tries to clip down Henry by his leg again, but Henry ducks and stomps on Morrison's ribs. He grabs Morrison by his throat, pulls him up, and then throws Morrison up and grabs him to deliver the World's Strongest Slam in similar fashion to what he did on Raw. Cover, and this one's over.

Winner: Mark Henry via pinfall

As Henry exits the ring, a Cody Rhodes promo adressing the WWE Universe is plugged for tonight. We go for a break.


Backstage, Christian and Vickie Guerrero discuss. Christian says that's exactly what the crowd should be chanting tonight, and they should give them what the crowd wants. Vickie says she's sorry and that Teddy is horrible. On the other hand, she has a great relationship with John Laurinaitis, the Interim GM of Raw. He gave Swagger and Ziggler a Tag Team Championship match on Sunday at Vengeance. Vickie says they should talk about a business relationship, and they can talk about embarassing stories of Edge. Teddy than enters the scene and asks them what are they doing at his office and what's so funny. Christian says is none of his business, but since he wants to know, Christian talks about how Teddy is the laughing stock of Smackdown because he won't give Christian or the people what they want. Long says Christian's wrong, because he already gave him what he wants, one more match. Christian says it's about time. But the match is against Sheamus, this Sunday. Christian says that's not what he was talking about, Long knows it, and Christian walks out saying that he should be the World Heavyweight Champion. Teddy then says to Vickie that she got what she wanted, so now he's getting what he wants. This Sunday, Dolph Ziggler will defend his US Title against Zack Ryder. Vickie then says that Dolph already has a match, so he's going to have to compete twice in the same night? Teddy leaves, and Vickie looks mad. Zack Ryder appears, says his catchphrase, and leaves Vickie screaming.

A package about the Sin Caras situation is shown, and their Mask vs. Mask match is plugged. Back in the ring, Wade Barrett makes his entrance, as he is going to have a match against Money In The Bank winner Daniel Bryan next.


Back from the break, a Barrett promo is shown. He says that in the past, he aligned himself with useless parasites. He learned a valuable lesson, that he only needs to rely on himself. The great Barrett uprising starts tonight. Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring, showing frustration against his own Money In The Bank briefcase. Their match is now.

Mr. Money In The Bank Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett

They lock up to start, Bryan transitions into a waist lock and Barrett makes his way to the ropes to break the hold. When Bryan releases, Barrett hits him with a punch to the face, and a kick to the side of the head when he is down. Barrett hits a running knee drop that gives him a one count. Barrett lifts Bryan up and whips him to the ropes, but Bryan kicks him when he goes for a back body drop. Bryan bounces off the ropes again, and Wade catches him in Wasteland position, but Bryan counters into a crucifix pin for a two count. Bryan tries for the LeBell Lock, but Barrett shoves him off and when he comes back Wade delivers the sidewalk slam for a two count. Barrett uses his knee to choke Bryan on the ropes, breaking up at the four count. He chokes Bryan again, releasing him after another four count. He then delivers a big boot that sends Bryan outside. Barrett drives Bryan's spine on the hard edge of the ring and puts him back on the squared circle. A cover and another two count. Barrett then applies a side headlock. After some time Bryan tries to fight back with forearms to the gut, but Wade counters with a knee. Barrett whips Bryan into a corner, but when he runs towards Bryan he eats a boot to the face. Bryan climbs the second rope and delivers a missile dropkick to the face that gives him a nearfall. Bryan whips Barrett to the ropes and goes for a kick, but Barrett holds onto the ropes ducking the kick, and delivers a big boot to the side of Bryan's head for another close count. Barrett delivers some mounted punches, followed by a stretch hold. Bryan stands up but Barrett cuts him short with a kick to the gut. Barrett whips Bryan to a corner, but Bryan uses the turnbuckle to jump over Barrett, grabs momentum, ducks a clothesline and hits a flying elbow. Bryan fires up, and runs full throttle, delivering a dropkick in the corner to Barrett's head. Cover and another nearfall. Bryan's whip is reversed, he manages to duck a clothesline, but is hit with a side kick to the gut (a super kick to the gut, if you will). Pumphandle slam by Barrett, and another nearfall. Barrett stomps Bryan on the gut several times, followed by gut and head punches, and then some more stomps. Barrett runs towards another boot to the face, Bryan climbs the second rope, but he jumps right into Wasteland. Barrett hits it, covers, and this one is over.

