*Spoilers* Raw Supershow Taping Results From London, England

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WWE is taping this week’s Raw Supershow from the O2 Arena in London, England. Below are ongoing results:

WWE Raw Supershow (Airing tonight on USA):

* CM Punk b. Mark Henry to retain the WWE Championship in a no disqualification, no countout match after Punk hit a flying elbow drop with a steel chair.

* Chris Jericho appears on the Tron from a pub and announces that he will face CM Punk in a Chicago Street Fight at Extreme Rules. He then reveals that he has footage of Punk entering and leaving a pub. Punk claims that he was getting fish and chips with friends, which gets a pop from the crowd, but Jericho doesn't buy it. Jericho calls Punk's lifestyle a farce and says that he'll finish this at Extreme Rules.

* Santino Marella b. David Otunga to retain the United States Championship.

* A censored expletive-filled Brock Lesnar vignette airs. Lesnar talks about how WWE needs him to bring about legitimacy. He didn't return for a feel-good moment. He calls John Cena a fake and says that everyone is tired of him. He claims that Cena is scared to face him at Extreme Rules.

* Josh Mathews interviews Lord Tensai backstage. Tensai speaks in Japanese before speaking briefly about fearing the unknown.

* Kane b. Zack Ryder by KOing him with a chokeslam. Kane then grabs a mic and talks about last week's Smackdown. He says that Randy Orton is just like his father; they both went down without a fight.

* Kofi Kingston & AJ are talking backstage. Daniel Bryan interrupts and says that he can't hear anything because of the "YES" chants from the crowd. He says that he's renamed the LeBell Lock the YES Lock! He then starts saying YES repeatedly and the crowd joins in.

* John Cena cuts a promo in the ring. Cena commented on the YES chants and joined in before getting serious and talking about Brock Lesnar. John Laurinaitis interrupts and announces that since we are now in the era of People Power, Cena will be in an Extreme Rules match tonight. In addition, the contract signing for their Extreme Rules match will be held on next week's Raw.

* A Sherlock Holmes-themed comedy segment with Hornswoggle & R-Truth airs.

* Daniel Bryan b. Kofi Kingston with the Yes Lock. The crowd was described as very pro-Bryan. After the match, he puts the Yes Lock back on Kofi and Sheamus comes out to stop him. Sheamus attempts a Brogue Kick but Bryan ducks under it and escapes.

* Brodus Clay b. Dolph Ziggler by disqualification when Jack Swagger interfered, attacking Clay. Clay regains control and executes a gorilla press slam on Ziggler. One of Clay's dancers gets physical with Vickie Guerrero at ringside. As the heels retreat, the dancing in the ring begins.

* A tribute package for Chief Jay Strongbow plays, as Strongbow passed away last week.

* The Great Khali & The Big Show b. Epico & Primo. During the match, Abraham Washington was seen standing on the stage, scouting the match. Epico & Primo attempted to run backstage, but Show stopped them. A double chokeslam in the ring gave Khali and Show the win.

* Lord Tensai b. John Cena in an Extreme Rules match by spraying green mist into Cena's eyes. John Laurinaitis and Sakamoto were ringside, and Laurinaitis had David Otunga interfere during the match.

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