*Spoilers* Full Smackdown Taping Results For Tonight

The following article contains spoiler information. Due to the fact the material in this post will spoil upcoming programming, we have removed the excerpt so you must click the link to view the story contents.

WWE taped this week’s episode of WWE Smackdown from the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. Wrestling News World correspondent Scott Brooks was in attendance and sent in the following results:

WWE Smackdown:

* The Usos b. Rybaxel in a non-title match. One of the Usos rolled up Curtis Axel for the win.

* The Miz opens Miz TV by giving an acceptance speech after winning the Intercontinental Championship in the battle royal at Battleground. He thanks his parents, including his dad who was seated in the front row. He asks his mother who her favorite Superstar is, and she says Roman Reigns. The Miz then thanks all of his fans before wondering who else he should thank. Bo Dallas‘ music hits and he comes to the ring. Bo says it’s okay that Miz didn’t thank him because all Miz did was Bolieve. Dolph Ziggler comes out next and says he sees why Miz and Bo get along so well. They both inspire people, they have great smiles, and they’re both full of crap. Miz says Ziggler is just jealous of his success. Bo tells Ziggler to Bolieve, then attacks him. The Miz watches at ringside as referees check on Ziggler.

* Bo Dallas b. Dolph Ziggler with a roll-up. The Miz was on commentary for the match. At one point, Ziggler teased hitting Miz with a superkick, making him flinch. After the match, Miz attacked Ziggler.

* Dean Ambrose b. Cesaro in a No Disqualification match that went about 13 minutes. Kendo sticks and chairs were used during the match. Spots included Ambrose taking a scoop slam through 2 chairs and Ambrose suplexing Cesaro onto a standing chair. As Ambrose went to throw more chairs into the ring, Seth Rollins ran out, but Ambrose took him out. Cesaro hit his deadlift apron suplex onto the pile of chairs for a nearfall. Ambrose was then able to roll Cesaro up for the win. After the match, Rollins attacked Ambrose. Cesaro hit the Neutralizer on him and went to the back, allowing Rollins to hit the curb stomp on Ambrose.

* Paige & Naomi come out for a match, Paige skipping like AJ Lee. Before the match, Paige cuts a promo saying she still likes AJ.

* Paige b. Naomi in under a minute. Cameron came to the stage and distracted Naomi, allowing Paige to hit a cradle DDT and apply the PTO, forcing Naomi to tap out. After the match, Cameron attacked Naomi and stood over her.

* A backstage promo featuring Goldust & Stardust airs.

* Bray Wyatt w/ The Wyatt Family b. R-Truth. Bray won the match with Sister Abigail. After the match, he cut a promo about how Chris Jericho is no savior, but he is. The Wyatt Family then posed in the ring.

* Roman Reigns b. Alberto Del Rio in around 13 minutes. Del Rio worked Roman’s arms throughout the match but Reigns got the win with a Superman punch and a spear to end the show.

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