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WWE Smackdown (03/06/18) - Live Coverage And Discussion

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Smackdown Live

Tonight is the go home show for Fastlane, the last PPV before WrestleMania.

WWE released the following for tonight's show:
With just five days left until WWE Fastlane, two of the competitors in the WWE Championship Six-Pack Challenge will not be taking it easy, as The Road to WrestleMania heats up. WWE Champion AJ Styles will clash with Dolph Ziggler before this Sunday’s huge title showdown. Will Styles gain momentum heading into WWE Fastlane, or will Ziggler show that he’s out to steal the show (and The Phenomenal One’s place) on The Grandest Stage of Them All? Find out tonight on SmackDown LIVE at 8/7 C on USA Network!

Smackdown Live kicks off tonight with Charlotte Flair and Ruby Riott with Sarah Logan and LIV Morgan. Ruby is asked first about beginning her feud with Charlotte, Riott takes the mic and begins cutting a promo on how Charlotte has been handed everything. She goes on about how she has been given natural abilities and also her father's lineage to lean on. Charlotte tells Riott that she has accomplished everything by earning it, not by it being given to her. Riott tells Charlotte that she will win the title Sunday and Charlotte will just be a bleach blonde with a famous last name. Roode's music hits and that ends the segment.

Randy Orton vs. Randy Orton

The match begins with some chain wrestling with Mahal getting a sucker punch in. Orton ends up sending Mahal to the outside and we go to commercial break. We come back from commercial break with Mahal having Orton grounded in a modified chin lock. Mahal drops Orton with a flying knee and get s two count only. Orton counters Mahal and grounds Mahal with a side suplex. Orton is countered during his DDT attempt, however Mahal catches Mahal for a fall away slam. Mahal goes to the outside and Orton throws the singh brother over the announce table. He then throws Mahal into Roode and connects with the rope drop DDT. Orton sets up for the RKO and Roode distracts Orton this allows Mahal to hit his finisher for the win.

Winner: Jinder Mahal

Becky Lynch vs. CarmellaBecky has the upper hand early, until Carmella connects a modified frankensteiner from the top rope. Carmella gets a near fall then continues to ground Becky Lynch. Carmella then goes to the corner and scissor chokes Becky over the top rope. Carmella continues the upper hand until Becky counters with a forearm. Both women now throwing punches in the middle of the ring and Lynch connects with an uppercut, however Carmella hits a side kick for two.Becky grabs the disarmher and gets the win via submission.

Winner: Becky Lynch

A.J. Styles comes to the ring and cuts a promo about his match on Sunday and how he doesn't have to be pinned to one the title. Styles also reacts to what Cena said on Raw about winning the title. Styles says he will win this Sunday and give the crowd what they want, Styles vs. Nakamura for the title at WrestleMania. Ziggler interrupts Styles and runs down Styles about how the fans will turn on him. Also how he overcame all obstacles and because the World Champion.

A.J. Styles vs. Dolph Ziggler:

Ziggler opens the match attempting a superkick and Styles counters and sends Ziggler to the outside. The two men continue back and forth and Styles hits an over the top to the outside forearm as we go to commercial. Come back from commercial with Ziggler having the upper hand on Styles and Styles on the ground. Ziggler connects with a back body drop for a two count. Ziggler and Styles go back and forth with a few near falls, they end up on the apron fighting until Ziggler pushes Styles into the ring post and see go back to commercial. We go back to the ring and Ziggler teases a Styles Clash, Ziggler and Styles then get attacked by Owens and Zayn. Shane comes out and makes it a fatal five way match with Baron Corbin.

Fatal Five Way:

Internet outtage keeps me from seeing the majority of the matchup.

Winner: Sami Zayn

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