A few weeks ago Sonya Deville returned to SmackDown after being away since SummerSlam where she lost to Mandy Rose in a loser leaves WWE match. Sonya Deville's exit was also related to needing time off because of the fan who broke into her house. Deville is back though but has returned in a different way than many thought she would.

Deville has yet to wrestle and has instead come back as Adam Pearce's assistant on SmackDown as his personal assistant. Deville said she wanted to help Pearce in order to redeem herself, be a new person, and put the past behind her. Maybe this is a chance for her to redeem herself and help talent as the general manger's assistant. Deville could genuinely be helping Pearce just to learn a different side of the business and be in a role of power instead of a role of a wrestler character. 

The other option though this is all a plan just to put herself on top. Maybe Deville is helping Pearce out for a while so he can reinstate her as a wrestler and even book her favorably to put her ahead of the competition. She might have also chose this time to return and join Pearce, because it is around the Rumble. She can use this chance to book her as a very late entrant especially since Pearce might be too distracted with the Reigns storyline since Reigns wants revenge against Pearce for booking matches that affect the Tribal Chief and his family without the Tribal Chief's permission. Reigns was supposed to face Pearce at the Rumble but now he faces Owens because Pearce was able to out think Reigns and get Owens to replace him and face Reigns instead. The Deville using this chance to get herself in the Rumble can be supported by the promo of her and Pearce making Rumble match plans. 

I think there will be an in ring pay off for Deville so fans just need to be patient. She is extremely talented both in the ring and on the microphone. She will get her chance and even if it takes a while at least as Pearce's assistant she is on television consistently and in a role of power.

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