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SoCal Val Talks About Working Production In TNA, Desire To Go To WWE

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SoCal Val is featured in a new article by Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald. In it, she discusses her many roles in TNA Wrestling, including in production.

“I will never forget writing some liners for Hulk Hogan on a commercial or two,” Val said. “I just thought the fact I get to ring announce for Hulk Hogan and to write lines he is actually saying in commercials is just the ultimate fan dream, and I got to do it thanks to TNA.”

Val's desire to work for WWE:

“I make no secret about that,” she said. “I don’t see TNA and WWE as this huge war. I think we all support each other. That’s been evident whether it has been Dixie [Carter] or Stephanie McMahon or whoever, I think it’s cool when people from both companies talk to each other. We’re all friends anyway. People jump back and forth all the time. WWE is something I watched and fell in love with since I was a kid. So of course that’s somewhere I want to be and learn from the best and spread my wings. As long as I’ve been in the business, I’m only 28. I feel like there is definitely a future in WWE.”

Click here to read the piece in its entirety.

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