Winner: Wade Barrett via pinfall

Sheamus and Ryder vs. Ziggler and Christian is plugged up as coming up next.


Back from the break, a exclusive is shown. It's a video of Vickie speaking on the phone with John Laurinaitis and basically sucking up to him. After that, she's interviewed, and speaks about congratulating him for doing a great job. When asked about who should fill in as permanent Raw GM, she says that she should be the one, because she has the experience, as she was a former General Manager for both shows, and if Mr. Laurinaitis gets bored or too busy, the board of directors could think of her for the position. We go for a break.


Back from the break, Sheamus makes his way to the ring while footages of his recent events with his rival Christian are shown. His tag team bout is next.

Sheamus and Zack Ryder vs. Christian and U.S. Champion Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler and Ryder start this match for their respective teams. Ryder goes for a waist lock, but Ziggler quickly counters with a elbow to the side of the head, and follows with a club fist to the back. Several stomps on the back of the neck, and then he drags Ryder into his corner, tagging Christian in. Christian enters with a kick to the gut and a hard slap to the face. Sheamus distracts Christian, and Ryder uses it to get Captain Charisma in a school boy pin that's good for a one count. The Internet Champion fires up, delivers several punches to the head, whips Christian to the ropes, and hits a forearm attack. When he goes running after Christian again, Christian ducks and shoves him out of the ring. Ziggler delivers a clothesline outside, and Sheamus runs right after him, but Dolph runs from him. The Great White goes back to his corner, and Christian goes out to get Ryder. Christian tags Ziggler in, and he comes with a punch to Zack's gut. A punch to the face and then a hangman neckbreaker, and Dolph almost gets the three. Ryder blocks two punches and delivers some of his own, but Ziggler cuts his momentum with a dropkick for two. Sheamus wants to get in, but Ziggler is in complete control. Ziggler goes for another neckbreaker, but this time Ryder counters with a roll up pin for a two count. Ryder's leg is held by Dolph, who tags Christian in. Christian enters stomping Zack's head. He taunts Ryder and the crowd feverishly boos him. He slams Zack's head against the turnbuckle then uses several punch/slap sequences. Christian runs after Ryder, but Zack lifts his knees to defend. Ryder finally manages to tag Sheamus, and Christian tags Ziggler. Sheamus enters the match with double-arm clotheslines and his tilt-a-whirl scoop powerslam. Ziggler counters a Sheamus run on the corner with a boot, and tries his leg drop bulldog, but Sheamus ducks and hits the Irish Curse Backbreaker for a nearfall. Christian tries to distract Sheamus, and when he's seen, he flees the ring. Dolph tries to use the distraction to place the Celtic Warrion on his Sleeper Hold, but Sheamus holds to the ropes and shoves him off. Sheamus then hits the Brogue Kick, and gets the victory for his team.

Winners: Sheamus and Zack Ryder via pinfall

Cody Rhodes' announcement to the WWE Universe is next.


Back from the break, another exclusive is shown. This one is with Cody Rhodes, and he's asked about what are his feelings against Orton. Rhodes then asks a question: does the reporter thinks the WWE will always be about Cena and Orton? Rhodes says no, and even though placing a bag on Orton's head felt like the end, it isn't, it's just the beginning.


