*Spoilers* WWE NXT Taping Results (9/20/12) From Full Sail University - John Cena Appears

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WWE taped four episodes of WWE NXT Thursday night from the campus of Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. Wrestling News World Orlando correspondent Scott Brooks was on hand for the taping and sent in the following results:

* Before the show began, Full Sail President Gary Johnson came to the stage with many Full Sail students that helped with the production of the show. He introduced Triple H who said that the relationship with Full Sail has been like a family relationship. He said that all of the students that have helped will be given a certificate of appreciation. He then presented one of the students with a scholarship check for $10,000. He thanked the fans for coming out to support the show and told everyone to have a great time.

* They showed a video of notable things from the last NXT taping, including the tag team match of CM Punk & Seth Rollins vs Kassius Ohno & Antonio Cesaro.

* Matt Striker is the ring announcer.

* The announce team of new announcer Tony LuftmanByron Saxton & William Regal came to the ring. Throughout the night it was these 3 on commentary until the main events where Jim Ross replaced Byron.

Episode 1

* Damien Sandow defeated Brandon Traven.

* On the screen Heath Slater came up to Dusty Rhodes asking about a shot at Seth Rollins. Dusty said he had to earn a shot. Vickie Guerrero walked up and hugged. Dusty said since Vickie is here, they will give Slater a non title match against Rollins and if he beats him, he will earn a title shot.

* Brodus Clay w/Naomi & Cameron defeated Camacho via big splash.

* On the stage, Byron Saxton interviewed Richie Steamboat bringing up that he is not medically cleared to compete tonight. Richie says that Kassius Ohno showed how much of a coward he is by hitting him while his back was turned. He says he has his gear in the back but Ohno interrupts. He corrects Richie in the pronunciation of his name. He hands Richie a towel and says he should throw it in as he goes to the ring to end someone else's career.

* Trent Baretta defeated Kassius Ohno when Richie Steamboat came out and threw the towel in Ohno's face and Trent followed it up with the Busaiku knee.

* Layla & Alicia Fox defeated Paige & Audrey Marie. Paige was going for her finisher on Layla but Audrey made a blind tag. She went to Layla but Layla rolled her up for the pin.

* Backstage, Briley Pierce interviewed Seth Rollins about his match with Heath Slater and if Vickie being at ringside would affect him. Rollins said he has always been told to respect his elders because they are older and wiser. In Vickie's case, she is just older and louder. In reference to Heath Slater Rollins said that someone once said that in the future everyone will get 15 minutes of fame. Rollins says that the future is now and Slater's 15 minutes are up.

* Bronson(who used to go by James Bronson in FCW) squashed Lincoln Broderick by making him tap to a modified heel hook.

* Antonio Cesaro came to the ring and requested a microphone. He says since he is the US Champion he is the champion of every one of the fans. He will take the title to a leek that no one can ever reach. Antonio Cesaro requests that the fans rise for the National Anthem, only to request the National Anthem of Switzerland to be played. Tyson Kidd comes out, criticizes Cesaro's "man-purse" and says he wants a shot at the US title. Cesaro starts to speak in a different language. Kidd says he knows that Cesaro speaks several languages, but Kidd knows something that is universal in all languages and slaps Cesaro across the face. Cesaro bails to the back.

* Heath Slater & Vickie are seen backstage as Slater gets ready for his match.

* Jim Ross comes out to commentate with Chris and Regal for the main event.

* In a non-title match, Seth Rollins defeated Heath Slater w/Vickie Guerrero via Shiranui.

Episode 2

* The Usos defeated Michael McGillicutty & Johnny Curtis. After, The Ascension stated at The Usos from a balcony in the arena.

* Leo Kruger defeated Xavier Woods.

* Byron Saxton interviewed Big E. Langston about the five count. Big E said he loves the number five and mentions how he has five fingers, five toes on each foot. Vickie Guerrero comes out and says Big E has got her eye. She says that they could make each other very happy. Big E says she has exactly what she needs and tosses the chalk he uses on his hands at her. Vickie pouts and leaves.

* Jinder Mahal came out to challenge for the NXT title since he should be eligible for a rematch. Justin Gabriel came out and said that there is a whole locker room that deserves an opportunity before Mahal, including himself. Drew McIntyre comes out and says he should have one since he is the only person on NXT who has pinned Rollins. Bo Dallas came out and made a case for himself as well. NXT GM Dusty Rhodes came to the stage and said next week there will be a fatal 4 way to determine the #1 contender.

* Roman Reigns defeated CJ Parker

* In a US Championship match, Antonio Cesaro defeated Tyson Kidd via the Swiss Death followed by a Neutralizer.

Episode 3

* Kassius Ohno defeated Trent Baretta via rolling elbow. After, Ohno went to hit another but Trent ducked it and Ohno bailed.

* Big E. Langston defeated Memo Montenegro. He then hit him with his finisher again for a five count.

* Vickie Guerrero came on the screen and said she put out $5000 to anyone who can take out Big E after how he treated her the week before. Chad Baxter attempted to attack Big E, but Big E laid him out for a five count as well

* Jason Jordon came out for a match. Bray Wyatt came to the stage, saying he got his wings back and cut his cryptic promo that he usually does. Jordon says he was here for a match so Bray Wyatt brings out the first member of "The Wyatt Family" in Luke Harper(the former Brodie Lee of CHIKARA, Dragon Gate USA, etc).

* Luke Harper defeated Jason Jordon with the Truck Stop.

* Byron Saxton interviewed Roman Reigns, who came out in a suit. Roman sent Byron back to the announce table. He said he doesn't care if fans love him or hate him and says that everyone wants to be Roman Reigns.

* Jinder Mahal won the #1 contender's four way. The match was elimination. Bo Dallas eliminated Drew McIntyre & Justin Gabriel back to back via Spears. Seth Rollins came to the stage to watch the match at this point. Mahal made Bo tap to the camel clutch. Rollins attacked Mahal after Mahal wouldn't let Bo out of it. Mahal bailed and the two looked at each other.

* The Ascension defeated Yoshi Tatsu and Percy Watson via Total Elimination on Yoshi.

NOTE: not sure if they had meant to tape this match earlier, since the four way was the main of episode 3.

* John Cena came out to a massive ovation with his arm in a sling. He said how he was upset when he got to campus because all he wanted to do was compete. He said his spirits were lifted when he saw how great of a crowd Full Sail has. He said at the next taping on October 11th, he promises that he will compete. Antonio Cesaro came out and said that Switzerland doesn't know the meaning of rain checks and challenged Cena to a fight. Cena said that he cannot compete but brought out someone who could; the world heavyweight champion Sheamus.

Superstar Showdown Dark Match

* Sheamus defeated Antonio Cesaro via Brogue Kick.

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