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Speculation On A.J. Styles Summerslam Opponent

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Summerslam is the biggest party of the summer and the WWE champion need a new opponent. Many people believe that Samoa Joe is the front runner for the title match. He has recently destroyed everyone in his path and has a history with Styles. Their matches in TNA wrestling were highlights of the company. Joe has even taken to Twitter to tease a title match for himself.

However what if its not Samoa Joe? There have been reports that The Undertaker is possible for Summerslam. What if the 2016 match that never happened happens in 2018. It would be his biggest title match to date for Styles and could potentially main event the show of the summer. If Undertaker wanted one more classic in ring performance, Styles would be the guy.

One last possible name is the returning Randy Orton. It seems that whenever WWE needs a big WWE title match, they call upon the viper. Orton has just turned heel and shown his more sadistic side from the mid 00's. Styles who has run through everyone could really benefit from a program with this version of Orton.

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