Back from the break, footage is shown of what happened between Sheamus and Christian during commercials. As Sheamus was on his way out, Christian came back and hit the Spear on the Great White. Back in the ring, Cody Rhodes is already there. He starts speaking two weeks ago on Raw, he didn't just humiliated Orton, he exorcised a demon. Footage from Rhodes' attack on Orton at Raw is shown. Back in the ring, Rhodes laughs and says his demons didn't just came with an RKO or the attack with the ring bell that will probably scar him for life. Is he supposed to pretend that Orton didn't inflict serious emotional to him long ago? The Viper's venom has contaminated his blood since their days togheter in Legacy. One thing he learned from his father is that men are basically good. How wrong. Men are basically evil, twisted and selfish. Orton used and abused him, and rewarded his loyalty with a kick to the skull. That was a bag Rhodes had to carry. So when he finally got the opportunity to place a bag of his own on Orton's head, that was release. He could take a step back and laugh at the fact that it was Randy Orton whose pride has been snatched away in front of millions of people, and that in that one moment, their lives had officially intersected. Except this time, he is the champion, he's even the one who's smiling again, and Orton is an embarassed megalomaniac with no new tricks. In two days they will face eachother at Vengeance, but he thinks he won't wait, because right now he wants Randy to come out and admit a few things and that like many people he was wrong about Rhodes, and that he got what he deserved.

Orton comes out with a mic in hand. He says that the only mistake he made is letting Rhodes breathe after costing him the World Heavyweight Title twice. The mistake Rhodes made was assuming that by placing a bad on Orton's head, that Randy would be humiliated. He thinks that Orton's changed. The only thing that changed is the ammount of torture he will place on Rhodes at Sunday. A ring bell shot to the head will pale in comparison to what he will do at Vengeance. He then says "how about a little preview, Cody?", and charges to the ring. The baggers try to interfere, Orton fights them off, but Rhodes uses the distraction and attacks Orton. He shoves Orton shoulder first on the steel post, but when he puts Randy on the ring, Orton fights back with punches of his own. They exchange blows and The Viper gets the better of it, delivering a gut kick, a back club and a european uppercut. One bagger try to interfere but Orton kicks him. Orton then back body drops Rhodes over the top rope, hits the rope assisted DDT on the bagger, and then chases Cody again. Rhodes fight back but Orton regains control. He then places Rhodes' head on the steel steps and is about to stomp him, but another bagger interfere holding Orton's leg. He then stomps the bagger's head on the steel steps. Rhodes flees with the Intercontinental Title. Orton picks one of the baggers, stands him up and hits RKO. Randy's music plays as he looks at Rhodes.

Backstage, Sin Cara Azul is shown... actually, is Sin Cara Negro using Azul's mask. He removes it, and then walks to the ring. The Sin Caras match is next.


Back from the break, another exclusive is shown. This is an interview with Sin Cara Negro. He's asked about being back in Mexico competing. Cara Negro says it's been amazing, because when he first came up to wrestling, he came to Mexico City to get his opportunity. Unfortunately that never happened, but now he's back there again with WWE, which is the greatest company in the world and he's glad to be back in front of all of his peers.

The screen fades and then Sin Cara Azul is shown speaking. In Spanish, he says he feels happy to return to his native land (in the translation it says that he's honored, but he never said that). It's marvelous to be back there again with WWE, now with the TV.

Sin Cara Negro is asked about what is it going to be like wrestling against Sin Cara Azul in a Mask vs. Mask match in Mexico City. Negro says that it's going to be the pinnacle of his career. In Spanish he says that like everyone knows, he's Mexican, and this fight is going to define their careers, not only Azul's, but his also. Let's wait for them to give each other their best, for everyone that pays to see them leave happy, but he ensures everyone that Sin Cara Negro is going to be the winner, he's gonna take what was taken from him several years ago, but this time it won't pass by. The winner will be him. The camera man asks him to repeat in english. He obliges, dropping the "everyone leaving happy" part, and adding that he will show everyone that he's the better man.

