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*Spoilers* WWE NXT Taping Results (10/16, 10/23, 10/30 & 11/6)

The following article contains spoiler information. Due to the fact the material in this post will spoil upcoming programming, we have removed the excerpt so you must click the link to view the story contents.
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WWE taped four episodes of NXT on Thursday night from the campus of Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. Wrestling News World'sScott Brooks was in attendance and filed the following report:

Dash Wilder defeated Chad Gable in the dark match via a pin with his feet on the ropes. Gable was billed from Minneapolis, MN and had amateur wrestling gear. Crowd chanted Kurt Angle at him at first but got into him as the match progressed. Not sure what this means for The Mechanics as a team because Scott Dawson was not with Dasb.

Episode 1 (10/16/14)

Match 1) Baron Corbin squashed an unnamed opponent within 30 seconds.

Sami Zayn came out and spoke about how he lost to Titus last week as he is tired of losing. He knows he is better than that and he has proven it time and time again in this building in front of the fans. He wants to go after the NXT Title. Tyson Kidd comes out (wearing a Sami Zayn shirt) and says Zayn squandered every chance. Zayn asks if he got Nattie's permission to come out here. Zayn insults Kidd being on Total Divas. Kidd says he would rather be on there than a Total Loser like Zayn. Kidd says maybe he is not good enough to be here. Kidd says maybe he can sell pictures losing to other people and Kidd calls him the most pathetic person he has ever met. Zayn says he doesn't live in the past he lives in the now and not only is good enough to be here but he is good enough to beat him tonight. Kidd says as long as Regal is fine with it he is good. He says Sami Zayn's Road to Redemption hits a roadblock tonight.

Match 2) In a non-title match, Kalisto & Sin Cara defeated Wesley Blake & Buddy Murphy. Sin Cara pinned Blake with a victory roll type move off the top rope.

Match 3) In a non-title match, Charlotte defeated Becky Lynch via Natural Selection.

Match 4) Enzo Amore & Colin Cassidy vs Marcus Louis & Sylvester LeFort went to a no contest. In the initial portion of the match, Louis's fake hair got ripped off and he snapped and attacked LeFort. No result was ruled on the match as refs checked on LeFort.

Coin and Enzo took a mic and said they are still ready for a match and called out "Bluepants" who was portrayed by SHIMMER/SHINE wrestler and Florida indie worker Leva Bates. Enzo gives Carmella an introduction who comes out and kisses Enzo and Colin.

Match 5) Carmella defeated Leva Bates pretty quickly via submission with a head scissors choke.

Match 6) Sami Zayn defeated Tyson Kidd via Yakuza kick in about ten minutes.

Episode 2 (10/23/14)

Match 1) The Ascension (Konnor & Viktor) defeated Tye Dillinger & Jason Jordan via Total Annihilation on Dillinger.

After, Hideo Itami's music hit and he stormed the ring taking on both by himself but got taken advantage of and laid out.

Match 2) Tyler Breeze defeated CJ Parker via the Beauty Shot. Mojo Rawley came to the ring during the match and looked at Tyler Breeze as he walked up the ramp.

Match 3) The Vaudevillians (Simon Gotch & Aiden English) defeated Wesley Blake & Buddy Murphy via a European uppercut to the back of the head/neckbreaker by Gotch/Aiden respectively on Blake.

Match 4) Sasha Banks defeated Bayley via the Bank Statement.

After Sasha attacked Bayley until Becky Lynch made the save. Sasha went to the ramp. Becky then laid out Bayley from behind turning heel. She "kicked dirt" into Bayley's face before leaving with Sasha.

Match 5) Adrian Neville retained the NXT Championship over Titus O'Neil via the Red Arrow.

As Neville was on the stage, Sami Zayn came to the stage and congratulates Neville and informs Neville of his quest for the NXT Title. Neville says whenever Zayn wants he's on. Zayn said he appreciates that and he will hold him to it and tells him to hold onto his title. Neville says he's not too worried because we all know who can't win the big one and pays him on the shoulder and walks to the back.

Episode 3 (10/30/14)

Match 1) The Vaudevillains won a Tag Team Battle Royal to become the #1 contenders. The other teams included Enzo/Colin, Blake/Murphy and Dillinger/Jordon, who walked to the ring, while the Vaudevillains and The Ascension got themes/entrances.

Order of elimination
Blake/Murphy, Dillinger/Jordan. Colin/Enzo.

Hideo Itami's music hit and he came to the stage. The Vaudevillians eliminated The Ascension while they were distracted.

Hideo stormed the ring but The Ascension overpowered him. Konnor said they don't want him here and he should go back to Japan and claims they will send him back to Japan: in a box.

Match 2) Carmella defeated Emma via the head scissors choke.

Match 3) Bull Dempsey beat Justin Gabriel via diving headbutt.

Match 4) Baron Corbin squashed an Tony Briggs in less than 20 seconds.

Match 5) Marcus Louis defeated Sylvester LeFort rather quickly.

Match 6) Sami Zayn defeated Titus O'Neal via Yakuza kick.

Tyler Breeze came out and said beating Titus and Tyson proves nothing. If he wants to be the #1 contender he has to beat the guy he has never beaten. He says next week it will be the two of them.

Episode 4 (11/6/14)

Hideo Itami came to the stage and tonight he will have a friend that will bring the fight to The Ascension.

Match 1) Sasha Banks & Becky Lynch defeated Charlotte & Bayley via roll up with the tights by Sasha on Bayley.

Match 2) Tyson Kidd defeated Dash Wilder.

Match 3) Sami Zayn defeated Tyler Breeze via Yakuza kick.

The Ascension came to the ring and called out Hideo. He came to the stage. The lights went out and "Prince Devitt" lit up on the screen and the crowd cheered. It faded into "Finn Balor" and he came out and stood with Hideo. They came to the ring and got the advantage on the Ascension. Balor did a running double stomp onto Viktor on the floor. Balor then hit a double stomp to the back of Konnor's head while he was kneeled over and Hideo followed up with the Busaiku knee. The two posed together as The Ascension were laid out.

Dark Main Event

Rusev w/Lana defeated Jack Swagger following an eye poke and a kick to the face. Swagger laid out Rusev post match.

The next taping at Full Sail will be on October 23rd and Seth Rollins will be making his return to Full Sail at the show.

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