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*Spoilers* WWE NXT Taping Results (7/26/12) From Full Sail University – First NXT Champion Crowned

The following article contains spoiler information. Due to the fact the material in this post will spoil upcoming programming, we have removed the excerpt so you must click the link to view the story contents.
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WWE taped another three episodes of WWE NXT Thursday night from the campus of Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. Wrestling News World Orlando correspondent Scott Brooks was on hand for the taping and sent in the following results:

Dark Match

* Bo Dallas defeated Dean Ambrose via roll-up

Episode 1

* They played a video of Dusty Rhodes welcoming everyone to history. Tonight, we will crown a NXT champion. He says it is an exciting night tonight and that this will be a night of history we will never forget.

* Antonio Cesaro w/Aksana defeated Derrick Bateman.

* Tamina Snuka defeated Sofia Cortez via Superfly Splash. Raquel Diaz ran in from the crowd, attacked Tamina, and drew an L on Tamina's forehead.

* Kassius Ohno defeated Jake Carter via rolling elbow. After, Ohno beat up Carter until Richie Steamboat made the save and Ohno bailed.

Jim Ross came put for commentary.

* Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd defeated Michael McGillicutty & Johnny Curtis via a Spinebuster/Middle Rope Blockbuster combination on Curtis.

* Byron Saxton got in the ring and said we are one week away from an NXT Champion being crowned and right now we are going to have the final words from both competitors before next week. Both Seth Rollins and Jinder Mahal come to the ring. Byron asked Seth what it means to him to become NXT Champion. Rollins said that all he ever wanted was to gold a title in WWE so this means everything to him. He said this is via dream and there is no way he is leaving Full Sail without the NXT Title. Byron moved onto Hinder who spoke in a different language for a bit before calling winning the NXT title his birthright. Rollins went to say some words but Mahal sucker punched him. Rollins got the upperhand, sent Mahal to the outside and hit a suicide dive on him before referees separated the two.

Episode 2

* They aired a video for The Ascension and then a video for Big E Langston as they changed the ring canvas got some reason.

Hunico & Camacho defeated Jason Jordan & Mike Dalton after Camacho pulled Dalton backfirst on the ropes then Hunico hit Dalton with his finisher.

* The Usos came out and said last time they wrestled the Ascension it turned into a fight so if they want to fight they should get out here. The Ascension's music hit and they came in through the crowd and attacked the Usos, laying one out with their spinning wheel kick/leg sweep combo on the floor and laying the other out with the same thing in the ring.

* Big E. Langston squashed Jake Donovan.

* Jim Ross came out to announce the main event.

* Seth Rollins defeated Jinder Mahal via Blackout to become the first NXT Champion. Howard Finkel was the ring announcer for the match and NXT GM Dusty Rhodes brought the belt in the ring for the intros. The whole NXT roster came out to the stave for the match. After Rollins won, Triple H came out and both he and Dusty raised Rollins's hands. Rollins went in the crowd and celebrated.

In a dark match for the crowd, Brodus Clay w/Naomi & Cameron defeated an unknown FCW roster member that did not get an intro.

Episode 3

* Richie Steamboat defeated Kassius Ohno by DQ due to an eyepoke. After, Ohno beat up Richie severely until referees broke it up. Ricky Steamboat ran in from the production area and berated the referees for not doing their job of protecting Richie.

* Paige defeated Audrey Marie via holding Audrey up around her waist (think how Sara Del Rey does the royal butterfly but without the butterfly hold) and then hitting her with a Fisherman's Suplex Implant DDT.

* Leo Kruger defeated Percy Watson via a Neckbreaker variation.

* Jim Ross entered the ring to interview NXT Champion Seth Rollins. He asked Rollins about how he was able to overcome the lower back injury that he had throughout his match. Rollins mentioned how Mahal called him a born loser and that was something that he dealt with all his life and like everything else he persevered. Jim Ross then said that he has seen Seth Rollins as a hunter and how does it now feel to become the hunted. Rollins realizes that he has a bullseye on his head and if not he'll paint one there. He'll take on any challenge that comes his way because sooner or later everyone gets blacked out. Rollins posed with the belt and went to the back.

* Jim Ross went to the commentary booth for the main event.

* The Ascension (Kenneth Cameron & Conor O'Brian) defeated The Usos when Kenneth Cameron hit a leaping jawbreaker on one of the Usos for the win.

In the dark Superstar Showdown, Big Show defeated Alex Riley via the WMD.

They announced the next taping will be August 9th, 2012.

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