Sin Cara Azul says that the WWE Universe should always expect his best because he's facing a rival that has been insulting his name and trying to take his mask, and he won't allow that. The people can expect his best because tonight he has to go all-for-all. He will show Sin Cara Negro that he is the real Sin Cara, and tonight Negro will leave without a mask, because he is the original Sin Cara.


Back from the break, Sin Cara Negro makes his way to the ring, as the Sin Caras match takes it's place now.

Sin Cara Azul vs. Sin Cara Negro - Mask vs. Mask Match

Both Sin Caras start circling each other. Negro makes the first move with a kick to the gut and a club forearm to the back, followed by stomps to the head, and a kick to the back. Negro shoves Azul's head against the turnbuckle. Another kick to the back, and Negro whips Azul to the ropes, but he handstands and flips acrobatically. Azul then ducks a clothesline and hits a springboard hurricanrana sending Negro outside. He climbs the top rope and hits a cross body attack from the top rope to the floor. He places Negro back in the ring, hits a kick to the side of the head, and hits a springboard cross body that's good for two. Azul hits a kick to the ribs and tries to whip Negro, but the whip is countered. He bounces back and delivers a headscissors takedown though. Azul hits three kicks, and go for another springboard move, but Negro finally counters with a dropkick that connects in mid-air. A kick to the back and a cover, but only two. Negro whips Azul, who tries for a sunset flip pin, but can't bring Negro down. Negro tries to remove Azul's mask, but he fights back. Negro gains control with another kick, but when he runs towards Azul he's back body dropped to the outside. We go for a break.


Back from break, Sin Cara Negro gains control with a double underhook backbreaker that's good for two. Negro then places Azul in a facelock stretch hold. Azul fights off, bounces off the ropes and connects with a running hurricanrana. Negro bounces back though and hits a big clothesline for two. Negro then places Azul in a leg lock. He transitions into a Camel Clutch. Azul escapes but Negro goes right back at him with stomps. He whips Azul to the ropes, and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on his way back. His cover gets a nearfall. Negro hits an arm and backbreaker that gets him another two count. Negro uses another submission hold. After some time, Azul stands up and fights off, but Negro ducks his front dropkick attempt. He kicks Azul's back and tries to remove his mask again. He almost does it, but Azul escapes. Negro is in control with chops to the back. A knee to the gut, a forearm in the face, and then mudhole stomping. He then hits a springboard dropkick whil Azul is lying on the corner. When he goes for a senton body attack, Azul shows some life and ducks. Azul hits several kicks and then a cornerflip armdrag, followed by a handspring armdrag. Azul counters a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker into a hurricanrana pin that gets him a nearfall. Another roll-up, but again no three count. Negro whips Azul and hits a Angle Slam variation that gets him a nearfall of his own. A kick to the side of the head, and Negro goes to the top rope. Azul stand up and hits a kick to the side of his head. He follows that up with a super hurricanrana. He hits a dropkick to the side of Negro's head, goes top rope, and delivers a Swanton Bomb, but it still doesn't get him the three. Negro stands up and tries to fight back with punches, but his back suplex doesn't connect, as Azul lands on his feet, gets momentum and hits La Mistica (La Mistica was Mistico's finisher on Mexico, it's a headscissors takedown Fujiwara armbar). Negro is left with no choice but to tap out.

Winner: Sin Cara Azul via submission

Following the match, Sin Cara Negro is down. He has to take his mask off. When he stands up, he goes to remove his mask, but decides not to and tries to leave. Azul tries to take him back, but Negro attacks him. After some fight, Azul takes Negro's mask off. He dropkicks Negro out of the ring and hits a suicide dive on Negro. He goes back to the ring to celebrate with Negro's mask in hand.

The announcers plug Big Show's in-ring return, as he faces WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio in the main event.


