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*Spoilers* Smackdown Taping Results From Bridgeport, Connecticut

WWE taped this week's Smackdown from the Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Thanks to Wrestling News World reader MSM for help with the coverage. Below are full results:

WWE Smackdown (Airing Friday on SyFy):

* Mark Henry attacked Daniel Bryan backstage. He pummeled Bryan and then dragged him out to the ring. Henry continued to assault Bryan until officials came out to Bryan's aid. Henry then called Big Show out and said he'll retain at Survivor Series.

* Dolph Ziggler comes to the ring with Vickie Guerrero for a heel promo. Vickie informs the crowd he will defend the WWE United States Championship at Survivor Series against John Morrison as well as work the 5-on-5 Traditional Survivor Series Match.

* Dolph Ziggler b. Sin Cara after Jack Swagger ran out to distract Sin Cara. Before Ziggler and Swagger could assault Sin Cara after the match, Mason Ryan makes the save.

* Mason Ryan b. Jack Swagger

* Zack Ryder was backstage trying to get people to sign his petition. The Big Show and Justin Gabriel ended up signing.

* Christian came out wearing a neck brace and using crutches. He said that although he'll be unable to wrestle at Survivor Series, he'll be there to support Team Barrett. He said that with his injuries, his goal now is to have "one more match" at all.

* Daniel Bryan was getting checked out in the trainer's area backstage. AJ & The Big Show were checking up on him before Show went off to get revenge on Henry.

* Ted DiBiase b. Derrick Bateman

* The Big Show walked around backstage looking for Mark Henry. He asked Jinder Mahal and Tyson Kidd, neither of whom said to have seen him. Mahal began to speak in Punjabi and Show hit him with a knockout punch. Show then went to the ring to cut a promo on Henry. He said that at Survivor Series, he's going to do to Henry what Henry did to Daniel Bryan tonight.

* Hunico came to the ring to cut a short promo in Spanish.

* Kofi Kingston b. Hunico

* Beth Phoenix & Natalya b. AJ & Kaitlyn

*Sheamus & Randy Orton b. Wade Barrett & Cody Rhodes by disqualification. Christian came to the ring and attacked Sheamus with his crutch. The faces hit their finishers and cleared the ring to end the show.

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