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*Spoilers* WWE NXT Taping Results (10/11/12) From Full Sail University

The following article contains spoiler information. Due to the fact the material in this post will spoil upcoming programming, we have removed the excerpt so you must click the link to view the story contents.
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WWE taped three episodes of WWE NXT Thursday night from the campus of Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. Wrestling News World Orlando correspondent Scott Brooks was on hand for the taping and sent in the following results:

* They showed a video recap from the last taping.

* Byron Saxton was the ring announcer for 11/15. Summer Rae was for 11/22. Byron was once again for 11/29.

* Chris Russo & Jim Ross were on commentary for 11/15. Tony Luftman and Jim Ross were on commentary for 11/22. Russo and Ross were again for 11/29.

Dark Match

* Dean Ambrose defeated Dante Dash via Rings of Saturn.

Episode Date: November 15, 2012:

* Damien Sandow defeated Tyson Kidd via the Terminus.

* The Usos defeated The Primetime Players.

* Tony Luftman interviewed Jinder Mahal backstage. Bo Dallas came up and was asking for a rematch with Jinder and even challenged Jonder to put his title shot on the line since, in Jinder's eyes, Bo is a nobody. Jinder accepts the challenge.

* Corey Graves made Oliver Grey tap out.

* Tony Luftman interviewed Big E. Langston on the stage about the bounty that Vickie put out on him. Big E said he is worried for anyone dumb enough to claim that bounty. He said the E in his name stands for end which is what he will do to anyone standing across from him in the ring. It someone doesn't have a reason to be afraid of him, he will give them five. Camacho blindsided Big E and went to the back.

* Layla defeated Aksana via a kick to the head

* Roman Reigns squashed Chase Donovan.

* Jinder Mahal defeated Bo Dallas via Camel Clutch to keep his #1 contendership. He went to beat up Bo after until Seth Rollins ran out to make the save.

Episode Date: November 22, 2012:

* Paige beat Alicia Fox via Lightning Spiral.

* Big E Langston defeated Camacho via the five count. He then hit Camacho with it two more times to the crowd's liking.

* Bronson squashed Nick Rogers and made him tap to a Figure Four Variation.

* Luke Harper squashed Mike Dalton and won via the Truck Stop. Bray Wyatt introduced Harper and watched the match from a stage in a rocking chair.

* Kassius Ohno came out and said tonight he was supposed to face Trent Barreta but where's Trent? He says Trent had a mishap backstage leaving him unable to compete. He requests the red count to ten and raise his hand in victory. NXT GM Dusty Rhodes comes to the stage and says he knows that Ohno manipulated Trent being laid out. He found an opponent for Ohno tonight. Richie Steamboat comes out and the match is on.

* Richie Steamboat defeated Kassius Ohno via Sling Blade.

Episode Date: November 29, 2012:

* Leo Kruger defeated Trent Barreta via Kruger's End.

* Xavier Woods defeated Memo Montenegro via a Rolling Thunder Clothesline.

* Audrey Marie defeated Emma via a Catatonic

* Michael Cole came out to serve as a moderator in a meeting between Jinder Mahal & Seth Rollins to discuss their NXT Championship match in a couple weeks. Jinder says Seth is just like all of these fans and is a loser. Seth said Jinder was partially right as he is just like all of these fans and that he will never be like Jinder. Rollins says that he is not the kind to say something like this, but he is better than Mahal in every way. The two teased fighting right then and there but Cole tried to calm them down. Mahal got in Cole's face and Rollins pushed Cole away. Mahal laid out Rollins and put him in the Camel Clutch. Referees came down to get Mahal off Rollins and Mahal grabbed the NXT Title and held it before heading to the back.

Superstar Showdown Tag Team Dark Match:

* Daniel Bryan & Kane retained the tag team titles over Michael McGillicutty & Johnny Curtis when Bryan made Michael tap to the No Lock and Kane chokeslammed Curtis. The two disagreed a lot after the match before eventually hugging it out. In a funny moment, Daniel Bryan's titantron had a lot of YES's appearing on it so Bryan attempted to cover them up on his way to the back.

* The return date was announced for Thursday, November 15th. Big Show was announced to be at the show.

NOTE: For the 11/29 episode, I'd assume Primetime Players/Usos is the main event of that one since it seemed like a flat episode overall while it seemed like there was too much taped in the 11/15 period. Also it would make sense since if it actually had been taped in order, there would been back to back tag matches. We will see when the episodes air.

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