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On last week’s episode of SmackDown, a vignette aired and at the start, all we could hear was a piano and heels clicking against concrete. We then see someone walking away from the camera through fog that is lit up. This person is rocking heels, but we only ever see them from basically below the knee. The person takes a few steps, and then turns back the other way quickening pace. The only other thing we see is a fur coat appearing to be either worn or draped across the shoulders. Who could this mystery person be? 


We haven’t seen Carmella since April when Covid-19 hit the U.S., but other wrestlers like Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn that were away during the same time, are starting to return. There are speculations that she may be in Retribution, but I don’t know what her gripe would be to qualify her, so I think her coming back in this re-branded posh gimmick could work well for her. We know that Bayley is going to feud against Sasha Banks at some point in the future after her turn against Banks last week, so maybe this re-branded Carmella could shake things up in the women’s division in the meantime. I would love for this to be her grand entrance back to the women’s division and come through as a heel with the air of being better than everyone else or something similar. 

Eva Marie

This one is going to be a stretch, but I am mainly thinking about this one for 2 reasons. 1) Eva directly commented on the GIF with a complimentary remark which of course caused my conspiracy happy self to determine that this was used to throw us off guessing it's her. And 2) because when the heels turn, they are notably red on the bottom and so it makes sense that that could be a nod to All Red Everything Eva Marie coming back. I know that it is a stretch, but it would be a really good subtle clue and they could even have her walking a red carpet because she has been busy in some small movie roles in her time since leaving WWE. This option is definitely fueled by it being an interesting turn of events and something that could bring new life to the division. I believe it was also rumored that Marie was interested in making a return to the WWE so maybe it is time. 

Scarlett Bordeaux

This one I don’t feel as strongly about, but some people on Twitter are comparing this vignette to a previous gimmick of Scarlett’s and so they’re thinking that while Karrion Kross is away with injury, this new Bordeaux gimmick can play. I would be more inclined to believe this if she had been on NXT longer and if she had gotten into the ring. But from what we have seen of the Kross gimmick so far, it doesn’t make sense to move her to the blue brand for a few months and then bring her back down. She was doing great work as Kross’ manager and I think they are going to have some really cool stuff planned when it nears his return with the ticking of a clock so look for her to stay down in NXT for now. 

Lacey Evans

We haven’t seen Lacey Evans in about a month. She hasn’t wrestled in a while and so this would be a solid vignette to signal her coming back to the brand. I would expect her to return as a heel and this aura that she could create of the ‘holier than thou’ shtick would fit really well with the heels and the fur coat. Evans’ gimmick has been tried as a face and as a heel, but I think there is more potential for her as a heel than anything else. Because of this I would love her to return with a new found sass and to make strides in the women's division.

Dana Brooke

Another wrestler we haven’t seen wrestle in a month has been Dana Brooke. I have consistently said that given a proper push and the right gimmick she could be really good. She had a lot of support a few months ago when fans began to “ship” her and Dave Bautista based on their social media interactions over on Twitter. It never came to any fruition although she did finish 3rd in the battle royale that saw Asuka earn a SmackDown Women's Championship opportunity. 

If Brooke is getting re-branded as a heel and is going to have this makeover done, I would actually really like to see her team with Lacey Evans. It could work really well and the Women’s tag division needs more teams. Brooke could fill this heel role and I would be interested to see this re-branding or a push happen in general to really see what she can do. 

Honorable Mention #1: Stacy Keibler

Is this one plausible at all? Not especially, but let’s be honest Stacy Keibler had to cross your mind when you saw this vignette. Pair that with the seemingly random shout-out in the tweet above and you create speculation. I don’t think Keibler has any sort of desire to come back to the WWE for one more go, but I enjoy entertaining off the wall ideas and so while the next legend coming back may make more sense, there’s a lot of intrigue that maybe it could be Keibler. Even if she was used to help manage a team or something it would be a cool swerve. We last saw Keibler introducing Torrie Wilson into the WWE Hall of Fame, but she was noticeably absent from Evolution. I wonder if her return could spark the #Evolution2 push?

Honorable Mention #2: Melina

When you see heels, fur coat, and some sass, you think of Melina. She had a brief return previously, but was never pushed. What if this was her returning, re-uniting with John Morrison, and then re-creating or reviving a version of MNM. I think there could be gold if there is a Miz/Morrison turn and Melina and Maryse are involved as a throwback. We last saw Melina at the Raw Reunion last year when she served as a referee that counted the 1-2-3 for Candice Michelle to win the 24/7 title. I think Melina can come back for one more run, even as a manager, and get the proper send off from the WWE that she deserves. 

Who do you think was featured in the vignette? Do you want it to be a re-branded superstar or someone new all together? Tune in to SmackDown tonight to see if there are any more leads! 

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