Back from break, a Brodus Clay package is shown. Back to the ring, the Divas Champion Beth Phoenix and Natalya cut a promo. She says that some people say that Natalya and her are jealous of the so-called "Barbie Doll Divas". Sure, they may grace the pages of Maxim magazine, walk the red carpets of Hollywood, but their not jealous or angry at any of them. They are angry at the Universe, because that's what they want to see. Not only are Beth and Natalya prettier, but they dominate in the ring too. A footage is shown of Beth defeating Kelly Kelly, and then Natalya torturing her and Alicia Fox. Natalya says that every tear drop that hits the ground is a direct message to all of the Divas. Pain is beauty, and there is nothing more beautiful than watching Barbie Dolls beg for mercy. Beth agrees with that and hopes Eve is paying very good attention, because at Vengeance it's her turn to cry, and they are making her scream just like all the rest, because they started this and at Sunday they are going to finish it.

Eve's music plays, and she comes out to the ring with a mic. She says that everyone knows the reason why Beth and Natalya started all of this. She used to think Beth and Natalya were beautiful, until the past few months, when they proved just how ugly they are on the inside. Eve has one thing that she has to clarify: she is not a Barbie Doll, and there is nothing they can do to break her.

Beth asks if that makes Eve want to cry. Beth tells Eve to let it out and cry for all of these people. Eve then shoves Beth and leaves the ring.

Backstage, Big Show is shown doing push-ups, as his match is next.


Back from the break, Ricardo Rodriguez introduces the WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio, as the main event is next.

WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show - non-title match

Big Show quickly overpowers Del Rio with a push. Hammer club to the back, and then a chest chop on the corner. Show's in complete control early on, dropping Del Rio with a scoop slam. He picks Del Rio up and delivers a headbutt. Del Rio tries to kick Show, but he doesn't get close enough. Big Show picks him up again and hip tosses him. Show chokes Del Rio using the ropes. Show lands rapid punches on Del Rio's gut in the corner. He picks the WWE Champion up and lands more punches to the gut. Another rope-assisted choke by Big Show, this time using his foot to do the job. Del Rio rolls out of the ring to buy some time. The referee asks Big Show to back off while he counts, and The World's Largest Athlete obliges. When Del Rio stands up though, Show grabs him by the head and lifts him from the floor to the apron. El Patrón finally counters with a hotshot. He goes to the top rope, but Show meets him mid-air with another chest chop. Del Rio goes out again as we go for a break.


Back from the break the Mexican Aristocrat is finally showing some life, as he hits some kicks to the legs of Big Show. After some time, Show holds one of Del Rio's legs and pushes him down. Show grabs Del Rio by the throat and pushes him off of the ring again. Show goes after Del Rio, but Del Rio uses dropkicks the steel steps that hit Show's leg. Show hits some knife edge chops on Del Rio, places him back in the ring, and delivers another scoop slam. Del Rio is standing up on the corner, as Show gets some distance. Del Rio ducks the running attack, but eats a clothesline. Show then places Del Rio in a submission hold. After some time, Big Show releases the hold and hits a leg drop that's good for two. After another rope-assisted choke, Show whips Del Rio, who bounces off the ropes and hits a dropkick to the knee, followed by several boots to the face. He then hits the double knee armbreaker, covers but Big Show powers out at one. Del Rio goes for another boot but Show grabs his leg and pushes him off. A chop to the chest, two clotheslines, a whip to the corner, a hip splash attack and a running shoulder block, all connected by the Big Show. He signals for the Chokeslam, grabs Del Rio's throat, but Del Rio escapes and clips Show's leg from behind. Del Rio manages to lock the Cross Armbreaker. After a long time, Big Show actually powers out, throwing Del Rio off. Both stay down for some time. When Big Show goes for a second Chokeslam attempt, Ricardo Rodriguez inferferes trying to choke the giant.

Winner: Big Show via disqualification

After the match, Show shoves Rodriguez off and hits the Weapon of Mass Destruction. He also hits it on Del Rio. Mark Henry rushes to the ring, but ends up eating an WMD too. Big Show's music plays and he exits the ring. Replay of Show's knockouts on both of the top champions of the WWE are shown, and he celebrates with the fans as the show ends.

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